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  • không bằng, không xứng

Tính từ

Far surpassing any other, without rival or match
incomparable matchless peerless supreme consummate inimitable nonpareil unequalled paramount unparalleled unrivalled extraordinary superlative unsurpassed only outstanding record top unequaled unexampled unique unrivaled unsurpassable beyond compare perfect rare singular without equal without parallel best ever par excellence second to none in a class of its own transcendent superior surpassing best excellent exceptional greatest pre-eminent exquisite beyond comparison unexcelled ultimate out of sight towering fantastic unbeatable great faultless stellar fabulous premier awesome highest leading champion alone remarkable ideal super choice fine tops marvellous sublime phenomenal terrific superb grand prime famous magnificent predominant sensational unprecedented fantabulous marvelous fab splendid unbeaten capital gilt-edge ace primo foremost first-rate first-class out of this world top-notch number one numero uno without peer unparagoned tremendous incredible wonderful standout classic elite without match sovereign preeminent glorious topflight topping cracking quality sterling prizewinning supernal brilliant topmost hot amazing divine top-tier heavenly prevailing beautiful frontline prize slick hors concours absolute untouchable one and only gilt-edged utmost accomplished high-class uppermost tip-top world-class A-OK top-drawer out-of-sight first-string four-star five-star of the first water blue-chip A-1 on fleek blue-ribbon top-of-the-line chief model finest exclusive unchallenged premium renowned eminent star all-time illustrious unheard-of special topnotch first quintessential prodigious greater cool tiptop radical most smashing select neat peachy swell wicked dandy lovely nifty groovy righteous optimum immense one-off better supereminent dynamite noble crackerjack corking mean schmick flawless keen dope sui generis one of a kind phat gangbusters wizard bumper formidable hype boss dazzling gangbuster banner lead in a class of one's own crack brag bully down effusive brave bonnie boffo extreme bonny winning excessive gone inflated exaggerated supercalifragilisticexpialidocious worthiest dreamy gorgeous jim-dandy bang-up peachy keen of the highest order top-hole of the first order top-shelf too good to be true above and beyond of highest order unapproached distinguished striking prominent major important one-in-a-million unmatchable aces solid-gold perpetual everlasting enduring celebrated stupendous undefeated arch- world class wondrous one marquee beyond description beyond words individual final culminating delightful paradisiacal to die for idyllic blissful splendorous paradisiac out-of-this-world unbroken admirable rad nice bodacious spanking without an equal stand alone class in a league of its own largest novel essential exemplary prototypical typical worthy beaut ripping spiffing sound cream amazeballs marvy magic all-time best def mega belting fabby brill bonzer sik goodly bosting pearler beezer applaudable crucial awesomesauce high-grade barrie chillin' lank exo kif bosker flagship irreplaceable biggest principal very good top-class five star top-quality high-quality top-level top-grade far out head of the highest quality mind-blowing in a class all by itself highest quality very best of the highest standard too much prize-winning of high quality award-winning extraordinaire signal top quality grade A high quality highest-quality top grade cardinal lion's share top of the line top of the range of the highest type the dog's bollocks best-quality dominant invincible far-out unimaginable archetypal in a class by itself definitive master primary overriding unconquerable indomitable maximum peak larger max maximal furthermost hugest upmost uttermost overbearing arch decisive presiding main overmastering commanding key central prior primal high total directing sovran governing unstoppable notable unrepeated unconditional something else unrepeatable noteworthy invulnerable exceeding ascendant highest ranking mother of all fresh unconventional purpose-built once-in-a-lifetime new one-of-a-kind separate without precedent unordinary newfangled unassailable transcendental impregnable bulletproof insuperable insurmountable excelling moving infinite unlimited entire intellectual beyond grasp intuitive awe-inspiring uplifting primordial unequalable inspiring obscure hypothetical inspirational transcending whole unconfined intact boundless innate abstract eternal theoretical finished original not beatable good impressive stunning pleasing impeccable commendable immaculate spectacular enjoyable valuable utopian paradisal deluxe lofty unblemished rapturous pure Elysian skilful skillful invaluable Arcadian expert competent fancy gratifying elegant laudable meritorious praiseworthy alluring noted complete vintage estimable breathtaking pleasant delectable A1 top-of-the-range optimal skilled proficient polished splendiferous first class precious unmarred unspoilt enviable desirable satisfying outrageous paradisaical paradisical agreeable up to snuff pleasurable supernatural ravishing entrancing advanced crowning fantastical attractive priceless irreproachable acceptable congenial favorable welcome elevated imposing apex adept really good enchanting charming masterly exalted ambrosial superhuman yummy lush adorable paradisaic scrumptious able big happy spiritual majestic astonishing staggering holy favourable blessed comfortable banging dominating choicest august darling delicious proud number 1 resplendent thrilling best possible a cut above the rest industry leading top drawer number-one record-breaking fascinating showy sans pareil reliable better than expected certified radiant dexterous mint legit unreal unimpeachable paragon fly hunky-dory upmarket exacting blameless sup rior paradisic saintly all very well well and good good quality high-caliber a cut above dextrous well-executed non-materialistic progressive non-material socialist reforming unworldly immaterial refined improved enhanced ka pai thoroughbred inspired good-quality high-calibre solid crown Grade A big-time superfine bad honourable super-eminent shipshape super-excellent positive unimpaired undamaged honorable reputable uninjured satisfactory gnarly recherche unharmed unhurt lordly the very best state-of-the-art the best a standout better than usual of the best quality better than average of a high standard unbelievable Erewhonian Edenic inconceivable astounding unusual miraculous sacred stately celestial golden strong powerful mighty deft adroit capable pretty clever the most angelic sweet beatific immortal luscious seraphic godlike empyrean extraterrestrial cherubic practised practiced versed uncommon profound otherworldly gifted virtuoso talented experienced masterful veteran mind-boggling unusually good sumptuous extravagant unmitigated eye-catching startling monumental arrestive lavish dramatic magnific electrifying confounding sightly arresting luxurious trained compleat virtuosic professed educated delicate cherished unheard of touching magical metaphysical paranormal preternatural unearthly aesthetic decorative very nice untainted stainless spotless indefectible prized glossy dainty flamboyant tasteful splashy lovesome flashy zingy stylish esthetic irie amusing delightsome exhilarating fetching lekker couthy dulcet captivating blest fun jolly felicitous entertaining joyous heartwarming comforting cheery cheerful mooi recreative euphoric rewarding intoxicating relishable fine and dandy engaging refreshing indispensable inestimable respected profitable treasured valued reigning halcyon idealized well trained well versed regnant authoritative peaceful pastoral rustic picturesque predominate ruling core domineering controlling prevalent hot property rural arcadian Utopian unspoiled bucolic up to par up to standard up to scratch sylvan scenic restful relaxing calm serene idealised tranquil most excellent most valuable most precious most important most influential most outstanding most prominent

