Đồng nghĩa của fussed

Alternative for fussed

fusses, fussed, fussing

Đồng nghĩa: bother, fret, worry,

Trái nghĩa: calm, compose, quiet, soothe,

Động từ

(colloquial) To have made a fuss or complained
created complained made a fuss cried moaned whined whinged fretted griped groaned grope grumbled grumped kicked up a fuss kicked up a rumpus nagged protested remonstrated sniveled snivelled sounded off wailed whimpered yammered carped groused beefed grouched bleated bellyached grizzled muttered kvetched screamed growled inveighed murmured caterwauled keened squealed repined hollered crabbed squawked yowled maundered croaked yawped kicked yauped gripen mithered criticized cavilled caviled objected chuntered criticised found fault split hairs lamented nitpicked found fault with niggled grieved bewailed bemoaned quibbled scolded knocked chirped kicked up a stink condemned sobbed denounced deplored bawled yelped puled cribbed nattered objected to put the boot in put up a fight howled decried censured whispered berated reproached screeched picked at picked on expostulated run down plained over picked holes in harassed gone on went on weeped wept bullied badgered squalled hounded pestered upbraided disparaged shrieked shright mewled sighed dogged needled yelled blubbered ululated hectored henpecked trashed pettifogged raised objections expressed disapproval hypercriticized mumbled nit-picked pecked at bothered opposed demurred twined railed at cast aspersions on picked holes inveighed against made a stand made a complaint carried on mourned let have it yapped lodged a complaint taken exception took exception made a song and dance spoken out against spoke out against ran down made a mountain out of a molehill made a scene harried intimidated tormented domineered declaimed chivvied flyspecked hassled queried vituperated impugned lambasted lashed ranted railed reviled admonished castigated chided worried chid persecuted greeted sniffled rubbished vilified sniped maligned blasted rumbled slandered recriminated fulminated roasted vexed kept on at vext plagued rid rode ridden charged prevaricated picked faulted bayed wauled equivocated quibbled about browbeat bugged niggled about irritated blubbed dissented badmouthed blamed abused raged miaowed stormed denigrated scorched kept after carped at roared sorrowed refuted ascribed contravened accused defied indicted attacked deprecated laid imputed disapproved disagreed differed pulled to pieces raised Cain snarled moaned on at grumbled at grouched about heckled gave a hard time argued bellyached about slurred chopped logic cried loudly grieved over breathed down someone's neck laid out jumped down one's throat gabbled raised a ruckus kicked up a storm made screeching quarreled pecked sorrowed about importuned worked over beefed about quarrelled sputtered sounded off about prodded disturbed cried softly taken a stand swallowed kicked up a stink about egged bickered goaded moaned and groaned cried the blues nudged kicked up a fuss about laid into baited curst carped about beat about the bush excepted moaned at had at bad-mouthed bent someone's ear sulked urged ripped into tongue-lashed complained vehemently about wittered provoked objurgated sighed over distressed droned execrated cracked down on burbled raised trivial objections to kept complaining to took a stand harped on at cavilled at panned cursed talked under your breath anathematized pleaded given a hard time pled slagged off muddled looked askance taken apart worked on jowled complained about kvetched about teased sorrowed for took apart browbeaten gainsaid gone on at went on at beaten about the bush went after lay out gone after went on about gone on about took exception to taken exception to taken on blown off took on blew off spoken ill of spoke ill of did a hatchet job on done a hatchet job on took it out on ate taken it out on eaten hurt shed tears regretted boohooed grieved for wept over wailed for shed tears over rued bled soughed repented cried over expressed regret about cried out shouted agonized suffered anguished bellowed snuffled barked plained expressed disagreement girned challenged ached pined disputed wept for moaned about expressed sorrow about made a stink wailed over sung the blues made an objection shed tears for sang the blues agonised let it out wailed about expressed sorrow sorrowed over cut up beat one's breast let go keened over broke down cried a river burst into tears ragged repeated dwelled on kept on gurned expressed objections protested against dwelled upon harped upon dwelt upon expressed objections to lodged a protest minded hooted clamored yipped quested outcried expressed disapproval of lodged a protest against expressed disagreement with remonstrated against raised objections to despaired spurned quarreled with had a problem disapproved of cried fretfully taken issue took issue shrilled groused about had a problem with grumbled about oke aken resisted revolted belled tangled with ranted about languished cried over spilled milk expressed opposition eaten one's heart out called out turned on waterworks dripped frowned on disesteemed expressed woe for grunted cried for crossed made a protest missed beaten one's breast discommended railed against cried convulsively wrung hands hated made a fuss about pined for harped on combated discountenanced disavowed taken it hard griped about cried over spilt milk yearned longed for clamoured rebelled sniffed moaned over raised objection fought cried eyes out kicked against rained mixed it up with baulked said no to turned on the waterworks voiced disapproval combatted broken down kicked self took it hard said no ate one's heart out expressed sorrow for balked felt sad argued against taken issue with took issue with worn black wore black were sorry been sorry was sorry took a stand against drawn the line drew the line taken a stand against back-talked took up the cudgels spoken out taken up the cudgels spoke out foughten begged to differ gone-one-on-one drew the line at went-one-on-one drawn the line at eaten heart out eaten your heart out ate your heart out ate heart out sang sungen sung

