Đồng nghĩa của perilous

Alternative for perilous

Trái nghĩa: safe,


Dangerous, full of peril
dangerous hazardous risky unsafe parlous exposed hairy precarious threatening vulnerable chancy critical desperate dicey difficult grave grievous insecure jeopardising jeopardizing menacing problematic serious touch-and-go treacherous uncertain unhealthy unsure venturesome death-defying delicate dynamite extreme gnarly loaded rugged shaky terrifying ticklish touchy unsound unstable unsteady wicked at risk fraught with danger in danger in jeopardy Russian roulette on thin ice playing with fire touch and go dodgy tricky iffy high-risk unpredictable sticky rocky dire thorny unreliable alarming awful speculative jeopardous terrible problematical dubious life-threatening acute worrying awkward defenceless deadly fatal defenseless ugly bad rickety tough nasty sensitive slippery dreadful severe erratic destructive distressing taxing unchancy unprotected adventurous hanging by a thread hot prickly dangersome reckless unsettled knotty profound very bad shonky tight wobbly life-and-death doubtful peracute explosive lethal bleak exigent arduous unpleasant upsetting grim suspect urgent punishing pressing bitter unguarded drastic breakneck weak appalling malignant viperous venturous egregious frail troublesome harmful frightful undependable capricious volatile trying flimsy unsecured heavy in the balance onerous vexatious challenging forbidding irksome bothersome wide-open fluctuant endangered tottering rough dark disagreeable worrisome concerning fragile open to attack consequential unfriendly disturbing questionable spartan hostile long shot out on a limb sobering painful brutal madcap depressed tricksy spiny catchy daredevil ominous daring haphazard not safe scary tottery incalculable unclear suicidal cliffhanging suspenseful woeful catastrophic ruinous hanging in the balance on slippery ground on a slippery slope built on sand unknown threatened injurious toxic sore tragic loose untrustworthy fearsome calamitous unshielded ill-protected imperative crucial intolerable lamentable hopeless deplorable burning charged tense undefended unlocked assailable compelling harsh intense horrible unsettling ghastly sickening tenuous on a limb turbulent eruptive vital overwrought clamant disastrous significant considerable pregnable unfastened unbolted controversial poor sorry outrageous lousy crying impregnable formidable serpentine mortal portentous queasy impending emergent inflammable inflammatory unsubstantial importunate imperious weighty exacting hard big fierce excessive major intensive strenuous grinding toilsome on collision course strained anxious jerry-built loosened teetery slack slackened lax relaxed spindly decrepit necessitous full of upheavals potentially violent in turmoil irredeemable irretrievable chronic nebulous important instant volcanic combustible stressful wonky insubstantial sketchy feeble essential wavering immature rootless vacillating unconvincing sudden decisive knife-edge afflictive all-important highly charged easily threatened easily destroyed easily broken nerve-racking unbalanced teetering wobbling complicated movable wiggly not secure shaking embarrassing wabbly trembly trembling tremulous complex involved convoluted uncomfortable intricate ramshackle dilapidated rattletrap infirm contentious debatable bockety quivery wayward shifting vexed perplexing emotive moving mobile not fixed up for grabs failing uneven unsecure nonsecured uneasy doddery troubled unwell wavy wiggling hand-to-mouth derelict broken-down nice kid-glove giddy lubricious dizzy provocative not stable wabbling quivering groggy woozy heated quaking shuddery quavery shuddering inconstant fickle temperamental mercurial variable changeable divisive scandalous imperfect broken disintegrating decaying tumbledown crumbling nettlesome awry on its last legs atremble aquiver up and down not easy hair-trigger rachitic shacky shambly rumpty geriatric tumble-down undetermined unconfirmed pending unresolved shifty unforeseeable indeterminate undefined up in the air conjectural open to question in doubt in limbo indistinct falling to pieces quirky fiddly dubitable disputable doubtable equivocal suspicious shady fishy queer puzzling breakable brittle fine enigmatic frangible moot ambiguous open open to doubt arguable indecisive dainty eggshell shattery splintery crumbly shatterable fracturable smashable easily damaged


