Đồng nghĩa của null

Alternative for null

nulls, nulled, nulling

Đồng nghĩa: aught, cipher, cypher, goose egg, nada, naught, nil, nix, nothing, void, zero, zilch, zip, zippo,

Tính từ

Having no use, purpose or reason
worthless vain valueless empty chaffy junky no-good futile useless unproductive fruitless unavailing ineffective unprofitable profitless bootless nugatory paltry pointless ineffectual purposeless idle barren unsuccessful senseless abortive inconsequential insignificant inadequate inefficacious lame otiose inferior inutile unfructuous to no avail to no effect meaningless hollow unsatisfactory trifling miserable no use trivial non-successful insubstantial inefficient inept failed feeble banal unimportant petty weak counterproductive of no use unfruitful forceless withered neutralised spineless innocuous neutralized unable void inoperative defeasible limited indecisive anticlimactic not effective unavailable emasculate no go no way slack-spined inane unreal motiveless thankless unrewarding frivolous cheap vapid aimless in vain unsalable to no purpose good-for-nothing dead unsubstantial insipid of no value of no earthly use feckless hamstrung inexpedient impotent powerless incompetent null and void invertebrate poor trashy deficient measly defective negligible pathetic silly poxy wretched rubbishy nickel-and-dime unusable wanky of no benefit pants piddling rubbish abandoned nothing sterile bogus unessential waste ignoble mediocre two a penny not much cop not worth a hill of beans a dime a dozen a dead loss hopeless spiritless thwarted wishy-washy effete soft foiled impractical tame nerveless wet weak-kneed doomed lacklustre lackluster wimpish wimpy Sisyphean cowardly lifeless flat without success frustrated insufficient unpurposed weakling chicken no dice puny characterless milk-and-water namby-pamby of no avail limp-wristed wasted timid bungled timorous defeated baulked unremunerative bland for nought irresolute enervated expendable balked frail weakened impracticable yellow-bellied no-account unprolific half-hearted not worth the candle on a treadmill wasteful uninspiring unassertive unconvincing boneless craven apathetic gutless lily-livered faint-hearted thin misfired unworkable nonfunctional wussy unfunctional disastrous listless sissified sissy flimsy botched uninspired scrap dysfunctional yellow dull unimpressive lazy exhausted implausible pale stillborn unimaginative blocked stupid disadvantageous dry forlorn slight needless flabby delusive irrelevant unsuitable footling unreliable etiolated bloodless gainless no good wavering vacillating faltering anemic anaemic lost without rhyme or reason abject drossy despicable contemptible base disorganized ne'er-do-well impuissant failing pallid bungling unanimated lustreless muted scant miscarried uneconomic vigourless stymied halfhearted save one's breath ruined spoiled disorganised unserviceable hindered stonewalled obstructed nonproductive uncreative slow unyieldly nonpractical cramped frustaneous unlucrative insincere spoilt boring unuseful inoperable broken inactive flaccid shallow niggling picayune minute nominal piddly pimping piffling inconsiderable peanut time-wasting stale messed up no-win misleading unnotable shuck delusory for naught limp not useful uninteresting meek weak-willed fickle passive shiftless irresponsible absurd nonsensical off jejune arid tedious commonplace going nowhere dithering spinning one's wheels wild goose chase unneeded resultless not a prayer in vicious circle fouled up dreary drab unstimulating prosaic monotonous humdrum flavourless watered-down flavorless sapless languid helpless impossible non-functioning indeterminate pusillanimous undetermined fallible groundless de minimis Mickey Mouse insane fatuous slothful indolent unlikely transparent vacuous vacant unfilled clear chicken-hearted corruptible supine hemming and hawing waffling undependable yielding unsure no good to gundy foolish purportless unnecessary redundant nongermane not pertinent superfluous half-baked fustian unenterprising reckless unambitious incautious lousy uncareful carefree careless wild baseless ill-fated bleak casual easily led weedy not in use out of use silent turned off not working out of service rambling unfounded unhelpful hard to swallow faulty unpersuasive hard to believe unpleasing beyond remedy unachievable despaired of drippy lacking foundation nerdy daft chicken-livered pigeon-hearted fearful without grounds without foundation not serious poor-spirited candy-assed

