Đồng nghĩa của pioneering

Alternative for pioneering

pioneers, pioneered, pioneering

Đồng nghĩa: colonist, forerunner, leader, settler,

Tính từ

Involving accomplishments or activities that have not been done before, or developing or using new methods or techniques
groundbreaking innovative inventive new original revolutionary avant-garde unconventional trailblazing innovatory radical novel advanced unorthodox unfamiliar ultra-modern cutting-edge creative fresh innovational state-of-the-art ingenious unprecedented futuristic experimental unusual leading-edge imaginative ground-breaking forward-looking newfangled new-fashioned modern progressive different neoteric off-centre disruptive unique modernistic brand-new visionary left-field unknown strange seminal contemporary cutting edge singular originative uncommon inspired untried front-line unaccustomed trendsetting out-of-the-box unheard-of offbeat refreshing inspiring distinctive clever ahead of the times artistic out of the ordinary breaking new ground just out alternative avant productive way-out vanguard underground rare individual resourceful special ultramodern individualistic untested surprising exotic fundamental hip latest recent atypical avant garde Promethean space-age unhackneyed high-tech science fiction ahead of its time mould-breaking welcome stimulating innovating spearheading subversive artful fertile transformational variational unwonted drastic demiurgic deviceful brand new up to date not just another game-changing world-shattering up-and-coming this season's out of the common new-fangled up-to-date influential formative important trendy neat in fashionable groovy unexplored happening hot with-it far out cool modish modernist unexampled pathbreaking nontraditional way out stylish major epoch-making germinal primary pivotal critical crucial generative inspirational odd funky peculiar far cry go-ahead bohemian eccentric far-out lead liberal beat head new wave mistakenly trendy curious bizarre alien extraordinary unexpected outlandish foreign abnormal weird uncustomary quaint queer obscure out-of-the-way remarkable uncanny oddball little known beyond your ken funny unheard of anomalous uncharacteristic aberrant remote uninvestigated recondite fantastic exceptional awkward altered out of the way variant ready imported not prepared mysterious inexplicable mystifying interesting dissimilar incomprehensible perplexing out of place puzzling astounding distinct unordinary weird and wonderful uncharted intriguing unrecognised unrecognized previously unencountered outside one's experience exclusive incomparable inimitable whimsical unparalleled quirky nonconformist nonstandard off-key idiosyncratic untypical nonconforming off the wall freakish wacky outrageous one and only diagnostic symptomatic classic discriminating identifying diagnostical

Tính từ

Willing to consider new ideas
go-ahead enterprising imaginative ingenious inventive resourceful advanced ambitious creative disruptive entrepreneurial forward-looking innovative liberal modern original progressive driven energetic enlightened enthusiastic forward-thinking spirited up-and-coming vigorous vital adventurous audacious bold courageous daring go-getting high-powered intrepid new rising avant-garde dynamic gumptious reforming forehanded proactive visionary farseeing forward forethoughtful farsighted positive foreseeing progressivist pushing prescient provident foresighted radical open-minded revolutionary gutsy dashing venturous nervy brave valiant fearless valorous plucky heroic unflinching mettlesome dauntless unafraid ballsy spunky game have-a-go gutty undaunted venturesome gallant hardy free-swinging adventuresome nerved emboldened doughty stout stalwart temerarious unblenching unabashed manful stouthearted lionhearted unshrinking aweless resolute greathearted heroical indomitable confident gritty undauntable lion-hearted stout-hearted cocky sassy icy feisty brassy frightless assured reformist right-on impavid undismayed unalarmed left-wing leftist freethinking libertarian free-thinking latitudinarian PC humanistic reckless daredevil madcap politically correct death-or-glory devil-may-care rash risky wild overconfident foolhardy brash overbold clever active bright sharp gifted able eager keen capable alert talented quick-witted death-defying zealous ungoverned uncurbed zippy itching snappy yearning go-go lively peppy diligent spanking hungry stirring craving industrious advancing aspiring self-starting hustling lusting driving take-over ready busy hardworking coming on strong hard ball spark plug