Động từ

Past tense for to show, feel, or cause to feel, concern or worry
worried disturbed upset bothered distressed perturbed unsettled agitated discomposed alarmed disquieted concerned dismayed troubled flurried discomforted ailed distracted distempered frazzled unhinged alarumed exercised hagrode hagrid hagridden undid undone derailed fretted stressed carped cavilled caviled niggled feared chafed stewed sweated sweat quibbled nitpicked bustled flapped fidgeted fidgetted freaked out weirded out took pains taken pains laboured over got in a stew got worked up gotten worked up made a big thing of made a big thing out of made a meal of made a mountain out of a molehill made a thing of disconcerted flustered unnerved rattled vexed vext fazed ruffled annoyed perplexed afflicted hassled beset made anxious plagued harassed discombobulated irritated irked hurt confused bugged pestered made uneasy tormented bewildered pained discomfited provoked got to tried confounded spooked put off frightened depressed gnawed at stirred up burdened grieved strained bedevilled bedeviled saddened appalled discountenanced tortured harried oppressed agonized needled psyched pothered puzzled agonised put someone off their stroke excited embarrassed startled scared racked displeased shaken shook nonplussed curst cursed gotten to galled persecuted sickened deranged weighed down disheartened aggrieved nagged lied heavy on made waves thrown threw anguished daunted frustrated besieged suffered nettled harrowed panicked disordered chagrined worked up despaired abashed roused disappointed offended badgered disarranged wound wounded angered made uncomfortable beleaguered martyred peeved aroused tantalised tantalized miffed turned made fretful let down shook up shaken up caused anxiety to indisposed crazed psyched out thrown off balance threw off balance hurt somebody's feelings flipped out pushed buttons put on trial burned up made a scene given a hard time ticked off egged on burnt up gave a hard time turned on got at put in traction cut up put the wind up someone picked on took aback taken aback excruciated given someone grief gave someone grief horrified hurried fluttered hustled incited inflamed crucified quickened tensed pressurized overtaxed pressured overstretched shocked unbalanced preoccupied taxed labored laboured mused discouraged dispirited stretched traumatized unmanned straught surprised addled squirmed stimulated occupied frenzied destabilized jolted unhitched uncoupled detached unfastened separated disconnected disengaged dashed teased mortified incommoded importuned tested chilled disillusioned terrified demoralized paralysed caused anxiety overextended pressurised crunched traumatised downed displaced demented jumbled discommoded disrupted disorganized fuddled rummaged disarrayed inconvenienced hounded fermented hectored teared goaded dunned affected disenchanted disgruntled dazed affrighted muddled unquieted destabilised injured moved ventilated examined outraged complicated flummoxed interfered astounded terrorized demoralised piqued paralyzed mystified intruded dumbfounded tired amazed terrorised grinded ground strapped dogged pushed pricked desolated narked made restless caused disquiet to aggravated exasperated knocked sideways interrupted caused anguish to caused suffering to incapacitated debilitated cramped flipped floored threw off thrown off sweated out made wretched tensed up loused up caused discomfort to gotten at keyed up messed up screwed up felt pain layed up caused to feel mental strain made flip knocked for six pushed to the limit hacked off made tense weighed on fired up rocked the boat bummed out wound up fouled up made miserable caused concern to aroused anxiety in pulled the rug out from under caused to feel emotional strain hacked you off felt unwell bugged up made it tough for filled with consternation setted someone back on their heels sent over the edge worked someone up got across made someone scratch their head mucked up pulled the rug from under laid up been were was torn tore snafued overdone overdid nit-picked broke broken brake driven