Đồng nghĩa của brassbound

Tính từ

Strict or exacting in standards
strict rigorous rigid inflexible uncompromising stringent exacting cast-iron hard-line stern severe tough firm harsh hard demanding set unyielding unwavering intransigent unbending unpermissive hard and fast fixed unchangeable unalterable immutable extreme stiff unvarying hard-nosed unshakeable undeviating unsparing austere adamant invariable draconian steadfast immovable hard-and-fast unadaptable authoritarian inexorable oppressive single-minded ramrod heavy-handed set in stone established entrenched incommutable inalterable rooted imperious locked solid spartan despotic relentless cruel savage ironhanded onerous flinty hard to please intractable immoderate diehard militant staunch hard-core indurate hard-boiled ungiving unrelenting stand pat unswerving exact irreversible obdurate resolute concrete bound determined unchanging static incompliant not giving an inch unmoving definite changeless bullheaded locked in dead set writ in stone strait-laced tough nut to crack cut-and-dried decided upon tight binding forceful drawing picky convincing valid powerful dyed-in-the-wool brick-wall ironclad rough acrimonious compelling iron-fisted confining poignant by the numbers by the book dead set on obstinate stubborn headstrong hardened hardheaded dogged pertinacious stiff-necked implacable tenacious perverse mulish pigheaded wilful adamantine willful opinionated self-willed ossified pat hardline unmalleable inconvincible self-opinionated bloody-minded unflinching unpersuadable settled unaccommodating bull-headed refractory difficult merciless pitiless deep-dyed long-standing uncooperative indomitable inveterate grim committed iron-willed ruthless explicit balky callous die-hard unshakable unsympathetic fierce fractious unmanageable hard-hearted tyrannical unforgiving dedicated unappeasable dour remorseless deep intrenched deep-rooted bred-in-the-bone deep-seated confirmed disciplinary contrary unfaltering uptight awkward recalcitrant unswayable resolved unsentimental cynical faithful devoted narrow-minded incurable seasoned stalwart determinate drastic no-nonsense true decided cantankerous obstreperous dogmatic insistent uncharitable stony hard-bitten hard-hitting overbearing unreasonable unamenable fussy froward formidable persistent inexpugnable domineering trying perfectionist importunate hard as nails hard-shelled tiresome troublesome hypercritical querulous hang tough hard to satisfy over-particular dictatorial critical winner-take-all zero-sum high-stake win-or-lose unbudgeable forbidding illiberal regimented all-or-nothing final strong controlled disciplined rugged categorical set-on one-sided challenging puritanical fast stuffy complicated reactionary traditionalist conservative unbreakable brutal cold cool crisp doctrinaire unflexible ultra-conservative unprogressive desperate uncaring stony-hearted two-fisted pugnacious ferocious grave mortal closely controlled strictly controlled rigidly enforced dug in standing pat disciplinarian dire ascetical absolute hardhearted browbeating ascetic pressing astringent autocratic do or die sticking to one's guns standing one's ground hold the line hold one's ground hold the fort out-and-out sworn deadly bitter remove radical blimpish irreconcilable unruly wayward obscene pornographic X-rated wild demeaning over-rigorous clamorous quibbling over-strict overexacting disparaging serious judgmental needy possessive hairsplitting caviling over-exacting disapproving fault-finding sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous carping censorious censuring cavillous cavilling nagging over-censorious high-maintenance exigent disobedient ungovernable uncontrollable fogyish stick-in-the-mud conformist undisciplined unwaivering contumacious rebellious restive untoward defiant rock-ribbed rebel recusant insubordinate case-hardened assertive whole-hearted emphatic chronic habitual constant insoluble thorny unpliable tough nut problematic knotty indocile in earnest decisive dominant purposeful stable certain intent prevailing sure unshaken persevering unqualified perennial lifelong thorough devout going bent positive consistent fiery through and through torrid enduring loyal proved sicker fervent irredeemable earnest vehement unreformable fanatical compulsive well established indelible ineradicable deep-set red-hot thoroughgoing zealous complete hard-shell staid wholehearted impenitent incorrigible ingrained obsessive ardent all-consuming firmly established bona fide card-carrying longtime long-established supreme well-established accustomed unapologetic inured unashamed habituated unfeeling thick-skinned inhumane heartless compassionless desensitized soulless cold-blooded pachydermatous insensitive insensate stonyhearted stoney affectless slash-and-burn inhuman take-no-prisoners hard-headed unmerciful ironhearted world-weary do-or-die never-failing hell-bent on strong-willed hell-bent upon bent on bent upon through-and-through indurated boorish argumentative fastidious finicky lacking sentiment hard-edged as tough as old boots toughened by experience desensitised as hard as nails grumbly disobliging strong-minded irritable set in one's ways finical vexed unpredictable testy hard to handle invidious choosy fiendish captious snappy sensitive ill-natured temperamental crotchety ornery uppity touchy chippy feisty quarrelsome disputative sour oafish discontented cussed prickly dissatisfied rude bearish crabby thrawn huffy stroppy negative delicate irritating contrarious overcritical wrong-headed impolite opinionative disputatious irascible obstructive particular bolshie ungracious stiffened renitent immalleable unmovable durable uncompliant