Tính từ

Being advanced in development
advanced forward progressive modern state-of-the-art avant-garde sophisticated innovative revolutionary higher developed foremost innovatory latest new newest up-to-date ahead complex evolved futuristic groundbreaking intricate leading newfangled prime recent supreme cutting-edge radical refined trailblazing avant breakthrough complicated elaborate ingenious pre-eminent excellent exceptional extreme flash improved late nifty paramount precocious principal snazzy leading-edge ultra-modern up to date forward-looking forward-thinking highly developed new-fashioned newly discovered recently developed up to the minute up-to-the-minute far ahead far along high-end well ahead well along ahead of the times fashionable contemporary modernistic trendsetting modish current high-tech ground-breaking hi-tech updated modern-day present-day red-hot latter-day new age never-before-seen ultramodern hot neoteric mod designer au courant nouvelle space-age in fashion in in style in vogue all the rage stylish voguish chic smart fresh trendy cool with it swinging now hip happening cutting edge natty leading edge go-ahead kicking kicky tony fly spiffy brand-new sassy modernised modernized stylin' a la mode contemporaneous popular faddish in-thing plugged-in novel landmark future topical 21st-century sharp classy snappy swank supercool on fleek swish funky exclusive chichi big groovy in thing dashing swell elegant schmick dapper bang up to date all the go with-it high-class swanky dressy upscale latest thing culty glamorous massive high-toned favored rakish favoured last word ritzy le dernier cri du jour showy de rigueur prevailing usual well turned-out genteel faddy styleworthy cosmopolitan gnarly polished attractive well-liked debonair a go-go hep turned-on tasteful def swagger beautiful sleek jazzy slick dap uptown dressed to kill gimmicky sexy unique the new customary appealing impressive youthful party young smartest nice finest formal Sunday nicest vogue quite recent last-word desired sought-after prevalent in favour in demand good big thing downtown trim flattering high-fashion understated fad chi-chi craze jaunty shiny trig latest fad dernier cri in favor new look latest fashion latest wrinkle stunning spivvy dandy spiffing well-groomed well put together well-dressed clean awake savvy knowledgeable perceptive familiar versed observant knowing alive informed apprehensive conscious aware in with it on to plugged in turned on tuned in up on in on switched on hep to wise to hip to posh on the cutting edge in the latest style in the know flashy fancy fine bling fancy-pants urbane ostentatious pretentious steezy à la mode in the mainstream dressed to the teeth