insane drove insane gotten across gotten on someone's wick got on someone's wick got someone gotten someone gave someone a turn threw into a tizzy thrown into a tizzy given someone a turn gotten in the way got in the way gave a bad time driven up the wall drove up the wall given a bad time eaten at ate at done a number on did a number on threw into confusion thrown into confusion threw into disorder threw into uproar thrown into disorder thrown into uproar riled put the wind up put out of countenance antagonized antagonised intimidated affronted awed stunned haunted baffled astonished put down put into a flap put someone off their stride caused offense cut to the quick cowed deterred insulted staggered humiliated scarified frighted jarred bowled over put off balance made nervous subdued dejected shamed disoriented rocked disgusted overwhelmed browbeat nauseated stupefied repelled devastated buffaloed possessed crushed caught off balance flabbergasted gravelled graveled dissed consternated cast down made self-conscious gave a turn stopped someone in their tracks put out weighed heavily on put someone's back up electrified caused to be at a stand given a turn put someone off upset apple cart set back scared to death put in a spot put off his or her stride put in a hole made jump put on the spot sprung something on put somebody's nose out of joint put into a funk scared the bejesus out of hurt someone's feelings nagged at caused someone to lose their composure infested put a damper on put someone's nose out of joint rankled with hit like ton of bricks thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz outfaced outstared stared down obsessed aliened estranged alienated soured wrung stood up to revolted overawed scandalized molested slighted browbeaten demeaned bullied disarmed bamboozled excoriated freaked abraded befuddled mithered petrified brought down dishonoured disorientated dumfounded discredited recurred spited disrespected galvanized bored kept after devilled hindered deviled balked rid rode ridden owned showed up overcome made awkward made ashamed snubbed stung brought one down dampened spirits sapped caused to panic made discontented slurred disunited maddened puts somebody's nose out of joint disunified given offence to worsted turned one off divided rubbed up the wrong way blinded sprang something on undermined filled with panic made a monkey of knocked out made blue made someone jump out of their skin got in your hair gnawed numbed eaten away at sprung galvanised caught somebody off balance weaned come back to knocked props out become bored enfeebled caught somebody unawares scared silly pursued grated on raised someone's eyebrows scared stiff zinged ate away at enervated stayed with wearied knocked over hung up dishonored dizzied caught one short grossed out disobliged gave offence to turned off weakened tried the patience of completely surprised made fed up lost patience grated at disaffected rubbed the wrong way mixed up baulked scandalised made someone's hair stand on end unstrung chastened had had enough stampeded thrown a curve scared the living daylights out of preyed on threw a curve niggled at dragged down wringed wrang own bore broke one's heart broken one's heart came back to taken by surprise took by surprise took the wind out of someone's sails taken the wind out of someone's sails broke the heart of broken the heart of threw a curveball thrown a curveball threw into disarray thrown into disarray uncalmed gotten on someone's nerves became bored got on someone's nerves trod on someone's toes got someone's goat trodden on someone's toes given offence gave offence gotten someone's goat got on nerves gotten on nerves got on your nerves driven round the bend gnawn drove round the bend gotten on your nerves gnew overcame shaken out of your complacency thunderstricken took the wind out of your sails thunderstruck taken the wind out of your sails shook out of your complacency took someone aback given someone a jolt given someone a fright gave someone a jolt taken someone aback given a shock gave a shock sprang gave someone a fright