Tính từ

Not important or noteworthy
unimportant inconsequential insignificant minor nugatory slight trifling trivial frivolous immaterial inconsiderable irrelevant non-essential paltry petty small-fry worthless extraneous insubstantial light nickel-and-dime peripheral fiddling foolish incidental inferior little low-ranking minute negligible picayune piddling pointless small small-time superficial casual dinky frothy indifferent meaningless nonessential nothing not worth mentioning of little consequence of little importance of no account of no consequence of no importance of no moment second-rate shoestring tinpot twopenny-halfpenny unnecessary useless zero zilch zip Mickey Mouse no great shakes not worth speaking of beside the point neither here nor there of no great concern piffling footling niggling measly secondary lesser nominal of little account no-account inappreciable piddly pimping inessential peanut de minimis subordinate chicken lightweight marginal meagre meager subsidiary minimal lower mean penny-ante shallow tangential low minor-league puny smaller miserable not worth bothering about junior valueless minuscule pettifogging pitiful bush-league ignorable scanty two-bit small-bore exiguous silly contemptible tiny inadequate base inapposite derisory ancillary pathetic mingy poxy second-string wretched insufficient accessory unsubstantial unessential inapplicable impertinent inappropriate irrelative not germane less important cheap off the subject idle infinitesimal trite supplementary ineffectual dependent minus unconnected not pertinent beggarly imperceptible empty extrinsic neglectable not to the point shabby poor unrelated limited ignoble inconsequent unremarkable lower-level nondescript flimsy obscure time-wasting less hollow token second-class tacky ordinary common sorry foreign slighter under subservient reduced purportless forgettable mere mediocre below the mark out of place modest futile senseless wide of the mark unmemorable all the same of no matter lowly trashy mild hairsplitting small-scale unavailing barren ineffective quibbling external commonplace cavilling nit-picking fussy undistinguished invalid auxiliary younger subaltern unpretentious scant humble plebeian pitiable borderline adventitious skimpy everyday outside inglorious ungenerous unsound second-fiddle bottom inane of no value scrubby humdrum of minor importance skin-deep diminutive scratch smalltime caviling inapt third-string undersized subjacent no big deal low-born nothing to do with it lower-class superfluous negative bogus a minor point not pertaining to without depth off the topic sterile off the point abject waste drossy not at issue counterproductive unprofitable not to the purpose unproductive inutile not connected with despicable abandoned profitless unusable moderate unknown perfunctory twopenny impractical little-known ne'er-do-well good-for-nothing wee little known hair-splitting symbolic local slender bland uneventful subtle sophisticated lilliputian low precedence niggly picky parenthetical alien supervenient undemanding potty low-class second-best unintellectual finicky inconsiderate unconsiderable low preference not a priority wanky unconsidered wimpy runt shrimp background by-the-way by-the-by supplemental unimpressive momentary microscopic atomic evanescent vanishing toytown lower-grade no biggie two bit big zero small potatoes entry level of no significance casuistic captious equivocating sophistical by the by accidental by the way vain jejune vapid insipid banal loitering idling matter of indifference a matter of indifference makes no difference no never mind featherweight imponderous incompetent failing nether bush tributary collateral substract subject second reserve uncelebrated expendable of less importance dispensable occasional set sleazy narrow shoddy unconsequential additional extra no-good of no merit indirect outermost needless redundant inadmissible not worth worrying about not the issue disregardable nothing to do with the case fatuous puerile flippant unhelpful related contributory contributing a notch under illogical side unneeded purposeless flighty of little import perimetric exterior outer on the side not the main irrational no big thing unimposing intrusive just simple unreasonable low priority surface sideline bordering proletarian weak depthless empty-headed merely only baseborn underprivileged unreasoning artificial unrefined severe unwashed rough fallacious diminished vulgar lowborn prole hardly worth mentioning nonrational menial fewer beside the question wide of the point not important nihil ad rem not significant uncouth lumpen unfit plebby sordid facile surface-level one-dimensional working-class unassuming shortened illegitimate demeaning degrading middling low-grade lousy declined depressed deficient of low birth low-life of low rank no more than no more important than nothing more than no better than poorer ignominious servile lower-ranking sad not so great not so much lower in status lower in rank not as great void entry-level bottom-rung back seat second-banana beneath someone below someone under someone's heel not very important not so important detached disconnected remote independent unassociated unapt disparate dissociated inapropos separate inappurtenant bad null and void cancelled nonvalid nullified nonbinding inoperative annulled repealed rescinded abolished revoked not applicable off base not connected not related nothing to do with out of order absent canceled nonexistent unacceptable unsanctioned untrue unreal powerless imaginary inefficacious

