Đồng nghĩa của encouraging

Alternative for encouraging

encourages, encouraged, encouraging

Đồng nghĩa: cheer, inspire, invite, promote, sponsor, support, urge,

Trái nghĩa: discourage,

Tính từ

Positive and giving hope for future success
promising bright hopeful auspicious optimistic propitious favourable positive rosy bullish felicitous good reassuring upbeat excellent fair favorable heartening likely satisfactory golden roseate full of promise rose-colored likely-looking full of hope looking on the bright side advantageous happy beneficial fortunate lucky opportune providential helpful profitable useful valuable pleasing timely cheerful supportive approving cheering sunny uplifting prosperous enthusiastic productive worthwhile affirmative friendly gratifying fruitful benign constructive agreeing inspiring corroborative effective successful assenting concurring suitable gladdening stirring beneficent confirming welcome joyful utopian merry in the affirmative rewarding gainful commendatory complimentary practical praising bubbly right conducive consenting heartwarming convenient buoyant appreciative comforting Panglossian up satisfying salutary appropriate idealistic sanguine benevolent fitting agreeable halcyon cheery benefic exciting dexter well-timed of benefit well timed kindly remunerative expedient toward of use palmy seasonable heaven-sent delightful joyous best benignant fond blushing blooming fit rising alluring formative capable assuring rose-coloured fortuitous moderate warm clement up-and-coming Utopian applauding inspiriting enlivening handy of good cheer potential fulfilling trusting hoping confident expectant assured healing arousing elating promiseful rousing merciful smiling charitable apt favoured favored enriching encouraged high jammy accepting laudatory congratulatory acclamatory admiring wholesome favouring favoring pat brave edifying economic keeping the faith unique superb advisable instrumental born with a silver spoon in your mouth well-off looking through rose-colored glasses splendid brilliant special tremendous fine plauditory praiseful approbative serviceable worthy behooveful lucrative of assistance meritorious nice flourishing ideal great hearty illuminating informative wonderful terrific ebullient effervescent bouncy lively jocund thriving win-win of value of service worth it believing fresh determined beautiful blissful glorious approbatory in one's interests in one's best interests go-getting feel-good redeeming can-do warming gay mirthful proactive booming gladsome jolly unmarred first-rate one-off first-class roaring lush acquiescent affirming confirmative endorsing confirmatory supporting acknowledging affirmatory ratifying complying jaunty jovial glad heart-warming soul-stirring rich healthy prospering precious boomy privileged paradisiac peak idyllic commending kind glowing flattering sympathetic well-disposed rave solid influential effectual reasonable meaningful accurate genial official faithful significant steady demonstrable efficacious wholehearted straight-shooting clean authentic pragmatic progressive purposeful forward-looking sound

