Đồng nghĩa của untrained

Alternative for untrained


Not having been trained in a particular skill
unskilled amateur inexperienced unqualified untaught green raw untutored unpractised unschooled ignorant inexpert non-technical unacquainted unequipped uninformed unversed incapable incompetent uncertificated unchartered uneducated unlicensed dilettante lay new non-professional amateurish illiterate nescient novice uncultivated undisciplined unprepared untamed wild not trained inept unskillful unseasoned unfledged unpracticed immature innocent unprofessional untried unconversant unskilful callow bungling young naive unsophisticated unfit maladroit fresh blundering unworldly nonprofessional unfamiliar uninitiated unaccustomed wet behind the ears clumsy ineffectual crude jackleg tenderfoot undeveloped dilettantish useless awkward inadequate unproficient untested ineffective juvenile adolescent naïve kid unused unhandy slipshod sloppy inapt verdant sophomoric unapt cowboy lacking experience puerile rookie unfitted unformed rude unable inefficient unworkmanlike not cut out for wide-eyed unripened unripe cack-handed unfamiliar with youthful gauche substandard careless ham-fisted untalented fledgling half-baked unproven ill-equipped prentice unaccomplished spring chicken wet behind ears bumbling artless unsuitable floundering inferior deficient slack not equal to wanting ham-handed weak born yesterday can't hack it unsuspecting undependable no good slapdash virgin shoddy unpolished developing budding guileless uninitiate ingenuous menial jejune hopeless botched unknown inproficient unbaked sophomore jellybean infant ineligible skill-less incapacitated bush-league disqualified not up to as green as grass unreliable just starting out primitive not up to scratch not used dewy not dry behind ears unlearned unrehearsed underdeveloped low-skill slovenly disorganized faulty extravagant prodigal shooting blanks improficient inefficacious feeble improvident talentless bland junior fumbling unenlightened ungainly botching bodged insipid girlish boyish inadept undexterous without finesse low-skilled tenderfooted newly arrived nonspecialist ordinary disorganised ungraceful klutzy lacking finesse cold unwary first-time simple unartful gawky unstudied maturing couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery non-specialist dewy-eyed naif naïf simpleminded aw-shucks bad suboptimal subpar negligent fumbled heavy-handed butterfingered lacking lacking ability pathetic all thumbs not given manual labouring insufficient helpless unadapted not good enough all fingers and thumbs second-rate unready unable to do something for toffee a dead loss out to lunch not up to snuff not up to it less capable not have it leaving much to be desired not much cop laboring blue-collar immoral unfitting dishonourable dishonorable nonexpert wrong strange impotent unprecedented novel unheard-of original not cut out incapable of unqualified for untrained for incompetent at unable to do something out of one's element can't make the grade inexperienced in a newbie to unused to unacquainted with newcome too green not given to a newcomer to unconversant with not used to inexperienced at uninstructed a novice at unversed in a stranger unpractised in poor lousy terrible awful unsatisfactory dreadful rotten duff worthless rubbish defective atrocious powerless appalling frightful abysmal pants miserable a load of pants dire execrable bum unacceptable unsuited lame bush wretched dissatisfactory mediocre very bad crummy dismal deplorable laughable horrible punk poxy junky rubbishy trashy cheap trumpery sucky low-grade hapless imperfect unsuccessful incompatible off feckless hamstrung inexpedient counterproductive wack very poor sour diabolical crumby disappointing low-rent cheesy common schlock schlocky gimcrack coarse lamentable sleazy cheapjack grim cut-rate bargain-basement chronic el cheapo broken hack backwards loser inoperative handless graceless left-handed unequal non-qualified regrettable meager unco inelegant mutton-fisted unsound unfortunate not prepared can't cut it disgraceful abominable impaired amiss losing uncool vulnerable dependent frail butterfingers sorry stinking low quality low meagre unequal to the task woeful ropy pits pitiful God-awful paltry egregious not up to something not equal to something out of one's depth not much chop ill second-class not know one's arse from one's elbow no great shakes not up to par third-rate unproductive ill-suited flimsy junk not proper unadvantageous futile inconsistent improper inappropriate limited desperate unspeakable two-bit piss-poor dime-a-dozen tinhorn bodger stupid outrageous for the birds unwelcome harmful unable to do something to save one's life of a sort strictly for the birds


