Đồng nghĩa của brooded

Alternative for brooded

broods, brooded, brooding

Đồng nghĩa: consider, contemplate, meditate, ponder, reflect, study,

Động từ

To have ruminated or mulled over
thought pondered reflected deliberated considered contemplated analyzed debated dwelled dwelt evaluated figured out meditated reasoned ruminated understood analysed appraised apprehended brainstormed cogitated comprehended concentrated discerned examined figured intellectualised minded mused processed rationalised speculated stewed studied weighed wondered cerebrated chewed ideated intellectualized logicalized mulled puzzled over racked brains rationalized sorted out excogitated lucubrated put on thinking cap used one's head noodled around perpended conceived estimated imagined revolved inferred judged deduced appreciated resolved cudgeled your brains mulled over stopped to consider turned over ratiocinated slept on it had in mind chewn taken under consideration took under consideration theorized conjectured theorised guessed supposed assumed postulated presumed hypothesized guesstimated doped built castles in air called it had a hunch called the turn chewed over read hazarded a guess hypothesised doped out beat one's brains put forward read between lines moralized presupposed preached pronounced sermonized pontificated praught questioned surmised posited sayed said premised queried puzzled hypothecated daresaid suspected daresayed suspicioned inquired offered sermonised schemed psyched out formed theories doubted made suppositions reflected on beaten one's brains kicked around philosophized run it up flagpole made guesses reviewed philosophised enquired sized up moralised taken for granted took for granted ran it up flagpole readen asked oneself

Động từ

Past tense for think deeply about something that makes one unhappy, angry, or worried
pondered mused obsessed thought agonised agonized agonized over contemplated fretted meditated moped dwelled on fretted about grieved over languished over mooned over moped over mulled over repined ruminated sulked about thought about worried about bled considered daydreamt daydreamed deliberated desponded dreamed dreamt felt despondent about gloomed grieved lamented languished meditated on mused on pored over reflected ruminated on sighed speculated sulked worried chewed over puzzled over ruminated over weighed up chafed inwardly stewed over sweated out sweated over thought upon dwelt upon dwelled upon ate your heart out eaten your heart out cogitated studied cerebrated revolved thought over weighed reflected on brooded over pored on put on thinking cap questioned turned over debated perpended entertained turned wrestled with kicked around racked brains mooned eyed figured brooded on rolled reviewed reasoned excogitated pined cogitated on brooded about puzzled examined deliberated on pondered on pondered over deliberated about ruminated about wondered cogitated about hammered away at asked oneself about thought hard woolgathered given thought to gave thought to dwelt dwelled let one's thoughts wander built castles in air brainstormed evaluated discussed speculated about chewed on chewed the cud mulled consulted shed tears for noodled around debated with oneself argued judged poured it on turned over in one's mind wondered about knocked around talked over mused over beat one's brains out about thought on run up a flagpole stargazed stewed stared into space mourned given much thought to asked oneself gave much thought to suffered spaced out tuned out zoned out tripped out rhapsodized yearned swooned fantasized gushed romanticized bemoaned had your head in the clouds rued planned designed rhapsodised fantasised romanticised schemed purposed intended envisioned imagined envisaged conceived indulged in wool-gathering devised digested given consideration to gave consideration to proposed projected pined away plotted cudgeled marveled marvelled cudgelled pored chawed flashed on engaged in contemplation tracked viewed looked at percolated felt recollected regretted the loss of wept over cried over languished for appraised minded mulled over things had in mind entertained idea thought deeply said to oneself chewed over things used one's head puzzled out beaten one's brains out about ran up a flagpole batted it around thought hard about thought out stewed about reflected upon thought of sized up given some thought to gave some thought to thought through assessed deliberated over meditated over summed up considered the pros and cons of investigated researched surveyed scrutinized probed explored analysed compared enquired into looked into scrutinised analyzed sweat meditated upon sorted out supported monitored bethought maintained harbored held harboured fostered dissected perused mooted countenanced cherished brooked tolerated reflected about conceived of inspected expected ruminated upon anticipated pictured dived into experimented canvassed conducted research into delved into rehashed recognized sweated eyed up heeded recognised estimated entertained the idea of rated chewed deliberated upon made enquiries into allowed yourself to consider batted about contemplated on hashed over conducted a survey of took stock of kicked about looked at as an example cooled out taken stock of dealt with considered as an example kept in mind holden taken under advisement took under advisement taken took chewn batted around done research did research aspired to took in taken in approved of took into consideration agreed to taken into consideration taken as an example took as an example bore in mind born in mind

Động từ

Past tense for to keep an egg warm, allowing it to hatch

Động từ

Past tense for to worry or agonize about something, especially on one's own
stewed fretted worried agonised agonized fussed stressed feared obsessed sweated sweat troubled bothered suffered chafed fumed felt uneasy got overwrought got worked up gotten worked up got in a flap got in a fluster got in a panic got in a state gotten in a state got in a tizz got steamed up gotten steamed up got in a sweat got in a tizzy got in a lather gotten in a lather got in a tiz-woz went through the mill gone through the mill upset oneself labored laboured grappled wrestled concerned oneself lost sleep tortured yourself tormented yourself anguished moped sighed pined complained sorrowed panicked whined felt unhappy grumbled raged lamented bled carped hassled grieved chagrined affronted abraded excoriated galled irritated felt peeved made a fuss dwelled on distressed oneself had qualms lost sleep over sweated it out got stressed eaten your heart out stewed over exercised oneself carried on carried a heavy load wrestled with oneself ate your heart out took on taken on bitten one's nails bit one's nails gotten into a dither got into a dither sung the blues took it badly taken it badly sang the blues blew a fuse blown a fuse cared dithered stood endured stomached exerted dreaded tolerated abided tortured brooked abode minded stayed the course troubled yourself busied yourself stuck it out burdened oneself worried oneself went taken took gone given a rap gave a rap went to the trouble occupies oneself occupied oneself given a hoot gave a hang gone to the trouble given a hang gave a hoot

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