Đồng nghĩa của languished

Alternative for languished

languishes, languished, languishing

Trái nghĩa: encourage, inspire,

Động từ

Past tense for to deplete, or be depleted, in physical strength or energy
faded flagged weakened declined decayed wilted withered failed sank sunk sunken deteriorated drooped dwindled diminished sagged ebbed lagged emaciated went gone rotted wasted moldered mouldered sickened fainted pined tuckered hungered longed hankered yearned ailed brooded desponded teetered went downhill gone downhill wasted away grew weak grown weak withered away faded away fizzled out went to pieces gone to pieces knocked out fagged out went into a decline gone into a decline conked out went soft gone soft died on vine waned degenerated crumbled lessened atrophied dropped felled slumped worsened retrograded regressed hit the skids collapsed devolved faltered disimproved slipped tired melted away decreased shrunk depreciated disintegrated disappeared let up broke down lowered shrivelled shriveled hanged hung abated perished spoilt spoiled degraded retrogressed subsided slid debased debilitated receded died petered out descended lapsed fell fallen tapered off palled become worse lolled swagged become dilapidated shrank shrunken vitiated evaporated gone down the toilet went down the toilet stagnated broken down depressed shriveled up contracted wizened succumbed impaired become limp dried up went to pot gone to pot died away melted lost strength slackened died down died out lost quality let down got worse gotten worse became worse worn away wore away fell off fallen off gone to rack and ruin went to the dogs went to rack and ruin gone to the dogs dangled bended bent run to seed became dilapidated bowed flopped dried hung down stooped trailed off eased up dilapidated putrefied fell into decay fallen into decay eroded become debilitated draped nosedived become emaciated trembled relapsed limped crippled tottered impoverished lost tailed off minimized halted relaxed minimised gone to seed went to seed desiccated depraved stained turned perverted demoralized warped debauched demoralised ebbed away settled lopped become fatigued leaned slouched suspended mummified slung lost energy leant thinned constricted folded deflated aged blasted blighted peaked fallen apart fell apart wearied backslid remitted became limp gone backwards went backwards grown worse grew worse lost courage become flaccid lost spirit slowed down thinned out went bad gone bad become marcescent molten dissolved tapered de-escalated relented moderated eased relent broke up broken up died off caved in tired out become stale fell to pieces corroded come to an end eased off flowed away skidded ratcheted down alloyed lost it pined away adulterated retired undermined become moribund had one foot in the grave trailed injured gone down the tubes phased down drained away went down the tubes dropped off marred ran to seed became emaciated gave way given way grown faint grew faint grown dim grew dim grown less grew less backslided backslidden slang fallen down fell down became marcescent became debilitated became flaccid grown tired became fatigued grew tired grown weary grew weary became moribund grew weaker worn off grown weaker wore off became stale gave out given out worn out wore out broke went to the pack broken gone to the pack brake came to an end withdrawn withdrew fallen away fell away went into decline gone into decline fell apart at the seams fallen apart at the seams

