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Alternative for limitless

Tính từ

Without limits in extent, size, or quantity
infinite endless unlimited boundless immeasurable unbounded illimitable immense measureless never-ending untold vast inexhaustible unending bottomless countless cosmic everlasting fathomless incalculable inestimable undefined extensive great horizonless huge immensurable indefinite interminable numberless uncalculable unceasing unfathomable unflagging without limit constant incomprehensible innumerable myriad perpetual wide-open without end no strings no end of no end to no holds barred multitudinous eternal innumerous uncountable ceaseless abundant enduring numerous undying continual incessant continuous unnumbered uncounted amaranthine unnumberable many legion immortal uninterrupted unbroken deathless overlong indeterminate enormous multiple without number monotonous jillion zillion umpteen manifold indeterminable unfailing undivided unfathomed unrestricted permanent multifarious several uncertain unfixed unsurpassable self-perpetuating tremendous abounding unreckonable unplumbed incomputable large profound bountiful non-stop unsummed deep abysmal copious beyond measure lasting plentiful beyond number very deep voluminous various very many forever sundry unknown populous too many to be counted thick on the ground unconfined imperishable unfading cavernous unsounded abiding chasmic unforeseen erratic unpredictable capricious whimsical fluctuant chancy iffy persistent wide open protracted extreme lavish long-winded perdurable yawning gaping unremitting prodigious sempiternal wearisome dragging long boring dateless timeless long-drawn-out tedious multifold profuse divers sustained seemingly endless rambling ample beaucoup stacks of loads of heaps of diverse rife infinite numbers of oodles of zillions of gazillions of a multitude of a multiplicity of bazillions of masses of bags of a great number of scads of an incalculable number of an infinite number of plenteous a bunch of lots of a slew of spun out dragged out unspecified undecided undetermined unresolved unsettled priceless invaluable unbottomed without limits unconstrained unchecked uncontrolled unrestrained unconditional absolute unbridled no catch far down unforeseeable haphazard hit-or-miss precious considerable massive colossal unmeasurable total no strings attached not to be reckoned full utter stellar valuable impenetrable million all-embracing stupendous supertemporal wide crawling with alive with sustainable full-out all-out full-blown complete totalitarian universal all-encompassing full-scale unrelenting unabating relentless indestructible chasmal beyond price with no holds barred steady on tap ad nauseam multiplex plumbless abyssal sunken perennial continuing ongoing immutable ageless unmeasured unplumbable deep-set plummetless heaps multitudinal soundless termless unthinkable unimaginable indescribable extendable viable generous superabundant bounteous inexpressible unspeakable unutterable extending far down a thousand and one thousand-and-one teeming varied assorted prevalent monstrous unexpressed ineffable private titanic mighty indefinable mammoth hidden staggering gigantic renewable replenishable overflowing miscellaneous liberal well-provided large-scale rich motley mixed disparate multiplied rampant replete well-supplied frequent thick nonstop millions of all kinds of a shedload of scores of a great many lousy with a great deal of billions of a swag of quite a few an abundance of a lot of a profusion of plenty of quantities of a quantity of dozens of tons of hundreds of piles of thousands of undreamed of lengthy laborious ponderous meandering marathon unbound interminate looped dull day-and-night prolonged round-the-clock lank strung out on a treadmill extended stack mucho mint slew pile immeasurable numbers of peck endless numbers of mess heap loads oodles wad scads raft gobs incalculable numbers of having no end long-lived lingering long-term spun-out time-consuming dragged-out far long-lasting drawn-out not stopping overextended tardy wordy delayed prolix verbose dilatory diffuse diffusive slow late whole slew passel of tidy sum for ages forever and a day unrelieved continued running unchanging unfaltering repeated regular recurrent chronic unvarying unwavering habitual persisting consecutive unabated undeviating invariable changeless around-the-clock recurring always-on indissoluble solid untiring indefatigable unwaning staying repetitive inextinguishable durable unyielding never-changing reliable steadfast oft-repeated without respite stable unchangeable round the clock dogged persevering unwearied tireless unswerving connected aeonian nagging indelible fast incorruptible dependable consistent lifelong periodic drawn out fixed stretched out unalterable periodical never-ceasing successive neverending unwearying undisturbed assiduous diligent niggling lengthened classic outstretched uniform standing even always immemorial ineradicable irreversible without interruption longish returning untroubled firm intermittent straight gnawing elongated immovable direct never dying longstanding old without stopping day and night in for the long haul steady-going turgid immensurate unintermitted unstoppable without ceasing undiminished atemporal agelong remorseless unsparing inexorable closed unflinching memorable 24/7 pushy regularised regularized standardised unalleviated hard stern sedulous harsh static settled stationary unchanged fresh unspoiled youthful implacable maintained never-dying standardized deep-rooted surviving remaining long-standing inveterate supreme ingrained secure established undestroyed all day and all night at all times resolute soporific immeasurate yearlong annual yearly seasonal smooth unfluctuating real unended rhythmic invariant sound predictable inexpungible with no let-up for ever and ever without surcease without a break nonrandom traditional all day long progressive straightforward in succession unruffled through unbreakable death-defying ever living on an even keel all-year-round very great phoenixlike undeadly till the cows come home irreparable world-without-end shatterproof sure set infallible that will never die that will live forever resistant perduring omnipresent repetitious repeating reoccurring heavy-duty hard-wearing toughened sturdy nonperishable non-breakable stout never-failing certain for keeps ubiquitous going on set in concrete set in stone fail-safe loyal surefire faithful true can't-miss unerring long-drawn adamantine infrangible wall-to-wall all-pervasive remote stretched tall stretch expanded distant faraway stringy high stretching far-off elongate towering lanky gangling enlarged rangy lofty far-reaching staunch rock-solid irrefragable nonbreaking inexterminable unwreckable reinforced made to last armored undestroyable undestructable unruinable armoured irrefrangible inextirpable 24-hour circumlocutory circuitous windy same tried-and-true delivering there come-through trustworthy dyed-in-the-wool unshakable digressive verbal discursive pleonastic spread out periphrastic tiresome wandering maundering garrulous logorrheic familiar common reiterated multiyear multiday circumlocutionary ambagious redundant logorrhoeic tried and true rock solid tried and tested counted on reiterative iterated flowery a good many quite a lot of occurring often full of verbiage more than one can count more … than one can shake a stick at