Động từ

Past tense for to disturb or bother (someone)
bothered harassed disturbed hassled pestered irritated nagged vexed vext annoyed upset put out put your back up irked provoked exasperated riled galled aggravated angered nettled bugged troubled piqued ruffled peeved worried narked distressed infuriated displeased needled agitated offended perturbed plagued incensed maddened miffed tormented chafed got persecuted enraged rankled grated afflicted discomposed rasped outraged spited harried fretted disquieted griped frosted inflamed pained teased gravelled graveled itched flustered hounded depressed embarrassed frustrated tried molested chagrined disgusted dissatisfied abraded mithered bit hacked off got to ticked off wound up rubbed up the wrong way bummed out mixed up turned off made someone see red got across rankled with grated on hacked you off gotten gat rid rode ridden ate eaten grope gripen bitten gotten to burnt up burned up driven bananas gotten across got on your nerves gave a hard time drove up the wall gotten under one's skin gotten on your nerves got under one's skin gotten your back up gave a bad time gotten in one's hair given a bad time given a hard time driven up the wall given someone the hump got in one's hair drove bananas got your back up gave someone the hump given someone grief gave someone grief roiled antagonized antagonised got in someone's hair got at ruffled someone's feathers exacerbated got under someone's skin badgered put someone's back up teed off made someone's blood boil made someone's hackles rise rattled someone's cage sent into a rage got in your hair baited rubbed the wrong way bedevilled bedeviled goaded gnawed drove crazy driven crazy beleaguered stirred up driven mad drove mad hit where one lives excited affronted gotten someone's back up got someone's back up ired humped bullied burnt burned chivvied embittered stressed madded tried someone's patience got your goat got on someone's nerves gotten on someone's nerves steamed up gotten at made waves kept on at made angry got on your wick made your blood boil put off got someone's dander up gotten someone's dander up gotten up someone's nose got up someone's nose stirred drove round the bend driven round the bend roused fired up niggled enflamed gnawn gnew crazed crossed put someone off their stroke intimidated got someone's hackles up deviled devilled pursued driven to distraction drove to distraction grilled put into a flap insulted got on one's nerves gotten on one's nerves raised hell empurpled egged on tried the patience of rattled one's cage worked on got your dander up breathed down someone's neck got up your nose put pressure on cheesed off put someone out gotten on someone's wick got on someone's wick set on set one off put someone's nose out of joint got someone's goat gotten someone's goat driven round the twist drove round the twist rattled disconcerted confused unsettled unnerved flurried disgruntled discomfited fazed discountenanced got someone's wick affected discombobulated made nervous muddied fouled bristled unhinged blustered frilled flummoxed disrupted bummed cowed furbelowed steamed fuddled browbeat hacked stumped floored made cross incommoded worn wore stressed out acerbated aroused boiled nudged henpecked chivied worked up taunted pressurized caused someone to lose their composure pressurised got one's goat gotten one's goat heckled strained perplexed noodged bullyragged forayed attacked macerated despoiled sticked in one's craw incited possessed umbraged shattered distracted worn on wore on started made sore lost one's temper setted one's teeth on edge made livid raised your hackles heated up het up gave someone the pip given someone the pip jerked around made your hackles rise asked for it gone on at went on at made you see red got under your skin gotten under your skin leaned on brought pressure to bear on made somebody's blood boil messed worked into lather tried one's patience discommoded dunned made blood boil messed with aroused hostility in got across someone kept after pushed someon's buttons harped on at made turbid drove nuts driven nuts threw thrown shaken up shook up thrown off balance threw off balance browbeaten broke broken brake got someone gotten someone blew up blown up thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz thrown into tizzy threw into tizzy eaten at ate at drove you crazy driven you crazy worn out wore out drove you to distraction driven you to distraction took a rise out of taken a rise out of got a rise out of gotten a rise out of driven insane drove insane drove you round the bend drove you round the twist driven you round the bend driven you round the twist driven you off your head got your hackles up drove you off your head gotten your hackles up drove you out of your mind drove out of mind driven out of mind driven you out of your mind drove somebody up the wall driven somebody up the wall

