Đồng nghĩa của suspect

Alternative for suspect

suspects, suspected, suspecting

Đồng nghĩa: assume, challenge, dispute, distrust, doubt, gather, guess, imagine, infer, mistrust, question, suppose, surmise, think,

Trái nghĩa: trus, unsuspected,


Not to be trusted or relied upon
doubtful dubious questionable dodgy suspicious fishy queer shady odd debatable disputable doubtable dubitable equivocal problematic problematical shaky untrustworthy funny iffy shonky incredible open potentially dangerous potentially false pseudo ridiculous suspected thick thin unbelievable uncertain unclear under suspicion unlikely unsure not kosher not quite right open to suspicion unreliable flimsy shifty disreputable open to question open to doubt unsubstantiated weak unsound murky arguable dishonest tenuous unscrupulous unsupported moot undependable irregular dark mysterious controversial corrupt unconvincing slippery sketchy unsettled underhand chancy contentious ambiguous devious dishonourable fallible indeterminate dishonorable indefinite nebulous unfounded speculative indecisive unproven controvertible unconfirmed fraudulent unresolved bent crooked implausible strange unethical seedy scandalous tricky open to debate unsavoury inglorious deceptive specious rocky risky defective spurious wrong assumed unsavory deceitful vague conjectural presumed undecided hypothetical disputed negotiable issuable potentially illegal suppositious in doubt contestable contingent insecure criminal unsafe up in the air not dependable open to discussion duplicitous inaccurate improbable sly peculiar snide theoretical furtive sneaky academic ungrounded dicey unreasonable untrue suppositional groundless guileful unverified far-fetched incorrect mistaken false erroneous unsubstantial untested fragile borderline enigmatic precarious supposed cryptic inconclusive putative hazy ill-founded clouded flakey unstable flaky sham notional suppositive of dubious character academical theoretic wide of the mark off-target in dispute double-dealing vexed postulated in question presupposed at issue not definite up for grabs shadowy nefarious crafty unprincipled insubstantial unlawful illegal secret mootable puzzling negligible unapt macabre trustless untrusty disbelieved potentially dishonest unspecific insignificant paradoxical challenging undetermined unconcluded treacherous irresponsible disloyal two-faced off yet to be decided sub judice unknown baseless unwarranted far from certain unpredictable inexact phony pending confused farfetched vulnerable unusual unjustifiable unestablished unjustified unattested uncorroborated different phoney in the balance in limbo in no man's land touch-and-go flawed not validated perilous untrusted imagined illogical foundationless without basis invalid nonvalid without foundation faulty feeble of doubtful honesty too much out of line rings untrue won't wash conjectured untenable not reliable nonrational illegitimate unreasoning irrational unreal imaginary not backed up by evidence hollow sophistic mysterious-looking funny-looking queer-looking dishonest-looking strange-looking guilty-looking concocted conditional conjecturable refutable provisory guessed made up presumptive casual assumptive stochastic proposed pretending underhanded unbacked casuistic inconsequent inconsequential easily threatened easily destroyed easily broken sharp rogue incongruous falsified fallacious fake hard to believe fast disputatious divisive delicate sensitive contended difficult polemical tentative emotive provocative tendentious polemic abstract inferred awkward debateable contested debated hot notorious heated surmised postulational ideational guesstimated figured reputed guessing surmising under discussion hot-button based on guesswork on a hunch on a long shot unprovable apocryphal marginal undefined occult obscure not obvious under examination under advisement