Tính từ

Exhausting all effort
complete unhampered unrestrained all out assured bloody boundless brutal categorical ceaseless emphatic flat-out full intense no holds barred no-holds-barred no-limit resounding unambiguous unbridled unchecked uncompromising unconditioned unconstrained uncontestable uncontrollable uncontrolled uncurbed undisputable ungoverned unhindered unimpeded uninhibited unmitigated unrepressed unreserved unrestricted unshackled unsuppressed untrammeled untrammelled wild without restrictions workmanlike free unlimited unbounded open unconfined loose absolute free-for-all clear unconditional unopposed slack easygoing flexible unregulated unqualified lax relaxed public unblocked unobstructed uncircumscribed total freewheeling allowed free for all liberated uncommitted independent with no holds barred able liberal free-spirited at liberty on one's own intemperate rampant abandoned inordinate runaway unfettered natural wanton immoderate undisciplined outrageous irrepressible unbound footloose raw uncontainable unquenchable unstoppable reckless spontaneous saturnalian impertinent licentious dissolute immoral excessive out of control frank impotent extravagant lawless profligate plenary riotous incontinent bizarre flamboyant indiscriminate exaggerated candid blunt audacious out of hand unruly unchained untied at large violent ungovernable on the loose impetuous full-on debauched dissipated boisterous out turbulent released carefree roaming self-indulgent depraved unmanageable set loose lavish rash extreme escaped uncaged uproarious unsecured incorrigible without hindrance corrupt unencumbered autonomous shameless berserk chaotic hysterical free as a bird fugitive noisy unchallenged bacchanalian unconventional not controlled freed Dionysian disobedient stubborn furious over the top crazy prodigal Bacchic irresponsible discharged unimprisoned heedless impulsive unprincipled sinful wicked running wild orgiastic on the run widespread epidemic smooth rife pandemic raging bacchic untethered rampaging pervasive exuberant imprudent careless profuse proliferating on the lam let go set free fast fast and loose spreading like wildfire on the rampage devil-may-care no limits luxurious unanimous uncontested untamed outlandish demonstrative unlicensed emotional mental gay rakish rabid enthusiastic unconcealed crazed madcap unmanaged silly delirious wayward rowdy disorderly fanatical sprung lacking self-restraint unsubmissive driverless mass reprobate self-willed rough immodest effusive committed all-out direct full-scale concerted wholehearted lacking self-control unreasonable capricious cavalier unbroken touchy-feely undue unjustified attention-seeking extrovert lacking control frenetic severe overindulgent unwarranted passionate corybantic incautious irrational individualistic freethinking maverick passable unstopped unclosed cleared unbarred unclogged hog-wild egregious tempestuous carousing boozy revelling raving thrilled uncalled for dissipative O.T.T. bold giddy flighty abundant volatile dionysian sottish crapulous bibulous roistering greedy unbalanced Dionysiac Saturnalian unclasped wilful contrary headstrong individual unstinted wassailing decontrolled unregimented full-frontal decadent brash unengaged unattached single unmarried go-as-you-please drunken reveling fast-paced self-gratifying exciting louche carnal temerarious daredevil harsh frivolous salacious foolhardy gadabout free-range rank aggressive tumultuous dominant vehement prevalent flagrant free and easy luxuriant threatening spreading clamorous extensive blustering multiplying rambling flourishing fecund growing predominant exceeding bounds unfailing persistent undying everlasting enduring unfading inextinguishable eternal imperishable unrelenting indestructible lasting unremitting unrestrainable unwavering constant relentless insuppressible intractable dogged inexorable