Động từ

Past tense for to fawningly attend to the needs of
toadied kowtowed truckled fawned bootlicked apple-polished sucked up groveled grovelled flattered brown-nosed brownnosed curried favour curry favored buttered up sucked up to crawled cringed wooed curry favoured with curry favored with played up to danced attendance on ingratiated oneself with courted pandered stooped creeped crept cajoled stroked massaged oiled bowed and scraped fawned on pandered to made up to licked boots kiss up to honeyed up paid court laid it on licked someone's boots yielded submitted deferred crouched prostrated oneself truckled to crept to crawled to kowtowed to sweet-talked blandished cowered kneeled knelt kissed-up abased oneself before smoodged to fell all over fallen all over knuckled under rubbed up the right way scratched one's back kissed one's feet kissing up to fallen on one's knees fell on one's knees conceded eulogized praised yold yolden toadied to soft-soaped grovelled before made up paid court to bent the knee cringed before smoodged humbled oneself behaved obsequiously debased snowed slavered praised to excess bowed smarmed around eulogised invited jollied cottoned scraped abased gave in given in folded bended prostrated bent praised to the skies bowed and scrape before catered to caved in prostrated oneself to kept someone sweet abased oneself to bowed and scrape to caved in to kissed someone's feet kissed the feet of said uncle toed the mark grovelled to laid it on with a trowel laid it on thick demeaned oneself to buddied up gave way given way fell over oneself for fallen over oneself for snew snown abased oneself sung the praises of sang the praises of lain down and rolled over gone along with went along with lay down and rolled over wheedled spread it on blarneyed honeyed inveigled humoured charmed humored humbled yourself flanneled flannelled coaxed palavered quailed sniveled snivelled bobbed a curtsy made a leg genuflected overpraised adulated beslavered softened made much of glorified sold salved conned deferred to sweetened up worked over bowed to rubbed the right way got round built up worked on ingratiated yourself ingratiated beguiled enticed complimented caressed allured urged admired puffed commended revered implored pampered hero-worshipped belauded expressed admiration for panegyrized lauded paid tribute to waxed lyrical about paid blandishments to cultivated curtsied said nice things about tried to get on the good side of got next to abased yourself eaten crow sought the favour of fawned over showed respect for complimented excessively got in with gotten next to demeaned yourself shown respect for respected kept sweet prostrated yourself ate dirt eaten dirt sucked up to someone ate crow tried to win over cozied up smooth-talked persuaded prostrated oneself before humiliated yourself gotten in with eaten humble pie ate humble pie

Động từ

Past tense for to speak or write about with great enthusiasm or admiration
raved gushed enthused rhapsodised rhapsodized slobbered effused drooled effervesced eulogized ballyhooed eulogised waxed lyrical praised to the skies bigged something up cried something up acclaimed praised lauded extolled panegyrized heaped praise on bubbled over made much of big upped bigged up carried on about got all worked up cried someone up gone over the top went over the top bubbled overstated spouted praised enthusiastically rhapsodized over gushed about enthused over enthused about jabbered chattered babbled blathered gloated over gushed over waxed lyrical about thrown bouquets at threw bouquets at gone mad gone crazy gone wild went into raptures went wild gone into raptures went mad went crazy prated admired flattered prattled oozed raved about overstated the case got carried away expressed delight over went on about gone on about made too much of fallen all over made a to-do cried up made a to-do over talked excitedly fell all over slobbered over went into raptures over went into raptures about gone into raptures about gone into raptures over shown enthusiasm showed enthusiasm sung the praises of sang the praises of went wild about gone wild about gone into ecstasies gone on went on went into ecstasies applauded exalted magnified glorified commended celebrated blest hymned blessed paid tribute to complimented emblazoned caroled resounded carolled boosted belauded worshipped worshiped rooted stroked pushed idolized rhapsodized about raved over hailed cracked up puffed up handed it to idolised heard it for bragged about given a boost to gave a boost to sungen sung sang given a posy gave a posy given a bouquet sang praises sung praises gave a bouquet

