Đồng nghĩa của recherche

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Đồng nghĩa: exquisite,

Tính từ

Lavishly elegant and refined

Tính từ

Not marred
unmarred unblemished acceptable ace admirable agreeable bad boss bully capital choice commendable congenial crack deluxe entire excellent exceptional favourable favorable first-class first-rate flawless gnarly gratifying great honorable honourable intact marvellous marvelous neat nice perfect pleasing positive precious prime rad reputable satisfactory satisfying select shipshape sound spanking splendid sterling stupendous super superb super-eminent super-excellent superior tip-top unbroken undamaged unharmed unhurt unimpaired uninjured up to snuff valuable welcome whole wonderful worthy fine elegant delicate exquisite pretty tasteful delightful charming beautiful lovely fair dainty cute attractive comely darling refined trim slight graceful petite slim dinky airy subtle rare nuanced soft sweet lacy thin bonny ethereal well-made deft frail light tender fragile feeble diaphanous likable appealing enjoyable pleasant comforting stunning mild enviable lovesome flashy affable gorgeous sublime exhilarating pleasurable euphoric ravishing enchanting comfortable glamorous photogenic fascinating seductive presentable sunny amiable joyous engaging hunky clear tempting cunning resplendent A1 cheery drop-dead dollish amusing glossy splashy snazzy heavenly eye-catching good-looking flamboyant beauteous zingy soothing fetching knockout rapturous blessed taking aesthetic slick pulchritudinous statuesque glamourous intoxicating well-favored fun hospitable showy sightly arresting in order dishy foxy hunky-dory radiant prettyish showstopping relief OK unspoilt not bad glad elating splendorous paradisiacal grateful copasetic genial passable delightsome recreative supercalifragilisticexpialidocious paradisiac ecstatic telegenic dulcet alluring copacetic paradisal relishable blest paradisaical calming esthetic savory paradisaic irie good likeable savoury cheering felicitous delectable luscious jolly delicious dreamy beneficial opportune pleasureful timely fulfilling constructive rewarding tasty gladdening flattering palatable refreshing appreciated consoling heartwarming desirable encouraging heartening propitious solacing restful renewing rejuvenating restorative sapid restoring productive worthwhile heaven-sent honouring nourishing substantial satiating adequate sufficient sustaining happiness-inducing easy to take hitting the spot honoring benefic friendly helpful advantageous kindly beneficent salutary benignant profitable wholesome happy handy fit providential healthful reassuring toward appropriate benign fortunate prosperous convenient useful lucky well-timed seasonable suitable full of promise

Tính từ

Very fine in quality or luxurious
deluxe luxurious sumptuous exclusive expensive grand opulent palatial plush rich select costly elegant splendid superior high-class luxury magnificent quality special fancy lavish Lucullan plushy upmarket Babylonian choice classy fancy-pants gorgeous loaded Lucullian luxe luxuriant palace posh pricey ritzy silken swank swanky swish dainty delicate exquisite first-class luscious lush palatian rare splendiferous super well appointed refined fine extravagant elaborate recherché graceful stylish beautiful tasteful sophisticated cultivated fashionable artistic polished discerning handsome dignified classic modish courtly urbane smart distinguished aesthetic charming cultured majestic lovely dashing chic suave stately noble decorous nice genteel ornate ostentatious affected comely ornamented debonair well-designed aristocratic a la mode august esthetic well-bred overdone stylized schmick well-dressed grandiose upscale impressive imposing lavishly appointed resplendent glitzy pretentious superb de luxe glamorous regal trendy princely showy snazzy fit for a queen fit for a king tony immoderate well-appointed splashy upper-class spectacular monumental flashy awe-inspiring high-toned glorious proud flamboyant sensuous chichi breathtaking upholstered imperial exuberant prodigal indulgent swankish splendacious magnolious pompous lux dicty high snappy sharp five-star sybaritic snobby epicurean sensual affluent comfortable au courant with-it dear voluptuous striking swell embellished exalted abundant royal valuable baroque flash kingly great profuse spiffy heroical magnific epic massive gallant baronial heroic sovereign excessive precious frilly profusive Homeric in the lap of luxury elite up-market high-end yuppie formal spacious glittering peacocky elitist snotty high-hat persnickety toffee-nosed snooty snobbish potty large-scale illustrious finest par excellence stuffy heavenly champagne ultra comfy fit for a prince riotous velvet sublime fit for a princess brilliant happening voguish fresh in cool supercool hip prestigious beyond price wild lofty high-born upper-crust famous lordly exaggerated unreasonable wasteful unrestrained out of this world thriftless intemperate copious improvident prestige cosmopolitan haute over-the-top effusive unstinging profligate openhanded intricate swishy decorative hedonistic decorated pampered ornamental dazzling easy gratifying pleasurable adorned rococo gaudy self-indulgent pleasure-loving fussy busy towering extreme devilish sprauncy plummy larney swagger prime fanciful jazzy splendorous splendrous brave la-di-da top-drawer froufrou florid fancible unusual cushy custom beautifying highfalutin chi-chi magnifico high-quality solid gold over the top OTT exorbitant extortionate high-priced priceless overpriced big-budget high-cost steep spendy big-ticket stiff ultraexpensive pricy highly priced premium high-ticket highly-priced inordinate executive inflated top cher over the odds worth its weight in gold an arm and leg