Tính từ

Extremely large
enormous huge massive vast immense jumbo titanic tremendous colossal gigantic mammoth monstrous mountainous astronomic big gargantuan gross humongous large prodigious elephantine extensive excessive humungous boundless broad expansive ginormous grand immeasurable infinite wide great hulking leviathan oversized stellar almighty epic giant herculean oceanic stupendous towering whopping astronomical bulky bumper cosmic gigantesque heavy hefty magnificent mega mighty monster monumental outsize sizable sizeable substantial supersized thumping weighty considerable generous grandiose imposing outsized oversize ponderous princely significant solid super tall vasty voluminous walloping whacking behemoth behemothic blimp cosmical cumbersome cyclopean extravagant galactic handsome heavyweight inordinate kingly pharaonic planetary statuesque supersize cumbrous heroic heroical lavish mahoosive major megalithic mondo overgrown serious titan Herculean king-size king-sized very big super-colossal very large Brobdingnagian extremely big extremely large full-size good-size good-sized Himalayan jumbo-sized king size super-duper extra-large giant-size giant-sized a whale of a Cyclopean thumping great whacking great whopping great larger-than-life super colossal barn door extreme exorbitant capacious commodious unbounded spacious ample endless immoderate disproportionate roomy intemperate unreasonable profuse incalculable measureless widespread undue cavernous unconscionable plethoric steep exaggerated superfluous needless overmuch profligate prodigal dissipated indulgent redundant dizzying unmeasurable superabundant recrementitious stratospheric overboard more supernatural overkill extra sky-high self-indulgent too many way out overabundant surplus eternal open brobdingnagian abundant interminable illimitable airy unlimited extended palatial comfortable stiff expanded uncrowded overdue insane overweening intolerable overextravagant devilish over in excess abounding Moby full copious unfathomable fathomless cavelike extraordinary deep baroque fancy unmerciful empyrean global interstellar cosmogonal interplanetary catholic cosmopolitan space intergalactic cosmogonic ecumenical comprehensive substantive high-ceilinged rambling terrific awesome formidable overwhelming unwieldy increased heightened severe healthy jacked up high escalated sweeping prolific plenteous mundo detailed Gargantuan a lot very too abnormal unusual above average intensified never-ending very great far-flung spread-out stretched-out whale of a far-reaching all-inclusive unrestricted unbridled unwarranted unrestrained gratuitous extortionate uncontrolled wanton improvident uncurbed outrageous imprudent wasteful fantastic unhampered silly ridiculous unchecked overindulgent ludicrous unfettered overgenerous preposterous unnecessary uninhibited too much over the top uncalled for out of all proportion a bit much OTT O.T.T. over the odds goodly impressive Bunyanesque tidy staggering husky biggish largish supreme striking phenomenal remarkable large-scale mastodonic pythonic outstanding complete appreciable dirty great exceptional long maximum utmost massy boxcar uttermost awful terrible paramount whaling intense plentiful beefy marked lofty roaring thundering memorable greatest notable resounding top maximal highest dreadful unqualified stout ultimate thorough pronounced marvellous rip-roaring burly superlative good marvelous fat decisive profitable conclusive emphatic mortal greatest possible noticeable most thick out-and-out whole unmistakable noteworthy max consummate astounding fleshy majestic chunky surpassing paunchy flabby heavyset awkward respectable prosperous hulky brawny