Tính từ

Tending to favor the status quo and averse to change
traditional conservative orthodox unprogressive reactionary ultraconservative paleoconservative standpat hidebound archconservative mossbacked traditionalistic old-school old-fashioned old-line button-down buttoned-down die-hard conventional right inflexible Tory fogyish traditionalist illiberal rightist rigid dyed-in-the-wool firm unimaginative uncompromising diehard blimpish intransigent conformist intolerant established stable right-wing timid unchanging obscurantist sober quiet guarded ultra-conservative retrogressive regressive counterrevolutionary undaring unchangeable uncreative obstinate controlled constant bourgeois steady redneck fearful middle-of-the-road strait-laced outdated fuddy-duddy white bread old line holding to not extreme hard hat old guard right of center in a rut convinced extremist immovable philistine unreconstructed stuffy boring cautious moderate unenterprising unadventurous safe careful prudent alt-right temperate counter-revolutionary Birchite unreceptive mediaeval backward-looking medieval bigoted unreasonable prehistoric set in one's ways stick in the mud historical former ancestral narrow past prejudiced biased old ancient folk prior historic dogmatic fundamentalist set bygone familial family fanatical puritan jaundiced intractable individualistic parochial long-established from the past old-world lineal old-style oral outmoded of yore out-of-date unwritten handed-down narrow-minded small-minded received accepted approved petty-minded popular common close-minded recognized mainstream regular correct proper normal hard-line set in your ways customary official authoritative usual set in one's opinions fixed in one's views prevailing doctrinal authorized prevalent standard canonical ordinary unoriginal familiar acknowledged unheretical well established routine well-established derivative kosher punctilious legitimate religious sanctioned straight rightful sound admitted square recognised authorised pious bien pensant straight arrow in line by the numbers according to the book general stock habitual typical expected average classical everyday accustomed characteristic commonplace classic universal widespread representative current natural archetypal archetypical wonted unexceptional fitting suitable quintessential model standardized ideal fixed typic formal prototypical respectable emblematic indicative standardised befitting prescriptive fit exemplary matter-of-course ubiquitous prototypal time-honoured true predominant settled acceptable confirmed illustrative run-of-the-mill symbolic appropriate paradigmatic bog-standard apt essential going comme il faut in keeping in character old hat suggestive archetypic regulation patterned prototypic seemly de rigueur overall majority shared time-honored decent decorous fashionable legal public becoming rife household vanilla genteel done well-known standard-issue proverbial chronic conforming widely held lawful ruling polite stereotypical proven refined just understood prosaic valid daily unremarkable predictable plain legit garden-variety warranted frequent allowed moral cut-and-dried cut-and-dry garden variety in circulation in vogue statutory due wide collective generic endorsed nice fair pervasive broad reliable ritual widely used good staple basic mannerly sensible quotidian applicable licensed judicious prescribed workaday accredited stereotyped vulgar precise simple documented meet well-mannered de règle civilized OK virtuous stipulated common or garden comely permitted ceremonious day-to-day honest agreed upon puritanical civilised well worn okay licenced Pooterish tried and true tried and tested stick-in-the-mud on the level par for the course across the board by the book in force on the up and up lamestream favoured extensive central definitive undoubted uncontested undisputed unquestioned canonic core textbook agreed ethnocentric purist imitable dominant primary circumspect discerning net protocol in order plastic white-bread so-so grind favored great signature touted boilerplate presentational socially acceptable couth courtly unopposed passed okayed preferred discreet abiding favourite comfortable favorite done thing one-size-fits-all standard operating procedure playing it safe sop same old wont in the groove according to Hoyle acquired honored enduring immortal ageless mutual diplomatic stilted stiff stiff-necked starchy tralatitious apposite staid hackneyed derived suburban lasting timeless traditionary stodgy known inveterate inherent symptomatic consistent fogeyish tasteful dignified right stuff honoured congruous adopted intermutual embraced united commutual like renowned believed immemorial strict Biedermeier straight-laced small-town ceremonial of the old school anticipated foreseeable foreseen arrived at mass pukka presentable dependable in established usage entrenched formulaic distinctive likely unsurprising idiosyncratic distinguishing declared recognizable identified perceived serious highbrow right-leaning authentic memorable unforgettable ritualistic undying deathless dated native clichéd cliched realized remembered certified national blanket communal overarching global joint outright out of the ark behind the times out of date heavy symphonic concert heavyweight authenticated realised recognisable professed deserved comprehensive rampant true to form to be expected validated obedient to the right trustworthy right wing unquestioning astute merited only to be expected on the cards … all over true to type total sweeping epidemic nationwide societal wholesale verified widely recognized commonly accepted generally accepted deep-rooted ingrained compulsory signed sealed ratified wise sagacious intelligent officially recognized bona fide rooted secure unshakable vested permanent signed and sealed ordered straight from the horse's mouth cleared decisive cathedral positive real decided conclusive ex cathedra definite and delivered ex officio obligatory mandatory necessary required condign competent justified earned broad-spectrum across-the-board broad-brush all-round all-around percipient perceptive shrewd licit permissible allowable legalized admissible reasonable constitutional upright socially obligatory a must called for au fait holding water requisite fly moralistic faithful tried-and-true ethical principled noble reputable twenty-four carat significant well deserved card-carrying in principle equitable well earned right-minded legalised within the law conforming to accepted standards above board going by the rules accurate exact gentlemanly qualified felicitous pretty desired suited ladylike demure modest honourable sedate honorable courteous prim prudish priggish prissy most common