Tính từ

Not equal in quantity, size, or value
unequal different differing dissimilar unlike varying disparate uneven irregular unalike fluctuating lopsided unidentical variable asymmetrical changing erratic random unbalanced unstable unsteady unsymmetrical distant divergent diverse incommensurate inequal mismatched not matching not uniform odd unequivalent unsimilar various weird poles apart like night and day incompatible conflicting clashing non-matching incongruous discordant inconsistent at variance contradictory discrepant contrary unrelated contrasting dissonant opposed distinct variant at odds inharmonious inconsonant disconsonant antithetical unsuited opposite disagreeing ill-matched irreconcilable unmixable out of keeping separate contrastive antagonistic incongruent unconnected foreign alien inappropriate ill-assorted heterogeneous varied deviating repugnant distinguishable opposing other distinctive nonidentical individual adverse oppugnant not alike like chalk and cheese in opposition mutually exclusive uncongenial contrasted disharmonious non-identical nothing like misallied asymmetric one-sided off-balance inequitable unreconcilable unjust inapt unbecoming extraneous unintelligible twisted uncoordinated bizarre improper shifting absurd unsuitable unpredictable distorted fitful jumbled unavailing inapropos rambling incoherent fantastic illogical hostile inimical alien to hostile to conflicting with in conflict incompatible with foreign to adverse to oppugnant to unusual for repugnant to in conflict with opposed to inimical to at variance with unacceptable to contrary to antagonistic to paradoxical unattached unassociated assorted miscellaneous contrariant antipathetic unfavorable unfavourable manifold sundry multifarious independent discrete uncoupled unallied unlinked not similar isolated at odds with offbeat unique divers myriad mismated antonymous impertinent nongermane irrelative not related not kin not kindred march to a different drummer far from not capable of comparison far cry diverging untypical atypical anomalous unnatural off-key factious factional

