Đồng nghĩa của worldly wise

Tính từ

Having knowledge based on maturity or longevity within a given field
experienced knowing mature worldly cultivated cultured initiated polished refined urbane worldly-wise sophisticated streetwise suave wise matured old unprovincial with experience media-savvy well travelled been around been there having been around old hand in the know seasoned hardened knowledgeable qualified accomplished trained veteran cosmopolitan practised smart practical adept expert well versed professional skillful skilful versed practiced skilled aware enlightened cool vet sensible long-serving master familiar tested tried competent battle-scarred well-versed established consummate proficient weathered pro perceptive astute smooth blasé well trained shrewd capable patriarchal full of years of long standing past your prime broad-minded unprejudiced liberal well-travelled reliable responsible judicious catholic planetary gregarious metropolitan public ecumenical adult dependable discriminating learned crack ace masterful great virtuoso crackerjack complete masterly good compleat educated professed mean disciplined exercised long-time old-time inured steady level-headed sagacious grown-up politic materialistic selfish grasping avaricious greedy worldly-minded covetous power-loving disenchanted unprincipled callous uptown mondain opportunistic self-centred self-centered experient applied firsthand knows one's stuff not born yesterday wise to ways up to speed from way back of the old school empirical real debonair civilized elegant svelte stylish objective hands-on working well versed in the ways of the world jet-set classy chic citified intelligent experimental active existential actual experiential empiric mondaine erudite civilised well-bred world-weary heuristic non-theoretical factual pragmatic in the field how-to time-served habituated instructed prepared toughened au fait versed in well up in

Tính từ

Having or showing shrewdness and good judgement, especially in money or business matters
canny shrewd astute sharp acute clever wise careful sharp-witted artful cautious judicious perspicacious prudent sagacious circumspect intelligent knowing smart crafty cunning discerning discriminating penetrating perceptive savvy wily sensible subtle calculating clear-eyed clear-sighted hard-boiled hardheaded heads-up heady pawky suss sussed whip-smart argute long-headed sapient worldly-wise able adroit cagey dextrous dexterous discreet foxy frugal hep ingenious nimble-witted quick quick-witted skilful skillful slick slippery sly smooth streetwise wary watchful on the ball street smart street-smart with it as sharp as a tack having fancy footwork insightful sage having been around downy experienced fly enterprising sophisticated worldly no fool qualified expert unprovincial percipient urbane seasoned aware knowledgeable knowing how many beans make five not born yesterday nobody's fool quick on the uptake with all one's wits about one not missing a trick competent enlightened bright brilliant resourceful conversant sentient cognizant observant brainy reasonable visionary rational incisive thoughtful tuned-in well-informed clued-up well informed with-it vigilant tactical farsighted thorough keen genius alert gifted nimble exceptional fast supersmart ultrasmart hyperintelligent intuitive quick off the mark intellectual precocious ready profound piercing sensitive cerebral erudite scholarly accomplished inventive razor-sharp talented penetrative apt learned witty adept deep fine agile quick-thinking critical capable creative rapier-like alive wide awake sharp as a tack cute active whiz all there educated media-savvy quick on the trigger politic proficient far-sighted highbrow deft responsive crack elite masterly lively imaginative understanding prompt quick on the draw excellent virtuoso superior awake Einstein whiz kid first-rate well read eggheaded first-class choice whip very intelligent sharpened sharp-sighted far-seeing analytical cagy receptive complex exacting analytic intriguing ratiocinative detailed delicate cluey in the know razor-edged trenchant knife-like effectual effective swift PDQ brisk curt vigorous wired mercurial genial well-read well educated appreciative prescient conscious clear razor-like tuned in ear to the ground knows what's what devious smart as a whip skilled enquiring questioning inquiring conniving thinking tasty teachable logical shifty shady cultured studious bookish academic bluestocking no dummy quick to learn instructed responsible together comprehending original guileful scheming Machiavellian sneaky tricky swotty very smart neat know how many beans make five having a good head on one's shoulders having no flies on book smart keen-witted open-eyed tentie wide-awake tenty Argus-eyed searching probing acuminous finely honed accurate exact on the job on one's toes clued up good hands with your wits about you on top of vital heads up on the stick spirited attentive on your toes on guard bright-eyed and bushy-tailed all ears apprehensive clued-in on the lookout smart as a tack having smarts

