Đồng nghĩa của lone

Alternative for lone

Tính từ

Having no companions
single solitary solo unaccompanied alone lonely sole companionless detached distinct individual isolated lonesome one separate unescorted unique only abandoned all alone by itself by oneself discrete forsaken onliest particular single-handed stag without companions by yourself unattended independent on one's own reclusive withdrawn deserted singular odd unsociable introverted hermitic exclusive special unchaperoned unitary retiring specific antisocial hermitical left alone private unassisted unaided unsocial friendless partnerless distinguished solus hermit apart one-off without an escort cloistered sequestered disparate forlorn secluded distinctive especial misanthropic unwatched separated removed reserved standoffish express me myself and I me and my shadow definite lorn on its own on your own by one's lonesome on one's lonesome introvert deliberate standalone on my own respective specified fixed purposeful clear-cut single-handedly hermit-like eremitic desolate unmarried undisturbed personal autonomous on one's jack on one's Jack Jones on one's pat on one's tod on one's Pat Malone uninterrupted remaining spare surplus unpaired extra in solitary in a solitary state monastic seclusive recluse ascetic particularised leftover select selfstanding diacritic particularized singlehanded unhelped without help unused unmatched uneven secluse anchoritic hermetic eremitical outcast unguarded without disturbance without interruption estranged rejected destitute distant eremetic offish out-of-the-way sui generis retired self-sufficient uncompanionable aloof self-contained loner isolate shut away unbefriended uncherished orra renounced left comfortless troglodytic down empty godforsaken homeless disconsolate a cappella traveling light onetime characteristic pure once-off once-only one-shot unmixed signature undivided distinguishing simple unshared unalloyed unblended uncompounded one and only only one one only singled-out

Tính từ

Isolated or lonely
deserted isolated lonely remote secluded unfrequented uninhabited barren desolate godforsaken marooned sequestered unpopulated lonesome off the beaten track out of the way in the back of beyond in the middle of nowhere faraway outlying obscure far-flung jerkwater cut-off in the hinterlands off the map out-of-the-way Barcoo hard to find unget-at-able in the backwoods in the booay in the backveld beyond the black stump in the platteland in the sticks in the tall timbers in the backblocks inaccessible unreachable far distant off the beaten path removed deep unapproachable backwoods undiscovered god-knows-where far-off in a backwater off-lying hidden unvisited retired solitary private away disconnected incommunicado apart far-out beyond middle of nowhere boondocks unsettled off beaten track cut off back foreign unknown frontier in the depths of … wild neglected undisturbed concealed outlandish alien tucked away in the boondocks forlorn quiet peripheral outer difficult to get to abandoned unpeopled unexplored vacant outermost forgotten virgin forsaken unoccupied vacated exotic strange empty impassable bare untenanted secret far-removed furthest provincial unattainable cloistered detached fringe uncontactable evacuated uncivilized unmapped untravelled uncultivated impervious disused extreme uncivilised external new inconvenient uncharted desert unused derelict bleak afar depopulated dreary outside beyond reach free waste out of reach far removed far off uninhabitable hard to get to hidden away nonnative un-get-at-able hard-to-reach ulterior elusive abroad aloof ruined void rejected unfamiliar well away covert sheltered marginal suburban border perimeter unplumbed rough inhospitable trackless unmanaged unfarmed rugged destroyed at a distance a long way stone's throw a good way unresearched untouched in the distance in the boonies unidentified unsurveyed unheard-of unnamed miles away farthest remotest furthermost disowned destitute uninviting sad depressing cheerless lorn little known not mapped ultimate farthermost utmost dissociated separate separated disengaged divorced companionless friendless without a friend in the world lost homesick outmost disparate beyond your ken independent outward severed withdrawn extrinsic extraneous