That cannot be conceived
unconceivable incredible unbelievable implausible inconceivable unthinkable unimaginable fantastic improbable fantastical unconvincing incredulous uncompelling impossible doubtful dubious weak fishy thin flimsy unsubstantial unreasonable reachy farfetched obscure problematic puzzling shaky full of it too much won't wash far out full of holes won't hold water for the birds unlikely questionable far-fetched preposterous fanciful hard to swallow absurd unrealistic cock-and-bull lame feeble pathetic unsound poor remote unsatisfactory inadequate tall incongruous not likely beyond belief cock and bull unpersuasive illogical outlandish specious nonsensical ludicrous debatable false trifling ridiculous strained ineffectual laboured transparent phony unimpressive slight shallow hard to believe labored strange mind-boggling phoney difficult to believe half-baked scarcely credible hard to take out of the ordinary paltry beyond the bounds of possibility fabulous faint tame unplausible unheard-of untoward rare outside chance less likely contrary extraordinary astonishing staggering amazing unreal tenuous untenable infeasible incogitable reaching harebrained flakey kooky screwy cockamamie scatterbrained flaky cockeyed lamebrained exaggerated vague flawed irrational past belief open to doubt jaw-dropping mind-blowing eye-popping faulty inconclusive unsubstantiated contradictory nebulous misleading overblown ponderous forced spurious hollow unsustainable invalid sketchy unsupportable irreconcilable senseless indefensible groundless sensational untruthful embellished untrue extravagant fabricated dishonest suspicious dubitable outrageous laughable bizarre hyperbolic shady farcical incoherent spectacular nonrational vain unfounded airy unreasoned inconsequent illegitimate inconsequential unreasoning fatuous nutty wacky fallacious not convincing disputable equivocal untrustworthy embroidered histrionic arguable iffy distorted unreliable undependable off the wall self-contradictory blown up complicated astounding singular exceptional phenomenal incomprehensible breathtaking out of the question unimagined unique remarkable prodigious stupendous uncommon surprising stunning miraculous unusual wondrous unheard of highly unlikely striking beyond the realm of reason odd wild unknowable ineffable peculiar unspeakable impracticable untold unutterable curious weird unworkable insane awful wonderful awesome eye-opening sublime portentous overwhelming crazy insupposable whimsical unordinary unattainable tremendous unthought of mad queer grandiose romantic foolish comical oddball not on undreamed of zany amazeballs marvelous marvellous not in the least likely off-the-wall hare-brained make-believe insupportable imcomprehensible beyond possibility extremely implausible extremely doubtful extremely unlikely insufficient beyond reason extremely difficult to believe won't fly impractical idealistic insubstantial awe-inspiring outstanding bewildering confounding supernatural impressive not to be thought of unfeasible indescribable immense legendary inapprehensible undreamed-of threadbare superficial rad beyond one's wildest dreams out-of-this-world top drawer hardly possible non-viable contrary to reason vapid not understandable weak-kneed flat meager meagre beyond wildest dreams beyond your wildest dreams not feasible unachievable not worth considering notable momentous hopeless unrealizable beyond one unsuitable unobtainable eye-catching unforgettable arresting special uncustomary noteworthy conspicuous unwonted exceeding offbeat uncanny abnormal aberrated extraordinaire funny unprecedented aberrant serious especial freak unco atypical anomalous preternatural out-of-the-way unaccustomed unacceptable unfamiliar flash off beaten path never to be forgotten gnarly heavy forby unexpected out of this world not remotely possible eccentric imaginary illusory visionary erratic artificial capricious ambitious illusive daft extreme barmy hallucinatory suppositious different potty outré out of sight cock-eyed uncredible rings phony not able to hold water


Odd or peculiar in manner or character
rum strange odd weird bizarre peculiar queer eccentric curious funny outlandish unusual offbeat quirky wacky crazy remarkable unconventional wild quaint screwy abnormal whacky kooky freakish kinky bizarro cranky erratic funky extraordinary weirdo kookie singular queerish uncommon oddball irregular anomalous idiosyncratic aberrant unnatural freak whimsical droll unco capricious nutty suspicious dubious questionable flaky flakey quizzical beat bent characteristic cockeyed far-out way-out off-the-wall off-kilter spaced-out out-of-the-way off the wall far out way out off-center funny peculiar out in left field uncanny unorthodox atypical mysterious puzzling eerie fishy untypical different unexpected unfamiliar incongruous unaccountable perplexing mystifying doubtful baffling freaky deviant shady doubtable unique disputable equivocal dodgy disquieting debatable rare shaky unaccustomed spooky dubitable uncustomary creepy problematical surprising outré problematic unhinged touched mad outre irrational unbalanced demented left-field out of the ordinary out of the way preternatural unearthly supernatural ghostly exceptional phenomenal paranormal magical mystic wacko off-centre transcendental divergent other-worldly spectral unwonted unreal uncharacteristic aberrated unrepresentative phantom occult monstrous especial exceeding extraordinaire numinous eldritch psychic miraculous foreign metaphysical supranatural superhuman devious fantastic deviate aberrational anomalistic prodigious magic secret grotesque perverse surreal inexplicable scary mystical otherworldly spookish haunting deviating transcendent non-typical isolated zany dark unknown celestial nonstandard heteroclite supermundane out there obscure superior hair-raising frightening spine-chilling chilling blood-curdling ghostlike devilish supernormal alien wayward nonconformist eery spiritual twisted perverted shadowy ghastly fabulous exotic daggy warped unthinkable inconceivable jarring hidden extramundane arcane unfathomable fairy impenetrable mythical legendary invisible unrevealed off-color heavenly out of line unknowable mythological superordinary uncomprehensible unintelligible off-base concealed sinister necromantic phantasmal phantasmic demoniac scaring petrifying terrifying haunted novel original transmundane fearful digressive rogue transgressing unlike contrary incomprehensible disparate newsworthy ethereal wandering malformed distorted inscrutable ghoulish out of the common superphysical black orphic unheard of supersensible extrasensory oracular chance amazing inconsistent kookish dotty madcap out-there eccentrical excentrical signal odd strange dilly nonconforming unconforming outstanding unprecedented non-standard rummy unrecognized new sick marvellous wonderful unworldly wondrous something else out of keeping unrecognised avant garde fanciful humorous unpredictable arbitrary in left field rambling straying astrological alchemistic sicko pervy vagarious teratoid changeable fitful defective unimaginable avant-garde unordinary breaking new ground loner cool extraterrestrial varying heretical off-key variant deviative marvelous distinct wraithlike mental psycho distinctive macabre atypic intriguing unhealthy distinguished demonic non-mortal animal subhuman inhuman non-human custom customized specialized exclusive signature personalized distinguishing individual particular heterodox corrupt not normal unnormal heteromorphic awesome uneasy unparalleled awful horrific dreadful ominous not of this world nightmarish insubstantial illusory uncouth whacko supernal ridiculous scarce appalling fiendish sublime sepulchral funereal inappropriate hyperphysical shonky ludicrous like nothing on earth awe-inspiring eidolic apparitional holy divine cadaverous deathlike corpselike wraithy wan pale indistinct vampiric unnerving superstitious disconcerting crawly funny-looking mysterious-looking not quite right strange-looking not kosher limited non-rational hypernormal unbelievable special personalised specialised customised unhuman inspired inexplainable unheard-of supranormal very strange