Tính từ

Giving someone support or confidence
supportive reassuring sympathetic affirmative inspiring inspiriting nurturing understanding uplifting caring cheerful comforting compassionate empathetic enthusiastic feeling helpful kindly sensitive warm affectionate appreciative approving benevolent calming cheering concerned gladdening heartening heartwarming kind positive protective responsive soothing boosting fulfilling gratifying pleasing stimulating welcome rewarding satisfying loving tender consoling beneficent indulgent condoling commiserative solicitous thoughtful considerate empathic warming paternal touching stirring giving heart-warming gentle gracious maternal philanthropic generous charitable pitying altruistic humane benign commiserating fatherlike forbearing benignant tenderhearted warmhearted softhearted kindhearted sympathizing warm-hearted tender-hearted good-hearted kind-hearted soft-hearted soft fatherly sympathising having heart in right place all heart enjoyable moving affecting promising propitious auspicious gladsome soul-stirring hopeful attentive philanthropical patriarchal avuncular vigilant cheery consolatory heartfelt sweet pleasant exhilarating joyous merciful lenient humanitarian relieving assuaging decent selfless unselfish neighborly tolerant neighbourly obliging human easing doting motherly bighearted clement genial piteous goodhearted ruthful interested magnanimous sparing good-natured big-hearted well meaning loving and giving old softie open-minded large-hearted well disposed well-disposed well-intentioned open-hearted bleeding heart do-good great-hearted bleeding-heart appreciating comprehending vicarious mitigating analeptic upholding revitalizing curing solacing abating bolstering envigorating remedying softening revitalising invigorating lightening succouring alleviating revivifying health-giving restoring sustaining allaying succoring freeing refreshing mild liberal forgiving friendly good amiable patient accommodating affable chivalrous amicable easy easy-going easygoing bounteous unstinting cordial complaisant munificent bountiful approachable public-spirited mellow noble big congenial permissive open-handed eleemosynary fond nice ungrudging self-sacrificing moderate agreeable good-humored good-humoured light hospitable sentimental pardoning compliant gallant openhanded devoted sociable unassuming lax likeable condoning receptive likable mild-mannered mollycoddling pampering perceptive free cooperative greathearted tactful polite favourable respectful favorable self-denying modest lovable good-tempered angelic placid harmless civilized condolatory openhearted spoiling meek freehanded open pacific mindful aware excusing docile reactive impressionable peaceable calm peaceful courteous civilised accessible accepting conscious broad-minded self-effacing careful free-handed deferential temperate unsparing moved delightful engaging unoffensive sweet-tempered well intentioned well-mannered companionable brotherly generous to a fault disinterested allowing moralistic permitting yielding sorry socially concerned emotional serene self-forgetting hearty well-meaning intuitive vulnerable denying incorruptible extroverted flexible maternalistic cognizant touchy-feely susceptible personable heroic perceiving humoring diplomatic righteous lovely passionate mother sensible amenable regardful conciliatory tame subdued mushy forthcoming humouring valiant lamblike demure reverent comradely lavish unpresumptuous prepossessing winsome retiring submissive civil sweet-natured even-tempered honourable honorable benefic non-confrontational heart in right place going easy on parental moral princely humble chummy bland bonhomous full of pity socially aware woke idealistic paternalistic freehearted fulsome long-suffering pitiful natural immaculate placable culturally sensitive self-forgetful understandable social-minded holy pharisaical goody-goody angelical esteemed creditable respected inoffensive spotless unerring almsgiving courageous quiet observant heedful soft-shell emollient assuasive favoring letting charming nonmalignant accommodative cosseting adopted assumed imagined social thoughty good scout Robin Hood very kind favouring courtly wonderful pietistical pristine unflawed unmarred chaste graceful pietistic wholesome nonthreatening appealing tranquil willing to forgive laid back patriotic contributing donating prosocial well-bred acquiescent guiding taking captivating winning enchanting live with being big touched soft-shelled overpermissive nonjudgmental brave swell ingratiating jovial familial fiery irritable sensorial demonstrative sensory high-strung nervous fragile as nice as pie simpatico reasonable equable chilled easy-oasy pliant virginal untouched unblamable redeemable redeeming prayerful loyal fraternal sheltering socially conscious shy dove-like soft touch dutiful welcoming jejune vapid dull flat subservient spiritless obeisant smooth forbearant overindulgent fearless intrepid stout-hearted bold dauntless public- spirited soft-spoken sisterly dovelike cool non-malignant able to live with going along with pally protecting watchful supporting caretaking stirred deceivable honest virtuous ethical principled respectable upstanding conscientious upright dupable awake alive noble-minded valorous earnest wholehearted genuine sincere happy barley-sugar trusting naive tractable unsuspicious deludable unoppressive biddable unburdensome gullible fleeceable impressed personal intimate inviting eager eager to help eager to please discerning high-minded just fair convivial matey deep palsy amorous palsy-walsy buddy-buddy urbane unctuous stately suave knightly sensitized stimulated affected influenced melted sharp undemanding elevated high lordly goodish lofty great impressible sensitised insightful knowing emotionable deeply moved active sentient alert influenceable respondent sensile replying persuadable quick to react acknowledging answering susceptive finely tuned supersensitive weak touchy feely tuned in spineless boneless open to suggestions turned on to quick to respond