Động từ

Past tense for to desire or pine for someone or something

Động từ

Past tense for to become weaker or of poorer quality
failed dwindled disappeared faded waned decreased diminished lessened degenerated depleted deteriorated fell felled fallen subsided vanished drained lowered dimmed dissipated withered attenuated declined abated decayed plummeted plummetted dispersed sank sunk sunken guttered receded dissolved dropped reduced weakened died away went down gone down died out went downhill gone downhill gave out given out wound down became less become less grew less grown less became weak become weak petered out fizzled out went away gone away faded away grew dim grown dim died down tailed off drained away wore off worn off dropped off wasted away fell away fallen away flagged wilted drooped evanesced ebbed perished melted away shrivelled sagged lagged shriveled fled emaciated evaporated dematerialized melted etiolated evanished rarefied thinned tapered deliquesced cleared folded moderated trailed hushed tired quieted become unimportant slacked off tuckered out passed off become less loud fagged out faded out pooped out died on vine vanished into thin air trailed off molten went gone flown flew grew faint grew feeble grown faint grown feeble became unimportant became less loud let up eased shrunk relented relent remitted tapered off de-escalated slackened palled ratcheted down phased down eased off contracted slumped shrank shrunken alleviated plunged relaxed slowed dropped away nosedived come to an end collapsed depreciated descended tempered mitigated softened desisted slipped quelled subdued crashed quietened got less slackened off eased up terminated cut become smaller settled down closed hit the floor slacked cut back cooled off got lower minified become lower blurred fell off fallen off grown smaller grew smaller came to an end atrophied disintegrated crumbled depressed downgraded dipped lulled lightened calmed devaluated devalued eroded allayed relieved assuaged quietened down mollified tumbled dived downscaled downsized gotten smaller got smaller stilled ceased retrogressed died off dampened slaked come down come to a stop got quieter chilled out slowed down marked down soft-pedalled amputated coasted rolled back cooled it became smaller became lower stopped become weaker abridged cooled clipped got softer become softer impaired decelerated calmed down soft-pedaled dulled ended extenuated unlaxed become quieter cropped halted slacked up levelled off retrenched toned down abbreviated made smaller gave way given way gave in given in fell short fallen short drawn to a close drew to a close came down became weaker went through the floor gone through the floor took the bite out took the sting out taken the bite out taken the sting out came to a stop fallen down fell down wrote down became softer written down became quieter dove gone downwards nose-dived took a nosedive taken a nosedive went downwards

Động từ

Past tense for live or spend a period of time in a dull, inactive, unchallenging way
vegetated idled loafed stagnated lazed lounged lolled moldered mouldered slouched degenerated deteriorated did nothing done nothing existed lazed about lazed around lounged about loafed about loafed around lolled about lolled around lollygagged lounged around slouched about slouched around slummocked decayed hung about hung around hung round hibernated mooched about mooched around vegged out weakened batted about batted around bummed around went to seed gone to seed killed time passed time sat around went to pot gone to pot twiddled your thumbs slacked frittered whiled dawdled dallied dillydallied pottered skived chilled bummed lazied footled bludged droned loitered hung out sat back whiled away fooled around kicked back marked time wasted time hacked around sat back and do nothing fannied about kicked your heels slowed down kicked one's heels kicked around frittered away goofed off bobbed off took it easy taken it easy relaxed dossed frittered away time unwound lied shirked daydreamed daydreamt vegged neglected flagged goldbricked basked malingered trifled stalled dodged sat on one's hands chilled out slacked off messed around piddled around whiled away the hours twiddled thumbs idled away time consumed time whiled away hours fooled away filled in time not lifted a finger idled away the hours stood around passed the time piddled about whiled away the time bunked off knocked around lain about lay about lain around lay around amused oneself did nothing in particular done nothing in particular

Động từ

Past tense for to have an intense feeling of longing for something, typically something that one has lost or been separated from

Động từ

Past tense for to sleep for longer than planned

Động từ

Past tense for to experience sudden and severe fatigue, especially in endurance sports
bonked fatigued exhausted drained knackered shattered debilitated depleted enervated overtired busted killed pooped succumbed bushed fizzled flagged frazzled whacked hit the wall tired out knocked out wore out worn out conked out did in done in shagged out tuckered out drained of energy fagged out petered out pooped out wore down worn down wore to a frazzle worn to a frazzle took it out of taken it out of wearied tired prostrated weakened jaded disabled drooped dropped sagged bedraggled tuckered worn wore washed out taxed overtaxed harassed sunk sank sunken made sleepy bored made weary broke brake outwore broken outworn bore worn on took did up taken done up wore on sapped enfeebled devitalized incapacitated crippled wasted etiolated softened overworked overwrought immobilized paralysed undermined put out of action paralyzed laid low immobilised indisposed torpefied made weak made feeble strained overexerted overextended overfatigued impaired run ragged beat lay low handicapped defeated bankrupted unnerved pained failed reduced emasculated attenuated blunted sucked dry put to sleep made tired eviscerated hurt rendered infirm overdone overdid ran ragged felled floored levelled leveled rooted downed wiped out nearly killed burdened hamstrung hamstringed drawn drew impoverished used up plagued folded collapsed ennuied ennuyed overstrained wilted overburdened fainted unhinged diminished exasperated vitiated disarmed ruined drowsed depressed wrecked run into the ground mowed oppressed weighed faded glutted knocked down disempowered knocked over took it out of one taken it out of one caused ennui exenterated destroyed disembowelled disemboweled mowed down bowled over hindered encumbered injured hampered extenuated harmed marred grown weary grew weary bowled down made powerless unstrengthened made helpless made impotent brought someone to their knees brought low lost interest run out of steam run down stressed out become drained broke down become exhausted confined to bed confined to a wheelchair fell beaten overthrew overthrown gave out went stale gone stale given out grown tired grew tired wore oneself to a shadow ran into the ground worn oneself to a shadow saped your strength sapped your strength wore oneself to a frazzle worn oneself to a frazzle got the better of gotten the better of ran out of steam got tired gotten tired became exhausted ran down broken down became drained