Tính từ

More interested in individual people than in society as a whole
individualistic original unique independent atypical idiosyncratic individual nonconformist off-centre singular uncommon unconventional unorthodox bohemian characteristic distinctive eccentric egoistic free-spirited freethinking groundbreaking liberated particular special typical unconstrained unfettered untrammeled untrammelled conceited egocentric egoistical egomaniacal egotistic egotistical individualist maverick megalomaniac narcissistic odd peculiar pompous self-absorbed self-centred self-centered self-concerned self-indulgent self-interested selfish self-loving self-reliant self-serving strange stuck-up vainglorious wrapped up in oneself radical different unusual weird heterodox innovative avant-garde dissenting heretical offbeat bizarre dissident freakish quirky dissentient outlandish oddball iconoclastic nonorthodox unprecedented heretic unfamiliar out-there irregular alternative queer abnormal aberrant esoteric anomalous wild left-field extraordinary novel way out wacky new out of the ordinary rebel imaginative creative fresh innovatory way-out inventive ingenious far out rebellious innovational off the wall hippie inspired refreshing resourceful revolutionary welcome stimulating essential private distinguishing representative distinct specific open-minded enlightened rational liberal tolerant personal extreme free not just another rad groovy deep mod modern modernistic cool ultramodern contemporary all your own subversive questioning unhampered undisciplined bold unrestrained irreverent idiocentric sceptical critical wilful contrary freewheeling headstrong out of this world malcontent renegade mutinous uncontrolled decontrolled unregimented impious denunciatory schismatic nonconforming skeptical free thinking freak sectarian beatnik seminal trailblazing uncustomary visionary clever fertile artistic disruptive unknown originative rare unwonted inspiring untried newfangled informal demiurgic Promethean unaccustomed productive funny quaint unheard of wacko freaky curious ground-breaking avant garde breaking new ground unheard-of far-out kinky kooky off-the-wall out there hippy rum unceremonious madcap zany screwy boho outré bizarro exceptional crazy weirdo off the beaten track out in left field remarkable erratic out-of-the-way cranky funky whacky kookie queerish unexpected off-kilter spaced-out deviant fantastic experimental exotic unnatural out of the way whimsical surprising untypical nutty ridiculous absurd progressive mysterious uncanny droll phenomenal mystifying advanced perplexing uncharacteristic flaky flakey alien puzzling ultra-modern fanciful new-fashioned cutting-edge aberrated leading-edge unco daggy insane off-center preternatural state-of-the-art outre extraordinaire futuristic neoteric surreal baffling especial unaccountable incongruous forward-looking mad capricious Bohemian ludicrous grotesque extravagant isolated something else out of the common astonishing incredible dotty noteworthy exceeding daft spooky cuckoo infrequent quizzical unparalleled unpredictable nuts in left field inexplicable scarce crackpot perverse eerie fishy dilly brand-new cockeyed creepy inconceivable goofy unordinary divergent foreign amazing dippy off-key suspicious preposterous cracked dubious questionable outrageous nonsensical memorable outstanding fantastical nonstandard beat front-line hip prodigious unconforming out-of-the-box irrational striking sporadic fringe silly unofficial loony unrepresentative batty comical aberrational devious heteroclite deviate perverted lunatic daffy wonderful foolish looney balmy exclusive amusing romantic screwball demented unhinged unbalanced conspicuous notable humorous twisted atypic artful anomalistic off the air inimitable obscure significant awesome eminent distinguished bent prominent fashionable happening up-to-date modish trendy cutting edge awe-inspiring unexplored one and only just out trendsetting haywire marginal waggish illogical clownish occasional stupid senseless comic fatuous warped witless brainless asinine unwise suspect harebrained simpleminded bubbleheaded lunkheaded seldom featherheaded schizoid bonkers jerky tomfool sappy inept non-typical fool barmy unhealthy underground wayward untested deranged crazed loopy recent monstrous psychotic latest touched mental certifiable random crackers far-fetched witty loco gaga half-witted corrupt malformed half-baked weak-minded hare-brained bats dreamy old-fashioned meshuga gonzo unreal arbitrary slang incomparable flighty chimerical vivid poetic interesting blue-sky one of a kind rummy few and far between remote recondite uninvestigated unhackneyed quixotic unimaginable classic superior thin on the ground out of line off-base off-color little known non compos mentis one-off signal gray grey back-door unexampled mould-breaking very unique very unusual anarchistic out of the box spearheading innovating non-standard half-cracked birdy exciting wigged out schizo offhand alternate arty skittish other impressive mischievous playful not tightly wrapped dissimilar chance untraditional out of place eccentrical specialized discordant specialised arty-farty excentrical earthy now fab out of keeping disorderly startling egregious few arcane nondescript disconsonant irrelevant disparate inapropos incongruent incoherent transformational unrecognized unharmonious vagarious changeable teratoid fitful laughable unthinkable loner sparse cockamamie relaxed left bank carefree laid-back variational depraved up to date brand new marked potty unrecognised very different fundamental scattered intermittent deviceful seldom seen kookish expressive maniacal scatty crackbrained fruity psycho brainsick maniac wud unsound bedlam meshugge bughouse moonstruck whacko drastic avant go-ahead very unconventional nonmainstream peripheral limited errant intriguing incomprehensible unintelligible weird and wonderful crotchety unlikely deviating inscrutable enterprising off-beat off the rails bugged out extremist aperiodic loony tunes looney tunes this season's new-fangled fabulous like nothing on earth doubtful episodic casual discontinuous episodical unsavoury pervy sadistic sick degenerated degenerate masochistic uncertain dicey chancy altered imported not prepared variant ready ahead of the times vanguard head lead funny peculiar distorted diagnostic discriminating symptomatic identifying diagnostical shady colourful glamorous up-and-coming game-changing world-shattering acting crazy far cry beyond your ken disputable shaky equivocal dodgy dubitable disquieting debatable doubtable mind-boggling mind-blowing rarefied periodical scant periodic neat stylish pathbreaking hot in modernist with-it nontraditional dreamlike fancy mythical unnormal heteromorphic problematical problematic fascinating immoral licentious deviative sicko scanty semioccasional spasmodic genius keen brilliant illusory imaginary insightful eye-catching new wave mistakenly trendy chimeric phantasmal phantasmic astute unfrequent sensational off Broadway crinkly twisty unsavory barbarous awkward poetical head in the clouds out of touch with reality attractive glamourous foreign-looking marvellous marvelous not normal inspirational fictive pie-in-the-sky high-flown utopian external outside enticing extrinsic extraneous colorful alluring peregrine eye-popping breaking ground brain wave from abroad disturbed unstable frenzied distraught psychopathic distracted sectionable raving bananas delirious frantic manic light-hearted farcical barking hysterical nutso buggy squirrelly nutsy hilarious chucklesome diverting bushed porangi yarra impractical mentally ill nutty as a fruitcake not all there mad as a hatter have bats in the belfry round the bend foaming at the mouth out of one's head stark mad raving mad not together mad as a March hare round the twist not right in the head sick in the head not right upstairs not quite right in the head have kangaroos in the top paddock away with the fairies of unsound mind mentally unbalanced as daft as a brush stark staring mad not the full shilling barking mad have a screw loose up the pole stark raving mad joshing dumb camp campy ultimate exemplary model ideal unequalled prototypical quintessential superlative unsurpassable unrivaled exquisite paramount unparagoned without equal purpose-built transcendent beyond compare without precedent sui generis nonpareil supreme unrepeatable unsurpassed unmatched archetypal matchless utmost primo unexcelled second to none standout once-in-a-lifetime best peerless one-of-a-kind unrepeated consummate unequaled separate unrivalled in a class by itself perfect irreplaceable