Tính từ

Providing inspiration
inspiring inspirational rousing stirring moving stimulating uplifting exciting exhilarating motivating affecting impassioned motivational animating emotive energising energizing enlivening heartening passionate spirited striking breathtaking charged dramatic dynamic electrifying emotional galvanising galvanizing gripping impactful intoxicating envigorating invigorating memorable persuasive provocative provoking riveting animated electric exhilarative galvanic impelling impressive influential inspiriting lively poignant stimulative thrilling affective anthemic arousing energetic exalting instigating instigative kicky refreshing touching awakening enthusiastic hearty inciting meaningful piquing triggering vibrant vigorous emotion-charged mind-bending mind-blowing soul-stirring thought-provoking hair-raising heart-stopping mind-boggling rip-roaring interesting challenging fascinating rejuvenating restorative vivifying healthy fortifying vitalizing revitalizing salubrious strengthening healthful rejuvenative revitalising influencing prompting suggestive intriguing sparkling entertaining piquant sexy bracing spine-tingling titillating adrenalizing exalté appealing hectic tonic giving one food for thought reviving fresh warming gladdening cheerful cheering cordial vital rallying heartfelt sincere eloquent fervent significant profound high hyper quickening brisk health-giving esthetic aesthetic mournful elevating expressive inspirative enriching improving doleful soulful sad heart-warming effective generous convincing pivotal compelling crucial instrumental effectual telling strong efficacious potent alluring masterful swayful powerful guiding seductive enticing momentous operative formative inducing authoritative swaying far-reaching contributory forceful controlling consequential cogent forcible central decisive fateful critical competent hard-hitting robust efficient able monumental useful emphatic purposeful capable considerable responsible successful imposing material captivating astonishing amazing exhilarant heady stunning wonderful absorbing overwhelming magnificent renewing reinvigorating incredible sensational roborant spectacular fabulous wondrous stem-winding awe-inspiring intense enthralling startling awesome enchanting staggering eye-popping innerving arresting remarkable action-packed out of this world fiery engaging wild astounding explosive fantastic stupendous brilliant deep delightful beautiful eye-opening marvelous grand marvellous inflammatory agitational heartrending ardent inviting fervid tender heartbreaking attention-grabbing complex complicated difficult baffling confusing puzzling shocking mind-altering exhilaratory cliffhanging knife-edge compulsive amusing pleasing diverting riotous charming buzzworthy pleasurable exquisite jaw-dropping dazzling amazeballs splendid glorious extraordinary beguiling unique magnetic eye-catching consuming engrossing majestic lavish entrancing showy luxurious galvanical shareable viral sensitive ensational readable elating hallucinogenic suspenseful laden pervaded permeated filled feeling giddy imbued suffused stirred fraught loaded full saturated animative deeply felt stupefying inconceivable hallucinatory psychedelic tense nerve-racking boisterous rollicking ripping uproarious adrenaline-charged edge-of-the-seat shaking trembling breathless sententious heart-stirring jolting adrenaline-fueled shivering quaking vibrating shuddering upsetting outstanding buzzy volatile adrenalized frantic blood-tingling large mad swinging fab miraculous boss picturesque heart-rending tear-jerking power-driven AC DC juiced motor-driven electrical electronic plug-in rechargeable unforgettable zero cool battery operated insane cool surprising curious never to be forgotten gee-whizz excellent crazy unreal unbelievable enjoyable ridiculous far out terrific meaty charismatic eventful hypnotizing hypnotic tantalising mesmerising worthy of note mesmerizing preoccupying bewitching unputdownable portentous trenchant topical fine unboring immersing hypnotising newsy splashy relatable prepossessing attractive involving vivid racy out of the ordinary tantalizing exceptional newsworthy mesmeric spellbinding noteworthy magical funny bad daring first-class primo divine like wow swell hunky-dory super groovy dandy first-rate superb bold delicious stately massive pleasant humorous witty agreeable fun incendiary inflaming congenial recreative droll nice seditious hilarious chucklesome admirable insurgent rabble-rousing anarchic comical tremendous demagogic relaxing scream clever riot be a ball fun-filled gas gay side-splitting priceless rebellious fomenting agitating revolutionary extravagant transcendent phenomenal hate-mongering intemperate rabid mutinous eager vehement flaming contentious controversial excited committed assiduous earnest dedicated steadfast allegiant zealous resplendent far-out notable sumptuous special fantastical out of sight dreamy unmitigated commanding prominent splendorous towering arrestive surpassing magnific seditionary great confounding perfect incitive sightly like a red rag to a bull fierce feverish frenzied heated burning warm messianic violent fanatical perfervid passional torrid glowing raging red-hot demonstrative warm-blooded incandescent superheated religious tumultuous blazing uncontrollable hot-blooded impulsive impetuous ungovernable steamed up high-pressure stimulated precipitate headlong high-powered hotblooded quickened