Tính từ

Careful and prudent in one's speech or actions, especially in order to keep something confidential or to avoid embarrassment
discreet guarded prudent careful cautious diplomatic judicious politic tactful wary circumspect sensible chary considerate close-lipped reserved strategic wise close-mouthed discerning intelligent judgmatic judgmatical delicate kid-glove sagacious softly-softly alert attentive awake cagey calculating civil conservative controlled discriminating gingerly heedful moderate noncommittal observant precautious reasonable safe temperate thoughtful vigilant watchful worldly-wise having foresight not rash on lookout like a clam shrewd sound astute expedient considered logical smart practical advisable commonsensical sage savvy tactical insightful sapient common-sense well judged well advised well-advised well thought out informed rational enlightened canny perceptive percipient acute perspicacious clever sober desirable sane pawky skilful efficacious argute accurate profound judicial keen skillful sophisticated seasonable just thorough sharp seemly well-judged far-sighted clear-sighted quick-witted heads-up long-headed pragmatic provident levelheaded level-headed healthy reasoned knowing good justified intellectual well-thought-out well-founded solid well-reasoned realistic learned commonsense knowledgeable coherent valid educated firm lucid cogent analytical methodical well-informed commonsensible erudite hard analytic scholarly objective intuitive balanced experienced down-to-earth contemplative foresighted matter-of-fact studious thinking reliable full of insight cerebral reasoning together clear aware well reasoned systematic grounded thought through showing great knowledge with great knowledge all there consequent having all one's marbles organized organised well organized joined-up penetrating philosophical deep graceful congruent cunning understanding reflective well informed brainy steady stable normal thoughty deliberated proportional well-proportioned symmetrical well-adjusted well-expressed well-presented well presented well expressed well-structured consistent plain articulate calculated mentally stable harmonious cognizant cogitative thought-out measured detail oriented contemplated aforethought studied cognitive well-balanced investigated weighed examined premeditated advised determined deliberate computed prepense responsible precise no-nonsense rigorous well-grounded serious-minded mature dependable regulated exact orderly thought-through thought-about well chosen full of common sense conversant cool fair ordered mathematical scientific au courant trustworthy in right mind well-organized hard-headed straight-thinking steady-going recognized reputable proven sanctioned fly faithful significant recognised legit orthodox canonical true kosher legal tried-and-true

Tính từ

(of a person) Charming or captivating in nature
delightful charming captivating enchanting charismatic endearing adorable appealing bewitching cultivated cute engaging fetching graceful likable likeable lovely prepossessing sophisticated sweet winning absorbing agreeable alluring amiable civilised civilized cultured debonair delectable dreamy elegant enticing entrancing lovable nice pleasant polite smart suave adorbs beguiling divine irresistible luring pleasing winsome witty worldly bonny couthy electrifying inviting magnetic magnetising magnetizing well bred worldly-wise larger than life persuasive seductive attractive fascinating taking disarming enthralling darling dear precious glamorous lovesome intriguing mesmerizing spellbinding loveable mesmerising pretty glamourous ravishing tantalizing fair cutesy tempting tantalising riveting interesting dazzling gorgeous beautiful hypnotizing elfin angelic desirable dainty hypnotising eye-catching engrossing cuddly magical hypnotic heavenly exciting ingratiating insinuating comely rapturous gripping striking compelling simpatico sympathique arresting orphic sirenic cunning sympatisch siren good-looking mesmeric cherubic innocent smashing cherubical delicate titillating enamoring kawaii bonnie on fleek twee as pretty as a picture chocolate-box pretty-pretty entertaining diverting handsome come-hither fit dinky perky fragile childlike seducing welcoming warm bodacious infatuating beauteous Orphean choice babelicious enrapturing warm-hearted cherished affectionate mouthwatering drawing nice-looking attracting genial friendly congenial affable cherishable immersing memorable compulsive transfixing transporting consuming readable involving ambrosial mouth-watering appetizing easy on the eye as nice as pie nurturable prizable appreciatable wonderful unputdownable cordial encouraging provocative open appetising doll face

Trái nghĩa của worldly wise

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