Tính từ

Marked by, or displaying, a boldness of character
cheeky impudent bold insolent brazen impertinent brash fresh audacious saucy cocky sassy nervy cocksure wise brassy arch brazen-faced bold-faced forward presumptuous rude pert flip shameless disrespectful arrogant smart-alecky contumelious discourteous lippy malapert bold as brass mouthy smart brass-necked pushy unmannerly irreverent insubordinate ill-mannered defiant barefaced overbold impolite bumptious mannerless bad-mannered unabashed blatant unblushing out of line crude insulting flippant inconsiderate smug immodest overconfident smart-arsed disdainful hubristic self-assertive procacious arrant self-confident forceful smart-assed self-assured as bold as brass full of yourself conceited pompous loud uncivil haughty overweening proud egotistical vain supercilious overfamiliar unashamed lordly vainglorious lofty boastful mischievous opinionated familiar unembarrassed patronizing uppish confident flashy flagrant ungracious in-your-face shocking outrageous showy offensive overbearing obtrusive blustering thoughtless assuming presuming patronising hotshot meddlesome intrusive ill-bred gritty off-base self-important snippy swollen-headed high and mighty crass fearless brave plucky boldfaced snippety cool feisty temeritous bantam combative volatile weisenheiming unconcerned free unreserved unshrinking undisguised swaggering spirited naughty ballsy presumptive assumptive smarty tawdry meretricious spunky indecent gutsy bald-faced sure positive certain jaunty not backwards in coming forwards coming on strong self-satisfied wise guy smart aleck know-it-all smart guy smarty pants personal unhandsome tactless unmannered uncalled-for unsubtle undiplomatic assertive thrusting abusive contemptuous meddling prying inquisitive incongruous unsuitable interfering nosy disgracious impish strident harsh noisy blaring off base smart alecky smart-mouthed grating jarring effervescent impulsive brazenfaced trashy impetuous self-asserting aggressive pushing incautious impolitic full of oneself rash hotheaded bright uppity hasty vivacious heedless precipitate headlong untactful maladroit raucous piercing lacking civility bad mannered thundering cacophonous deafening booming jangling dissonant shrill out-of-line imperative peremptory breezy magisterial dictatorial discordant gaudy ear-splitting vulgar jazzy tinny loud-mouthed garish put down hard high-pitched metallic loudmouthed flirtatious cavalier throwing one's weight around scornful superior imperious sniffy pretentious high-handed disparaging high-and-mighty snooty derisive derogatory highfalutin huffy egotistic hifalutin condescending toplofty toploftical snobbish snotty stiff-necked boorish masterful stuck-up huffish high-hat churlish chesty scurrilous dismissive important domineering uncouth hoity-toity uncomplimentary aloof degrading prideful offhand slighting curt vituperative brusque narcissistic toffee-nosed blunt bossy pejorative belittling ignorant denigratory oafish opprobrious sneering sarcastic mocking loutish improper puffed up ungallant graceless ungentlemanly bigheaded unladylike defamatory vituperatory coarse rough snobby scathing unpleasant stuck up bloated sharp ostentatious blasphemous autocratic scoffing egoistic egoistical disagreeable vitriolic unrefined pontifical abrupt elitist swellheaded invective self-conceited biggity short facetious humiliating self-opinionated biggety gruff surly scurrile scurril truculent cute affronting withering obnoxious reproachful reviling slanderous deprecatory egocentric libellous smarty-pants smart-aleck affected bragging libelous abhorrent officious self-centered self-righteous objectionable selfish self-serving self-centred unrepentant cold-shoulder self-affected self-promoting self-engrossed self-congratulatory self-contented self-adulatory self-glorifying big-headed indelicate orgulous unchivalrous