Động từ

Past tense for to lose energy or become fatigued

Tính từ

Being mournful or feeling sorrow
sad sorrowful unhappy miserable mournful upset depressed heartbroken somber sombre blue dejected demoralised demoralized desolate despondent disconsolate disheartened dispirited distressed down forlorn glum hurt melancholy pessimistic sullen troubled wistful bereaved bitter cheerless doleful downcast down in dumps down in mouth gloomy grief-stricken grieved hapless heartsick heavyhearted in doldrums in grief in the dumps joyless low low-spirited lugubrious moody morbid morose out of sorts pensive sick at heart tearful woebegone broken-hearted downhearted teary weepy bowed down crestfallen disappointed down in the dumps down in the mouth inconsolable listless regretful down-hearted emotional heavy-hearted spiritless triste broken brokenhearted discouraged in tears saddened aggrieved anguished cast down comfortless crabby languid languorous saturnine sulky tristful black droopy dysphoric fed up gray grey negative heartsore wretched dismal sorry woeful melancholic dolorous dreary depressing hangdog bad despairing drear solemn bleak funereal elegiac rueful lonely depressive grieving lonesome dark pathetic godforsaken grim sepulchral heartrending saddening dire elegiacal cold tenebrous tenebrific heartbreaking darkening plutonian chill dreich in low spirits Cimmerian hopeless murky sunless cloudy hurting crushed weeping abject devastated chap-fallen dismayed plaintive lamentable in pain dull dour long-faced grave choked lachrymose dragged in the doldrums afflicted sorrowing bummed out oppressed cheesed off piteous distraught agonized mirthless brassed off pitiful mourning in the pits chapfallen cut up sick as a parrot distressing wailing dispiriting agonised lamenting destroyed subdued gutted defeatist painful disheartening down and out shaken oppressive humorless humourless plangent drab nostalgic dolesome bewailing bemoaning aching sober remorseful tragic bothered weighed down grievous pitiable deploring funeral pained bleeding suffering daunted in a blue funk heart-rending tormented cast-down downbeat mopey sobbing apologetic in despair serious all torn up shot down perturbed disconcerted crummy shamefaced unnerved anxious upsetting grumpy sapped shook up poignant conscience-stricken dejecting uninviting harrowing maudlin unwelcoming thrown discouraging contrite worried repentant penitent heavy let down weary close to tears singing the blues taken down with a long face as sick as a parrot uptight earnest discomposed disturbed dolent ripped flustered whimpering compunctious traumatized discountenanced sheepish snivelling antsy blubbering sunk in gloom shattered wounded desperate dingy ashamed irked unsettled pining cowed austere on a downer torn up traumatised sniveling uncomfortable guilt-ridden displeased resigned moving touching crying draggy tear-jerking dirge-like moping dirgelike stony-faced tortured solitary agitated down-and-out Eeyorish overwhelmed low in spirits deplorable disquieted discontented sedate unfavorable unfavourable disillusioned bereft ruffled calamitous vexed rattled enervated ruthful abandoned flat self-reproachful drearisome aflutter helpless annoyed forsaken guilty foreboding overwrought brooding destitute angst-ridden broody mopish deflated larmoyant inhospitable stark dim bare cynical low-down troubling uneasy crabbed unsmiling bummed-out yearning overemotional surly attritional bland heavy with grief unenthusiastic in the toilet clinical sunk impersonal daunting mawkish teary-eyed wintry wintery institutional jarring on the verge of tears demoralizing in a tizzy reflective concerned disappointing affecting isolated threnodic longing discombobulated disenchanting disgruntled bugged shook withdrawn defeated down-in-the-mouth dashed undermined stern abashed harrowed apathetic confused unconsolable disenchanted angry friendless in sorrow in mourning ominous sour severe weighty muddled shocked irritated adust peed off ticked off teed off browned off full of sorrow companionless demoralising tense chastened greeting staid deterred inconvenienced frightened alarmed blubbing unsatisfied intimidated unfortunate inauspicious unamused sobersided apprehensive angered nervous atwitter jumpy unglued lorn sourpuss muted blubbery moist wet bawling watery afraid overcome with sorrow damp