Not considered to be respectable in character or appearance
disreputable discreditable infamous notorious disgraceful ignominious louche mean scandalous shameful base contemptible low shady shocking dishonourable unprincipled despicable dishonest rascally villainous corrupt immoral reprehensible unscrupulous untrustworthy disorderly opprobrious outrageous questionable seedy unworthy vicious crooked dishonorable dubious of bad reputation seamy shoddy shy sleazy slippery suspicious unrespectable unsavory unsavoury unwholesome vile dodgy fishy shifty abject bad beggarly cheap derogatory dissolute inglorious lewd libidinous licentious lowly pitiable scurvy sordid sorry in bad no good in low esteem in the doghouse nasty unpleasant offensive obnoxious repellent repulsive rough objectionable disagreeable degenerate coarse gross revolting rude boorish uncouth distasteful vulgar churlish iffy repugnant funny noisome iniquitous sinful unethical nefarious evil rotten unlawful dark wicked black wrong unrighteous ignoble abominable degrading disgusting odious hateful shabby appalling low-down atrocious deplorable humiliating monstrous blameworthy heinous loathsome foul wretched embarrassing unspeakable indefensible detestable unforgivable egregious flagitious exceptionable improper undignified tawdry terrible mortifying debased squalid dastardly dreadful inexcusable miscreant criminal indecorous unbecoming knavish abhorrent low-minded sleazoid dirty diabolical debauched impure tarnished culpable unjustifiable unacceptable regrettable unfortunate miserable humiliatory pitiful filthy ill-famed beastly remiss indecent belittling debasing discomfiting opprobious putrid deceitful treacherous devious fraudulent blackguardly ill-reputed perverse caitiff unhealthy drunken reprobate carnal immodest ribald intemperate obscene profligate flagrant unclean execrable currish decadent snide servile paltry beyond contempt shameless avaricious degraded skanky intolerable beyond the pale poor venal mercenary calculated covetous unseemly self-seeking depraved unsuitable inappropriate unrefined indelicate unbefitting out of place out of keeping in poor taste