monolithic thickset superior strapping sufficient advantageous man-size of considerable size man-sized awe-inspiring meaty transcendent Falstaffian lucrative entire roly-poly well upholstered broad in the beam Homeric utter nth pre-eminent bountiful wonderful amazing great big incredible whopper powerful fabulous strong much lumbering bull mind-blowing reasonable miraculous breathtaking overweight sturdy stunning greatest amount of mind-boggling clumsy yawning rotund excellent acute thunderous plump portly not to be sneezed at splendid superb hunky liberal cracking ungainly important unhandy spectacular obese chubby elevated total buxom fubsy unmanageable absolute ambitious corpulent permanent powerfully built solidly built eminent superhuman august exalted tubby maxi fearful fine illustrious socking great rich consequential gaping podgy sublime well padded chasmal imperial blubbery exceeding porky bounteous pudgy topmost poddy extra large mastodontic porcine pursy potbellied magnific morbidly obese whalelike worthwhile adequate rewarding unmitigated laborious daunting lasting classic paying deafening ear-splitting ear-piercing booming enduring historic unforgettable thrashing Brobdignagian OS immortal Olympian crashing prominent elephantic remunerative gainful startling shattering very loud moving renowned irresistible dynamic catastrophic indefensible egregious unforgivable astonishing wicked pleasing distinguished epoch-making appalling devastating sensational flabbergasting dramatic unbelievable rare glorious desperate loud frightful through the ceiling muscular muscly stately horrific fierce harsh abiding protracted fantabulous grave well-built noble wondrous spanking outspread numerous prolonged last outside agonizing dire unmanoeuvrable ominous lank incommodious abysmal larger greater zaftig featureless impenetrable intractable faceless characterless immovable girthy crushing paralysing lengthy decided fair vital crucial regal life-size macro decent oafish lumpish unbearable measurable resplendent gorgeous lordly proud overcoming paralyzing not inconsiderable big and strong muscle-bound broad-shouldered corn-fed well fed consistent royal gallant baronial dignified fair-sized family-sized fair-size wide-ranging wide open tolerable loutish heavily built clodhopping well built mesomorphic clunky deadly indescribable raging sovereign splendiferous haughty pretty swelled family-size economy-size economy-sized prime momentous agonising wholesale streets ahead unreal soaring worth taking into account exciting eye-opening unco thewy stark material urgent fundamental critical unreserved something else dumpy mother of all wide-reaching exhaustive mass unconditional sheer essential central pressing beer-bellied pot-bellied spread out biggest undiminished bloated universal nationwide stocky multistorey sky-scraping lardy replete round of ample proportions sonsy abdominous leading heavy-duty packed across-the-board international chock-full stuffed intercontinental awash all-encompassing worldwide brimming crowded altitudinous all-out real plumpish bulbous lard-arsed bovine inflated distended bulging lard butterball jelly-belly well covered swollen transcendental uncanny preternatural godlike unearthly supernormal magical hollow earth-shattering ultra earthshaking of ample build sepulchral all-embracing unending preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable towery skyscraping omnipotent bionic dark gloomy concave resonant echoing reverberant sunken dismal beyond human chambered deep-set alveolate socketed well-padded overfed adipose overstuffed overnourished overheavy clinically obese no end of curved inward more than human most extreme