Tính từ

Hoping to become
aspiring ambitious aspirant budding eager hopeful intending optimistic potential striving wannabe wishful would-be determined enterprising future go-getting keen likely possible prospective committed driven energetic enthusiastic go-ahead hard-driving longing motivated progressive pushing self-seeking zealous endeavoring endeavouring expectant impassioned purposeful eager beaver on the make pushy assertive hungry power-hungry forceful aggressive avid intent ardent spirited earnest desirous industrious thirsty fierce active inspired vigorous ruthless militant single-minded goal-oriented self-driven self-starting power-loving high-reaching self-assertive self-asserting get up and go adventurous resolute tenacious dogged unwavering indefatigable steadfast uncompromising persistent staunch obstinate unflagging untiring bent upon strong-willed desiring success like a ball of fire dedicated bent resolved strong steely stalwart obsessed plucky mettlesome fanatical unbending persevering thrusting undaunted strong-minded full of determination dead set hell-bent competitive bold unremitting unshakeable diligent confident assiduous unfaltering unyielding relentless dynamic tireless sedulous decisive unflinching rigid obdurate sustained undeviating feisty rigorous ferocious steady pertinacious cutthroat stubborn unrelenting unabated stringent assured bloodthirsty gladiatorial scrappy defiant warlike brutal bullheaded having killer instinct go for broke gung ho hang-tough self-possessed self-willed bound and determined self-confident in-your-face cut-throat self-assured full-blooded intensely competitive dog-eat-dog stop at nothing can-do iron-willed high-pressure fiercely competitive upwardly mobile positive firm conscientious set fixed insistent immovable intense embryonic self-directed proactive high-powered career-focused materialistic self-improving willing upbeat self-motivated devoted hardworking unswerving restless wholehearted strenuous painstaking passionate fledgling career-minded constant developing aspirational daring laborious radical combative emulous contentious vying extremely motivated very motivated competing driving hard-working so-called professed promising dormant warring carnivorous opposing antagonistic oppositional decided self-appointed undeveloped unfulfilled latent self-styled settled do-or-die bound deliberate out Type A two-fisted unrealized soi-disant quasi- telelogical focussed calculated focused on the warpath hell-bent on hell-bent upon bent on playing hard ball mean business nose to the grindstone dead set on be out for blood spoiling for a fight ready for action highly motivated compelled consumed obsessive unshakable unbendable unshaken possessed galvanized adamant serious monomaniacal indomitable gutsy impelled fixated compulsive obsessional unhesitating induced impulsive guided besetting pushed steered galvanised urged on