indecorous obloquious underbred sullen wounding calumniating hurtful overt sacrilegious profane impious misbehaved despotic tyrannical gross hardened abandoned jeering aweless crusty depraved profligate unconcealed dissolute incorrigible unprincipled censorious inappropriate reprobate sardonic maligning unchaste lewd immoral fancy-pants derogative depreciative detractive full of contempt assured without shame jumped up obvious too big for your boots foul on an ego trip unfriendly insouciant glib violent berating unceremonious badly behaved witty ungenteel indifferent unkind inaffable derisory displeasing authoritarian scolding iconoclastic terse oppressive scandalous transparent jocular provocative exceptionable open whimsical tongue-in-cheek insensitive provoking castigating vilifying unacceptable reprehensible vexing coercive demeaning snide decrying depreciatory denigrative wanton upbraiding bullish censurable daring irreverential unhallowed ungodly unholy calumniatory traducing naked upsetting iron-handed humorous malign forthright low-bred disapproving bare-faced tyrannous autocratical authoritative tyrannic critical malicious pushful injurious sharp-tongued unapologetic despicable imperial regnant commanding on your high horse on high horse too big for one's breeches too big for one's boots holier-than-thou self-respecting putting on airs blusterous boldface heavy bad irritable moody uncourteous casual acerbic virulent ill-behaved rustic inurbane uninterested amoral gauche ill undismayed undaunted unfilial profanatory overhasty previous premature foolhardy hostile cursory off perfunctory highhanded bitter grandiose mortifying ranting denunciatory uncivilized take-it-or-leave-it pococurante offish uncultured uncultivated raunchy raw roughneck tacky cheap common annoying irritating indulgent overindulgent over-free relaxed depreciating cynical hypercritical inhospitable unfortunate remote swanky tony persnickety unawed unflinching careless frank temerarious standoffish self-aggrandizing loudmouth high puffed-up chirpy dapper dashing keen ill-humored amusing playful uncivilised uninhibited jokey ambitious discrediting overassertive direct dominating heavy-handed corrupt poised composed abashless unaffected unshamed unrestrained frivolous overfriendly airy wiseguy aristocratic distasteful bullying rejecting contemning averse despising antipathetic unsympathetic scouting repudiating high-flown throwing one's weight about exasperating ill-humoured tolerant free-and-easy superficial catty repulsive ridiculing biting overproud dogmatic shallow irresponsible carefree disgusting deplorable unwelcome undesirable contemptible insufferable repugnant galling embarrassing reproving castigatory over-assertive impenitent remorseless lording it turning up your nose at looking down your nose at insupportable intolerable preponderant demanding ascendant prevalent stuffy funny comical detestable puckish beyond the pale light-hearted out of order on one's high horse damaging hateful venomous patent glaring aspersive calumnious autarchic clever pointed ingenious strict iron-fisted subjugating controlling draconian libeling denigrating debasing excoriating offending defaming malevolent libelling shaming disgracing damning dishonoring despiteful injuring dishonouring hurting abasing vile malignant reproaching spiteful manifest evident severe dominant strong-willed arbitrary uncharitable palpable agile highbrowed highbrow bantering apt droll incisive quick adept nimble jesting ready smooth nifty quick-witted unmistakable pronounced conspicuous sheer clear crabbed in driver's seat crack the whip straightforward bald outright yokelish bounderish noticeable undeniable flaunting rank indisputable cut-and-dried striking unmitigated egregious taunting snazzy protrusive deliberate glitzy prominent screaming crying in plain sight hard-nosed temperamental upstage high hat dog it

