Đồng nghĩa của darling

Alternative for darling


Đồng nghĩa: beloved, dear, precious,

Danh từ

Used as an affectionate form of address to a beloved person
love beloved dear dearest sweetheart sweetie angel honey lover sweet treasure baby pet sugar truelove babe flame hon precious squeeze dear one doll poppet sweeting boyfriend dearie friend girlfriend honeybunch lamb loved one sweetie pie lover boy firm favorite heart's desire one and only apple of one's eye light of my life the apple of somebody's eye beau swain steady inamorato paramour boyf significant other escort inamorata suitor partner heartthrob admirer leman girlf valentine true love fella fiancé fiance querida man friend man date adorable person lovable person wooer fancy man endearing person fellow boy gallant star follower companion gem toy boy young man my love lady friend woman friend ladylove intended honeybun Juliet Romeo betrothed deary worshipper favorite favourite wife husband sweet one love of one's life lovebird cherished one fair-haired boy worshiper bird doxy sugar daddy old man light of one's life love of my life fancy woman lady love object of affection WAG mi amor sweety snuggle bug cuddle bug groom lass girl bride gal sunshine jo buttercup heart-throb dumpling guy lovebug sugar pie mistress honey bunch squire lovey lady-love object of one's affections the pet gentleman caller gentleman friend courtesan jong cohabitee concubine innocent live-in lover idolizer courter fiancee infatuate other man cicisbeo honey-pie saint suppliant other woman bit on the side solicitor Wag bit of fluff mate confidant buddy guyfriend intimate pal common-law husband fancy bit kept woman love interest beloved person ingénue good person ingenue prince male friend soul mate gentle person pride and joy kind person apple of your eye paragon of virtue sheep dove decent person helpful person generous person ducky heartbeat idol tootsie first and last young lady the love of one's life the apple of one's eye fiancée number one numero uno the object of one's affections spouse consort catch better half conquest hubby cavalier other half woman bidie-in plus-one guy friend future husband husband-to-be bae hetaera odalisque gigolo amour domestic partner fiancé blind date female friend prize acquisition helpmate fan helpmeet captive slave supporter playmate lady missus seduction adherent missis equal bedfellow old lady old woman enticement captivation enthrallment common-law wife dutch her indoors trouble and strife POSSLQ feather in your cap a notch on someone's bedpost feather in cap

Danh từ

A boy who feels philia or more specifically anterōs, for his paederastic lover

Danh từ

(informal) A form of address to a woman

Tính từ

Befitting of being loved or adored
adorable sweet charming precious cute dear lovable lovely attractive captivating delightful enchanting endearing winning winsome alluring appealing bewitching gorgeous beautiful disarming engaging fetching loveable lovesome adorbs bonny chocolate-box cutesy pleasing taking wonderful likable likeable pleasant irresistible angelic dainty cuddly fair pretty amiable agreeable fascinating beguiling desirable ravishing enthralling seductive ingratiating insinuating bonnie as pretty as a picture nice prepossessing cherubic innocent simpatico comely sympathique enticing cherubical entrancing cunning sympatisch tantalizing inviting charismatic eye-catching delicate glamorous elegant kawaii fit delectable tantalising twee pretty-pretty persuasive dinky perky fragile childlike warm-hearted cherished affectionate titillating seducing rapturous enamoring absorbing ambrosial genial friendly congenial affable cherishable doll face nurturable prizable appreciatable fair-haired white-headed good-looking nice-looking graceful handsome stunning arousing striking nubile magnetic spunky tasty luscious bootylicious glamourous hot personable mesmeric beckoning provocative sensual beauteous arresting smashing luring sultry hunky sexy interesting sensuous fanciable tempting aesthetic goodly good fine esthetic well favoured seemly sightly knockout trim likely pulchritudinous dreamboat eyeful dishy foxy bijou picture-perfect drop-dead gorgeous easy on the eye well-favored intriguing divine elfin heavenly dreamy drop-dead dazzling mesmerizing come-hither spellbinding exquisite mesmerising hypnotizing bodacious siren sexual lush babelicious hypnotising shapely radiant beddable becoming buxom blooming stylish fine-looking out of this world magical compelling exciting sirenic hypnotic riveting orphic magnetising electrifying magnetizing teasing scrumptious fabulous erotic debonair on fleek wholesome sensational easy on the eyes a ten come-to-bed sexually attractive very beautiful well-favoured well favored entertaining diverting admirable beseeching Orphean illecebrous attracting warm welcoming beaut goodlooking infatuating engrossing a sight for sore eyes mouthwatering drawing attention choice mouth-watering appetizing sophisticated cultivated open cordial encouraging polite cultured civilized smart suave as nice as pie worldly witty appetising sublime physically attractive grand civilised couthy resplendent splendid aesthetically pleasing aesthetically appealing statuesque well bred larger than life worldly-wise willowy fashionable dollish voluptuous dapper curvaceous superb camera-friendly classy symmetrical telegenic refined photogenic presentable ideal well-formed prettyish showstopping sheen