Lacking in knowledge or education
ignorant uneducated illiterate unlearned unread untaught unlettered untutored benighted unknowledgeable unschooled naive simple unenlightened uninformed unscholarly unsophisticated inexperienced mindless nonliterate backward dense stupid superficial thick unaware unintelligent unworldly airheaded dim dopey dumb green innocent obtuse unintellectual unqualified witless daft shallow uncomprehending unconversant analphabetic cretinous dozy imbecilic moronic birdbrained chowderheaded divvy dof dotish glaikit hebete uninitiated uninstructed empty-headed pig-ignorant slow on the uptake thick as two short planks as thick as two short planks not the full shilling as green as grass wet behind the ears dead from the neck up in the dark a brick short of a load two sandwiches short of a picnic dark rude uncultured uncultivated nescient unwitting oblivious unconscious unversed insensible misinformed unmindful apprenticed unsuspecting unaccomplished ill-educated ill-informed blind to natural inerudite instinctive unknowing uncivilized philistine vulgar uncivilised clueless incognizant unacquainted blind catachrestic solecistic out of the loop lowbrow uncouth artless unpractised unrefined poorly educated unable to read and write unforced spontaneous inherent born innate unstudious brainless slow vacuous thickheaded unsmart slow-witted thick-witted softheaded idiotic half-witted dull foolish fatuous lamebrained boneheaded doltish oafish lamebrain chuckleheaded bonehead opaque gormless knuckleheaded pinheaded dorky lunkheaded dunderheaded senseless dopy silly bubbleheaded weak-minded dim-witted brain-dead primitive unpolished lowbrowed childlike crude unstudied uncomplicated feeble-minded underdeveloped low-browed undeveloped simpleminded vapid goofy scatterbrained inane soft dippy thoughtless batty dappy giddy know-nothing dotty harebrained dizzy vacant screwy frivolous featherbrained hare-brained scatty pea-brain skittish soft in the head ditzy feather-brained pea-brained flighty credulous feeble caught napping out of it inattentive deaf not knowing blank out to lunch not told unbriefed daydreaming not informed negligent


(colloquial) Weak in character, lacking determination or willpower
soft weak weakened meek wimpy wimpish prostrate prostrated frail fragile fatigued lackadaisical listless passionless sick sickly sluggish tepid unenthusiastic unexcited unhealthy unfit uninterested unwell unwilling weakly weary tired strengthless spindly spent shaky languorous indisposed incapacitated ill helpless enfeebled exhausted blasé apathetic ailing anaemic anemic feeble enervated debilitated asthenic sapped softened limp infirm languid out of shape rickety unsteady effete delicate slight faint wasted unsubstantial tender down-and-out low weakling spineless nerveless invertebrate characterless wet wishy-washy limp-wristed namby-pamby weak-kneed milk-and-water drained deteriorated flagging faded undermined unnerved devitalized worn out hindered hampered decrepit encumbered drooping declining rundown done in vitiated rusty paralyzed run-down paralysed withered ravaged atrophied deteriorating wilted haggard degenerative susceptible fallible malleable impotent vulnerable impressionable errant defenceless washed out out of gas gone to seed on the ropes out of condition imperfect flawed erring resistless depleted diminished easily tempted defenseless easily led rendered feeble run down below par under the weather out of sorts peaky off poorly ropy crummy crook lousy seedy wabbit not oneself queer off colour not up to snuff slightly unwell not well liverish queasy nauseous not very well funny rough peculiar not in good shape grotty not yourself not a hundred percent bad rotten peaked down beat pooped bedridden off-color sick as a dog worn-out low-energy burned out laid low broken-down laid-up tuckered out out-of-action a wreck in poor health out of commission tired out peakish knackered not feeling up to snuff in bad shape