suicidal bearish frantic poker-faced no-nonsense overcome howling ugly penitential hung up ill at ease racked with suffering racked with pain broken up taciturn po-faced languishing in a funk blue funk given to looking on the black side long-suffering sorry for oneself burned sore contused regretting heartsickening feel-bad threnodial atoning penitentiary funebrial exequial deathlike dirgeful poor worthless misty-eyed unpromising without energy deathly Stygian hollow obscure overcast depressant mortified crushing emo atrabilious clouded dampened drooping sagging prostrated cross sinister churlish bowed lowered cranky bellyaching cantankerous beefing grousing unmanned in distress griefstricken off sluggish excited huffy ill-humoured horrified tear-filled torn-up discontent cringing browbeaten heart-sick lovesick horrible ill-humored dolorific afflictive regrettable unpropitious deserted prostrate with grief taken aback bummed powerless downtrodden mushy syrupy gooey schmaltzy slushy hankering missing longing for home lost luckless forbidding acheronian sorry for yourself have the blahs guilty-looking furtive hysterical irrational histrionic afflicting off-putting sickening sick in anguish forgotten homeless strained adverse disadvantageous distressful unable to be consoled unable to be comforted atrocious uncared-for ailing racked humbled drained let-down not happy embarrassed sneaking frowning glowering portentous unpleasant bad-tempered uncommunicative beside oneself with grief dissatisfied dragging defenseless alone defenceless fruitless devitalized cowering humiliated fraught unresponsive phlegmatic ill-tempered remote derelict sequestered affected homesick doomed fatalistic full of regret shot-down frustrated discomfited falling apart sensitive repining weakened having blue devils having the blahs unmitigable distrustful chagrined miffed hard put off shell-shocked emotionally defeated dreamy misanthropic suspicious gloom-ridden disowned in a state aghast beaten strabilious at the end of your tether no-win can't win not a prayer at end of one's rope in the soup at the end of one's tether at one's wits' end full of gloom feeling down doubting in sackcloth and ashes with tears in one's eyes unenthused unconfident contemplative musing dreaming meditative without hope up the creek vanquished baulked worsted objecting balked alarmist easily moved in a bad way doubtful thoughtful down-in-mouth beat beat-down come-apart caved-in harassed wrecked plagued looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny at in floods of tears daydreaming spooked haunted lacking in confidence lacking in enthusiasm having lost heart oversentimental with tears in your eyes persecuted desirous wishful with cold feet gone to pieces in blue funk lost momentum strung out sob story in a stew offended insecure nervy edgy dithery queasy queazy fretted in a reverie unquiet jittery hassled verklempt unzipped hinky goosey in disorder put out amazed psyched out come apart outcast at sixes and sevens het up estranged unloved rejected unpopular unwanted lacklustre passive all alone insipid lifeless weak limp unsocial unbefriended uncherished colourless irresolute meek characterless feeble submissive torpid unmoved spineless unimpassioned vapid uninspiring passionless lackadaisical bloodless mopy desiccated anaemic wooden dry uninspired slothful cowardly gutless dopey indecisive unconcerned boring lackluster indifferent drippy tame inanimate blah without friends feeling friendless with no one to turn to without companions by yourself without a friend in the world colorless anemic lacking in vitality wishy-washy flat tire on edge restless twitchy fidgety worked up keyed up wired fearful stressed scared stressy fretful on tenterhooks on pins and needles shaky distracted overstrung panicky restive hyper in a flap beside oneself fazed toey in a panic highly strung wound up frenzied strung up neurotic flurried adrenalized hot and bothered windy excitable terrified having kittens in a tizz timorous all of a dither high-strung trembling hysteric angsty timid spooky squirrelly panic-stricken in a state of agitation stressed out in a cold sweat startled like a cat on a hot tin roof wrought up worried sick bundle of nerves irritable hesitant skittish in a state of nerves uncertain in a twitter aroused in a sweat all of a lather febrile