Đồng nghĩa của licked one's chops

Động từ

Past tense for to drip saliva from the mouth

Động từ

Past tense for to anticipate something with great eagerness
salivated drooled relished looked forward to eagerly awaited hungrily awaited counted the days until craved yearned desired hungered pined thirsted wanted hankered coveted fancied pined for ached longed wished itched lusted burnt burned yenned panted suspired obsessed had a longing wanted badly had a hankering set one's heart on sighed creamed for had a yen oke aken really wanted ardently awaited energetically anticipated breathlessly anticipated anticipated had a yen for sighed for envied expected enthusiastically anticipated itched for actively anticipated fervently anticipated hungered for repined for hoped for spiritedly awaited impatiently anticipated zealously anticipated earnestly anticipated spiritedly anticipated lusted for zealously awaited anticipated with gusto thirsted for intently anticipated hankered for thirstily anticipated awaited with pleasure drooled over fervently awaited anticipated with pleasure breathlessly awaited vigorously anticipated anticipated with enthusiasm enthusiastically awaited awaited with anticipation wished to lusted after longingly awaited had an eye on longingly anticipated awaited actively awaited had your eye on salivated for earnestly awaited eagerly anticipated longed for hankered after ached for awaited with enthusiasm expectantly anticipated yearned for energetically awaited hungrily anticipated pined after vigorously awaited burned for waited for yenned for awaited with gusto wished for expectantly awaited intently awaited panted for impatiently awaited thirstily awaited ardently anticipated aspired to

Trái nghĩa của licked one's chops

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