Tính từ

Never done or known before
unprecedented unparalleled exceptional extraordinary new novel abnormal remarkable singular uncommon unequalled unmatched unrivalled unusual original outstanding unheard-of anomalous freakish incomparable prodigious unique unknown unrivaled matchless rare striking unequaled unexampled unexcelled amazing atypical fantastic freak fresh groundbreaking peerless record revolutionary strange unaccustomed unfamiliar untypical marvelous marvellous momentous outré phenomenal aberrant bizarre eccentric exotic idiosyncratic miraculous newfangled odd outlandish outre preternatural signal ground-breaking without equal without parallel beyond compare out of the ordinary unheard of first-time all-time one of a kind out-of-the-way sui generis in a league of its own curious different foreign unexpected untried unexplored alien unordinary weird peculiar exclusive quaint quintessential model classic essential exemplary ideal ultimate prototypical special typical uncanny queer funny awkward dissimilar obscure standout one-off irreplaceable inimitable offbeat incomprehensible perplexing mysterious oddball unwonted out of place inexplicable mystifying surprising puzzling astounding weird and wonderful interesting distinctive distinct unparagoned second to none extraordinaire unsurpassable unsurpassed little known uncharted brand new intriguing unrecognised unrecognized uncustomary far-out consummate supreme unimaginable archetypal in a class by itself one and only superlative paramount best superior transcendent previously unencountered outside one's experience notable unrepeatable noteworthy something else utmost nonpareil incredible unrepeated unconventional purpose-built separate once-in-a-lifetime without precedent primo one-of-a-kind perfect exquisite

