Đồng nghĩa của extortionate

Alternative for extortionate

extortionate /iks'tɔ:ʃnit/ (extortionary) /iks'tɔ:ʃnəri/
  • tính từ
    • hay bóp nặn (tiền); tham nhũng
    • cắt cổ (giá...)


(of a price) Much too high
excessive exorbitant inflated outrageous unreasonable preposterous sky-high immoderate inordinate criminal extravagant prohibitive punitive ruinous excessively high OTT steep stiff expensive high overpriced over the odds over the top pricey dear costly lavish high-priced extreme unconscionable premium undue high-cost high-end big-ticket unwarranted precious overmuch valuable spendy priceless disproportionate overextravagant high-ticket pricy uncalled-for towering big-budget plethoric too much intolerable fancy intemperate upmarket dizzying costing an arm and a leg unmeasurable ultraexpensive overweening insane overkill unrestrained way out overdue unnecessary devilish wasteful highly priced absonant irrational unjustifiable unwarrantable up to here uncalled for out of bounds exaggerated a bit much out of all proportion enormous huge unaffordable baroque unmerciful needless stratospheric daylight robbery ridiculous overboard senseless unfair illogical superfluous unjust overabundant far-out unrightful posh too-too unlawful wrongful improper peremptory arbitrary harsh uncurbed too great costing a bomb rich iniquitous costing the earth austere worth its weight in gold gross substantial drastic draconian severe overinflated crippling astronomical penal massive whopping colossal top unyielding opulent swingeing monstrous far-fetched thumping choice fine profuse highway robbery unrestricted cher prodigal ludicrous profligate overgenerous gratuitous pretentious surplus unlimited wanton an arm and leg highly-priced superabundant beyond price prodigious imprudent overindulgent illegitimate out of sight very expensive too many O.T.T. unreasoned elevated over-the-top uneconomical unduly expensive upscale sizeable large swanky considerable supererogatory untempered deluxe exquisite unrelenting unmitigated raised increased executive whacking boosted de trop fulsome unreserved effusive gushy gushing inflexible unbending high-value very high hefty fancy-pants stringent scandalous invaluable whacking great strict merciless ruthless tyrannical burdensome impossible luxurious preventing prohibiting cruel forbidding limiting authoritarian savage demanding splendid cherished prized prizable treasured irreplaceable inestimable valued treasurable crushing punishing hardhanded heavy outré worth a king's ransom of inestimable worth without price of incalculable value of immeasurable worth of inestimable value of incalculable worth of immeasurable value extremely high beyond your means out of the question at a premium exacting an arm and a leg pretty penny financial means conditional a rip-off absurd iron-handed heavy-handed iron-fisted over one's head unacceptable nonsensical unbridled unjustified boundless vast uncontrolled immense grandiose tremendous limitless improvident super dissipated infinite indulgent monumental immeasurable astronomic redundant stupendous humongous unbounded fantastic imbalanced unprovoked unhampered giant mega silly monster extensive recrementitious unchecked mountainous epic mighty gargantuan more supernatural unfettered mammoth gigantic extra uninhibited self-indulgent unconvincing implausible unlikely dubious questionable unbelievable doubtful super-duper overdramatic high-flown incredible elaborate sensationalized overdone overstated highly unlikely uncivilised last straw uncivilized crazy sensationalised barbarous highly coloured grand wild great imposing reckless magnificent big impressive abandoned extraordinary lofty heroic excess commanding Homeric in excess sizable titanic voluminous audacious out of control supernumerary spare magnific rampant serious uncontrollable runaway riotous striking jumbo majestic hulking ostentatious egregious remarkable elephantine handsome resplendent Brobdingnagian unneeded bumper oversized heroical outsized violent princely king-size king-sized surplus to requirements king size abounding rigorous ample tall significant unhindered abundant sharp dramatic ambitious raw far-reaching imperial ginormous almighty regal rash bold stately glorious baronial additional proud excellent marvellous terrific herculean spectacular sublime oversize expansive superb outsize supersized radical walloping stunning arresting heedless staggering pharaonic supersize cyclopean bulky royal marvelous fabulous awe-inspiring beautiful wondrous statuesque kingly sumptuous out of hand splendorous amazing sightly desperate dire dissipative debauched showy