Tính từ

Being a single, sole or solitary member a kind, type, or class
solitary unique one sole only special singular alone one-off sui generis single individual one and only exclusive solo onliest particular distinct isolated only possible exceptional unrepeatable definite odd one of a kind uncommon separate unaccompanied one shot discrete respective certain original once-in-a-lifetime limited-edition never-to-be-repeated unshared precise specific peculiar nonce ace remaining private final unattended lonely incomparable only one unusual atypical independent self-contained last only remaining abnormal random sole remaining one-of-a-kind untypical freak anomalous only surviving only one left stray unrelated unrepeated by oneself once in a lifetime unequalled unparalleled matchless unmatched unequaled unrivaled unrivalled without equal peerless unprecedented novel extraordinary beyond compare signal unexampled unexcelled phenomenal unheard-of newfangled amazing rare new remarkable without parallel fresh inimitable unsurpassed supreme groundbreaking striking record in a league of its own momentous miraculous revolutionary prodigious unknown outre outstanding first-time marvellous marvelous bizarre preternatural pioneering aberrant out-of-the-way idiosyncratic unaccustomed ground-breaking strange outlandish freakish eccentric out of the ordinary outré unheard of exotic fantastic unfamiliar all-time quintessential model classic essential exemplary ideal ultimate prototypical typical standout irreplaceable unparagoned second to none extraordinaire unsurpassable far-out consummate unimaginable archetypal in a class by itself superlative paramount best superior transcendent unconventional notable noteworthy something else purpose-built perfect utmost exquisite without precedent nonpareil unordinary primo incredible

Tính từ

Without friends (without a friend)
friendless abandoned alone deserted isolated lonely shunned solitary forlorn forsaken lonesome unattached alienated all alone companionless estranged single unbefriended unpopular unwanted by oneself cut off ostracised ostracized outcast rejected spurned uncared-for unloved adrift desolate marooned without friends with no ties without ties all by one's self with no one to turn to without a friend in the world unaccompanied withdrawn lorn unsociable introverted hermitic destitute by itself reclusive antisocial uncherished on one's own unsocial solo separate retired sole discarded detached independent unattended me myself and I me and my shadow stag without companions immune insular apart insulated segregated unconnected sequestered disliked useless single-handed unescorted sad on my own superfluous despondent to one side unchaperoned unhappy remote lost secluded homesick unnecessary feeling friendless in solitary unassisted unaided in a solitary state individual unmarried unneeded by yourself nonessential annoying surplus to requirements de trop uncared for jilted ditched stranded ignored cloistered renounced disowned vacant betrayed derelict vacated forgotten void disused dropped dumped cast off left in the lurch thrown over left at the altar left behind retiring unique singular one only one-off special hermitical distant reserved eremetic misanthropic offish out-of-the-way particular sui generis standoffish self-sufficient uncompanionable aloof self-contained on its own private quiet hidden secret covert sheltered shy seclusive unfrequented hermetic one and only hermit-like exclusive recluse secluse off the beaten track removed eremitic introvert onliest tucked away shut off monastic anchoritic concealed uncommunicative reticent blockaded undisturbed unapproachable demure ascetic distinct personal uninhabited only possible restrained exceptional screened cool unrepeatable out of the way definite cloistral contemplative set apart abnormal anomalous isolate close closet beleaguered quarantined silent odd secretive inward-looking unforthcoming one of a kind uncommon confidential incommunicado meditative timorous diffident cautious bashful taciturn cold media-shy retreated sheepish modest timid coy backward self-effacing recessive cut-off out on a limb thoughtful stand-offish undemonstrative one shot close-mouthed off the grid closed inaccessible discrete certain respective original protected confined restricted shielded high and dry incomparable never-to-be-repeated limited-edition once-in-a-lifetime shut-off unshared unworldly departed remaining ace one-of-a-kind inconspicuous shrinking nonce peculiar precise specific eremitical only one austere shrouded final monkish celibate hard to find hidden away shut away unusual atypical peaceful taken out socially inhibited random last simple only remaining unconcerned aseptic disinterested incurious inhibited nongregarious uncurious casual uninterested indifferent untypical freak left down empty disconsolate comfortless troglodytic godforsaken homeless sole remaining only surviving only one left cenobitic conventual introspective unrelated stray monachal coenobitic once in a lifetime unrepeated meek indrawn Spartan frugal oblate discreet pensive self-absorbed self-interested onetime closemouthed constrained reflective soft-spoken collected ruminative inner-directed self-centred unfriendly ungregarious laconic self-restrained guarded self-centered unrevealing snobbish one-shot non-communicative tight-lipped once-off once-only