Động từ

Past tense for to move in an energetic and busy manner
scurried dashed rushed bustled flew flown charged tore around teared around buzzed around ran round in circles run round in circles hurried teared hastened scuttled fluttered scrambled run raced scampered careered scooted shot chased beetled hared zoomed zipped careened sped bowled travelled humped belted rustled stept bundled hustled barreled coursed hurtled blazed cannonballed breezed jumped bombed highballed hied ripped motored whisked sprinted stepped nipped whirled blasted speeded rocketed barrelled hurled traveled pelted rammed bolted jetted trotted scuttered buzzed whizzed stirred made haste cracked on hotfooted it torn tore ran shotten druv sprant drove drave driven sprunt blew blown bestirred flitted dusted busied yourself rushed around was busy were busy been busy darted galloped streaked cut along boogied posted whipped bucketed flashed hightailed scudded clipt clipped swept barrelled along bounded bound legged it stampeded winged zapped shifted fleeted stepped on it wheeched hightailed it put on some speed whooshed beat it hasted went like a bat out of hell gone like a bat out of hell scorched thrust went like lightning gone like lightning went hell for leather gone hell for leather got a move on gotten a move on pushed burnt rubber burned rubber put one's foot down skipped swooped made tracks quickened spanked along moved jogged laid rubber pounded sprung fled accelerated skedaddled speeded up sped up went like the clappers gone like the clappers got the lead out gotten the lead out gotten cracking got cracking dived shoved bowled along plunged cantered thrusted jostled ambled steamed flung burnt burned expedited fast-tracked rolled hurried up propelled impelled frogmarched went like the wind gone like the wind manhandled yeeted tripped cut and run boiled shook a leg shaken a leg prest pressed made time raged rattled along spurted moved quickly dispatched gone fast went fast really moved whipped along bulldozed sprang cleared out loped leaped leapt jogtrotted skirred doubled skimmed dogtrotted tooled cannoned sailed lunged dove lashed proceeded shove shoven shave split skittered bulleted vroomed escaped departed absconded decamped beelined spurred surged paced lost no time smoked burst put foot moved along stepped on gas gone went dogged it pattered torn along tore along forced gotten your skates on got your skates on marched elbowed run like the wind skited accompanied carried catapulted blustered stepped lively rolled along festinated kited swooshed flowed streamed gushed retreated pressed on left scatted vamoosed roared pushed on made a run for it hopped along stepped along cascaded rushed at run fast passed made it snappy broke broken brake run off run away bugged out poured expressed used elbow grease outstripped waltzed moved fast hopped it progressed bombed along belted along sallied whished slooshed tumbled pushed roughly flooded slipped away gone quickly went quickly went like a bullet covered ground run like mad wasted no time moved rapidly made short work of whipped around pumped dug in moved forward moved apace got a wiggle on not lost a minute turned on steam made yourself scarce passed by plunged ahead gone like a bullet rushed headlong gotten out got out threw thrown taken took ran like the wind rid rode ridden gone briskly went briskly ran fast ran away ran off got moving gotten moving got on it gotten on it went away gone away bursten brast drove fast went rapidly driven fast gone rapidly went like a bomb ran like mad gone like a bomb tore out torn out gone by went by took wing taken wing gone at breakneck speed gone like greased lightning teared up the miles went at breakneck speed tore up the miles went like greased lightning

Động từ

Past tense for to be anxious or concerned about something in particular
sweated sweat fretted worried stressed feared stewed agonised agonized troubled bothered panicked chafed dithered abode abided brooked dreaded endured exerted went gone stood stomached suffered took taken tolerated tortured lost sleep tormented oneself tortured oneself lost sleep over stayed the course stuck it out upset oneself brooded obsessed felt uneasy fumed concerned oneself upset yourself got overwrought got in a tizzy got in a fluster got in a flap got in a tizz got in a sweat got in a panic cared anguished minded moped raged sighed pined complained sorrowed abraded excoriated galled irritated whined grumbled felt unhappy dwelled on lamented bled carped hassled grieved chagrined affronted had qualms labored laboured made a fuss felt peeved distressed yourself burdened oneself busied oneself concerned yourself troubled oneself worried oneself got stressed got worked up gotten worked up troubled yourself got in a state gotten steamed up went through the mill exercised oneself gone through the mill tormented yourself got in a lather sweated it out got steamed up gotten in a lather tortured yourself burdened yourself stewed over gotten in a state distressed oneself inconvenienced yourself carried on got in a tiz-woz carried a heavy load wrestled with oneself bitten one's nails bit one's nails took on taken on eaten one's heart out got into a dither ate one's heart out gotten into a dither blown a fuse blew a fuse ate heart out sung the blues took it badly eaten heart out taken it badly sang the blues occupies oneself occupied oneself given a rap gave a rap went to the trouble given a hoot gave a hang gone to the trouble given a hang gave a hoot

Động từ

Clucked or clucked

Trái nghĩa của fussed

fussed Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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