Tính từ

Very pleasing due to being much needed or desired
welcome favorable good delightful desirable felicitous pleasing agreeable cheering favourable genial heartening promising grateful gratifying jolly nice opportune pleasant pleasurable propitious refreshing timely acceptable blessed blest congenial delightsome enjoyable heavenly palatable satisfying sweet contenting cordial delectable delicious desired dreamy dulcet heaven-sent long-awaited longed-for much needed gladly received to one's liking to one's taste appreciated consoling fulfilling heartwarming rewarding comforting luscious pleasureful gladdening renewing rejuvenating solacing restful restorative satisfactory restoring pretty darling savory savoury tasty lovely charming entertaining engaging fine great wonderful amusing enchanting fair appealing glorious beautiful splendid sublime likable attractive fun neat likeable adorable peachy captivating rapturous thrilling divine magnificent magical ravishing fabulous grand terrific fantastic magic brilliant diverting alluring super marvelous capital marvellous swell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious exquisite tasteful stunning gorgeous winning seductive hospitable drop-dead knockout soothing valuable suitable comely pulchritudinous mild comfortable fascinating amiable cheery hunky-dory exciting fab smashing brill ducky cool beaut ripping cracking corking spiffing champion dandy topping wizard bonzer beezer frabjous to your liking top-hole out of this world cheerful sapid titillating replayable snug suited welcoming relaxing wanted mooi lekker silvery sensual fit adapted appropriate beguiling soft golden easy to take groovy extremely pleasant extremely enjoyable enticing bonny sexy inviting fine and dandy well suited sensational bodacious adorbs bootylicious babelicious constructive productive worthwhile extremely attractive beneficial substantial sustaining nourishing satiating adequate sufficient happiness-inducing spiffy peach ready pussycat to your taste hitting the spot excellent exceptional superb positive enviable lovesome flashy affable exhilarating worthy euphoric glamorous photogenic elegant precious sound presentable sunny joyous hunky clear tempting cunning resplendent A1 rad reputable prime dollish glossy dainty cute honourable splashy snazzy eye-catching good-looking ace flamboyant sterling beauteous admirable commendable zingy fetching superior taking aesthetic delicate slick boss statuesque glamourous spanking intoxicating well-favored choice showy sightly arresting in order dishy foxy radiant prettyish showstopping relief OK unspoilt not bad glad honorable elating splendorous paradisiacal deluxe super-eminent copasetic first-rate passable shipshape first-class recreative paradisiac select gnarly ecstatic telegenic super-excellent copacetic paradisal relishable recherche stupendous paradisaical calming esthetic paradisaic ambrosial scrumptious ineffable yummy lush irie very pleasurable very attractive very agreeable greatly to one's liking very pleasant