Tính từ

Not existent
nonexistent absent chimerical fancied fictional hallucinatory hypothetical illusory imaginary imagined insubstantial lacking missing mythical unreal wanting airy baseless blank dead defunct departed dreamlike dreamy empty ethereal extinct extinguished flimsy gone gossamery groundless immaterial imponderable inexistent legendary lost negative perished shadowy tenuous ungrounded unsubstantial vacant vague vaporous void passed away passed on without foundation null and void few and far between fanciful fictitious invented mythic fabulous made-up visionary fantastic pretend fantastical chimeric fabricated fantasied imaginal make-believe phantom supposititious ideal phantasmal phantasmic whimsical fantasy notional false mythological fictive storybook untrue pretended traditional fabled fairy-tale created storied folkloric non-existent allegorical dreamed-up theoretical mythologic imaginative concocted delusive figmental trumped up epic virtual quixotic suppositious deceptive illusive apocryphal spectral apparitional fool's paradise all in one's head product of someone's imagination heroic larger-than-life academic all in the mind estimated devised made up symbolic symbolical parabolic mock phantasmagoric intangible fake seeming nebulous artificial sham insincere ostensible impalpable phoney reachy unnatural weird replica aerial faux misleading romantic phony imitation unbelievable incredible out of this world reproduction assumed abstract supposed imagal figment of someone's imagination spurious delusory bogus specious fallacious pseudo simulated counterfeit mistaken deceitful synthetic fraudulent erroneous ersatz factitious substitute feigned apparent unfounded phantasmagorical dummy forged manufactured transcendental speculative imitative man-made spiritual unsound mimic deceiving invalid incorporeal conceptual contrived semblant conjectural trumped-up plastic surreal metaphysical utopian incorrect ghostly blue-sky bodiless wild unearthly absurd faked irrational supernatural illusionary discarnate theoretic deluding beguiling illogical ridiculous hyped up sophistical bizarre fishy wrong otherworldly inaccurate unbodied extravagant inexact untruthful nightmarish psychedelic poetic faulty non-physical suppositional unsubstantiated misguided distorted flawed unreasonable putative nonphysical nonmaterial impractical ideational imprecise affected Kafkaesque conjectured far-fetched unrealistic blue sky fantasized dream transcendent off oneiric idealized ghostlike dim unclear indistinct disembodied capricious unembodied play-play vain untouchable unworkable intellectual idealised impracticable wonderful formless wraithlike philosophical fantasised subconscious mental unfeasible proverbial curious subjective unconscious idle queer pipe dream psychological high-flown counterfactual truthless improper disincarnate thought up crackpot offbeat foundationless unproven casuistic misrepresentative colored abstruse psychosomatic unsupported uncorroborated unconfirmed recondite imperceptible to the touch slender misinformed coloured ill-founded indefinite unlikely floating improbable cooked-up questionable so-called ivory-tower sophistic unpractical numinous mystical nonconcrete without basis indeterminate uncertain cod mad facsimile put-on mechanical strained forced on cloud nine unreasoned adulterine not genuine unworldly reasonless doubtful in the mind falsie way off implausible phantasmagorial kaleidoscopic phantasmagorian inane unread mocking filled with dreams delusional hollow prepared chimeral Barmecidal Barmecide float wistful acted improvised created out of thin air non-material conceived dreamt up trancelike trance-like invisible dream-filled nonnatural suppositive misty hazy off the mark non-natural in your head dicey iffy contrary to fact unattainable stress-related stress-induced uncorporeal dodgy model toy faint dreamish hypnagogic manmade off beam full of holes way off beam preposterous ivory-towered Utopian unachievable famed unauthentic extraterrestrial apish hokey quasi make believe unheard of tall meretricious snide inauthentic ancient famous mercurial elusive outstanding impressive extraordinary remarkable enchanted magic important magical evanescent flakey far out fairy tale kinky flaky framed ungenuine bent bum pirate out-of-reach engineered preternatural other-worldly counterfeited rare evasive imperceptible unobservable insensible slight unquantifiable inappreciable eluding evading unapparent unsure dubious unverifiable related told customary unhistoric unhistorical handed-down pinchbeck cock and bull hard to swallow hard to take non-viable starry-eyed silly impossible in the clouds untested unverified unwarranted unjustified unattested indescribable indefinable nonmaterialistic paranormal celestial extramundane religious foolish senseless idealistic half-baked obscure pie-in-the-sky pie in the sky castles in the air essential deep basic fundamental perfectionist expressive nonvalid unreliable profound universal esoteric creative supersensory daydreaming astral daydreamy crazy potty academical presumed ephemeral gratuitous bottomless mendacious uncalled-for off-base oversubtle not applicable naive nonrealistic not sensible nonsensical fresh exotic original infirm petty decrepit puny fly-by-night supramundane superhuman jesuitic unfleshly supermundane difficult philosophic unphysical suprahuman ontological superior eternal supranatural inspired artistic inventive eccentric fancy quirky originative flighty perceptual presupposed provisory casual contestable disputable assumptive stochastic debatable postulated problematic contingent equivocal conditional conjecturable refutable guessed presumptive suspect proposed pretending artful brilliant unconventional freaky radical fertile freakish ingenious genius experimental innovative keen not backed up by evidence innovational unorthodox vivid revolutionary astute emotional subliminal too little too late far-out Promethean head in the clouds avant-garde out of touch with reality dishonest