Tính từ

Random or unexpected in nature
stray random accidental chance freak haphazard odd scattered erratic arbitrary casual desultory incidental isolated occasional single unexpected scattershot hit-or-miss helter-skelter catch-as-catch-can aimless slapdash offhand indiscriminate careless disorganized unmethodical slipshod unsystematic capricious irregular disorganised all over the place sloppy inconsistent disorderly perfunctory lackadaisical messy cursory remiss chaotic unplanned undirected orderless loose unthinking fluky unpremeditated slap-happy irresponsible reckless all over the shop hit or miss rambling sketchy disconnected fitful spasmodic inconstant intermittent sporadic hasty unfocused unstable hurry-scurry confused recklessly carelessly hastily hurried negligent untidy last-minute thoughtless clumsy hit-and-miss off and on without purpose fortuitous coincidental heedless higgledy-piggledy in disorder thrown-together slovenly lax unconcerned spontaneous unorganised designless unselective sudden uncoordinated jumbled unorganized fluke purposeless willy-nilly unconscious unconsidered devil-may-care serendipitous inadvertent ad hoc slack neglectful shambolic thrown together any old way all over the map any which way lucky nonchalant shoddy improvident unforeseen adventitious unforeseeable out of the blue spot contingent discretionary whimsical unreasonable subjective optional personal irrational motiveless unpredictable unmotivated wild unjustified unjustifiable unreasoned wanton unsupported groundless illogical discretional fanciful wilful uninformed superficial unaccountable supercilious frivolous approximate wayward injudicious unscientific undisciplined uneven trial and error muddled disordered unintended unintentional unwitting topsy-turvy cluttered undesigned mixed up unkempt unsystematized scrambled extemporaneous unarranged in disarray incoherent systemless all over the lot unthought unmeant pell-mell undevised disjointed in a mess involuntary disarranged unanticipated flukey blind unprepared unthorough out of order directionless in a shambles wandering at sixes and sevens uncertain littered upside-down disarrayed variable uncritical mussed tumbled dishevelled rumpled mussy tousled disheveled messed unlooked-for hugger-mugger lost inefficient unstructured rushed inattentive undiscerning unmeticulous anarchic in a muddle undiscriminating badly organized uncontrolled promiscuous indifferent goalless pointless unfastidious garbled spur-of-the-moment impromptu dislocated out-of-line out-of-whack untrained heterogeneous uncombed out-of-step out-of-control tumult unrestrained impulsive drifting choppy passing meaningless brief summary chancy incalculable aleatory fortunate mixed-up unguided unconnected nonsensical imperfect faulty botched shabby threadbare inexact junky inaccurate fleeting unscheduled precipitous rash quick unsettled drive-by shuffled otiose fast speedy lazy screwed up without goal without direction not planned uncategorized slaphappy unclassified unregulated tumultuous fragmented scrappy blanket indiscriminating hit and miss indeterminate unintelligible unwarranted baseless unfounded undifferentiating without a goal poor unprofessional non-linear nonuniform frenzied fractal stochastic entropic shot-in-the-dark subconscious possible hitty-missy like a bomb's hit it unpurposeful unfussy ill-thought-out couldn't-care-less well timed unpredicted in total disarray messed up ununified diffuse providential heaven-sent propitious felicitous convenient auspicious expedient timely opportune irrelevant interrupted inchoate broken incohesive uncontinuous easy-going breezy cheerful happy-go-lucky insouciant carefree blithe apt happy apathetic jammy tardy depending likely subject reliant liable probable probably provisional disregardful derelict unthoughtful disinterested unmindful incautious faineant unheeding fainéant fly-by-night haywire vagrant flighty at the mercy of events airy extemporary extempore unstudied off-the-cuff unrehearsed ad-lib improvisational improvised offhanded snap top out of place snarled snafu driftless objectless in a jumble rapid down and dirty lucky-dog half-hearted mechanical slight token uninterested overhasty gadarene precipitate headlong automatic routine flying needless unnecessary shallow swift depthless short half-baked luck out luck in useless vacuous senseless trifling purportless empty witless valueless vapid mindless futile brainless unprofitable feckless inutile insignificant inane unhelpful worthless ridiculous floundering wanky wishy-washy uncalled for good-for-nothing unpurposed uncalled-for profitless barren without rhyme or reason

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