Likely to injure or damage
harmful damaging dangerous detrimental hurtful pernicious baleful baneful deleterious injurious noxious destructive unhealthy evil hazardous unwholesome risky toxic unsafe bad deadly dicey maleficent nocent parlous precarious threatening wounding adverse crippling disadvantageous inimical lethal negative nocuous painful poisonous unfavourable calamitous cancerous cataclysmic catastrophic corrupting counterproductive dire disastrous fatal ill incendiary malefic malevolent malicious malign malignant mischievous murderous prejudicial prejudicious ruinous sinister subversive undesirable unfavorable unfortunate annihilative corrosive critical devastating eradicative extirpative harassing insalubrious internecine lethiferous menacing noisome pestiferous pestilential sinful slaughterous suicidal undermining venomous virulent wicked wrackful wreckful corroding environmentally unfriendly unpropitious untoward inopportune inexpedient corruptive grievous grave jeopardizing unsound spiteful jeopardising severe serious troubling jeopardous thorny life-threatening hostile bitter rancorous insidious vitriolic vengeful vindictive nasty vicious unkind troublesome defamatory cruel mean artful catty bothersome ill-natured evil-intentioned unlucky woeful tragic inauspicious terrible dreadful awful distressing unfriendly cataclysmal lamentable fateful antagonistic direful ominous disturbing miserable black wretched deplorable ill-fated appalling abusive unsympathetic unconducive unhappy damning mortal sorrowful regrettable forbidding minatory hard heartbreaking frightful dark ill-starred hapless bodeful ill-boding minacious contrary pestilent invalidating afflictive unpromising antipathetic counter infelicitous ruining destroying acrimonious harsh horrible heartrending distressful shocking offensive portentous gloomy ill-disposed foreboding annihilatory devastative cantankerous frightening doomy vexatious shattering horrendous gruesome sad grim doleful harrowing desolate forlorn unbeneficial foul vile untimely miasmatic miasmic nefarious nullifying annulling counteractive neutralizing killing iniquitous reprobate unadvantageous unwelcome opposed tough belligerent tragical intimidating ghastly bellicose aching hurting hate-filled catastrophal imperilling imperiling horrific intimidatory hideous aggressive contentious truculent pugnacious blighting earth-shattering messy neutralising louring atrocious disquieting resentful hateful cross abominable abhorrent unwelcoming grisly monstrous nightmarish heinous inimicable inimic not conducive disaffected repugnant at odds oppugnant alarming creepy eerie ill-omened scary evil-looking spooky eldritch blue sorry pathetic sinistrous minatorial anguished mournful abject discouraging ravaging moving dismal agonizing galling suggestive of evil doomful dishonest perverse lowering obnoxious apocalyptic blackhearted pitiable stirring melancholy piteous despondent pitiful dejected unhelpful unsuccessful crushing abortive agonising deathly disobliging obstructive heart-rending doomed luckless disparaging derogatory discrediting caustic abrasive


Preventing success or development
adverse unfavorable unfavourable bad hostile disadvantageous ominous threatening forbidding inauspicious menacing poor terrible unpropitious untimely direful disagreeable dreadful foreboding grim inhospitable unfortunate unfriendly unpleasant unsuited untoward wretched bleak dangerous dire gloomy inconvenient infelicitous inopportune unlucky inappropriate inapt nasty unpromising unseasonable unsuitable worrying ill-suited ill-fated sinister dark dismal baleful severe bodeful black ill-boding disturbing chilling fearful ugly depressing ill-omened apocalyptic frightening daunting fearsome unwelcoming brooding disquieting uninviting scary minatory portentous terrifying horrible intimidating horrendous evil-looking dread mean-looking spine-chilling alarming redoubtable formidable spooky hair-raising shocking ghastly frightful horrifying doomy creepy offensive suggestive of evil odious glowering repulsive ferocious life-threatening tough harsh austere premonitory fateful wintry ill oppressive dour injurious negative hard cheerless awful disheartening harrowing miserable unwelcome discouraging sombre distressing exacting desolate exigent difficult solemn somber presaging malign clouded sinistrous precursive baneful prescient malefic augural malificent warning doomful minacious impending suggestive haunting lowering doomed prophetic glum objectionable gray discommodious comfortless troublesome morose doleful bitter grey joyless hopeless wintery shadowy nightmarish mournful hard-pressed morbid sad very bad parlous straitened pressing strained precarious upsetting tortured woeful treacherous harmful messy undesirable jeopardous lurid rocky troubled full of hardship grave doubtful prejudicial inimical counter unsympathetic damaging calamitous inexpedient antagonistic unhappy regrettable destructive jinxed cursed detrimental contrary improper ill-starred unseemly unfit opposed uncomplimentary disparaging malapropos awkward wrong low luckless hapless ruinous critical afflicted adversarial disastrous inadvisable unbecoming disapproving ill-advised opposing ill-timed ill-chosen inconducive lamentable deplorable unprosperous forsaken destitute out of luck star-crossed in a bad way deleterious adversary disavowing unflattering antipathetic jaundiced unprofitable unhelpful naysaying ill-disposed bothersome unsatisfactory tardy late unadvantageous desperate inept unsuccessful pained broken ruined stricken shattered burdened uncongenial alien obstructive enemy unkind competitive rival hindering impeding hurtful anti bringing bad luck oppositional unchancy evil pejorative debit-side dyslogistic depreciative slighting depreciatory derogatory detracting downside prohibitive testing trying challenging cutthroat incommodious incongruous discommoding undue unfitting mistimed misplaced ill-fitted unbefitting on the debit side off-putting unhopeful dubious blighted snakebitten snakebit misfortunate hard luck


Proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with very harmful effects
insidious stealthy subtle cunning sneaking tricky artful crafty deceptive slick sly wily crooked deceitful designing guileful Machiavellian smooth surreptitious treacherous disingenuous duplicitous dishonest sneaky underhand astute backhanded corrupt dangerous deep devious ensnaring false foxy indirect intriguing perfidious secret sinister snaky wormlike like a snake in the grass scheming shifty calculating shrewd double-dealing unscrupulous sharp slippery shady underhanded dodgy two-faced Janus-faced fraudulent conniving slim cagey beguiling cute unprincipled canny cagy cheating clever untrustworthy unethical furtive bent manipulative oblique snide unfair dishonourable lying clandestine shonky fly dishonorable two-timing false-hearted carny insincere immoral knowing dissembling dubious mendacious snidey evasive rogue truthless fast ingenious vulpine double-faced skillful skilful streetwise sharp-witted misleading double-crossing pawky Punic disreputable dirty covert untruthful hypocritical secretive traitorous faithless plotting smart hollow-hearted roguish unreliable fishy intelligent disloyal unfaithful slinking hidden unsportsmanlike counterfeit hush-hush unsporting untrue contriving deceiving conspiratorial unjust mean treasonous hugger-mugger undercover adroit dirty-dealing recreant fickle hole-and-corner sub-rosa keen backstairs below the belt inventive resourceful imaginative undependable low unconscionable savvy fiendish street smart street-smart inconstant elusive delusive astucious greasy unloyal betraying under the table crazy like a fox under wraps fly-by-night snake in the grass conspiring feigned not candid not frank uncandid arch heedful observant suspicious unfrank unveracious concealed slimy iffy cynical dexterous deft stinky dicey terminologically inexact not entirely truthful opportunist amoral collusive unhonest tactful heads-up base malicious mean-spirited cutthroat opportunistic bogus sham sagacious wry delusory witted lubricious dextrous experienced expedient cloak-and-dagger back-alley veiled shrouded politic tactical sly like a fox venomous bluffing illusory captious nifty economical with the truth murky low-down cloaked on the QT on the quiet tricksy lurking virulent vipery erring errant obliquitous gimmicky trick underground spurious plausible bum seeming serpentine rascal catchy off fake mock phoney phony imposturous pretended skulking not straightforward faking one out playing politics put on playing games leading sideways sidelong private under-the-table stealth behind-the-scenes sneak privy black nefarious crazy like fox loaded illegal treasonable hole and corner cloak and dagger disguised cautious creepy masked behind someone's back circumspect criminal subversive seditious unlawful renegade rebellious apostate mutinous breakaway back-stabbing knavish defrauding fallacious wicked villainous ignoble questionable swindling bad shameful artificial unctuous shameless discreditable dissimulating wrong vile left-handed reprobate iniquitous rascally contemptible evil sinful double venal adulterous degenerate unsavoury depraved despicable hollow unsavory perjured ignominious disgraceful mealymouthed mealy jive scoundrelly Pecksniffian lip improper conscienceless forsworn phony-baloney phoney-baloney nasty sordid specious scandalous irresponsible ambidextrous equivocating fibbing corrupted wretched dark detestable deplorable not to be trusted shabby illicit dastardly scurvy vicious rotten unrighteous not dependable trustless unprofessional unregenerate reprehensible abhorrent malfeasant put-on prevaricating adept dissolute pretend cheap unsafe abominable ruthless abject exploitative malevolent suspect unpleasant glib wanton wayward foul scummy mercenary perverted untrusty fair-weather pretentious not to be depended on appalling execrable mischievous adulterine perjurious impish deluding corruptible sleazy grafting buyable shoddy lame lousy misrepresenting inventing misstating falsifying vulgar hoodwinking inequitable grubby disrespectful arrant unsound ratty scabby pseudo imitation incorrigible unpatriotic backstabbing heinous odious infamous flighty debauched sorry licentious canting unworthy suborned profligate masterly indecent crass graceless doubting unconscientious undutiful bribable squalid proficient unstable changeable committing perjury ungodly unbelieving warped vitiated self-seeking petty wrongful low-minded felonious lawless no-good objectionable cruel not cricket fast and loose colluding suspected disbelieved equivocal caballing Byzantine thoughtless irregular doubtful funny mysterious unpredictable overdone exaggerated tortuous deviant wrongdoing intentionally misleading despisable disagreeable raffish mala fide bamboozling falsified forged against the law bootleg dissident backbiting extramarital acute paltering lacking sincerity devilish loathsome meanspirited distasteful rudderless alert fugitive pseud backstabby fink cowboy casuistic selfish degrading degraded under the counter slipshod cruddy disdainable malignant double dealing pixieish scampish pixie leprechaunish waggish puckish pixy prankish elvish left- handed untrusted dissipated with tongue in cheek discreet complicitous strategic chary craft faked involved flagitious perverse repugnant not trustworthy unsteady insecure hard to pin down uncertain mutable variable flimsy of bad faith adulterate unchaste extracurricular frolicsome unrespectable undesirable pretending plastic queer macabre salty ornery hostile chameleon-like mercentary praetorian stop-at-nothing abandoned jivey hypocritic oily pharisaical affected unnatural feigning fornicating moonlighting speedy profiteering unseemly impure falsehearted mythomaniac pharisaic Pharisaic Tartuffian Pharisaical good-for-naught meritless good-for-nothing no-count no-account meretricious superficial commiting perjury swearing falsely shy louche notorious opprobrious disgusting tawdry unconvincing invalid insignificant weak negligent extortionate open scurrilous low-life complicit flimflam scam beastly bearing false witness unconverted sceptical skeptical wavering capricious changeful fluctuating on the take devoid of validity not to be relied upon gone to the dogs beyond contempt beggarly cowardly ungentlemanly smooth-spoken smooth-tongued paltry worthless biased prejudiced illegitimate unsportsmanly currish scungy discriminatory brutal merciless debased inhumane callous hateful inhuman dual partisan unfeeling unkind delinquent forbidding bloodthirsty heartless pernicious savage tyrannical barbarous brutish defiled bestial sadistic inexorable spiteful opprobious miscreant putrid offensive blackguardly inglorious off-color ill-gotten discriminating prejudicial partial unequal bigoted out of order sacrilegious monstrous pitiless rancorous self-indulgent disparaging hard-hearted libertine wrathful demonic scrofulous black-hearted evil-minded vengeful contemptuous grisly cold-blooded scornful morally wrong maleficent decadent despiteful harsh vindictive gruesome disdainful against the rules irreverent profane blasphemous weighted distorted unwarranted intolerant coloured slanted preferential unholy godless undue unbalanced uneven arbitrary irreligious blameworthy culpable one-sided grievous unrightful non-objective inexcusable injurious uncalled-for colored non-believing heathen pagan non-theistic agnostic atheistic disobedient defiling pietistical hardened desecrative contrary satanic diabolic unhallowed nullifidian unsanctified recusant iconoclastic disbelieving desecrating sanctimonious impious not religious


