Đồng nghĩa của unadaptable

Alternative for unadaptable

unadaptable /'ʌnə'dæptəbl/
  • tính từ
    • không biết thích nghi; không biết tuỳ thời, không tuỳ cơ ứng biến

Tính từ

Refusing to change one's position, attitude or opinion
stubborn obstinate headstrong obdurate wilful adamant uncompromising unyielding dogged indurate resolute bolshie firm inexorable perverse relentless unmalleable pigheaded recalcitrant refractory stalwart steadfast hardheaded immovable mulish ornery restive willful contrary fixed opinionated persevering rigid awkward indomitable intransigent ossified pertinacious steely adamantine cantankerous determined implacable unbending unpersuadable balky cussed persistent tenacious unflinching unshakable contumacious hardened inconvincible intractable tough unshakeable bullheaded froward hard inflexible uncooperative unrelenting bloody-minded bull-headed cross-grained hard-nosed iron-willed rock-ribbed self-opinionated self-willed single-minded stiff-necked strong-minded strong-willed set in one's ways stubborn as a mule pig-headed unaccommodating difficult disobedient obstreperous pat wayward unruly wild strict hidebound stringent rigorous iron incurable uncontrollable ungovernable fractious blinkered dyed-in-the-wool undisciplined unmanageable immutable diehard unchangeable brassbound rebel recusant untoward insubordinate defiant incompliant rebellious unswayable staunch uncompliant hard and fast unpliable insoluble hard-line locked thorny knotty problematic indocile standing one's ground unreasonable obstructive locked in tough nut hang tough disobliging unwilling unamenable unhelpful set in your ways inconsiderate unresponsive unsupportive thrawn troublesome tiresome sticky stroppy truculent not cooperative contrarious pervicacious renitent annoying vexatious mutinous trying noncompliant wrong-headed capricious exasperating crabby ill-natured disputatious stiff irritable unpredictable resistant argumentative prickly touchy undisciplinable obstinately disobedient chippy dogmatic opinionative negative hard to handle dead set on deaf to reason contentious peevish morose incorrigible shrewish as stubborn as a mule with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way belligerent resolved unbendable unalterable unmoved unbreakable heady incontrollable remorseless convinced not giving an inch contrariant nonconforming adverse dissident discordant arsey nonconformist disagreeing antagonistic paradoxical hostile vexing pesky resisting opposing insubmissive withstanding radical antipathetic converse inimical wrongheaded dissentient complex bulky incommodious cramped disagreeable discommodious demanding with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in overbearing hard to please fussy grim difficult to handle picky boorish fastidious finicky tyrannical blocking stalling restrictive inhibiting delaying pitiless dissatisfied bearish irascible oafish discontented unconstructive hindering grumbly querulous testy choosy snappy temperamental irritating impolite uptight quarrelsome critical rude sour frustrating disruptive making difficulties oppressive overcritical dictatorial hypercritical importunate finical huffy vexed invidious fiendish delicate captious sensitive hard to satisfy crotchety uppity feisty perfectionist particular over-particular disputative ungracious

Tính từ

(of a rule or discipline) Rigidly enforced, typically demanding total obedience or observance
strict stringent rigid rigorous regimented uncompromising exacting inflexible controlled disciplined firm ironclad tight binding confining fixed resolute set invariable unwavering unalterable undeviating changeless immutable unchanging draconian unchangeable unvarying cast-iron closely controlled hard-line iron-fisted rigidly enforced strictly controlled procrustean remove hard unbending severe unyielding immovable unshakeable hard-and-fast stern harsh incommutable tough authoritarian adamant intransigent brassbound determined bullheaded inalterable obdurate steadfast adamantine unrelenting inexorable unpermissive stiff heavy-handed dead set hard and fast set in stone established entrenched rooted austere unswerving exact irreversible concrete bound static incompliant ramrod unmoving definite locked in tough nut to crack single-minded writ in stone strait-laced cut-and-dried decided upon complex rule-bound complicated brittle unflexible unbendable bureaucratic officious involved by the book inextensible inductile stable oppressive dour nonstretchable inelastic non-stretchable forbidding disciplinary illiberal picky grim uptight intractable headstrong hardline indurate obstinate pertinacious puritanical solid relentless stubborn stuffy unsparing unpersuadable no-nonsense merciless hard-nosed ruthless cruel pitiless unforgiving dyed-in-the-wool unflinching drastic extreme demanding fierce implacable callous rough tyrannical unsympathetic dogged remorseless uncharitable brick-wall hardheaded hardened unappeasable hardhearted mulish stiff-necked dead set on ossified hard-hearted forceful drawing compelling convincing valid powerful acrimonious final by the numbers settled fast determinate inordinate unreasonable grave unbreakable inexpugnable outrageous excessive extortionate dire punishing hardhanded punitive heavy formidable hard-core imperious pressing autocratic swingeing penal resolved absolute browbeating ascetic astringent ascetical domineering heartless disciplinarian unfeeling sky-high iron-handed inhuman unmerciful insensitive inhumane brutal stony compassionless soulless affectless ironhearted stoney stonyhearted barbarous pachydermatous insensate desensitized unpitying mean intolerant cutthroat wanton thick-skinned stony-hearted hard-boiled desensitised uncalled-for slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners cut-throat mean machine having a killer instinct dog-eat-dog cold-blooded case-hardened sedulous unflagging assiduous unstoppable tireless willful self-willed inconvincible wilful pat opinionated pigheaded perverse self-opinionated steely unabated insistent mortal tenacious hard-headed indefatigable unmovable pounding bound and determined hanging tough

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