Tính từ

To an utter or complete degree, without conditions
unconditioned unconditional absolute outright unmitigated unqualified unreserved utter whole categorical complete full thorough thoroughgoing unequivocal unquestionable unrestricted definite downright explicit unconstrained unlimited clear decisive determinate entire genuine indubitable plenary positive unmistakable wide assured certain open all out open-ended out-and-out flat-out straight out with no strings no catch no fine print no strings no holds barred no kicker no ifs ands or buts perfect sheer consummate pure rank total all-out unadulterated unalloyed arrant prize real veritable clean deep-dyed dyed-in-the-wool very simple fair deadly plumb dreadful profound bodacious blank infinite dead stark flat regular categoric stone blooming crashing straight-out cotton-picking ultimate proper right infernal confounded all-fired blessed blasted undivided exhaustive unbroken undisputed overarching comprehensive inclusive uninterrupted totalitarian through and through full-blown sweeping in-depth full-scale extreme plain undiluted gross wholehearted right-down utmost supreme blatant inveterate full-bore unambiguous wholesale direct unrestrained undisguised solid firm steadfast naked glaring surpassing obvious in every respect true flagrant patent undeniable mere unabridged emphatic unbounded overt conclusive unmixed undiminished maximum sure final unmodified unrelieved clear-cut committed chronic palpable unshakeable confirmed barefaced unstinting without reservations unquestioning unfaltering serious extensive severe uncompromising unremitting constant established transparent long-established long-standing true blue frank unblemished incorrigible fixed wide-ranging deep full-on staunch faithful dedicated express unrepentant unashamed devoted overall unswerving brazen shameless loyal unwavering unfeigned incurable bald grand unvarnished habitual broad rigorous authentic intense point-blank matchless conspicuous out and out unconcealed singular far-reaching eternal evident manifest entrenched apodictic accurate bloody straight deep-rooted honest persistent diehard unmistaken sincere visible hopeless uttermost max dinkum hardened bold resounding paramount egregious everlasting double-dyed terminal strict top nth drastic major unapologetic determined steady integral card-carrying resolute desperate stringent unalleviated enduring overwhelming violent draconian forceful abiding only blunt intact actual untouched unadorned peerless through-and-through compleat congenital peremptory mad keen harsh bona fide never-failing unsurpassed undying radical keen as mustard all-inclusive extraordinary true-blue without reservation bare endless abundant uncontrolled perpetual pure and simple without limit stupid royal outstanding signal marked brute incessant unfailing pronounced candid customary staring continuous noticeable perceptible crass very great quite single altogether unrelenting most compulsive usual all capital adamant assertive insistent quintessential huge faultless intensive pathological seasoned unregenerate main unstinted blithering monstrous atrocious infamous notorious vile last decided optimum definitive forthright relentless austere irredeemable unreformable obsessive obsessional effusive gushing irrepressible beyond hope horrible nothing other than rigid unabated stone-cold uncorrupted wholesome systematic unimpaired maximal common concentrated fervent earnest zealous enthusiastic unflinching hearty untempered unmoderated unmollified unbending arrogant point blank eminent specific unembellished oppressive untarnished unaltered rightly so called unfathomable pervasive dyed-in-the wool heartfelt stalwart ardent warm unsoftened grim without qualification all-encompassing integrated sovereign excessive impassioned passionate fullhearted completed detailed sublime advanced ultra iconoclastic unhesitating superlative predominant excellent unsurpassable errant perfected ideal inimitable transcendent flawless impeccable finished unexpurgated uncondensed unbound tyrannical pre-eminent all-powerful boundless hellacious unshaken one hundred per cent omnipotent whole-hearted no joke abysmal preeminent no strings attached great tremendous acute almighty in every way unflawed hundred percent whole-souled unhidden top-to-bottom root-and-branch unreduced undamaged unabbreviated unmarred straightforward outrageous brutal preposterous unshakable exact precise uncut observable recognizable grievous thundering uber unmarked aggregate embedded constructive virtual practical inevitable implicative inarticulate intrinsic hidden inferential unquestioned implicit unuttered contained full-length audacious pointed sole spot-on recognized plain to see unchallenged uncontested writ large accepted valid solitary basic lone minimal modest recognisable as clear as day recognised encyclopedic dead-on certified good pukka on-target echt so satisfactory pucka sure-enough unerring certifiable encyclopaedic universal revolutionary as plain as a pikestaff admissible sound factual standing out a mile undoubted watertight veridical immaculate amen inerrant bang on undistorted solemn sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb right on bred-in-the-bone die-hard full-fledged instilled ingrained infixed unchangeable deep-seated well-established deep-down deeply ingrained to the core