Tính từ

Created in a deliberate, rather than natural or spontaneous, way
contrived artificial forced strained unnatural laboured affected elaborate false feigned overdone planned pretended put-on studied assumed bogus factitious fake manufactured mechanical mock phoney phony plastic pseudo sham simulated spurious far-fetched fixed hokey labored manipulated staged unspontaneous voulu overly planned pretend insincere counterfeit faked imitation stiff stilted ersatz fictitious mannered fraudulent fabricated cod make-believe forged awkward dummy hollow synthetic substitute deceptive faux self-conscious wooden untrue invented not genuine made-up man-made put on unreal unconvincing fakey specious ponderous misleading imitative mimic unauthentic constrained so-called inauthentic clumsy overwrought heavy overworked pseud imaginary trumped-up exaggerated tortuous arduous leaden difficult actorly theatrical meretricious laborious reproduction quasi- strenuous snide concocted apocryphal improvised tortured fictional counterfeited overripe over-elaborate posed convoluted pretentious ornate intricate prolix superficial unfounded ham hammy inelegant fallacious campy uneasy professed invalid ostensible queer stagy wrong falsified pirate deceitful avowed trick delusory delusive adopted facsimile replica imitated model toy apish quasi dishonest cooked-up overblown rehearsed apparent seeming surface pseudonymous not fluent unsubstantiated baseless groundless unproven posey manmade derivative adulterine chemical cast mealymouthed framed bum ungenuine conceited playacting melodramatic bent affectated fraud imagined virtual wannabe would-be self-styled purported rigid inflexible grudging bound binding conscripted slave begrudging stringent coercive forcible over-embellished long-winded phoney-baloney phony-baloney reserved inhibited guarded inept weighty hard operose effortful uphill toilsome maladroit incorrect not real not legit not kosher inaccurate complex turgid erroneous without foundation reticent unsound untruthful alleged inexact as it were arty-farty precious distorted hypocritical flawed ungraceful beguiling deluding deceiving simpering camp genteel highfaluting chichi airish conscious artsy restrained tongue-tied distant embarrassed repressed to all intents and purposes cooked up mistaken wreck wired put unglued uptight tight choked taut farfetched uncomfortable gauche graceless unrelaxed fishy faulty not spontaneous imprecise bluffing shammed supposed masked lying impostrous in name only quack charlatan cheating covered concealed dissimulated imposturous counterfactual truthless improper controlled cold cool subdued stand-offish aloof mincing rustic rustical in a state hard put nervous wreck strung out at end of rope casuistic misrepresentative sophistical colored mythical stuck up gone Hollywood non-existent rough-hewn coloured mythic fantastical made up fantastic dud hoax incredible not what it is cracked up to be unheard of make believe copied supposititious illogical misguided unoriginal illusory off chimerical worthless suppositious pirated plagiaristic derived pinchbeck two-faced mimicked plagiarized Hollywood plant brummagem crock off beam full of holes fanciful aped nonnatural notional won't fly soft shell ideal visionary sophistic illegal dicey iffy dodgy trumped up off target way out wide of the mark pseudo- plagiarised illusionary crooked fancied knock-off copycat copy hallucinatory dissembling falsie fictive duplicate fantasied chimeric phantom fabulous phantasmal imaginal phantasmic bad plausible ill-founded hyped up double-dealing out foundationless unsupported nonvalid in error not accurate not exact askew devised nugatory ungrounded off base mad reasonless unreasoned representative way off way off beam not working practice trial bootlegged repro unqualified non-natural mimetic miniature echoic glib low-grade low-quality poor-quality shoddy inferior made makeshift constructed machine-made unsatisfactory substandard adulterated delusional duplicated reproduced parodied parroted burlesqued caricatured mocked gingerbread experimental human-made misinformed prepared ostensive semi- nominal illusive near reported engineered knock off lookalike uncorroborated Barmecidal whimsical semblant Barmecide float weak economical with the truth mock-up fantasy without basis unwarranted inadequate untenable irrational erratic fantasized dreamed-up dream erring blue sky pipe dream unjustified unreasonable unscientific empty ostentatious likely captious colorable vain presumable credible probable sophisticated flattering presumptive idle null fluffed illegitimate unreasoning absurd inconsistent inconsequent inconsequential nonrational preposterous off-target misfigured astray wide goofed misconstrued mishandled miscalculated seemingly correct wrongly inferred null and void void nonbinding inoperative not precise out of commission out of line on the wrong track at fault play-play unsustainable plausible but wrong apparently right not binding fantasised amiss uncollectible underhand awry defective abroad treacherous duplicitous crafty disingenuous guileful wrong number all wet all off sly sneaky cunning untrustworthy scheming perfidious shady sharp Machiavellian subtle slippery foxy mendacious unprincipled unscrupulous tricky fast slim underhanded shifty hollow-hearted rogue double-faced Punic false-hearted insidious rascal roguish designing serpentine oblique slick devious catchy astucious indirect unreliable wily