Tính từ

Not matching

Tính từ

Consisting of a variety of ingredients or parts
miscellaneous mixed varied assorted indiscriminate motley confused diverse diversified heterogeneous various jumbled sundry mingled multifarious farraginous different disparate divers eclectic kitchen-sink magpie manifold multiform patchwork piebald promiscuous raggle-taggle ragtag variegated conglomerate disordered divergent many muddled odd scattered scrambled unsorted many and different multitudinous numerous several myriad legion varying differing unlike multiple variant distinct omnifarious distinctive multiplex all manner of dissimilar unalike polymorphic populous separate discrete many-sided multitudinal unequal individual multifaceted composite polymorphous contrasting a variety of protean peculiar changing changeable compound multifold wide-ranging unrelated incongruous colorful varicolored contrastive extensive loose diversiform complex colourful mosaic a number of an assortment of a mixture of a range of haphazard broad discrepant catholic general wide contrary distinguishable some unique unsimilar inconsistent abundant copious liberal unlimited multiplied voluminous collective many and various compounded a mixed bag of mixed-up entangled circuitous dubious random hybrid multivarious varietal omniform variform collected dissonant a mixed bag anthologized jarring morefold plural beaucoup contrasted independent mongrel inharmonious discordant amalgamate unallied opposed comprehensive quite a few kaleidoscopic chromatic prismatic polychromatic multicolored polychrome multihued rainbow colored all-embracing broad-ranging universal broad-based inclusive encyclopedic dappled versicolor mottled multicolor multicolour coloured multicoloured mismatched interdisciplinary non-exclusive multidisciplinary cross-disciplinary selective combined blended alloyed united fused cosmopolitan distinguishing discriminable interwoven dilettantish alternate unconnected irregular unassociated alternative disproportionate unrestricted unqualified unspecialized incorporated amalgamated aberrant exotic of every description dense winding multipart knotted detailed fancy sinuous nuanced meandering mazy encyclopaedic contradictory nonidentical distant other not similar multicultural assimilated hybridized multinational transfused multiracial hybridised joint brewed unsegregated heterogenous merged infused woven crossed embodied interdenominational interracial married international kneaded integrated tied non-identical offbeat opposite weird antithetical antonymous mismated labyrinthian sophisticated complicated byzantine baroque involved elaborate intricate daedal tangled convoluted labyrinthine knotty complicate poles apart not alike far from far cry not capable of comparison like chalk and cheese like night and day march to a different drummer general-purpose all-purpose all-round all-around not the same Daedalian involute tortuous profuse overflowing measureless teeming thick on the ground superabundant uncounted infinite plentiful vast innumerable well-provided plenteous large-scale immeasurable numberless endless inexhaustible rampant abounding uncountable lavish rich replete bounteous rife unremitting incomputable bountiful prevalent well-supplied incalculable countless ample unnumbered frequent limitless generous unbounded untold innumerous very many umpteen unnumberable loads of heaps of masses of considerable no end of lank all kinds of stacks of oodles of bags of lots of too many to be counted great zillion beyond number a multitude of a great number of a multiplicity of bazillions of zillions of gazillions of a slew of scads of a great many millions of hundreds of thousands of constant prolific large persistent periodic full continual heaps recurrent incessant regular substantial repeated habitual recurring periodical perpetual steady a thousand and one endless numbers of incalculable numbers of piles of perennial thick unsummed tons of jillion alive with without number huge an incalculable number of an infinite number of a bunch of infinite numbers of dozens of unmeasured boundless respective indeterminable interleaved millions umteen large number of interminable multiplicity of ever so many ceaseless sustained relentless inestimable thousand-and-one unrelenting a raft of not alone dual not singular repetitive no end to stack mucho mint loads oodles wad scads slew pile raft gobs immeasurable numbers of peck mess heap a whole bunch of galore tidy sum whole slew passel of fulsome bumper a few a couple of luxuriant exuberant riotous gushing marked in abundance wordy aplenty heavy prolix verbose plenty lush a gogo certain crawling with no end thick with upwards of big unthinkable unimaginable indescribable a mess of coming out of ears unspeakable unutterable inexpressible a lot of plenty of monstrous unexpressed prodigious ineffable private hidden titanic mighty unknown staggering indefinable mammoth gigantic roomy capacious quantities of a great deal of an abundance of continuing chronic a profusion of scores of a quantity of a swag of spacious billowing bulky sizeable familiar common a shedload of reiterated eternal beyond measure baggy commodious successive lousy with billions of undreamed of reiterative iterated intermittent hulking outsize immense biggish hefty largish grand husky goodly sizable oversize massive oversized boxcar outsized handsome tidy non-stop spacey loose-fitting cavernous a good many quite a lot of occurring often expansive swelling simple covering more than one can count more … than one can shake a stick at more than one