Tính từ

Not bendable
uncompliant intractable obdurate unbending uncompromising firm adamant perverse inflexible dogged implacable headstrong refractory willful rigid unyielding intransigent mulish relentless inexorable recalcitrant unrelenting pertinacious contumacious determined opinionated steadfast fixed adamantine bullheaded hardheaded pigheaded rebellious unmanageable balky insubordinate incompliant unbendable tenacious iron remorseless cussed unshakable persistent untoward persevering unreasonable cantankerous tough grim ornery mule stiff-necked single-minded self-willed die-hard set in one's ways stubborn noncompliant non-compliant obstinate immovable resolute steely strict stringent rigorous unadaptable hidebound blinkered unaccommodating dyed-in-the-wool hard-nosed hardened ossified pat immutable diehard self-opinionated hard inconvincible wilful unchangeable iron-willed set in your ways unswayable standing one's ground staunch indomitable hard and fast unwavering unshakeable unflinching indurate strong-willed bloody-minded unswerving unpersuadable unmalleable unappeasable bull-headed dead set on harsh resolved indefatigable stiff insistent hard-line stern unfaltering tireless assiduous hardline unsparing uncooperative unflagging set strong-minded bound locked in stubborn as a mule set in stone severe stalwart bolshie steady contrary merciless purposeful pitiless ruthless decided sedulous importunate dead set cross-grained bound and determined pig-headed unmovable hanging tough deaf to reason dour draconian cruel unstoppable exacting restive defiant unbreakable untiring intent stable unforgiving froward unalterable difficult undeviating dogmatic cast-iron iron-fisted rock-ribbed rugged hard as nails hard-core not giving an inch brick-wall standing pat unremitting formidable inalterable oppressive game stiffened stroppy resistant authoritarian unmoved heady opinionative renitent forbidding disciplinary illiberal awkward convinced contrarious picky uptight immalleable durable unvacillating unchanging fast unhesitating stout with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in wrong-headed diligent patient puritanical invariable do or die crisp hold the line hold one's ground sticking to one's guns dug in stony hold the fort unflexible doctrinaire thick-skinned sturdy hardy toughened enduring solid unimpressible unpermissive stuffy unrepentant hardhearted bullhead tough nut to crack cold fish proof against persuasion uncompassionate unemotional impertinent mean unmollifiable unplacatable inescapable iron-handed unpacifiable persisting perseverant in for long haul like bad penny sticky no-nonsense heavy-handed ineluctable necessary ironclad mean business no going back hell bent on like death and taxes immobile compulsory unabated mortal hard-headed pounding settled definite whole-hearted assertive true emphatic constant in earnest committed determinate decisive dominant certain prevailing sure unshaken inexpugnable unqualified seasoned domineering stand pat hell-bent on going do-or-die hell-bent upon bent on bent upon hang tough through-and-through explicit bent consistent positive hard-and-fast never-failing strong categorical