self-conscious touchy nonplussed like a cat on hot bricks overexcited unstable shaking raving crazed moved crazy a bundle of nerves unbalanced shy taut in a twit unsure distrait hectic heated overactive brittle unrelaxed peevish irascible delirious quaking perplexed beside yourself wrought-up overanxious shivery terrorized mousy under stress inhibited petrified affrighted unrestful frozen stunned nervous wreck horror-struck clutched terror-stricken in a flat spin worked-up insane bricking oneself repulsed exercised terrorised like a fish out of water scared stiff appalled all of a doodah with one's heart in one's mouth flighty awkward careful fretting spasmodic feverish hyperactive testy tetchy up the wall unstrung querulous beset riled basket case crotchety fluttery wavering retiring in a dither provoked captious hot under the collar panicked shrinking flummoxed in suspense short-tempered angstful out of place impatient solicitous fuddled under a strain scary turbulent worried stiff in a spin wreck all of a flutter fevered white-knuckled mad under pressure unsteady a wreck unpeaceful floored swivel-eyed pressured critical quivering frazzled oversensitive faint-hearted chicken shot to pieces yellow out of your mind in pieces in awe shaking in one's shoes knocked for six out of one's mind with butterflies in one's stomach have cold feet with one's stomach in knots running scared scared to death in shock thwarted uncontrolled infuriated exasperated battered jolted twittering trepidatious undone tentative skittery peeved injured damaged dithering vacillating intense flushed choked up fussy aquiver swithering impaired unreluctant afire hyped-up atingle hyperexcited easily agitated easily frightened caught up asea bashful gauche faltering unnatural exacerbated puzzled aggravated pestered harried blushing bruised subjugated overpowered physically conquered overpowered trounced routed panic-struck disorderly watchful creepy frisky dreading prickly emotive shot chafed galled juiced up zipped up hot hot-tempered snappy temperamental chippy quick-tempered strung-up hag-ridden a basket case sweating bullets complaining put out of countenance white knuckled wild wrung palpitant biting one's nails butterflies in stomach emotionally charged fractious petulant diffident in turmoil all nerves having butterflies in the stomach funky fearsome blanched tied up in knots inflamed addled unscrewed deranged nuts careworn self-doubting unassertive self-effacing bewildered dazed confounded on the qui vive stirred up flapping consumed berserk compulsive manic obsessive pusillanimous hurried changeable itchy roving sleepless bustling active transient unruly wandering intermittent fidgeting inconstant footloose fitful nomadic lacking confidence unforthcoming disgusted very upset afeared pressurized pressurised cautious strict conventional scared out of one's wits alarmed at shaking like a leaf scared witless terror-struck feart apprehensive about intimidated by frightened out of one's wits in a fluster horror-stricken having cold feet frit tearing one's hair out like a chicken with its head cut off unhinged demented not self-assured lacking self-confidence introverted ill-natured in a lather nerve-racking stressful nail-biting feeling anxious stressed-out on the rack phobic fixated run scared sickened outraged revolted frenetic splenetic grumbling whining ratty lily-livered rabbity butterflies chicken-hearted numb sissy jellyfish unhealthy abnormal paranoid vague unassured questioning Delphic unpoised tooshie knocked sideways nerves on edge carried away not knowing what to do with oneself in a frenzy out of one's wit at sea repelled nauseated maladjusted keyed-up fired-up stirred freaked-out wound-up high hot-and-bothered strung-out worn tired spent perverse faultfinding mean snappish contrary ornery caviling carping old-fashioned tossing and turning on the defensive shook-up throwing a wobbly touch and go on thin ice up in the air hanging by thread very scared pushing the panic button in fear and trepidation numb with fear erratic deviant disoriented aberrant disordered obsessed steamed up flipped out psyched-out cavilling scandalized jarred hot under collar all shook up mixed-up messed-up caught off balance out of countenance in botheration thrown off balance scandalised

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