unbalanced forceful unseemly careless decadent zealous copious strong over remaining supreme impetuous dispensable momentous expendable useless free inessential tough dissolute ungovernable unwanted august superior incontinent noble nonessential oppressive stellar leftover not required substantive transcendent unrequired wide unusual surpassing residuary gigantesque epidemic widespread unconstrained major broad pandemic raging rife pleonastic healthy humungous superfluent rampaging exuberant flagrant pervasive devil-may-care leviathan overflowing unasked mondo eye-catching full-size cumbersome cosmic overgrown turbulent proliferating generous ponderous good-size good-sized tidy galactic cosmical megalithic sensational licentious thumping great stirring awesome palatine gorgeous super colossal largish divine goodly whopping great queenly elegant spreading like wildfire celestial splendiferous palatial heavenly a whale of a biggish formidable on the rampage ominous Himalayan solemn very too passionate unsuitable inappropriate sweeping tempestuous very profitable high-dollar value non-essential grandiloquent long Miltonian marked unmerited unbecoming undeserved greedy blown up out of all proportion hard soaring a lot exceeding inept untimely ill-advised underhanded unapt unfitting forbidden indecorous sinister inapt ill-timed illegal unseasonable inexcusable unused unproductive disposable unthinkable inconceivable shocking appalling sneaky conscienceless knavish reprehensible wicked ungodly horrifying unholy left over waste to spare bombastic high-sounding distinguished impulsive capricious cavalier ritzy extraneous on your hands unessential multistorey sky-scraping meaty plentiful heightened liberal good plenteous thick escalated measurable respectable pronounced full bounteous fat jacked up bountiful hulky appreciable onerous grievous rough immodest unwieldy outstanding paramount altitudinous bitter brutal rugged grim portly powerful venerable spacious man-size Bunyanesque swelled great big socking great roomy of considerable size deep fair-sized comprehensive husky capacious family-sized family-size brobdingnagian whopper commodious man-sized dirty great massy thundering fair-size economy-size life-size economy-sized mastodonic beyond the pale lordly above average abnormal intensified murderous trying excruciating searing rank aggressive dominant tumultuous high-dollar egotistic vehement prevalent overblown hardheaded pitiless intractable relentless headstrong inhuman inexorable airy preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate towery skyscraping imperious unconfined uncompromising stern luxuriant volatile theatrical unshackled untrammelled spreading clamorous blustering unruly boisterous exceeding bounds rambling fecund predominant threatening multiplying flourishing growing furious robust intense rigid remorseless exceptional consequential undisciplined unimpeded natural unsuppressed overambitious large-scale unrealistic high-falutin' high-flying on a grand scale ballsy fanciful adventurous fanatical irrepressible unbound loose unquenchable unstoppable footloose uncontainable downright unconventional uncommon thorough absolute ferocious dignified unrepressed utter sheer profound admirable out-and-out spontaneous frank flamboyant candid impertinent indiscriminate blunt ungoverned saturnalian immoral impotent plenary open untrammeled lawless bizarre honourable honorable illustrious brash carefree out of proportion astonishing phenomenal fast-paced wonderful eminent gallant oceanic weighty mass notable prominent inspiring startling arrestive fascinating electrifying dazzling solid vasty self-gratifying salacious worthy planetary behemothic behemoth heavyweight blimp supererogative mahoosive cumbrous titan special fantastical dreamy out of this world confounding perfect fast irresponsible frivolous foolhardy shameless giant-sized larger-than-life jumbo-sized giant-size extremely large extremely big very big Herculean extra-large barn door Cyclopean very large super-colossal renowned authoritative exciting temerarious daredevil slack gadabout louche fast and loose carnal corrupt first-class first-rate more than one can afford more than can be afforded


Using or given to extortion