Tính từ

Innate or instinctive to a person or thing
ingrained constitutional inherent inborn intrinsic inbred built-in innate constitutive deep-seated essential fixed fundamental hardwired hereditary immanent indigenous ingrain integral native natural rooted deep-rooted indelible inveterate inbuilt ineradicable chronic confirmed congenital in-built indwelling in the blood engrained connate basic inherited connatural instinctive hard-wired intuitive instinctual elemental underlying characteristic unlearned central organic vital original key in the family latent in one's blood primal elementary primitive unacquired radical indispensable necessary genetic bred in the bone primary rudimentary principal structural quintessential inseparable internal important cardinal implicit typical permanent core main distinctive true foundational chief intimate primordial critical root in your blood material natural-born pivotal capital deep-down natal regular gut incorporated subjective standard genuine existing from birth prime crucial ingrown normal basal involuntary intuitional ineffaceable untaught focal staple diagnostic idiosyncratic primeval ingenerate inmost rudimental symptomatic salient beginning particular introductory individual requisite representative born primaeval bottom-line part and parcel appropriate local contained spontaneous entrenched embedded congenite genetous implanted wild inwrought compelled included temperamental dominant base foremost real predominant needed infused instilled in one's genes frequent en suite dyed-in-the-wool native-born complete utter thorough inexpungible resident unalienable inward inner integrated predictable archetypal habitual usual archetypical average classic in character first initial exclusive specific symbolic special peculiar meat-and-potatoes abecedarian personal unique singular indicative particular to individualising characteristic of especial discriminating proper individualizing differentiating individualistic peculiar to typical of signature emblematic exclusive to distinguishing found only in marked discriminative profound ultimate significant paramount deep supporting sustaining substratal substrative axiomatic grass-roots theoretical major bottom underived axiological groundlaying consequential leading pre-eminent urgent imperative premier all-important pressing great big high-priority overriding preeminent prominent required serious must-have grand supreme influential life-and-death decisive prior master acute momentous arch burning of great consequence considerable compelling overbearing overmastering necessitous far-reaching prerequisite meaningful of the essence of the utmost importance greatest weighty needful heavy number one prefatory sovereign numero uno initiatory sovran highest grave mandatory outstanding earliest early substantial preparatory ruling top exigent substantive powerful preliminary number-one head heavy-duty noteworthy vitally important opening dire compulsory called for obligatory large-scale monumental intense historic high-level pertinent appreciable earth-shattering lead notable constituent sizable strategic precursory uppermost aboriginal uncomplicated eminent pristine simple of consequence inductive big-time big league simplest all important utmost earnest deciding prevailing topmost determining immediate severe commanding pronounced ponderous germane climacteric determinative presiding supereminent component exceptional imposing high trial overruling instrumental test pilot extensive desperate controlling formative nitty-gritty eventful exploratory preceding seminal mighty autochthonous conspicuous easy autochthonic major-league earthshaking readying preparing high-ranking relevant applicable ancient bread-and-butter ABCs primo uncomplex simplified simplex plain clear foundation causal apposite prehistoric large apropos pointed distinguished duck soup child's play preparative bog-standard antique antediluvian striking pioneer celebrated telling operative senior meat and potatoes impactful noted integrant importunate imperious keynote prototype prototypal prelusive landmark top-level top-priority heavyweight almighty reputable illustrious prodigious tectonic extreme prelim primigenial clamant emergent arch- demanded life-changing big-league life and death prestigious honoured superior hefty tough crying noble embryonic maiden honourable honorable top-ranking epoch-making resonant previous life-or-death honored of moment much needed fateful emphatic well known major league high profile high-up underivative high-powered wanted highly regarded everyday life-preserving life-sustaining basilar lowest mere qualifying sheer prevalent pure nuclear larval nuts-and-bolts uncompleted alpha axial fitting causative contributory contributing connecting popular absolute climactic star stellar No. 1 stipulated underlined apt composing definitive actual trusted chad authoritative dynamic invaluable in demand name-of-the-game world-shaking executive emergency drastic sore impelling coal-and-ice very important inaugural connected terrible driving parlous right-hand lead-in prolegomenous transcendental sublime categorical strongest immense tremendous difficult top-notch big time puissant skookum top-drawer of high standing first-gen mission-critical incumbent advance prodromal precursive experimental explorative maximum instant at the heart of elevated empyrean empyreal lower ur- proto- super solemn firsthand direct enormous sizeable huge called-for very great nonelective forced peremptory starting prodromic preludial prelusory compulsatory headmost inceptive sombre super colossal hard mammoth of great import no joke sober valuable no laughing matter of significance somber responsible unmediated decision-making nascent exceeding ultra titanic vast astronomic astronomical ample first-edition first-ever testing expedient desired preferred de rigueur binding incumbent on name of game specified recommended virgin commencing leadoff creative trying searching settling second-to-none facile straightforward uncivilised unevolved old uncivilized coarse barbaric first-hand infant demanding attention goodly biggish psychological extraordinary innovative forceful milestone relative clamorous imaginative groundbreaking recognized famous respected noticeable signal memorable carrying a lot of weight impressive remarkable ponderable touchy insistent showdown climatic appurtenant applicative renowned touch and go hanging by thread on thin ice pioneering productive now or never ground-breaking sensational much rare portentous uncommon conclusive glaring front-page unusual newsworthy well-known famed business-critical first-generation pointful associated strong headline preponderant obvious unforgettable worthy of attention quantum generous unordinary potent glorious sweeping formational constructional esteemed iconic acclaimed dignified precautionary prep before historical formidable recognised public worthwhile ad rem to the point to the purpose fractional composite ingredient divisional organizational configurational oustanding fatal germinal prior to inspiring in anticipation of inspirational in advance of generative overshadowing dangerous grievous of concern high-profile of note of influence of mark well thought of in the public eye partial factorial combinative part constituting systemic constructural formalistic skeletal organisational architectural anatomical anatomic most important most prominent most influential

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