Đồng nghĩa của unappeasable

Alternative for unappeasable

unappeasable /'ʌnə'pi:zəbl/
  • tính từ
    • không làm cho nguôi được (cơn giận); không làm cho yên được (tiếng ồn)
    • không làm cho phỉ được, không thoả mãn được (lòng thèm khát, ham muốn)
    • không xoa dịu được

Tính từ

Unable to be prevented from continuing or progressing
inexorable adamant implacable immovable inflexible relentless severe unbending unyielding cruel hard harsh obdurate unrelenting intransigent determined merciless pitiless remorseless uncompromising unshakeable unswerving unwavering inescapable iron-handed strict unforgiving unmollifiable unpacifiable unplacatable unsparing draconian exacting rigorous ruthless stringent tough indurate ineluctable adamantine bound compulsory dogged immobile ironclad necessary obstinate resolute rigid single-minded stubborn unchangeable unmovable locked in mean business bound and determined dead set on hell bent on no going back set in stone like death and taxes unflinching grim tenacious firm unstoppable steadfast staunch unflagging unfaltering hard-line mortal stiff-necked pertinacious intractable stiff hardheaded willful self-willed inconvincible wilful hard-nosed mulish headstrong hardened ossified pat opinionated pigheaded perverse self-opinionated bullheaded unremitting steady tireless irreconcilable indefatigable committed decided persistent untiring insistent hanging tough dead set strong-willed uncooperative unpersuadable hardline iron-willed diehard stiffened unmalleable bloody-minded renitent refractory unswayable uncompliant hard-core immalleable fixed durable hard and fast not giving an inch out-and-out sworn deadly bitter unassuageable stern sedulous assiduous perseverant inconsolable dedicated steely unfailing undeviating purposeful set unabated hard-headed brick-wall iron-fisted pounding unpleasable unshrinking focused perseverative intent resolved constant bold persevering undaunted stalwart patient laborious focussed never-tiring never give up tough nut stout-hearted unblinking fearless impacable immoveable unplacable unintimidated courageous unshaken gritty incompliant contrary recalcitrant unmanageable froward unalterable concrete invariable solid definite hard-and-fast difficult rock-ribbed defiant unshakable contumacious cantankerous balky indomitable entrenched unadaptable restive bull-headed immutable ingrained dogmatic dug in unchanging unvarying rooted deep-rooted deep-seated cast-iron strong-minded well-set biased cussed unbendable preconceived unreasonable stroppy bolshie locked-in hard-shell unmoved unbreakable heady opinionative crisp unflexible doctrinaire narrow-minded set-on one-sided convinced contrarious austere exact authoritarian irreversible brassbound impassive standing pat unpermissive static ramrod stony-hearted unimpressionable unmoving changeless do or die hold the line hard as nails hold one's ground hold the fort standing one's ground quiescent permanent unmodifiable wrong-headed sticking to one's guns cross-grained awkward with one's feet dug in pig-headed with one's toes dug in stubborn as a mule deaf to reason tough nut to crack heavy-handed stand pat writ in stone strait-laced cut-and-dried decided upon set in concrete stick to guns wayward unruly wild disobedient ungovernable incurable uncontrollable fractious unaccommodating undisciplined obstreperous untoward rebel recusant insubordinate rebellious settled stable insoluble thorny unpliable locked knotty problematic indocile frozen hidebound determinate final flat inexpugnable jelled certain inveterate unflappable hang tough solid as a rock

Tính từ

Forbidding or grim in appearance
stern grim forbidding serious somber steely harsh humorless humourless bitter frowning implacable intimidating moody solemn sombre sour sullen surly angry fiery furious glum hostile inhospitable joyless morose stark stony unfriendly ungentle unsmiling brooding cheerless cold crabby critical dark disapproving mean mortified no-nonsense flinty boot-faced cast-iron severe dour austere fierce gruff grave lowering louring rough rugged sedate staid sober earnest weighty dismal uncomic gloomy bleak sobersided dreary intense mournful funereal unhumorous ferocious hard threatening forlorn drab stony-faced poker-faced po-faced glowering menacing deadpan sad gray grey dull unapproachable downbeat subdued unwelcoming frosty serious-minded miserable dry long-faced stiff aloof vicious desolate depressing uninviting comfortless tough straight boring tedious sulky unhappy scowling frightening unamusing strict wretched depressive doleful grumpy grim-faced resolute melancholy dispiriting disconsolate dire morbid drear cantankerous tenebrific sepulchral depressed plutonian lugubrious tenebrous godforsaken saturnine lonesome black blue dreich elegiac lonely elegiacal sourpuss chill down Cimmerian hurting darkening muted straight-faced quiet heavy-going gaunt unsympathetic impassive expressionless businesslike douce puritanical blank pokerfaced chilly cool disagreeable nasty contemplative pensive aggressive aggrieved indignant foreboding ominous temperamental aggravated enraged formidable distant pitiless repellent off-putting abhorrent fearsome unrestrained crabbed churlish callous fiendish frightful resolved thoughtful introspective reflective composed ruminative cutthroat beastly fell sinister savage cross horrible hellish bestial venomous splenetic grouchy truculent crusty bound and determined bookish unplayful deep in thought bad-tempered ill-tempered mean-looking icy frigid strait-laced significant profound consequential exigent substantial vital material urgent pivotal major important crucial considerable key monumental portentous appreciable acute eventful heavyweight momentous major league heavy-duty hefty big heavy underlined difficult cold sober of great import no joke of moment of great importance life and death of great consequence high-priority life-and-death no laughing matter of significance all-important matter of life and death of consequence big deal far-reaching

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