Marked by, or given to, unsteady movements
tottery shaky quivering unsteady wabbling wabbly wobbly quaking quavery shaking shuddering shuddery tottering trembling trembly tremulous wobbling aquiver atremble teetering rickety rocky mobile movable moving precarious shifty slippery wiggly not fixed unstable staggering quivery wavering doddery vibrating insecure doddering weak swaying unbalanced unsafe unsound shivering jittery rocking unreliable lurching unfastened juddering quavering unsecured teetery wayward shifting shambling not secure shuffling flimsy reeling floundering weaving rattletrap feeble bockety fluttering shivery jumpy nervous unsettled tremulant dizzy ticklish tricky excited palpitating uncertain faltering tentative wiggling jarring jolting wonky quaky fitful nonsecured makeshift aflutter aspen cowardly dodgy sick unwell inconstant sickly ill doubtful giddy lubricious risky all of a tremble jellylike ashake rootless yielding tumbledown fluctuant infirm jerry-built unfirm unsure tremorous vacillating aquake not set all aquiver reverberant pulsing pulsating cadent oscillating cadenced reverberative reverberating rhythmical rhythmic abuzz beating throbbing active humming animated stirring hopping lilting buzzing strident bouncing thunderous vibrant with a steady pulse kinetic dynamic thriving sonorant rousing flickering irregular bounding leaping springing hurdling skipping bouncy jerky crushing bumpy unsettling jouncy smashing rough uneven agitating disconcerting jiggly lively buoyant twinkling guttering jumping uncommitted irresolute undecided indecisive of two minds hesitating fluctuating waffling variable faint lightheaded light-headed fickle irresoluteoscillating groggy weak-kneed muzzy vertiginous woozy all of a quiver with rubbery legs weak at the knees


Predisposed to be skeptical of claims
incredulous disbelieving suspicious unbelieving distrustful mistrustful doubtful dubious questioning doubting unconvinced sceptical distrusting mistrusting negativistic show-me skeptical suspecting wary chary cynical hesitant lacking trust quizzical uncertain unsatisfied unsure leery cagey undecided apprehensive cautious unsettled careful trustless hinky pessimistic scoffing uneasy circumspect faithless non-believing lacking confidence iffy lacking faith having reservations not born yesterday aporetic ambivalent not believing unimpressed unmoved unpersuaded rationalist irreligious nullifidian revolutionary rebellious existentialist radical nihilistic anarchic destructive have misgivings have reservations unenlightened agnostic freethinking nonbelieving on the fence hesitating jaundiced guarded interrogative inquisitive curious inquiring enquiring searching nosy prying probing inquisitorial wondering watchful without faith without belief in doubt misbelieving defeatist Pyrrhonist minimifidian passive-aggressive uptight jealous fearful nervous taking something with a pinch of salt been hit before heedful tentative alert conservative considerate safe unresolved gingerly untrusting irresolute wavering vacillating dithering prudent discreet indecisive calculating reluctant shilly-shallying in a dilemma in two minds of two minds blowing hot and cold mindful faltering restrained indefinite vague vigilant waffling attentive noncommittal on guard on the lookout shy anxious fastidious insecure teetering fluctuating divided uncommitted perplexed undetermined scrupulous reserved reticent torn unclear canny hazy equivocating shaky split oscillating aware equivocal observant measured politic on your guard with reservations in a quandary sitting on the fence on the horns of a dilemma betwixt and between like doubting Thomas playing safe hemming and hawing on your toes with eyes peeled on the watch running hot and cold not sure dissenting possessive worried skittish solicitous delicate timid vexed confused pussyfooting squeamish dainty wobbling floating unassured swithering awake protective perceptive unhurried wishy-washy unfinished pendent deliberate hedging your bets in the middle ambiguous having misgivings having qualms non-committal halting diffident unconfident diplomatic unrevealing moderate controlled tactful overcareful overcautious judicious provident shrewd thoughtful discriminating forethoughtful precautious loath keeping a weather eye on walking on eggs belt-and-braces hedging one's bets on the qui vive watching one's step watching out all ears walking on egg shells thinking twice keeping on one's toes handling with kid gloves with one's eyes peeled taking it slow afraid averse frugal disinclined mean parsimonious stingy thrifty inhibited miserly constrained economical particular sparing unreliable conditional unpredictable problematical chancy dicey touch and go up in the air in lap of gods erratic fishy capricious whimsical in the balance fluctuant incalculable in the lap of the gods problematic risky