Tính từ

Very fine in texture or structure, especially of intricate workmanship or quality
delicate fine dainty exquisite intricate elegant subtle airy graceful nice soft detailed nuanced sheer wispy chiffony diaphanous feathery flimsy floaty gauzy gentle gossamer gossamery insubstantial light papery silky thin choice ethereal filmy gauzelike shimmering threadlike translucent transparent fine-grained fine-spun wafer-thin see-through fragile refined cobwebby lightweight ultra-fine frail unsubstantial gossamer-like select rare beautiful slight gossamer-thin tiffany chiffon silken lovely lacy fancy pellucid luxurious opulent fluffy grand charming tasteful transpicuous translucid superior plush lucid classy slim pretty stylish lavish finespun cultivated tenuous sumptuous frothy sleazy waiflike handsome artistic vaporous pleasing floating attractive ornate comely cultured smart polished deluxe lush elaborate sophisticated luxuriant rich discerning recherché fastidious courtly well-made tissuelike high-class chic majestic urbane stately aesthetic pure swanky first-class smooth precise limpid very thin swank posh clear esthetic splendiferous summery frangible superfine skimpy wisplike nebulous cobweblike cottony incorporeal subtile permeable deficient glossy iridescent gauze-like exotic feather-like flyaway filigree floatable attenuated slender far-fetched esoteric arcane fibrous cobweb loose frilly open porous spongy flowing cut-rate slapdash superficial tacky meager unsound rinkydink infirm defective meagre decrepit meshy meticulous paperlike weightless downy atmospheric reedy narrow twiggy fairy aerial rarefied involved papyraceous discriminating lacelike lace-like patterned netlike net net-like intangible impalpable shadowy harmonious chartaceous neat exact hairsplitting methodical exclusive palatial expensive house of cards otherworldly ghostly unworldly wraithlike vapory gaseous eerie trim petite restrained splendid costly fit becoming sensitive fitting paper balletic lithe quality special magnificent luxury well-executed well-crafted paper-thin ultra-thin dinky upmarket plushy Lucullan spiffy quiet snazzy in good taste chaste unaffected gratifying classical unobtrusive subdued uptown luxe loaded palace gorgeous Lucullian swish ritzy fancy-pants pricey Babylonian flowy palatian well appointed luscious super cute sweet bonny darling delightful fair deft tender precious feeble aesthetically pleasing fashionable extravagant classic modish dignified distinguished dashing suave noble decorous ostentatious ornamented genteel affected debonair august schmick aristocratic overdone stylized well-designed well-dressed a la mode well-bred polite civil courteous civilized gracious civilised well bred gentlemanly well mannered proper gallant ladylike mannerly well-mannered seemly chivalrous respectable formal couth correct affable accomplished well-behaved decent befitting tactful de rigueur obliging advanced svelte educated sharp cool prim diplomatic enlightened respectful developed experienced pleasant simple ceremonious understated poised decorative flattering snobbish self-possessed ornamental modest cosmopolitan worldly moving expressive worldly-wise punctilious balanced flashy creative highbred sublime well-born lofty imaginative high fetching snappy enhancing royal conventional media-savvy impeccable ceremonial knowledgeable discreet erudite good-looking on fleek with good taste good tolerant intelligent well behaved comfortable appealing haughty uncluttered handy clever ingenious streamlined well-off proud divine striking womanly privileged aloof honourable honorable aerodynamic flash adulatory complimentary high-bred imposing preux studied finished perfected zooty presentable politic cavalier showy sleek symmetrical agreeable humane good