Động từ

To put an end to, especially formally
cancel annul rescind invalidate repeal nullify void quash abolish abrogate negate vacate avoid disannul dissolve abate strike down roll back revoke countermand retract reverse set aside withdraw undo render invalid declare null and void recall overrule terminate obviate do away with repudiate override render null and void annihilate vitiate overturn nix kill wipe out obliterate remove end put an end to overthrow veto discharge scrub take back call off drop discontinue scrap axe renege dismantle make void lift ax black out abort stop disallow recant erase neutralize cut discard expunge efface delete dump get rid of backpedal X-out neutralise stamp out cancel out zap cast aside declare invalid blot out blue pencil bring to an end suspend dismiss eliminate destroy extinguish eradicate ditch renounce reject suppress disclaim finish disestablish chop abjure trash subvert counteract call back deracinate torpedo countercheck redress supersede counterbalance offset renig rub out root out sweep away snuff out close down back out of give something the chop knock something on the head wash out weasel out take out declare get off the hook exterminate weaken undermine junk rule against extirpate shed backwater forget KO blow watergate jettison unfit impair circumduct disqualify throw out make null and void pull the plug wangle out crawl out of excise back out worm out opt out shoot down stand down throw over bottle up cork up shut down hush up put the lid on put damper on liquidate dispense with clean up blow sky-high render meaningless countervail rebut break off inhibit squelch prohibit make ineffective nig scratch confine restrict compensate squash limit renege on disaffirm backtrack on put kibosh on put the kibosh on disband contravene oppose frustrate ding belie blackball disprove impugn traverse stonewall cross go back on waive adjourn cease bring to naught call all bets off forget it put down turn thumbs down break with turn down fly in the face of conclude prorogue knock out finish off do in pull back take off take away draw back phase out disunite break up wind up wreck destruct split up close sever disorganize shoot ruin loose wrack wind down decimate shatter postpone demolish unmake collapse remit render void fade out resolve into break retire refute redline counterpoise turf ignore belay call abandon purge omit abnegate bleep deny edit black disown exclude counterorder censor forswear cry off elide dele rule out render inert go back on one's word wipe slate clean ink out cross out blank out block out strike out x out blue-pencil stroke out put a line through edit out X out white out put a stop to crush subdue quell defeat check repress halt overcome stifle crack down on give up curb put paid to conquer nip in the bud pull the plug on overpower clamp down on silence quit beat cut off pack in overwhelm cut out interrupt slap down rout vanquish can quench leave off thwart lay off clobber call a halt to scotch subjugate pass dead-end knock off pack up bring to a halt block elapse expire lapse determine slaughter banish let up wink out wrap up desist from shut off give over restrain cut short prevent put out weed out impede smash complete bring to a close dispatch upset arrest massacre go murder die bring to a stop hold back butcher slay overrun round off dispose of bring someone to their knees control hamper lick worst get shot of hinder take raze master pulverize trounce total best cream relinquish devastate deaden queer sink pulverise floor upend interfere with bring to a standstill do for stem bring down settle quelch triumph over round out swamp trample blow away bring to ruin put an stop to come to an end sit on strangle oust refrain from constrain bury depose intermit get shut of unseat topple dethrone vaporize waste disrupt displace tank stuff uproot scupper