Likely to change suddenly and create difficulties or danger
unstable changeable unpredictable variable volatile fluctuating inconsistent inconstant unsettled capricious erratic fickle mercurial temperamental uncertain unreliable unsteady fitful irregular changeful changing flickery fluid irrational mutable skittish unequal uneven varying wavering untrustworthy vacillating ambiguous doubtful dubious labile shifty unsound weaving not fixed shifting ever-changing undependable flighty protean impulsive kaleidoscopic whimsical wayward quicksilver mobile blowing hot and cold up and down fluctuant flakey flaky moody random spasmodic movable up in the air excitable up-and-down chameleonic bipolar turbulent chameleon-like irrepressible intermittent yo-yo haphazard giddy active elastic desultory vagarious full of ups and downs sporadic unfixed patchy oscillating flexible waffling irresolute moving floating versatile episodic scattershot discontinuous adaptable variational episodical jerky swaying unmethodical faithless disconnected iffy rambling peaky arbitrary occasional impermanent everchanging dynamic ever-shifting hit-or-miss wild eccentric indefinite nonuniform casual choppy unsystematic aperiodic freakish broken aimless reckless spotty spastic adjustable alternating deviating wandering roving alterable indiscriminate catchy restless untrue disreputable flickering fleeting not conscientious off and on unbalanced continuously changing tempestuous evolving inexact chancy fluky varied always changing not constant quirky bitty polymorphous many-sided multiform stayless altering unequable ungovernable faddish disturbed ephemeral transitory slippery contradictory unsteadfast developing growing explosive knife-edge chance meandering directionless disrupted crotchety dicey undirected incalculable nomadic constantly changing subject to change likely to change frivolous paradoxical momentary transient incompatible contrary conflicting self-contradictory interrupted ever-moving discordant incongruous irreconcilable incoherent discrepant periodic warring lubricious illogical dissonant incongruent in a state of change short-lived at odds flowing herky-jerky in conflict vicissitudinous on-again-off-again on and off at variance vaporous transitional variant irresponsible vagrant revocable commutative transformable agitated reversible indecisive out of step incidental chaotic loose sketchy catch-as-catch-can stray unthinking slapdash scattered offhand unfocused orderless helter-skelter without purpose shaky infrequent designless fragmentary unpunctual unconsidered purposeless on-and-off off-and-on non-periodic disorganized disorganised jumbled muddled disjointed disorderly confused all over the place unorganized careless unorganised in fits and starts entropic slipshod fractal periodical non-linear disordered unconnected convulsive uncoordinated on again and off again all over the map recurrent recurring uncontrolled odd isolated rough sloppy messy alternate scrambled cyclical seasonal paroxysmal mixed up unplanned uncontrollable abrupt inchoate incohesive undisciplined twitching unpremeditated heedless unguided sudden thoughtless all over the shop blind lost without goal wanton without direction non-uniform fragmented scrappy broken up violent systemless checkered chequered hit and miss indeterminate incomplete spurtive shambolic lax progressive unintelligible piecemeal unsystematized frenzied promiscuous stochastic aleatory adaptive garbled gaping freelance outsourced outside in disarray intervallic without a goal in bits and pieces mixed-up ill-thought-out part-time inelegant uncontinuous accidental all over the lot hit-and-miss rugged higgledy-piggledy punctuated cyclic continual unconcerned spontaneous unselective willy-nilly devil-may-care unexpected fluke unconscious stop-go isochronal epochal stop-and-go iterative discontinuing isochronous rhythmic checked rhythmical arrested metrical iterant serial twitchy perfunctory hit or miss cursory remiss lackadaisical any which way any old way every other here and there now and then shaking bumpy tremulous by bits and pieces slap-happy jumpy bouncy jolting trial and error juddering shuddering