mannered high fashion austere plain confident self-assured appropriate suitable glib slick emotional distingué sedate dapper spruce genial cordial kind well-proportioned Augustan pompous pretentious confined la-di-da intolerant patronizing patronising artificial hollow prudish snooty priggish straitlaced prissy condescending stuffy stylistic stunning knockout taking goodly likely bonnie drop-dead lovesome beauteous ravishing sightly considerate deferential thoughtful fly staid demure evolved close progressive improved forward rigorous accurate pinpoint spot-on late higher mathematical complaisant well-chosen trig well groomed well dressed musical pictorial ideal rhythmical stimulating dramatic picturesque reserved beautifying metropolitan bland casual nonchalant detached buoyant well-groomed well turned out cheerful jaunty happy sprightly well spoken soft-spoken well brought up well-spoken elevated figurative symbolic flowery comme il faut right meet conforming moral seasonable au fait done high-brow high-minded sartorial scholarly intellectual jet-set citified blasé highbrow mondaine knowing mature world-weary well-favored well-informed worldly wise been around perceptive profound deep poetic insightful elite upper-class well-read artistically aware learned understanding liberal up-to-date lettered savant blue-stocking intellectually aware able distingue well-educated traveled appreciative arty well informed well read versed well educated literary informed literate well born highborn upper-crust titled high-born wellborn travelled full of feeling au courant upper crust Brahmin ennobled blue-blooded aristocratical top-drawer great gentlemanlike blue silk-stocking queenly regal lordly exalted silver-spoon princely patrician knightly kingly born with a silver spoon in one's mouth

Tính từ

Very costly or valuable
precious valuable expensive costly dear priceless rare fine choice exquisite invaluable premium inestimable extravagant high-priced pricey pricy prized irreplaceable spendy high-end high-ticket precieux prizable recherché rich treasurable ultraexpensive big-ticket beyond price of incalculable value of incalculable worth worth a king's ransom worth eyeteeth worth one's weight in gold worth its weight in gold high exorbitant lavish extortionate overpriced high-cost over the odds immoderate steep excessive treasured at a premium upmarket big-budget highly priced opulent stiff highly-priced cherished without price of inestimable value of inestimable worth of immeasurable value of immeasurable worth inflated fancy splendid costing the earth costing an arm and a leg costing a bomb luxurious unreasonable incomparable unparalleled valued outrageous pretentious cher top unaffordable prohibitive an arm and leg profitable gorgeous sumptuous high-value deluxe executive inordinate daylight robbery incalculable collectible out-of-sight out-of-bounds peerless OTT uneconomical sky-high criminal over the top unduly expensive highway robbery out of sight pretty penny very expensive an arm and a leg indispensable instrumental vital critical crucial consequential integral key significant important pivotal essential helpful serviceable all-important extremely helpful extremely useful of the utmost importance of great consequence vitally important overextravagant upscale unconscionable undue extreme overdue insane overweening overmuch intolerable plethoric towering unmerciful baroque devilish exclusive swanky high-dollar value very profitable uncalled-for dizzying unmeasurable ritzy high-dollar unwarranted preposterous ridiculous monstrous punitive ruinous huge disproportionate enormous excessively high extremely high exacting absonant wasteful overboard up to here over one's head a bit much a rip-off

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