Đồng nghĩa của discard

Alternative for discard

discards, discarded, discarding

Đồng nghĩa: cast off, dispose of, get rid of, reject, scrap, throw away,


To throw away (something unwanted or useless)
scrap dump jettison chuck ditch junk throw out cull dispose trash unload eliminate remove shed toss ax axe bin cashier dispatch drop exorcise exorcize expel reject relinquish eject lose pitch can dispossess throw away cast off chuck out dispose of toss out cast away fling away get rid of part with deep-six lay by shuck off slough off cast aside chuck away do away with fling off have done with throw on the scrapheap dispense with eighty-six get shot of sweep away shake off throw overboard thrust aside set aside abandon dismiss get shut of cast forsake discharge give up throw off desert boot out weed out see the back of throw yield fire sack slough clear out write off kick out cast out exclude let go send packing give someone the boot cut fling oust release surrender root out retire shrug off throw aside evict displace toss aside turf out give someone the bullet give someone their marching orders give the heave-ho show the door give someone the push leave wreck maroon shuck forgo offload renounce waive moult omit cede free oneself of rid oneself of put out to pasture heave abdicate disburden disregard exuviate nix bounce terminate molt repudiate sacrifice pink-slip slip drum out hand over turn off muster out sluff off leave out turn down let go of give away let drop make redundant peel off give someone the sack give someone their cards let fall extract manage without do without cope without shelve throw something off scrub bung out bung away disown hurl banish doff unhand away negative 86 knock on the head pull the plug on auction chase refuse extrude unburden clear adios fling out trim put aside give the boot shipwreck strand destroy give the old heave-ho give someone their notice loosen one's hold on loose one's hold on demolish recycle decommission annihilate obliterate cast ashore leave stranded wash your hands of exfoliate divest yourself of file in circular file kiss goodbye kiss off deep six fob off relieve yourself of make over sluff peel throw up leave behind supplant excuse flake mew melt off reduce take off break up supersede bump replace bust consign to scrap heap flake off skin scale leave high and dry freeze out lay off run out of town relieve of duty deprive of office ride out on rail let one go declare redundant give someone notice lock out give one notice disqualify resign depose dethrone lay down deliver turn over render unseat boot break delete dislodge slur elide erase forget cancel back down cut loose take the pledge forbear drop out kiss good-bye withdraw opt out sign away take the oath cough up deliver up let pass stand down lay aside quit cold turkey let go by turn in swear off drop like hot potato ignore court martial leave off topple force out defenestrate overturn defrock deprive uncrown unthrone unmake overthrow unsettle give a pink slip throw out on your ear give the bum's rush give something a miss take out miss out turn out out drive out rule out disthrone discrown usurp step into shoes of bring down take over disenthrone remove from office cross out cut out shut the door on