Tính từ

Pleasing to the mind or senses
pleasant delightful pleasing agreeable enjoyable pleasurable nice satisfying gratifying good welcome congenial heavenly delectable felicitous pretty sweet delightsome jolly delicious blessed dreamy luscious grateful dulcet blest savory savoury tasty palatable lovely charming fine acceptable engaging great wonderful favorable favourable entertaining glorious splendid amusing neat fair fun refreshing appealing captivating satisfactory sublime rapturous thrilling divine enchanting beautiful magnificent exquisite alluring marvelous marvellous peachy tasteful ravishing diverting magical fabulous grand terrific fantastic magic brilliant likable super attractive comforting comely rewarding comfortable fascinating choice cheering bonny genial capital cheery swell likeable supercalifragilisticexpialidocious adorable elegant delicate stunning gorgeous seductive hospitable drop-dead knockout fulfilling desirable valuable suitable pulchritudinous soothing mild superb appreciated cheerful exhilarating euphoric precious joyous select heartening dainty cute commendable fetching superior intoxicating pleasureful heartwarming exciting fab mooi lekker recreative relishable recherche smashing brill ducky cool beaut soft ripping cracking corking spiffing champion irie topping wizard bonzer beezer frabjous groovy to one's liking to your liking top-hole to one's taste out of this world sapid replayable snug suited welcoming relaxing sensual fit adapted appropriate titillating wanted easy to take silvery golden beguiling winning well suited much needed gladly received blissful amazing happy couthy perfect fine and dandy enticing sexy extremely pleasant extremely enjoyable consoling sensational bodacious adorbs bootylicious babelicious propitious opportune encouraging gladdening extremely attractive restful renewing restorative timely solacing rejuvenating constructive productive worthwhile refined beneficial heaven-sent restoring spiffy peach dandy ready pussycat substantial sustaining nourishing satiating adequate sufficient happiness-inducing trim slight graceful petite to your taste slim excellent hitting the spot dinky airy subtle rare nuanced exceptional positive lacy thin ethereal well-made deft frail light tender fragile feeble diaphanous enviable lovesome flashy affable worthy glamorous photogenic sound presentable sunny amiable hunky clear tempting cunning resplendent A1 rad reputable prime dollish glossy honourable splashy snazzy eye-catching good-looking ace flamboyant sterling beauteous admirable zingy taking aesthetic slick boss statuesque glamourous spanking well-favored showy sightly arresting in order dishy foxy hunky-dory radiant prettyish showstopping relief OK unspoilt not bad glad honorable elating splendorous paradisiacal deluxe super-eminent copasetic first-rate passable shipshape first-class paradisiac gnarly ecstatic telegenic super-excellent copacetic paradisal stupendous paradisaical calming esthetic paradisaic ambrosial scrumptious ineffable yummy lush very pleasurable very attractive very agreeable greatly to one's liking very pleasant cordial inviting decent tolerable joyful average reasonable upbeat bright serviceable solid all right fitting good enough heart-warming bully tip-top bad jovial up to snuff appetizing merry hot okay keen spectacular supreme interesting festive gay succulent delish gladsome respectable enough alright competent piquant fairish famous noble A-OK uplifting outrageous colossal greatest ample jake unexceptional appetising sufficing easy unobjectionable convenient so-so solid gold unblemished crack entire unbroken unimpaired undamaged flawless uninjured whole intact unharmed unhurt promising convivial balmy stirring optimistic contented sanguine warming mirthful long-awaited longed-for desired contenting unmarred celebratory honouring distracting clubbable jaunty fantastical astonishing soul-stirring light-hearted honoring flattering sufficiently good middling moderate fair-to-middling fantabulous quite good gripping up to par delighting up to standard up to the mark assuaging valid assuasive appeasing cogent up to scratch toothsome dynamite phat out-of-sight gangbusters jim-dandy brag superlative awesome down topflight prizewinning gone blue-chip primo high-class brave bonnie top top-notch bang-up bumper boffo radical top-shelf quality frontline prize righteous crackerjack classic first-string immense four-star stellar hype blue-ribbon five-star gilt-edge top-of-the-line unsurpassed gangbuster gilt-edged banner dope nifty mean supernal feel-good enthralling edible commensurate commensurable stimulating engrossing absorbing comestible abundant compulsive cozy cosy mouth-watering flavourful flavoursome requisite proportionate plenty peachy keen par excellence number one numero uno comfy esculent digestible rich congruous proper memorable unputdownable standard wholesome harmless nectareous ambrosian finger-licking flavorsome moreish nummy toothy flavorful mouthwatering yum-yum scrummy plentiful plenteous apposite apropos bounteous warm cushy eating yummo very palatable very enjoyable flavorous nectarean eloquent worth reading well-written easy to read clever well written ingenious readable smooth well-suited enow correct aplenty copious as much as you need necessary fitted as much as is necessary minimal bountiful homely homestyle plush fair to middling fairly good okey-dokey landmark momentous distinguished fateful consequential celebrated illustrious snuggly homelike nutritive nutritious kosher eatable culinary fit to be consumed dietary fit for consumption fit to eat safe snug as a bug in a rug useful made well eventful historic monumental important notable meaningful material groundbreaking unforgettable pivotal heroic shining extraordinary triumphant exalted august epochal significant remarkable red-letter venerable noteworthy proud far-reaching