Tính từ

Incapable of being satisfied or appeased
insatiable unquenchable insatiate unappeasable greedy ravenous voracious gluttonous quenchless edacious intemperate rapacious hungry prodigious ravening uncontrollable avid eager hoggish inappeasable inextinguishable keen piggish piggy swinish unslakable wolfish clamorous crying demanding desiring esurient exigent gannet-like gutsy importunate insistent pressing unsatisfiable unsatisfied urgent wanting yearning never satisfied unable to be satisfied covetous devouring grasping avaricious desirous acquisitive predatory grabby gormandizing coveting craving mercenary grudging close-fisted moneygrubbing gross gorging starving starved omnivorous selfish gobbling guzzling close carnivorous gulping wolflike uncontrolled materialistic ferocious savage fierce usurious gourmandizing dog-hungry empty sating gourmand money-grubbing lupine possessive starved to death pennypinching parsimonious miserly penurious stingy tight self-indulgent tight-fisted vicious plant excessive ventripotent rude crude with eyes bigger than one's stomach unfillable boorish never full menacing dirty filthy mean prehensile itchy compulsive enthusiastic squalid brutish sordid unclean have eyes bigger than one's stomach insatiat lascivious lecherous very hungry leering wolfy lustful envious jealous marauding plundering preying extortionate venal cupidinous hoarding grabbing resentful Mammonish pleonectic Mammonistic begrudging invidious jaundiced green murderous furious green with envy green-eyed Scrooge-like money-grabbing money-oriented

Tính từ

Of, affecting, or including all or most of the members of a group, domain or area
general overall blanket comprehensive global universal total all-inclusive broad complete generic inclusive mass panoramic sweeping umbrella extended indiscriminate wholesale worldwide collective common nonspecific outright overarching widespread catholic encyclopaedic encyclopedic infinite international ubiquitous unconfined all-around ample countrywide ecumenical endless nationwide all-round broad-spectrum far-reaching wide-ranging across the board all-embracing broad-ranging coast-to-coast company-wide across-the-board bird's-eye broad-brush taken as a whole extensive thorough full wide exhaustive all-encompassing compendious omnipresent wall-to-wall embracive all-in prevalent in-depth pervasive cyclopedic pandemic unrestricted large-scale omnibus cover-all broad-gauge broad-gauged unlimited whole expansive thoroughgoing absolute pervading rampant rife entire interdisciplinary cross-disciplinary multidisciplinary state national cosmic regular grand planetary inescapable permeating predominant astronomical deep popular worldly all-pervading boundless multinational cosmopolitan unconditional epidemic all-over one-size-fits-all diffuse panoptic from Land's End to John O'Groats broad-based all-out in depth vast unqualified ubiquitary basic open catchall all-present ever-present all-pervasive everywhere present everywhere unmitigated overwhelming rangy integral compleat intact perfect mundane accepted all undisputed plenary far-flung without exception all over the place out-and-out discursive straight-out non-specific intercontinental broadly-based world non-denominational unifying non-sectarian panned standard all-purpose nonexclusive wide-reaching prevailing simple all over everything encompassing thorough-going encyclopaedical encyclopedical statewide outspread preponderate all-comprehensive abundant detailed full-scale on a large scale eclectic regional radical clean non-selective empyrean terrestrial usual stellar customary celestial aggregate integrated in toto catch-all all together with everything included ball-of-wax all-together unanimous encircling containing comprising synoptic oversimplified over-general exaggerated very common interstate wholistic replete maximal broad in content including all members including all categories large lock stock and barrel the whole shebang the big picture of great scope the works rounded public in the mass in quantity in bulk bulk quantitative immense holistic imprecise overstated overdrawn full-on big picture full-blown all over the country nondiscriminatory open-door non-restrictive non-exclusive welcoming quorate fully constituted free-for-all open to the public far-ranging accessible to everyone free to all significant major profound huge great big sizable important massive humongous hefty unbounded gross master ruling generalized whole-hog unselective generalised majority received long expanded lengthy protracted scopic scopious unexclusive wall to wall momentous life-changing ambitious influential weighty consequential leading spacious whopping thundering substantial bulky jumbo hulking prodigious stuffed monster heavy-duty roomy good mondo strapping enormous heavyweight packed healthy husky copious walloping awash capacious fat bull oversize ponderous colossal voluminous tremendous whopper mammoth commodious gigantic chock-full brimming considerable burly crowded of moment of significance of great import of consequence super colossal a whale of a



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