Đồng nghĩa của set one's heart on

Động từ

To have a desire for
want desire fancy like crave be partial to care for covet feel like hanker for need hanker after long for pine for require wish for have an inclination for hope for hunger for relish thirst for yearn for ache for be bent on be dying for cry out for feel in need of have a fancy for have a need for have one's heart set on hunger after itch for sigh for take a fancy to thirst after yen for be desperate for desiderate have a yen for jones for lust after pine after spoil for burn for could do with die for feel inclined to feel the need for feel up to have an urge for have a passion for have eyes for have the inclination for incline toward lust for pant after repine for salivate for eat one's heart out over feel a need for would give one's eyeteeth for dream of aspire to be desirous of seek prefer hanker choose envy pant for begrudge suspire jones feen dream will would like suspire for beg wish be athirst for desire intensely have hots for be consumed with desire for have designs on have your eye on give eyeteeth for pray for have need of wish to have ask for eat your heart out look forward to be in need of have as one's aim have as one's goal love enjoy favour favor savor adore dig savour sanction endorse take to have a craving for have a yearning for rejoice in be enamored of delight in revel in approve of get off on take a liking to be mad for be wild for be crazy about fall for appreciate go for please see fit elect opt for feel disposed to select be inclined toward cherish decide on lean towards lean toward have a preference for decide groove on embrace determine pick esteem take pleasure in incline towards like better luxuriate in opt care yearn treasure value demand adopt settle upon rather think fit espouse be inclined have as a favourite think more highly of show favouritism towards cotton to plump for would sooner take a shine to bask in single out be turned on to enjoy to the full would rather have a bias towards treat with partiality hold in higher regard side with go in for taste to the full consider have in mind admire feel feel inclined aspire miss crave for designate affect name pick out feel the urge to have an inclination feel inclined toward advocate welcome suggest warm to would rather have think preferable would sooner have be more partial to rate develop a liking for develop an affection for hit it off with take an interest in countenance commend thoroughly enjoy take satisfaction in take joy in derive pleasure from honour back honor approbate wish to want to love to like to favorite favourite command revel await with pleasure anticipate with pleasure lick one's lips over crow about get a kick out of get a thrill out of be fond of gloat over glory in count the days until feel self-satisfied about be pleased by be unable to wait for

Động từ

To have a strong want or desire
long yearn pine ache wish burn hunger thirst itch pant hope crave need covet want desire hanker lust yen be bent on be consumed with desire be desperate be dying be eager be unable to wait dream of eat one's heart out over hanker after hanker for have a yen lust after set your sights on would give one's eye teeth fancy dream suspire languish chafe be itching be aching wish for have a longing be desirous want badly suspire for have a yen for be desirous of be athirst for feel a longing would give one's eyeteeth for be eager for have a crush on be passionate set your heart upon long for sigh hunger for thirst for be athirst be hungry pine for yearn for be thirsty aspire have a hankering be greedy pray be consumed with the desire seek miss strive obsess drool hope against hope carry a torch cry out for yen for regret the absence of cream for be consumed with desire for partial to be burning lick one's chops be eating one's heart out be consumed with a desire hunger after lust for die drool over be very keen be very eager will aim spoil for choose have a fancy be gagging be impatient have one's heart set on ache for itch for be desperate for pine after be dying for be unable to wait for long to hope to hope for desire to wish to want to yearn to hanker to lament hunger to thirst after cross your fingers envy have the hots for have hard feelings turn green eat your heart out be envious die over object to aspire to be covetous of cry for hold out hope shed tears for dream about regret the loss of pant for

Động từ

To indulge in fantasies about something desired
dream fantasise fantasize daydream contemplate imagine envision visualise visualize contrive muse romanticise romanticize fancy crave hanker idealise idealize long lust pine woolgather picture aim for aspire to build castles in air conceive of conjure up pictures desire to hanker after hope for hunger for live in a dream world long for pipe dream seek to thirst after thirst for wish for wish to yearn for have as one's aim have as one's goal ideate set your sights on sigh envisage conceive see vision conceit image conjure up fantasy feature hallucinate conceptualize conceptualise dream up moon think of think up build castles in the air make believe depict romance indulge in fantasy fantasize about dream about indulge in fancy indulge in wool-gathering build castles in Spain see in your mind's eye gush view think rhapsodize perceive project swoon rhapsodise conjure up an image of form a picture of form a mental picture of give free rein to the imagination see in one's mind stargaze suppose apprehend evoke pretend consider divine assume create trip out infer dream of head trip call to mind make up bring to mind be in a brown study conjure up a mental picture of plan represent portray foresee appreciate behold conjure up a picture of figure create in your mind concoct frame languish mope brood scheme stare into space yearn be lost in thought be unrealistic cook up be inattentive be in a reverie be in cloud cuckoo land be miles away believe stay in the clouds have your head in the clouds conjecture guess surmise suspect reckon sentimentalize gather presume hypothesize lie exaggerate presuppose hypothesise preconceive take as a hypothesis say interpret sentimentalise reflect object be economical with the truth view through rose-tinted glasses make up stories tell stories look at through rose-colored glasses let your imagination run away with you stretch the truth think romantically realise realize conjure be under the impression think it conceivable be inclined to think think likely be of the view trump up be of the opinion think it likely have an idea think about call up get the picture conjure up an picture of form a mental image of picture in one's mind's eye see visions play-act make-believe

Động từ

To anticipate, expect, or wait for, especially with a feeling of approval or pleasure
look forward to covet yearn crave desire pine fancy hanker hunger want envy thirst anticipate await expect hanker after hanker for pine after pine for yearn for be unable to wait for hope for itch for long for wait for wish for wish to be desperate for be dying for be eager to be enthused about be enthusiastic about be excited at be excited to be gung ho about be hung up about be impatient about be interested in be keen on count the days until hunger for lust after really want thirst for yen for actively await ardently await await with anticipation await with enthusiasm await with gusto await with pleasure breathlessly await eagerly await earnestly await energetically await enthusiastically await expectantly await fervently await hungrily await impatiently await intently await longingly await repine for spiritedly await thirstily await vigorously await zealously await actively anticipate anticipate with enthusiasm anticipate with gusto ardently anticipate breathlessly anticipate eagerly anticipate earnestly anticipate energetically anticipate enthusiastically anticipate expectantly anticipate fervently anticipate have your eye on hungrily anticipate impatiently anticipate intently anticipate longingly anticipate spiritedly anticipate thirstily anticipate vigorously anticipate zealously anticipate anticipate with pleasure cannot wait can't wait have an eye on have a yen for ache for be athirst for be counting down the days to lick one's lips over aspire to burn for salivate for sigh for pant for be consumed with desire for lust for lick your lips lick one's chops count the hours until anticipate with anticipation long wish ache suspire for itch sigh dream miss carry a torch spoil for cry out for regret the absence of

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