Danh từ

The process of discovering through exploration

Động từ

Present participle for to set up or establish
starting establishing launching developing initiating instituting beginning creating founding introducing instigating originating evolving spearheading discovering forging preparing constituting inaugurating innovating inventing trailblazing planting blazing colonising colonizing exploring setting up putting in place breaking new ground opening up setting in motion giving birth to mapping out putting in motion blazing a trail laying the foundations of laying the groundwork on leading the way preparing the way for taking the lead in taking the lead on laying the groundwork for leading the way for making the first move taking the initiative in setting the ball rolling showing the way showing the way on taking the lead pushing the envelope going out in front installing commencing opening ushering in organizing forming bringing into being kicking off bringing about organising devising conceiving starting up enacting contriving producing making starting off concocting dreaming up inducting coming up with hatching designing getting going putting together imagining formulating making up getting under way activating assembling thinking up constructing generating laying the first stone of kick-starting bringing into existence throwing together composing cooking up masterminding coming out with turning out building fabricating bringing in actualizing incorporating starting the ball rolling fathering authoring fashioning conceiving of coining floating drawing up knocking off putting up throwing up bringing on causing fronting setting off sparking sowing the seeds of embarking on laying the cornerstone of planning projecting envisioning unveiling blazing the trail getting underway leading revolutionizing entering into entering breaking the ice getting off the ground bringing forward engineering setting forth crafting catalyzing issuing giving rise to effectuating bringing to pass machinating knocking together starting out knocking up revolutionising catalysing ringing in cultivating actuating triggering ordaining instating improvising investing spawning introing shaping bowing setting about manufacturing brewing hammering out hitting on brainstorming running up drafting visualizing visualising pondering picturing trumping up speculating ruminating envisaging taking up framing bringing getting going on setting going getting ball rolling sparking off breaking in starting ball rolling getting things rolling forging ahead modernizing modernising announcing working out excogitating cogitating ushering broaching heralding basing proposing presenting getting something going offering effecting getting something moving making a start on getting something off the ground getting something functioning getting something working laying foundation starting ball rolling on lighting the way engendering materializing admitting bringing up the curtain on crystallizing commissioning phasing in begetting setting an example patenting procreating parenting setting a trend transpiring fixing up putting forward facilitating knocking down authorizing paving the way finding minting debuting legislating empowering passing putting in materialising crystallising commencing on chartering placing decreeing designating delegating triggering off executing jamming improving fangling faking winging ad-libbing bearing taking action on ordering deputing getting cracking on falling to striking into breaking into breaking the seal getting going with starting on leading off bursting into embarking upon bringing out entering upon jumping into getting off rolling out getting the show on the road getting show on road setting the ball rolling on breaking the ice on getting feet wet authorising coming upon tossing off carrying out drumming up outlining tailoring working on thrashing out modelling obtaining strategizing carving out getting churning out plotting choreographing modeling conjuring up arranging cobbling together deciding thinking of grinding out laying out cranking out determining laying down realising imaging performing realizing heading scheming setting out kicking something off moulding inculcating firing up endowing causing to be structuring molding doing settling up commanding captaining bossing fixing settling revving persuading moving motivating guiding trail-blazing influencing prompting quarterbacking shepherding helming spurring directing getting the jump on laying the first stone running things leading the way in getting in operation putting into operation getting the ball rolling getting functioning getting working whipping up casting erecting breeding rendering breaking through vamping doping out working securing setting down propagating synthesizing confecting blueprinting orchestrating charting piecing siring knocking out spitballing synthesising taking the initiative reproducing multiplying coordinating proliferating programming yielding laying dreaming setting mothering impregnating raising rigging getting ready mapping vamping up strategizing about codifying scheming out compounding inciting initiating things breaking ground conceptualizing stationing predicating ratifying laying the foundation getting ahead building up corroborating lodging promoting invoking drawing on affecting uncovering bringing forth stumbling upon mooting kindling making a start taking the first step preparing the way implanting domiciliating mooring rearing necessitating conceptualising sketching painting drawing arranging for detecting diagramming translating into comprising advancing diagraming germinating exercising readying fixing together counterfeiting making up off the top of one's head intriguing piloting preceding prefacing faking it playing it by ear inspiring making happen finessing negotiating manipulating manoeuvring maneuvering increasing processing maturing mixing up batching slapping together stirring up prefabbing completing rustling up fitting together piecing together implementing whipping out rigging up patching together cobbling up eking out sculpturing providing finagling budgeting calculating breaking open laying eggs getting up occasioning provoking inducing coming out giving forth working up emerging giving birth wangling going about entering on launching into self-seeding running opening the door writing harvesting procuring embarking getting down to business ideating conceiting mass-producing fertilising fertilizing inseminating making pregnant fecundating getting stuck into getting weaving getting down to going ahead scheduling coming into being ringing up the curtain on tearing into scratching the surface getting cracking getting one's feet wet hitting the ground running coming into existence getting weaving on elaborating purposing inditing penning conducting administrating mobilizing managing marshaling marshalling versing rhyming singing mounting mobilising timetabling concerting setting type scoring banging out pushing pencil noting down fudging together poetizing scripting compiling putting pen to paper comping coining a phrase putting down ghostwriting scribbling timing being responsible for sorting out straightening out seeing about taking care of jacking up budgeting for looking after dealing with making arrangements for getting together seeing to licking into shape progenerating fathering offspring siring offspring bringing young into the world producing offspring begetting offspring

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