Tính từ

Not fitting or appropriate
unsuitable inappropriate incongruous inapposite inapt incompatible unacceptable unfitting unsuited improper ineligible unfit unbecoming unbefitting unseemly ill-suited infelicitous undue amiss graceless incorrect indecorous inept malapropos perverse unapt unhappy unseasonable untoward wrong clashing disagreeable discordant discrepant disparate disproportionate dissident dissonant inadequate inadmissible inconsistent inharmonious interfering irrelevant jarring out of place senseless uncalled-for out of character out of keeping not good enough not proper ill-advised indelicate injudicious tactless ill-considered undesirable ill-judged undignified ill-timed inexpedient inopportune indiscreet contradictory inadvisable tasteless discreditable misguided misplaced untimely unworthy indecent imprudent conflicting awkward shameful unladylike ungentlemanly inapplicable irregular irreconcilable dishonourable impolitic disgraceful extraneous unwise unfortunate dishonorable illogical contrary inconsonant unrefined ignoble unwarranted disreputable unfitted wrong-headed absurd incautious erroneous mismatched different lacking in propriety out of order unprofessional unrelated unconnected inapropos foreign incoherent in bad taste degrading regrettable clumsy ignominious base gauche foolish uncouth rough ungodly vulgar antipathetic inaccurate wretched infra dig offensive odd in poor taste undiplomatic foolhardy uncomely disagreeing careless disconsonant bizarre unattractive ill-adapted at odds shifting unpredictable distorted jumbled rambling fantastic divergent uncoordinated unbalanced lopsided unavailing uneven alien unintelligible twisted fitful out-of-place unsightly beyond the pale bad form out of the way unsuitable for plain demeaning inappropriate to debasing cheapening inelegant hideous ugly-looking ugly shaming belittling lowering mortifying unceremonious unqualified unflattering impertinent immaterial humiliating impolite low scandalous inglorious coarse false cheap rude tawdry irrelative detrimental incongruent maladroit dishonest immoral corrupt contemptible malodorous rotten misconceived crass incompetent ill-fitted antagonistic defective crooked ill-matched foul rash unmannerly immodest ineffective unfair despicable vile erring pointless silly thoughtless abnormal preposterous repugnant not pertinent not germane dissenting antithetical opposed opposite ludicrous inefficient useless worthless brash not suitable out-of-season counter unharmonious off-base unworthy of mutually exclusive inconformable not designed futile no good unsuited to inadequate for unfitted for diverse at variance varying differing unmixable ineligible for not designed for ill-adapted to not up to scratch unequipped for unprepared for ill-suited to unequipped out-of-the-way untactful ill-fitting uncalled for outrageous unconventional beneath one's dignity ridiculous meaningless improprietous funny off-balance ill suited unprepossessing unfavorable disappointing unfavourable ill-chosen unhandsome tacky salacious unlovely not done uncongenial objectionable unprepared insensitive misdirected loose unvirtuous wanton ill-bred shameless hasty sordid boorish churlish ill-mannered discourteous faulty deplorable dreadful illegitimate unethical uncivil shocking remote garbage inappurtenant not up to snuff not qualified unscrupulous unsensible inconvenient harebrained unadvised unrecommended beside the point unreasonable irrational awry unsavoury unthinking spur-of-the-moment unguarded inconsiderate mistaken confused seamy sleazy louche seedy shoddy not cricket against the rules hot-headed hare-brained neither here nor there bad imperfect unsatisfactory adrift flawed astray debased depraved nasty degenerate low-minded unorthodox not recommended impulsive dumb poor crude rowdy ruffian raffish fallacious nothing to do with it abhorrent odious out of its element unadvisable uncool sick unlawful haywire sleazoid disgusting abominable disadvantageous disobliging disobedient delinquent ornery troublesome unhealthy rebellious miscreant thrawn wayward aberrant uncontrollable obstructive fractious unhelpful mean sorry abject squalid unsavory irresponsible impractical ineffectual insufficient deficient inefficacious limited beneath you lacking dignity glitched up not equal to not good enough for short-sighted undeserving beneath reprehensible inexcusable inferior prejudicial harmful damaging unforgivable stupid dull slow hopeless impotent powerless unable lousy unfitting to recreant valueless nothing blamable improper to unmerited no-good good-for-nothing pitiful no-account inexpert beneath your dignity unhandy jejune undexterous insipid banal inexperienced unfacile flat inadept unmeet unproficient unbecoming to junk unproductive strange off-key paradoxical ironic flimsy unadvantageous broken not deserving not worth out of place with out of character with not fit not in harmony in opposition incongruitous sticking out a mile standing out a mile factious like a fish out of water antipodal offbeat warring inconstant adverse unadapted whale of difference

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