exacting severe grasping harsh rapacious avaricious bloodsucking greedy hard oppressive rigorous usurious predatory blood-sucking grabby money-grubbing corrupt acquisitive covetous mercenary mean miserly materialistic coveting avid moneygrubbing close cheap close-fisted grudging chintzy selfish insatiable venal penny-pinching stingy voracious frugal hard-fisted costive narrow near chary churlish illiberal curmudgeonly ignoble economical ironfisted grabbing scrimping tightfisted cheese-paring money-oriented hoarding parsimonious forehanded tight snoep tight-fisted money-grabbing possessive ravenous marauding plundering preying desirous prehensile hungry itchy penurious extorting wolfish murderous furious ferocious savage ravening on the make ungenerous mingy sparing stinting uncharitable Scrooge-like closefisted pinchpenny spare pinching thrifty saving gluttonous pennywise edacious hoggish skinflinty craving cheeseparing devouring Mammonish Mammonistic miserable esurient petty eager ungiving sordid skimping swinish cheapskate skinflint prudent beggarly guzzling carnivorous gormandizing gobbling gulping worldly gross piggish tightwad piggy omnivorous economizing economising quaestuary pleonectic puritanical ascetic provident prodigious unquenchable careful uncontrolled meagre abstemious meager unwasteful cautious pennypinching skimpy unappeasable starving empty starved gorging dog-hungry sating wary money-conscious insatiate starved to death bribable demanding pinchfisted cupidinous tight-wad masochistic unprincipled unethical unscrupulous gold-digging scanty dirty filthy scrimpy rude crude scrounging derisory abject squalid brutish unclean money motivated stewardly boorish cost-conscious enthusiastic compulsive uncontrollable keen money hungry insatiat self-indulgent intemperate gutsy gannet-like very hungry canny austere sensible spartan abstinent monastic monkish self-denying nunlike non-indulgent self-disciplined consumerist penny-wise capitalistic preserving conserving meticulous discreet bourgeois temporal object-oriented mundane profane sensual earthy terrestrial carnal earthly-minded material unspiritual yuppie money-orientated secular banausic


Shockingly bad or excessive
outrageous shocking atrocious scandalous appalling disgraceful horrible terrible heinous wicked abominable infamous offensive unspeakable villainous abhorrent beastly horrendous monstrous nefarious cruel dreadful evil horrid iniquitous odious savage unreasonable violent foul ghastly hideous horrifying loathsome nasty nauseating ruthless shameful sickening steep unbearable vicious vile barbaric diabolical excessive exorbitant flagrant immoderate inhuman insufferable insupportable intolerable unendurable unfair distressing egregious exasperating extravagant fiendish impossible infernal maddening OTT preposterous unwarranted execrable godawful hellacious O.T.T. contemptible contumelious corrupt criminal debasing debauching degenerate depraving despicable disgracing extreme flagitious gross ignoble malevolent notorious opprobrious scurrilous shaming sinful too great uncivilised uncivilized ungodly wanton over the top very bad awful frightful disgusting detestable repugnant revolting deplorable repulsive dire repellent reprehensible obnoxious obscene hateful immoral fearful bad shameless inexcusable unforgivable horrific objectionable blatant distasteful base glaring brazen inordinate disreputable indecent improper gruesome alarming vulgar ignominious unprincipled calamitous exceptionable arrant ugly discreditable noxious rotten frightening abysmal rude dishonourable grievous desperate audacious lousy obvious immodest shoddy beyond the pale fulsome unpardonable noisome patent unacceptable repellant unseemly dishonorable macabre bold rank scurvy God-awful unworthy low barbarous lewd barefaced transparent undisguised unconcealed nauseous grisly indefensible depraved unholy lamentable rancid crying terrific inglorious sorry terrifying unashamed grim coarse indescribable conspicuous unutterable manifest grave mean great low-down incorrigible louche nightmarish striking shady overt filthy pronounced unrespectable shy degrading miserable unconscionable unpleasant grewsome lurid nightmare poor profligate sordid woeful capital impudent insolent disgustful ridiculous reprobate wretched upsetting cheeky open dissolute dismal out-and-out grody hopeless pathetic unsavoury naked unearthly unsavory unembarrassed overwhelming sky-high unabashed palpable indiscreet unbecoming brutish enormous unblushing disagreeable abusive unjustifiable unrestrained brash tremendous dirty serious evident dastardly knavish displeasing harrowing forward hardened abandoned utter loathly unfortunate derogatory complete impolite humiliating intimidating regrettable raunchy smutty pitiful absurd bald-faced heartbreaking forbidding direful sick high-handed overbold unchaste presumptuous brassy formidable fearsome acute brass-necked sleazy crass chronic from hell abnormal extraordinary excruciating inflated merciless insulting