Tính từ

Of or resembling paradise
paradisaic blissful divine glorious excellent sublime wonderful delightful celestial beautiful lovely rapturous blessed holy enjoyable supernal godlike superhuman supernatural alluring entrancing exquisite ravishing angelic ambrosial immortal beatific cherubic seraphic empyrean paradisiacal adorable extraterrestrial lush scrumptious yummy delectable delicious luscious sweet paradisaical paradisiac paradisal heavenly Elysian golden idyllic perfect paradisical Arcadian utopian out of this world spiritual saintly ethereal supreme ideal transcendental unworldly immaterial godly marvellous first-rate superb first-class fabulous grand fantastic terrific awesome empyreal splendid super sacred stellar fab transcendent astral elysian gorgeous hallowed marvelous transmundane otherworldly exalted joyful rapt great enchanting goddesslike immaculate magnificent sensational deific mystical superlunary saintlike mystic deitylike smashing cosmic dynamite superlative superior A-OK top-notch fantabulous fine unsurpassed omnipotent supernormal deiform omnipresent metaphysical deistic blest omniscient preternatural almighty incorporeal brilliant ghostly unearthly superterrestrial extramundane beyond human too good to be true splendorous unphysical unfleshly virtuous other-worldly all-powerful non-material non-materialistic socialist reforming progressive happy charming Erewhonian Edenic eternal pure empyral Olympian amazing innocent serene ecstatic elevated lofty beyond compare unparalleled unmatched unequaled unequalled incomparable matchless unsurpassable ace unrivaled nonpareil unexcelled out-of-this-world phenomenal exceptional second to none unrivalled to die for without equal unexampled dreamy peerless inimitable imposing awe-inspiring majestic outstanding high mind-blowing big eminent lordly resplendent uplifting moving august the most inspiring too much outrageous inspirational stately abstract splendiferous proud gratifying pleasurable neat top-shelf phat prime cracking quality groovy frontline dandy hot prize out-of-sight gangbusters jim-dandy brag topping bully righteous crackerjack classic wizard sterling down first-string topflight immense prizewinning gone blue-chip four-star bonny primo supercalifragilisticexpialidocious tip-top peachy high-class corking hype brave slick bonnie blue-ribbon boss five-star swell top gilt-edge famous cool choice capital top-of-the-line keen bang-up noble bumper gangbuster boffo gilt-edged wicked radical banner dope nifty mean brill bosting paradisic peachy keen par excellence number one numero uno more than human

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