Having or being a slippery surface
slippery greasy glassy icy slippy slick slithery smooth lubricious oily slimy wet greased lubricated oiled skiddy slicked glacé unsafe glazed glistening lustrous polished satiny silky sleek soapy unctuous unstable unsteady waxy like a skating rink glossy oleaginous shiny gleaming shining burnished sleeky buffed fatty sheeny satin rubbed varnished creamy slippery as an eel ice-covered mucous pomaded salved smeared anointed daubed swabbed bright nitid patinated level satinlike glowing sericeous luminous radiant self-lubricating enamelled furbished lacquered waxed ground sanded japanned shellacked enameled buttery smeary clear swimming lubricative lubricous soothing oil-soaked rich adipose lardy butyraceous lubricant translucent transparent swimming in oil swimming in fat pellucid limpid vitric vitreous hyaline unruffled even calm hyaloid reflective glazy rimy frozen frosty ice-bound frosted glass-like crystal clear mirror-like frozen over iced over iced up smooth as glass like a sheet of glass brilliant sparkling shimmering dazzling beaming incandescent refulgent silken glittering effulgent lambent fulgent lucent scintillating flashing lucid splendid candescent bedazzling twinkling irradiant velvety glimmering reflecting intense vivid blazing glaring light aglow phosphorescent sunny chatoyant coruscating sparkly glittery resplendent ablaze illuminated lighted illumined golden argent sunlit moonlit beamy auroral fulgid irradiated relucent silvery mirrorlike burning alight agleam planed convey metallized well-groomed glossed gilded pearlescent glorious glinting well brushed finished cottony soft velvetlike silklike downy metallic continuous unbroken silky-smooth flickering luminescent fluorescent glistering fulgurant fulgurating fulgurous iridescent

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