devilish unsuitable indecorous expensive unscrupulous blameworthy dark unfitting outright satanic hellish indelicate tragic stark right brutal shabby black unbelievable critical bestial undignified unladylike ungentlemanly inferior disquieting proper disastrous prohibitive questionable perverse miscreant bare-faced unheard of disturbing disparaging ominous unrepentant wild stinking morbid not on embarrassing second-rate overinflated scary unwholesome noticeable untoward ribald undesirable unnerving truculent apparent disrespectful galling redoubtable crummy dismaying brazenfaced unsatisfactory unpalatable parlous too much over-the-top beyond contempt substandard mediocre putrid tasteless intemperate duff inadequate uncivil hair-raising ruinous wrong pitiable discourteous intense flaming downright unrefined useless sick-making poxy spine-chilling bum abject impertinent urgent absolute unqualified off-putting harmful devastating irretrievable sheer out of line out of order not the done thing a bit much unwelcome crude out and out fierce rubbish heavy cheap inexpressible uncontrolled severe harsh almighty deep no good a load of pants unsocial bald penal real antisocial murderous unheard-of black-hearted amoral undue aberrant dislikeable dislikable sad terribly bad unlawful unethical unrighteous accursed cursed strange scaring senseless late animal beast dangerous unwarrantable suggestive unprovoked brute sadistic inhumane heartless butcherly daunting treacherous sinister underhanded beneath contempt confident unconcerned foolish brackish catty astounding plain irregular facinorous cacodemonic out of bounds risky precarious hazardous perilous petrifying risqué undismayed undaunted hairy unmitigated significant major disheartening inconceivable very great untold undescribable grotesque backbiting untrue maligning vilifying traducing detractive gossiping detracting unimaginable mournful cruddy off-colour fresh catastrophic good-for-nothing highly improper ill-famed unclean drunken impure carnal debauched ineffable pressing cataclysmic crucial visible red hot unhealthy ill-reputed caitiff fearless unawed unflinching unshrinking vitriolic vituperative obtrusive out of keeping uncalled for beyond words preternatural undefinable gloomy drastic out of the ordinary unmistakable tragical distressful heartrending unlucky indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil pejorative denigratory invective deprecatory dread crippling grotty yucky inept bungling third-rate unmissable outstanding inescapable cocky poised forthright abashless composed unaffected unshamed irredeemable annoying irritating creepy icky portentous bodeful exigent dishonest rascally venomous uninviting too horrible for words untrustworthy oppressing afflictive scowling plain to see over the fence without justification vomitous unpleasing unlikable ropy pits tricky unbefitting unceremonious bold as brass heart-rending weighty troublesome taxing seedy suspect disorderly clear protrusive festy surfeiting bogging sleazeball unappetizing yucko squicky rebarbative cloying skanky scuzzy vituperatory scurrile salacious scabrous scurril groundless demeaning damnable of bad reputation dubious crooked slippery suspicious seamy hurtful wounding yecchy total high as plain as day lowering cheapening belittling mortifying fishy dodgy shifty offending vituperous as plain as a pikestaff staring someone in the face standing out a mile provocative personal vexing provoking affronting slighting unmannerly high-priced impenitent remorseless radical thundering ultimate supreme unalloyed uber maximum utmost unadulterated veritable thorough pure inappropriate libidinous licentious beggarly lowly gut-churning cringe-making stomach-churning stomach-turning not quite the thing sticking out a mile contemptuous censurable disproportionate Rabelaisian vomit-inducing excessively high standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb raised in bad increased in low esteem in the doghouse prohibiting unaffordable limiting preventing without shame boosted foul-mouthed exaggerated in bad taste slovenly uncouth low-rent flaunting uncultivated boorish barbarian over the odds off ostentatious beyond your means financial means conditional out of the question unsophisticated philistine incompetent two-bit trashy bush-league wack subpar wanting dime-a-dozen low-grade cheapjack bush sucky cheesy junky deficient dissatisfactory bargain-basement careless trumpery cut-rate piss-poor schlocky gimcrack sour crumby punk suboptimal common schlock rubbishy uneducated unpolished uncultured primitive tinhorn pants bodger Neanderthal rough ill-bred flagitous