To form a supposition
guess conjecture feel suppose surmise fancy conclude consider imagine presume reckon speculate think believe deduce expect infer assume daresay glean sense suspicion fear have a feeling have a hunch have a suspicion opine accuse be afraid be inclined to think conceive disbelieve gather hold think it likely think it probable understand wonder be of the opinion have a sneaking feeling be suspicious be wary harbor suspicion have a foreboding have doubt have doubts have a sneaking suspicion have sneaking suspicion smell a rat think probable point the finger at hazard a guess judge figure deem estimate hypothesize theorize reason postulate theorise hypothesise presuppose divine take it posit dare say take for granted determine esteem calculate anticipate guesstimate regard apprehend come to the conclusion take perceive ween trust be of the view see predict foresee intuit gage forecast draw the inference gauge allow discern be given to understand predicate ascertain suggest venture premise evaluate assess appraise maintain make take as read be convinced detect say pretend envisage take it as given find derive read accept count work out make out foretell think likely count on realize observe envision construe visualize visualise recognize realise notice discover extrapolate take as a hypothesis call contemplate philosophise recognise be under the impression prophesy foreknow put forward philosophize adjudge decide get the idea size up dope out bank on have a funny feeling bet rate comprehend grasp appreciate learn dare-say approximate savvy cognize note get apperceive dream class scent twig get the impression fathom tumble to smell know take a stab credit take a shot catch on to get vibes prognosticate view valuate compute number cotton on to count upon calculate roughly be led to believe have the feeling bargain for plan on see coming sum up contend advance submit hazard propound propose interpret compass be of the conviction value identify grant admit hear account rank set just know imply project prevision classify reflect budget look upon pick up forefeel register tell have as one's opinion be aware of be conscious of place brainstorm assimilate figure out decipher dig decode grok put plan soothsay foreshadow scheme get the impression of get the picture have an idea cook up be of the opinion that theorize that think it likely that postulate that cast feel in bones feel in gut take it as read pre-empt hear tell be informed dream up regard as likely contemplate the possibility of psych out wait for head trip be prepared for see in the cards make an estimate of look for go out on a limb form an opinion of call it watch for bargain on be hopeful of form opinion have a hunch of be afraid of hope for regret feel in one's bones take something read take something as given take something for granted assert hypothecate form a theory formulate a theory spark state acknowledge build on await resolve solve weigh up concede declare comment remark have the impression be aware depend rely predetermine pose count up come to the conclusion that repute syllogize ratiocinate air volunteer moot roughly calculate have funny feeling have vibes hold that put a figure on set forth jump the gun take it for granted draw draw conclusions plan for have in prospect look ahead to look forward to have an idea that pick up on rationalize rationalise contextualise take as gospel truth take stock in swear by fall for editorialize see as being set a figure on think of as being regard as being look on as being class as being form an impression of view as being have an awareness of have a sensation of contextualize stumble on feel for conceit regard as differentiate see through take something on board see the light picture editorialise weigh in risk assuming view as take for estimate as class as see as muse fantasize ideate venture a guess augur hold to be look on as take to be interpret as image vision portend forewarn espy forebode entertain deliberate meditate vaticinate presage fantasy fantasise conjure feature create conceive to be set store by believe to be feel to be calculate to be imagine to be auspicate previse adumbrate foretaste preknow spae cogitate express an opinion excogitate ruminate cerebrate make suppositions ponder form theories review pipe-dream study weigh dope crystal ball see it coming allow for figure on reckon on count chickens prepare for conjure up make guesses distinguish reflect on build castles in air kick around run it up flagpole call the turn chew over beat one's brains read between lines think up trump up think it conceivable catch seize taste behold assay become cognizant of examine be cognizant of come to know get to know become aware of become conscious of take in catch on get the drift catch the drift cotton to be with it feel in your bones enumerate cipher sum outline tax cypher suss run over think through set a figure look into take the measure of pick latch on to make a guess at pick out jump to a conclusion take a shot at take a stab at have a sneaking suspicion of collect receive acquire gain establish familiarize oneself with absorb digest find out gain an understanding of be informed of attain extract master deduct analyze induce educe analyse settle draw a conclusion suss out come to understand imbibe read into have add up get across take to mean boil down be told get clued up about become expert in get the point of become proficient in become skilled at acquire a knowledge of acquire skill in familiarize yourself with become competent in adjudicate get wind of be notified of be made aware of find out about drink in get the hang of telegraph learn of wise up get on to announce read between the lines demonstrate obtain draw inference arrive at reach conclusion the way one sees it put two and two together explain become familiar with chalk up become versed in procure omen define decree tip foreshow fathom out signify bode see handwriting on wall forespell tell in advance warn of crystal-ball divine forespeak halsen elicit see daylight become conscious be aware of the fact that be conscious of the fact that get a fix on become conscious of the fact that become aware of the fact that have an aha moment get through one's head get the message get it pronounce proclaim make of make sense of figure it to be order dictate direct elaborate evolve develop arrive reach formulate trace follow ordain asseverate fix make a judgement rule lay down lay down the law pass upon prescribe command put together generalize generalise rate as form the opinion rank as look at have knowledge of see ahead make an educated guess unearth descry tumble pursue get word enroll swot be advised be told of prepare cram work at read up on con apply oneself to have lessons in apprentice mug up hit the books know inside out grind peruse know backwards be made aware get wind get wise to have on good authority get down pat check get the knack of improve mind brush up on major in specialize in become able become versed minor in take course wade through train in be trained watch pore over crack the books soak up burn midnight oil be taught enrol larn