Tính từ

Offering the promise of an attractive or enjoyable experience
inviting tempting appealing attractive engaging fascinating beguiling captivating delightful enticing intriguing seductive alluring pleasing warm welcoming magnetic mouthwatering pleasant agreeable appetising appetizing bewitching enchanting entrancing irresistible mouth-watering winning charming cordial open persuasive provocative ravishing tantalising tantalizing winsome suggestive sexy erotic titillating pornographic passionate immodest slinky indelicate indecent shameless sensuous sexual flirtatious sexually arousing arousing amorous racy sexually exciting raunchy steamy coquettish stimulating exciting juicy come-hither piquant kinky tarty intoxicating interesting cheeky heady fetching lovely glamorous luring enthralling charismatic desirable beautiful prepossessing mesmeric cute taking likable likeable lovable pretty mesmerizing striking fair glamourous gorgeous adorable bonny dreamy eye-catching mesmerising sweet heavenly divine comely good-looking delectable hypnotic stunning spellbinding magical absorbing nice handsome smashing endearing arresting beauteous elegant amiable riveting elfin good compelling beckoning entertaining hypnotizing sightly nice-looking knockout aesthetic seemly likely esthetic bonnie goodly wonderful lovesome adorbs hypnotising gripping easy on the eye well-favored nubile fanciable sultry siren graceful disarming tasty dazzling dainty engrossing fine pleasurable delicate on fleek fit electrifying as pretty as a picture attracting inspiring idyllic glorious luscious enjoyable personable sublime enchanted darling spunky rousing scrumptious drawing stirring hunky congenial dear refreshing dreamlike genial sirenic bodacious magnificent gratifying satisfying well favoured diverting thought-provoking teasing pulchritudinous smart babelicious fairylike exquisite enamoring rapturous trim magnetising magnetizing rewarding drop-dead gorgeous compulsive to one's liking fabulous unputdownable fairy-tale out of this world drop-dead amusing amazing enveloping provoking magic anodyne affable cutesy pulling illecebrous orphic beseeching inevitable strong invincible indomitable uncontainable powerful unconquerable overriding ineluctable Orphean loveable ingratiating insinuating precious radiant hot sensual bootylicious immersive sensational seducing incredible very beautiful fab terrific fantastic infatuating challenging inspirational sophisticated cultivated dreamboat eyeful dishy foxy bijou choice polite cultured civilized suave debonair picture-perfect worldly witty superb well bred civilised couthy larger than life worldly-wise as nice as pie great entranced charmed bewitched mind-blowing conjuring fiendish chic lush clever easy eloquent worth reading well written ingenious well-written brilliant easy to read readable relaxing smooth worthwhile welcome dandy acceptable favorable too good to be true curious impressive neat prim immaculate spotless hospitable decent clean tidy peachy pleasureful fine and dandy favourable hunky-dory attention-grabbing affecting exceptional noteworthy grateful delightsome blessed palatable blest jolly felicitous immersing moving meaty vibrant breathtaking astonishing eventful unique newsy splashy relatable marvelous eye-opening invigorating remarkable involving exhilarating vivid out of the ordinary worthy of note spectacular fresh memorable preoccupying newsworthy portentous action-packed consuming envigorating trenchant marvellous galvanising topical showy unboring wondrous thrilling emphatic galvanizing electric buzzworthy drawing attention swank stylish suitable orderly

Tính từ

Showing approval, appreciation or praise
appreciative admiring enthusiastic sensitive supportive responsive sympathetic aware conscious pleased understanding applauding approbatory approving commendatory complimentary favourable favorable friendly good knowledgeable mindful positive respectful cognizant perceptive regardful affectionate alive considerate cooperative cordial enlightened generous keen receptive satisfied in the know laudatory praiseful flattering praising acclamatory recommendatory congratulatory approbative laudative adulatory affirmative agreeable kind adoring panegyrical well-disposed idolizing plauditory accepting idolising warm commending reassuring benevolent well-intentioned in favor of deferential worshipful encomiastic worshipping worshiping eulogistic condign glowing rave gracious celebrating commendable raving celebratory fawning advisory predisposed okay benign amicable inclined welcoming assenting nurturing uplifting inspiring inspiriting comforting compassionate helpful cheerful feeling kindly empathetic caring protective gladdening heartening concerned calming soothing cheering heartwarming pro boosting pleasing stimulating gratifying fulfilling welcome compatible like-minded congenial companionable open-minded amenable congruous cool consistent open consonant down supporting of encouraging of approving of in favour of vicarious supportive of favorably disposed well-disposed towards on the side of responsive to friendly to favourably disposed towards favourably disposed to on same wavelength having a heart in sympathy with tuned in receptive to well disposed to