Behaving badly, with a lack of self-control
undisciplined unruly wayward disobedient disorderly obstreperous uncontrolled wild wilful delinquent disruptive insubordinate intractable naughty perverse recalcitrant refractory unrestrained attention-seeking contrary errant mutinous rebellious turbulent badly behaved capricious uncontrollable ungovernable unschooled unsteady bolshie contumacious stroppy defiant headstrong inconsistent mischievous noncompliant out of control out of hand riotous ungoverned unmanageable lacking self-control rowdy fractious difficult willful boisterous froward stubborn lawless untoward irrepressible rough uncooperative violent restive noisy troublesome incompliant balky rebel recusant obstinate incorrigible unbridled unconstrained awkward intemperate abandoned chaotic unchecked self-willed ill-disciplined uninhibited unbounded uproarious anarchic rampant obdurate raucous loud troublemaking incontrollable indocile rumbustious unhampered uncurbed unhindered unbiddable immoderate rollicking impetuous rascally rude uncompliant roguish roisterous rambunctious clamorous unfettered runaway untrammelled unrestricted non-compliant reckless rampageous impish uncontainable raw misbehaving indomitable wanton unyielding unrestrainable tough unsuppressed undisciplinable untrammeled hysterical exasperating problematic free tumultuous mean knockabout impossible rackety robustious lawbreaking hell-raising insurgent annoying truculent disturbing full-on ugly unimpeded bad quarrelsome licentious rash trying independent ornery badly-behaved upsetting unconventional aggressive exuberant pervicacious inconvenient seditious pugnacious unlimited lively unaccommodating hard belligerent resistant unconfined insuppressible vociferous rip-roaring excessive unsettling unwilling roistering excited renitent rioting irritating romping unpredictable obstinately disobedient bothersome unquenchable unstoppable outrageous brawling anarchical profligate bold loose heedless incontinent erratic vexatious crazy madcap berserk insurrectionary cantankerous tiresome demanding irksome impulsive impervious imprudent forward assertive drunken opinionated bawdy inexorable playful loudmouthed out-of-line bloody-minded running wild impotent out-of-order thorny wrong wicked mulish immoral tricksy brattish scampish puckish prankish self-indulgent fiendish gallus out of line impudent insolent ill-behaved unpliable pesky nasty troublous wearisome frenzied devilish argumentative full of mischief unsubduable nonobservant brutal resistive robust loutish vicious limit untamed irresponsible untameable distracting extrovert roughhouse thuggish swaggering swashbuckling cavalier unconcealed crazed rabid enthusiastic divisive fickle corybantic incautious irrational active animated two-fisted rugged factious dissentious treacherous disaffected uncomplying antisocial thrilled raving overexcited bouncy without law and order nuts insurmountable disrupting off-base radge ebullient spirited vibrant frisky high-spirited unlawful giddy flighty wild and woolly individualistic freethinking maverick strong overwhelming intense freaked overpowering resisting insubmissive radical opposing withstanding unbearable undependable intolerable indisciplined deranged disorganised turbid hedonistic uncontained helter-skelter disorganized disordered revolutionary unreasonable aberrant arbitrary artful termagant causing trouble liberated beside oneself drunk misbehaved cross-grained strong-willed in high spirits clangorous like a loose cannon tempestuous unbending out-of-control dysfunctional raunchy kiddish infantile ill-natured sly frolicsome foxy ruffianly thoughtless immature childish inconsiderate disrespectful rampaging freewheeling individual effervescent strident energetic vociferant over-the-top fast and loose impolite on-a-tear inflexible bull-headed uncompromising incurable inordinate unshackled sinful untimely unfortunate adverse stiff-necked intransigent unmalleable unadaptable natural boundless teasing worthless decontrolled unregimented whiny petulant evil rock-ribbed inopportune unfavorable unfavourable unbound footloose piercing screaming booming strepitous blusterous bellicose confrontational combative unrepressed unanticipated ill-timed unexpected raising Cain insoluble hard-line pat pigheaded locked resolute immovable tenacious knotty pertinacious socially impaired hot-tempered disturbed fierce hostile maladjusted scrappy free-spirited spontaneous dissolute frank flamboyant candid audacious impertinent extravagant indiscriminate blunt saturnalian plenary open exaggerated bizarre limitless bad-mannered raising the roof sullen malicious peevish unforeseen disastrous unusual surprising unpredicted mistimed worrying worrisome locked in tough nut hang tough taxing unlucky unwelcome infelicitous inauspicious inapt unsuitable inappropriate tricky vexing perturbing nagging distressing inimical malapropos badly timed unseasonable furious niggling maddening infuriating unpropitious misfortunate unpleasant hapless ill-starred star-crossed luckless plaguy pestiferous arduous concerning pestilential oppressive harassing unsubmissive burdensome disquieting discomposing troubling aggravating laborious discomforting importunate pestilent not controlled murder heavy uphill infestive dangerous alarming damaging painful repressive messy adamant dogged unrelenting hardheaded determined bullheaded implacable firm adamantine hard-nosed hardened steadfast relentless rigid single-minded inconvincible ossified self-opinionated persistent cussed indurate fixed unwavering unpersuadable unshakeable strict iron-willed unflinching strong-minded grim contrarious stubborn as a mule persevering stiff thrawn harsh unshakable rigorous stringent disobliging obstructive severe dissident iron hardline set in one's ways diehard unhelpful stern steely dissentient nonconformist hard-core remorseless brassbound pig-headed draconian exacting staunch hard and fast unswayable pitiless wrong-headed unbendable deaf to reason militant antagonistic authoritarian challenging negative resolved prickly extreme unsparing die-hard drastic unrepentant hard-boiled merciless touchy austere unsympathetic heavy-handed no-nonsense dyed-in-the-wool alienated dogmatic not giving an inch dead set on malcontent standing one's ground haughty purposeful contentious blinkered stalwart iconoclastic picky subversive nonconforming dour undeviating insistent mule insurrectionist dissenting uptight disciplinary cast-iron unresponsive disputatious threatening unmovable ruthless decided heady sharp solid unfaltering unmoved unappeasable dead set stony cruel domineering crabby iron-fisted sensitive immutable irritable hardhearted as stubborn as a mule delicate opinionative feisty chippy callous unsentimental tyrannical set in stone unforgiving cool stand pat hard to handle hard-hearted hard-bitten estranged irreconcilable unconverted unreformed biased illogical renegade inveterate unbudgeable cross intent morose malevolent maleficent spiteful malign assiduous indefatigable tireless forceful narrow-minded shrewish heretical prejudiced intolerant stiffened negativistic averse loath reluctant indisposed hesitant decisive pushy mullish hidebound up in arms with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way unregenerate unalterable apostate schismatic traitorous unorthodox mutinying durable immalleable unbreakable unreceptive boneheaded ungiving unchangeable convinced unimpressible aloof proud inalterable forbidding illiberal bullhead uncompassionate unemotional daring provocative disloyal hard-shell locked-in cold fish proof against persuasion hanging tough problem puritanical invariable with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in contrariant discordant arsey paradoxical disagreeing unflexible crisp doctrinaire restless anarchistic warring armed sabotaging treasonable attacking set tough nut to crack set in your ways wrongheaded antipathetic converse stuffy unpermissive do or die hold one's ground dug in hold the fort standing pat hard as nails sticking to one's guns hold the line disciplinarian ascetical by the book absolute pressing astringent uncharitable imperious dire browbeating formidable ascetic autocratic grave anti overbearing unamenable hard to please fussy sassy gutsy disregardful cheeky dareful fastidious boorish finicky flinty hard-hitting against opposed ready for a fight categorical cramped complex bulky discommodious incommodious disagreeable oafish bearish irascible discontented dissatisfied spoiling for a fight cold testy choosy snappy temperamental querulous critical grumbly uncaring ferocious brick-wall vexed captious disputative hypercritical huffy overcritical particular over-particular dictatorial ungracious finical invidious crotchety uppity sour hard to satisfy perfectionist difficult to handle desperate ramrod hostile to averse to inimical to opposed to ticklish puzzling baffling stony-hearted hard-shelled unfailing undying perplexing sharp-witted clear-sighted shrewd smart canny savvy clear-eyed knowing astute unenthusiastic about grievous onerous sticky intricate catchy everlasting enduring inextinguishable eternal unfading undue punishing punitive crippling bitter hardhanded disinclined to accept reluctant to accept unwilling to accept dead set against problematical hairy mystifying exorbitant unconscionable swingeing towering unmerciful searing murderous excruciating overweening steep imperishable lasting unremitting indestructible constant unconcerned indifferent oblivious overextravagant insane plethoric baroque overmuch overdue inhuman dodgy spiny level-headed rational logical businesslike sober sensible great unhearing unmoved by unconcerned with insensible to unaffected by unconscious of impervious to dispassionate about oblivious to deaf unresponsive to unaware untouched by indifferent to unaware of unmindful of unaffected heedless of to listen blind