To believe (someone) to be guilty


To expect or want something to happen
hope expect intend want foresee wish aspire desire pray yearn count on have every intention have in mind have the intention surmise trust anticipate assume believe be looking contemplate hold long long for presume await rely suppose be sure of cross your fingers deem likely depend on feel confident hang in have faith keep fingers crossed keep your fingers crossed knock on wood look forward to promise oneself think to watch for calculate aim seek strive mean depend plan lean count reckon try hope to look bank on figure on trust in propose design scheme purpose endeavor bank purport plot bet dream meditate attempt essay hanker crave endeavour be eager hope for take for granted have faith in be confident of set out imagine guess ache yen calculate on rely on dare say be looking to take as read choose contrive conspire take it focus devise arrange think likely angle orchestrate premeditate organize prepare engineer target hope against hope set your sights on organise zoom in on zero in on bargain attend take care reckon on commit to be certain about lay money on have confidence in believe in gamble on ride on coattails entrust put your faith in have every confidence in pin one's hopes on be dependent on cling to take on trust place reliance pin one's faith on swear by bet bottom dollar on pursue aim for aim to long to yearn for desire to wish to want to hanker after yearn to hanker to hanker for wish for have the objective of struggle hunger to raise standards push the envelope dream of be desirous of thirst after want more be ambitious seek to raise the bar thirst for expect more expect to raise expectations hunger for earmark destine allow envisage determine go be going be determined consign have plans ordain designate decree be plotting indicate think dedicate appoint devote resolve be resolved have resolved connote reserve have in view think of set apart have set out mark out look forward add up aspire to set aside have it in mind suggest insinuate imply intimate allude to prearrange direct conceive hint at fate predestine preordain predetermine decide consider orient steer foreordain doom signify slant drive at signal undertake envision commit concoct pitch shape mind make plans foredoom orientate get at hint make up your mind impute infer will betoken import denote refer convey the impression say indirectly point to point toward schedule be thinking of come up with have something in mind bargain for set up covet prescribe tailor fashion start out make fitting plan on adjust have a mind ponder visualise visualize adapt mastermind suit make fit construct commit yourself have a mind to work towards bid for make up one's mind gear think about aim at equip level assign mean to give thought to lead up to consecrate allot position preform draft outline budget develop craft create refer to implicate ascribe allude frame strategize broach presuppose make out give an inkling give a clue give someone to understand give a hint give someone to believe allude to the fact say in passing train point doom to choreograph blueprint project draught strategize about scheme out map out lay out involve predicate evidence express entail spell plan ahead elect opt agree conclude have overtones of give the impression have an aura of smack of add up to have undertones of give a feeling of be associated with have an atmosphere of figure settle on settle upon come to the conclusion settle on a plan of action reach a decision make a point of take a decision remain firm make a decision take a stand come to a decision