Động từ

Bringing or inviting someone to share in an activity

Động từ

To be triggering a passionate feeling or reaction
exciting provoking inciting riling stirring up fomenting impassioning inflaming rallying roiling rousing stirring triggering aggravating agitating animating electrifying firing up goading inspiring instigating arousing enthusing galvanizing incensing irking priming ruffling stimulating whipping up baiting charging egging on eliciting enlivening grilling kindling piquing pumping up revving up setting off vexing vivifying winding up working up activating angering awakening bringing about bringing out causing charging up commoving energising energizing enkindling galvanising jolting motivating needling pepping up sparking off touching off triggering off working into lather chafing discomposing flustering inducing infuriating intensifying maddening offending shaking shaking up starting taunting upsetting waking up feeding the fire emboldening buoying up empowering strengthening buoying incentifying driving cheering reassuring pushing invigorating applauding spurring building up sparking enforcing disinhibiting inspiriting heartening fortifying filliping swaying vitalizing comforting building uplifting moving egging spurring on steeling boosting jumpstarting incentivizing enheartening exhilarating brightening boosting up revitalizing reenforcing cheering on igniting raising quickening revivifying giving a boost to restoring assuring bearing up nudging gladdening chirking up refreshing praising consoling pricking raising the morale of giving shot in arm lighting a fire under cheering up bielding giving a shot in the arm to geeing up bucking up propping up giving hope to psyching up stimulating spiritually raising your spirits boosting someone's morale lifting the spirits of giving confidence to spiriting someone up stiffening the resolve of envigorating revitalising prompting firing generating urging wakening engendering evoking prodding calling forth impelling producing promoting reviving whetting actuating waking giving rise to fostering thrilling influencing occasioning initiating creating turning on invoking drawing forth leading to titillating fanning bringing on awaking precipitating making begetting resulting in fueling fuelling bringing into being kick-starting propelling effectuating fermenting calling into being impressing catalyzing breeding abetting effecting getting going catalysing keying up firing the imagination of bringing summoning exhorting grabbing intoxicating tempting working elating bestirring livening up instilling setting in motion putting in motion gingering up calling up disturbing cultivating mobilizing spawning increasing brewing yielding touching originating setting on perking up translating into advancing furthering conjuring up bringing forth putting up to summoning up firing with enthusiasm jazzing up mobilising affecting pressing hatching rejuvenating recalling drumming up irritating striking renewing persuading bracing stinging making for calling impacting picking helping rekindling setting going heightening exalting making happen burning up crazing drawing on juicing up getting to calling to mind firing the enthusiasm of annoying improving compelling developing disquieting startling educing reanimating attracting resuscitating contributing to lifting resurrecting lightening astonishing amazing doing enticing dynamizing setting pleasing teasing reinvigorating spiking tickling exercising reaching beginning bugging actualizing procuring astounding jump-starting getting informing telling on brightening up making an impression on innervating zipping up challenging giving a buzz knocking up fanning the flames of switching on spooking amping up rooting on sowing the seeds of giving someone a kick drawing out steaming up breathing life into getting someone going making waves having an impact on worrying refining perturbing alarming stoking up troubling concerning elevating distressing unsettling coercing delighting distracting dismaying disconcerting pressuring recharging tantalizing sustaining galling interesting pushing forward regenerating flurrying unnerving bothering disposing reminding manifesting adding to running confusing jogging rewaking rewakening reawakening outraging hooking reactivating inclining undoing ailing derailing discomforting fussing distempering hagriding unhinging frazzling alaruming siccing nurturing enhancing coaxing exacerbating conjuring soliciting driving on fazing reproducing having a hand in necessitating leading frightening enchanting inviting suggesting involving evincing bearing contributing captivating sending forcing bringing to pass entailing rattling picking up introducing having a part in extracting ending in countenancing sharpening conducing to mustering agitating for weirding out bringing to mind raising someone's spirits conducing talking into breathing new life into giving birth to juicing starting up cranking up blowing away getting up tantalising giving a lift to carrying