gag pause kick bar hammer bust thrash whip smother stall disconnect forbid vaporise immobilize supplant wipe off the map assassinate crack down down crucify paste pound skunk wallop steamroll whack drub put a lid on trim marmalize deck overbear pommel overmatch cane whitewash get flatten surmount desist close out flog wrap ultimate chuck in dish slam shellac edge outplay whomp tan snow under recess wipe off the face of the earth give someone a drubbing put the stopper on wipe from the face of the earth route bear down refuse outrun prevail over trample on shipwreck take to cleaners take it all put to death blow out walk all over make mincemeat of work over remove from power call it a day give the thumbs down to reduce edge out skin run rings around mow down shush outhit immobilise entrap draw to a close nose out win a victory over blow out of the water bump off sew up do down outjump outmaneuver get around wipe the floor with get the better of outmanoeuvre give someone a hiding pip at the post run roughshod over lambaste take to the cleaners throttle pwn flax run rings round outflank plow under own ambush bring to standstill pick apart turn inside out top off call it quits remove from office win against bin rid strip clear forget about cast out drive out expel withhold shelve exsect execute contain clamp down bring to screeching halt disturb dash round up unload dissociate unthrone uncrown cut into say goodbye to break into regulate scrunch squish prostrate overmaster oppress whelm run out bring to a conclusion prorogate bring to an untimely end derail gain control over pour cold water on gain mastery over rein in throw cold water on unhorse stymie force down grind down bear down on ice resolve clear away dumb administer the coup de grâce drive to the wall carry off give the coup de grâce put away take someone's life move in for the kill relieve dull clam be the end of keep down close up say nothing choke off sunder obscure raise vote down cow crown consummate get done pack it in switch off end up nip something in the bud wind something up run down call a halt put lid on bottle dominate keep inside clamp hold in keep in spike drive underground hold down beat down obstruct shutdown nuke desolate inter lay in the grave put to rest kill off hold a funeral inhume entomb put six feet under stay still crash render powerless catch hobble leave out disregard forgo tear down pull down staunch freeze hesitate falter waver put out of business put out of action cripple teeter dither balance stagger vacillate wobble scruple wabble limp level stumble whiffle come to a stop come to a halt be suspended hold up put a sock in pull up be over draw up be broken off shilly-shally be abandoned wiggle-waggle come to a close blow the whistle on draw to a stand hang back stand still come to a standstill hold at bay put a cork in stem the flow come to rest bring up fetch up pass over brush aside lay off of defenestrate surcease disjoin dissever intervene separate interpose part ban stamp something out abstain from shake off do without give something a miss render needless pocket submerge muffle swallow knock down tip knock over bring about the downfall of tumble bring low bag it blow off negative interdict mute proscribe outlaw embargo garrote choke back garrotte damp down preclude boycott give thumbs down thumbs down pass on place an embargo on decline disapprove discountenance censure burn pass by dissent not go for give the red light to throw away refuse permission to lay to rest keep under control come down hard on keep in check release fire pink-slip sack bounce cashier turn off cut back hatchet cleaver slim down tomahawk scale down downsize give the sack let go muster out poll


The number zero

Trái nghĩa của null

null Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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