A person who is dishonest or a criminal
criminal lawbreaker crook offender culprit villain delinquent felon malefactor sinner outlaw con perp perpetrator swindler transgressor wrongdoer conman evildoer racketeer bandit burglar fraudster gangster gaolbird jailbird miscreant scoundrel thief trickster baddy charlatan convict crim fraud mugger robber scammer wretch bioterrorist hoaxer housebreaker rapist rascal reprobate rogue rorter shoplifter terrorist cheat cheater cyberterrorist embezzler exploiter grifter gunman heavy hoodlum hustler infractor lag mobster mug phony phoney ruffian scamster shyster thug trespasser violator yardbird agroterrorist bilker defrauder ecoterrorist filcher finagler hellhound hooligan lifer lout malfeasant marauder misfeasor narcoterrorist outcast peculator pilferer prisoner quack tief vandal blackmailer chiseller cracksman deadbeat defalcator derelict desperado drifter fugitive holdupper hood hoon immoralist knave lighty muscle pretender purloiner scamp scofflaw shark skelm tearaway transport trusty violater yakuza yegg con man bad actor bad guy con artist juvenile delinquent bad egg evil-doer guilty party young offender armed robber black hat black marketeer confidence man fallen angel confidence trickster guilty person rogue trader smooth operator tea leaf old lag person responsible slippery eel confidence artist ex-con flimflam man bunco artist wanted criminal punk plunderer rowdy pirate yob goon highwayman tough bully raider baddie yobbo gorilla gangbanger roughneck brute gangsta toughie monster brigand toughy pillager prowler kleptomaniac plug-ugly meanie meany devil hijacker cat burglar bruiser no-good fiend varlet rapscallion owl larcenist stealer wrong 'un mischief-maker rat lowlife looter footpad hound pickpocket larcener scrounger moonlighter sniper lifter clip blackguard caitiff scumbag scallywag savage nazi scalawag beast scapegrace heister dog troublemaker dastard ravager highway robber holdup artist stickup artist porch climber good-for-nothing black sheep rough bad character pincher ned spider boot boy swine vagabond creep louse heel cad murderer snake hitman hoodie chav stinker scum sneak thief freebooter agent rioter tsotsi lager lout dacoit mafioso mosstrooper jerk degenerate reaver scozza bogan cougan committer tyrant rotter psychopath worm varmint bounder wise guy sociopath gang member roughie extortioner evil person nasty person bully boy unprincipled person bovver boy member of the family tough guy cut-throat renegade loser killer pariah antagonist inmate cateran extortionist sneak Mafioso profligate antihero coercer cretin snaphance dirtbag sleazebag casual Yardie libertine liar rake slime stinkard slimeball spalpeen cur scrote intruder imp assassin blighter bad lot buzzard sleaze larrikin keelie wastrel vermin snake in the grass myrmidon sleazeball scuzzball hatchet man second-story worker second-story man low-life ne'er-do-well nasty piece of work yahoo bad news JD despicable person member of the Mafia member of a criminal gang petty thief ogre public enemy number one malevolent universal foe scally spoiler arrestee poacher exile juvie rounder loafer bootlegger fink drunkard cutthroat swashbuckler face recreant ransacker rustler cutpurse steamer devil incarnate captive repeater long-termer gunslinger absconder runaway adulterer defacer booster lurcher pickpurse forager gunperson highwayperson picklock sharper picaro bravo hitwoman godfather deceiver slicker mountebank public enemy ladrone bandolero wrong number gunwoman wiseguy hired killer professional killer hired gun hard man picaroon yardie rider tobyman destroyer ruiner despoiler wrecker monstrosity problem holdup person safe-breaker safe-blower safe-cracker assailant attacker strong-arm weasel skunk pig toad turd sleeveen land pirate extorter profiteer hit woman hit man porch-climber midnighter safecracker sneakthief pusher dealer rat fink mother thief errant road agent urger bloodsucker rack-renter poltroon young criminal ronion bezonian youthful offender punk kid pauper scullion horror bum looser beggar jagoff cullion pilgarlic ingrate first offender knight of the road graffiti artist hit person supervillain mischiefmaker hellion interloper maggot incorrigible monkey nointer urchin invader nasty mischief infiltrator squatter mean person cruel person limb of Satan enfant terrible gate-crasher encroacher kibbitzer buttinski gatecrasher snooper interrupter obtruder stalker impostor nuisance


With an attitude or look of suspicion or disapproval
askance dubiously suspiciously doubtfully distrustfully mistrustfully disapprovingly sceptically cynically disdainfully contemptuously distrust doubtingly mistrust scornfully sideways skeptically with distrust with misgivings with suspicion askew sidelong with disapproval with disfavour with doubt disapprove of frown on be hostile towards askant with a grain of salt uncertainly questioningly indecisively unbelievingly disturbingly strangely distrustingly worryingly incredulously tentatively unsettingly ambiguously questionably hesitatingly undecidedly irresolutely problematically quizzically disbelievingly with a pinch of salt unsurely unconvincedly warily hesitantly unsettledly leerily charily apprehensively cautiously iffily guardedly carefully fearfully nervously uneasily waveringly ambivalently vacillatingly unresolvedly circumspectly reluctantly shily insecurely diffidently indefinitely agnostically pessimistically reticently untrustingly watchfully equivocally unconfidently unassuredly faithlessly jealously timidly self-effacingly cagily timorously apologetically uncommittedly heedfully mousily anxiously vaguely unclearly dividedly loathly hazily skittishly unassertively perplexedly constrainedly misanthropically shakily noncommittally aporetically defensively uptightly worriedly defeatistly unmovedly floatingly confusedly vexedly possessively suspectly lothly pendently wishy-washily unsavourily chancily unsavorily solicitously tremulously fearsomely spiritlessly faintheartedly feebly haltingly rebelliously revolutionarily radically destructively nihilistically anarchically paranoiacally sardonically modestly sheepishly reservedly mockingly ironically negatively backwardly bashfully self-consciously hardly sarcastically searchingly inquisitorially enquiringly inquisitively interrogatively curiously nosily probingly unassumingly meekly mindfully blackly mordaciously derisively bleakly unreasonably paranoidly obsessedly wrily scathingly disparagingly introvertedly unobtrusively safely alertly scrupulously aversely considerately conservatively meanly frugally recessively humbly coyly shamefacedly retiringly demurely abashedly embarrassedly ashamedly parsimoniously thriftily prudently stingily quietly fastidiously calculatingly economically cannily discreetly sparingly particularly

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suspect Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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