Not done or acting according to a fixed plan or system
unmethodical unsystematic disorganised disorganized disorderly chaotic haphazard uncoordinated unplanned undirected unpremeditated confused indiscriminate jumbled muddled slapdash cluttered dislocated heterogeneous out-of-control out-of-line out-of-step out-of-whack scrambled slovenly topsy-turvy tumult unarranged uncombed undisciplined unkempt unorganised unorganized unrestrained unsystematized casual messy orderless scattered systemless mixed up all over the place sloppy hit-or-miss random careless shambolic slipshod disordered erratic thoughtless untidy lax negligent higgledy-piggledy lackadaisical slack heedless neglectful all over the shop offhand arbitrary remiss loose irregular slap-happy desultory perfunctory unselective cursory in disarray unthorough shoddy aimless hasty hurried pell-mell all over the map unstructured inefficient helter-skelter disarranged thrown together anarchic rumpled unmeticulous littered reckless upside-down mussy out of order out of place badly organized hugger-mugger at sixes and sevens all over the lot last-minute unthinking willy-nilly unconsidered clumsy catch-as-catch-can stray designless purposeless disheveled unprepared discombobulated imperfect botched shabby threadbare faulty inexact junky inaccurate incoherent disarrayed haywire disjointed mussed tumbled messed tousled hit or miss unconcerned dishevelled tangled in a mess inattentive lazy irresponsible nonchalant improvident snarled uncategorized unclassified fitful sporadic fragmented scrappy unregulated uncritical undiscriminating unfastidious poor unprofessional scattershot stirred up ruffled undiscerning undifferentiating couldn't-care-less upset unclear blind in total disarray tangly like a dog's breakfast broken like a dog's dinner in a muddle every which way out of kilter straggly misplaced displaced knotted shuffled tossed wild fly-by-night out-of-place in confusion mussed up disregardful disinterested derelict unmindful tardy incautious apathetic otiose faineant unheeding unthoughtful indifferent fainéant thrown-together snafu mixed-up top in a jumble accidental chance hit-and-miss fluky incidental spontaneous sudden devil-may-care unexpected fluke unconscious any which way any old way

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