faulty el cheapo stupid for the birds strictly for the birds of a sort not up to scratch not much cop worthless loutish benighted ill-mannered deliberate heathen heathenish Neandertal thuggish churlish natural stupefying heartstopping perturbing illiterate unmannered yobbish slobbish startling agitating staggering stunning astonishing bewildering unsettling amazing surprising in a state of nature mannerless rugged stick out like sore thumb hanging out strong raging powerful forceful passionate uncontrollable resounding profound ungovernable rabid fiery rampaging rampant consuming riotous furious exquisite unchecked unmanageable sharp unbridled blistering keen storming unfettered uncurbed inflamed biting ferocious emphatic agonizing hard energetic strenuous peppery painful enraged blustery forcible hot vigorous concentrated intensive convulsive potent explosive paroxysmal turbulent out of control full of force aroused heavy-duty volcanic vehement frenzied coercive gale force agonising stormy dynamic tumultuous tempestuous more than one can afford


Having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain
corrupt dishonest unscrupulous unprincipled fraudulent bribable crooked dishonorable dishonourable shady untrustworthy venal amoral bent corruptible deceitful discreditable disreputable scandalous shameful underhand buyable criminal felonious grafting iniquitous lawless nefarious swindling treacherous villainous corrupted dirty malfeasant profiteering rascally rotten scoundrelly tricky underhanded unethical dodgy mercenary unfaithful faithless foul knavish open perfidious snide suborned double-dealing two-faced low-down on the take hollow-hearted fast and loose gone to the dogs duplicitous shifty guileful deceptive devious false slippery sharp dubious rogue fast sneaky crafty questionable shonky insincere Janus-faced lying unreliable defrauding cheating two-timing traitorous immoral sly cunning undependable illegal deceiving designing wily untruthful not to be trusted unlawful mendacious rapacious artful grasping subtle fly-by-night avaricious slick sneaking irresponsible untrue iffy purchasable double-crossing unfair roguish conscienceless shrewd unjust hoodwinking misleading not dependable not to be depended on fair-weather greedy suspicious suspect illicit fishy unprofessional recreant sinister disloyal double-faced false-hearted sordid bluffing trustless foxy hypocritical snaky money-grubbing disingenuous dangerous scheming furtive seedy indirect fickle grabby sketchy murky delusive inglorious potentially illegal of dubious character smart corruptable fly exploitative clever canny ruthless evil rudderless dissimulating dissembling salty ornery hostile slimy cowboy fibbing untrusty sham doubtful secretive not trustworthy spurious counterfeit conniving fink prostituted phoney unsafe irregular stealthy pseudo bamboozling falsified fake forged against the law mock imitation phony warped inconstant not to be relied upon beguiling surreptitious Machiavellian smooth unsound padded decadent degenerate simoniac simoniacal dicey cute cagey cagy treasonable base adulterous open to bribery deviant evasive forsworn falsehearted malicious mythomaniac malevolent apostate perjured renegade wicked mean back-stabbing intriguing deep wormlike secret perilous ensnaring backhanded astute insidious like a snake in the grass acquisitive exacting severe slim covetous truthless harsh backbiting unctuous elusive bloodsucking hard usurious oppressive rigorous predatory avid coveting moneygrubbing money-oriented blood-sucking materialistic selfish miserly stingy gold-digging calculating arch feigned sharp-witted streetwise Punic oblique astucious contriving plotting pretended unconscionable trick not candid not frank uncandid bogus unfrank unveracious cynical snidey opportunist ambidextrous terminologically inexact not entirely truthful cutthroat opportunistic expedient left- handed collusive unhonest savvy ingenious jive mealymouthed artificial double mealy pawky heads-up economical with the truth plausible bum seeming serpentine rascal catchy off imposturous perceptive discerning wise resourceful keen intelligent backstabbing sagacious knowing carny greasy vulpine lip Pecksniffian street smart discriminating street-smart deft quick crazy like a fox phoney-baloney double dealing phony-baloney left-handed heady quick-witted puckish impish mischievous playful devilish cheeky waggish naughty pixieish tricksy scampish ludic pixy pixie teasing prankish coquettish leprechaunish elvish sportive rakish raffish frolicsome espiègle clandestine fallacious

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