adding fuel freaking out acting as a stimulus to bringing back making an impression giving someone a charge forwarding livening giving a lift giving someone a shout innerving gathering honing obliging bolstering hounding whomping up relighting intriguing edifying operating shocking putting life into activizing augmenting cajoling convincing confirming having as a consequence having as a result tripping boosting moral giving life to lighting up reigniting stiffening acting as an incentive to giving new life to making alive bringing to life delivering constraining agitating against spurring to action making enthusiastic progenerating getting something going converting advising inveigling fanning the fire suscitating bettering making confident pouring it on lashing giving courage to transporting putting into action initializing getting started showing pressurizing prevailing on winning over suggesting to hinting to pressurising extending expanding adding fuel to the flames getting smoking prevailing upon playing a part in filling with joy civilizing ameliorating spiriting up leaning on riding herd on acting upon nursing asking for it mounting redoubling magnifying intensating deepening frenzying enabling planning plotting hinting rabble-rousing building a fire under scheming insinuating mustering up working on cranking launching starting off initialising taking out of mothballs making active zapping stunning giving a shot in the arm putting a bomb under taking one's breath away sowing the seeds magnetizing taking your breath away fanning the flames jarring magnetising confounding stirring embers adding fuel to fire supporting ravishing fascinating seducing raising spirits civilising enriching reestablishing restarting playing a role in discomfiting refreshening redeveloping recreating culminating in establishing amounting to accomplishing being a factor in achieving perplexing amusing palpating entertaining grappling risking setting on foot becoming cheerful causing to appear snapping out of it clearing up setting afoot taking heart looking up making brighter making happy taking a turn for the better gaining strength realising opening the door for organising realizing engineering organizing attaining assisting reinforcing drawing dazing deranging bewildering cueing being responsible for bringing off causing to happen carrying off making possible spelling putting in place contriving adding up to being partly responsible for having the effect of carrying through oiling the wheels of pulling off finishing in causing to occur courting freshening bouncing back changing re-establishing facilitating grieving badgering interfering making uneasy complicating afflicting puzzling depressing disheartening scaring paining tiring intruding getting in the way leading on tickling pink marking costing awing overcoming overwhelming overawing aweing dazzling digging aiding backing striking a chord getting through to giving someone a cue leaving an impression on brushing up having an effect on helping out touching a chord favouring favoring echoing overpowering acting as a incentive to giving the incentive to wooing alluring expressing capturing imparting encapsulating softening melting giving a boost leaving the door open to extorting calling out begging for reminding one of asking for luring entreating commanding issuing milking putting one in mind of bringing on oneself calling for flirting with incarnating knocking out slaying showing off taking someone aback leaving a mark on killing registering making splash pushing around feeling respect buffaloing feeling admiration scoring cutting a figure making a hit grandstanding bulldozing overjoying hitting conceiving wowing vivificating springing dispatching growing propagating gripping flushing tugging at your heartstrings knocking one's socks off giving joy to racing one's motor giving pleasure to going over big enraging getting a rise out of warming exasperating displeasing antagonizing alerting making wild heating up nettling discombobulating miffing peeving putting out hassling fretting causing anxiety to making flip giving someone grief ventilating making anxious examining working someone up bugging up pushing buttons narking affronting driving crazy rankling graveling madding gravelling iring bristling ticking off enflaming driving mad empurpling crossing making someone's hackles rise blowing up burning getting someone's goat getting across getting in someone's hair rubbing up the wrong way getting on one's nerves getting at getting on someone's wick getting someone's dander up losing one's temper driving up the wall getting someone making someone see red hacking off getting up someone's nose raising hell making someone's blood boil boiling making sore rattling someone's cage embittering getting on someone's nerves ruffling someone's feathers acerbating getting under someone's skin putting someone's back up teeing off getting someone's back up giving someone the pip antagonising

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