To let someone down by abandoning or neglecting them
fail abandon desert forsake leave betray disregard neglect depart ditch reject relinquish discount jettison dump ignore repeal forget renounce abdicate disclaim quit jilt abort disown flee revoke screw disavow drop maroon escape rescind abscond from abstain from bail on break with cheat on disappear from escape from flee from fly from refrain from retire from withdraw from back out on be disloyal to be gone from be unfaithful to break up with do away with go away from run away from run out on set out from take oneself off from turn your back on walk out on cast off cast aside give up throw over repudiate abjure bin off forswear chuck leave in the lurch leave high and dry retract leave flat wash your hands of give someone the big E divorce oneself from have nothing more to do with cut off give someone the push give the elbow deny abnegate disinherit surrender strand recant leave stranded turn one's back on break off with refuse to acknowledge blow off eschew finish with renege rebut rat on refuse negative shun turn tergiversate defect apostatize tergiverse decline dispense with wash one's hands of brush off have done with kiss off leave behind end relations with bail out on turn down wash hands of disacknowledge eighty-six give someone the air leave someone holding the baby split up with disallow disappoint gainsay refute negate contradict disaffirm disconfirm deceive coquette cut off without a penny refuse to recognize send packing forgo forbear break off get rid of give the old heave-ho split up do the dirty on kiss good-bye leave at the altar walk out break up give notice to cede beach split from kick set aside withdraw yield end desist from junk scrub axe scrap vacate exit discontinue reverse stop having renege on ax stop using bail nix pass reprobate deselect disapprove spurn take off from bail from say goodbye to get out of finish move from depart from bow out of walk out of be done with drop out of step aside from clear out from exit from absent oneself from run along from check out from call it quits rebuff disprofess have no more truck with dishonor demur throw out rat default balk at banish flush oust dishonour cast be against shed lay aside fly in the face of pass up not accept apostacize throw off leave off sell out toss over contravene turn back on refuse to accept pull out of evacuate pull out bail out step down from move out of back out of go from decamp from decamp resign from drop out walk away from clear out bow out split retire disengage back out go away get out opt out walk away pack in bolt from move out move go clear empty scoot embark abscond scram sally resign fly disengage from move out from do a disappearing act take your leave of let go of abstract oneself part with kiss goodbye head out from leave hanging set out slip out wriggle out stop participating in back off go AWOL take off cut out opt out of hightail stir hang out to dry remove oneself check out run off from part skip stand down from budge from make a move from go out of shift from leave hastily defect from flit from leave abruptly demit give something a miss take the count throw in the towel call it a day jack in throw in the sponge chuck in make one's exit orphan pull give up the ship flake out cop out cut loose let someone stew in their own juice leg it storm out fly the coop dispose of chicken out take a powder take a walk secede pull back absent oneself stop participating recede from scratch from detach yourself detach slip out from vamoose from make oneself scarce from take a hike from scram from set off from give the slip to take leave from clear off from head off from remove oneself from break away from take leave of cut and run from run away void bail out from make vacant make empty clear from eject from pull out from run for the hills skidaddle retreat from displace pack up waive cease forego avoid shirk disgorge hand over bag it deliver up quitclaim pull the plug bag flit vamoose disappear emigrate elope cut vanish migrate issue run off take a hike go forth say one's goodbyes pack your bags make tracks take French leave take leave head out up sticks make off do a bunk from hook it take one's leave of say one's farewells push off say goodbye ride off shove off pack one's bags sling one's hook give the slip start make oneself scarce clear off bog off cut and run break away sling your hook slope off from do a bunk take yourself off from step down beat it come away run along


To put an end to, especially formally
abolish cancel end destroy dissolve eliminate eradicate quash terminate void obliterate repeal annihilate extinguish invalidate overturn annul ax axe ditch do away with exterminate nullify rescind wipe out expunge get rid of junk revoke abrogate drop extirpate shed stamp out stop erase overthrow scrap suppress jettison trash delete throw out vitiate countermand discontinue excise put an end to remove repudiate retract scrub subvert withdraw abate avoid black out blot out chop clean up disannul dispense with dump efface liquidate negate null root out rub out snuff out sweep away vacate deracinate disestablish finish inhibit kill nix prohibit roll back squelch strike down supersede undo zap call off close down set aside give something the chop put kibosh on knock something on the head put the kibosh on bring to an end abandon abort recall cut give up call take away dismantle cry off overrule discharge recant override obviate take back assassinate slaughter murder slay edit render invalid omit render null and void declare invalid declare null and void strike out knock off take out cross out edit out put to death forget forget about scratch postpone bin cut out pack in get shut of put a stop to call a halt to remit break get shot of retire refute redline snip belay counterpoise turf countercheck redress ignore trim X-out pull the plug on bump off do in blow away finish off dispose of render inert rule out go back on one's word wipe slate clean reverse renege disclaim purge renounce deny dismiss lift abjure counterorder black censor make void backpedal disown exclude forswear call back elide dele ink out x out blue-pencil stroke out put a line through X out back out of blank out white out cancel out block out blue pencil cast aside execute waste neutralize snuff butcher croak whack take the life of top see the back of stiff neutralise put down put away end the life of crush subdue quell squash defeat check repress halt overcome conclude stifle cease crack down on demolish curb break off put paid to conquer suspend wind up nip in the bud ruin close overpower clamp down on silence quit beat put the lid on cut off overwhelm interrupt break up slap down rout vanquish can quench leave off frustrate thwart lay off clobber scotch subjugate decimate pass dead-end pack up bring to a halt block elapse expire lapse determine banish let up wink out wrap up desist from shut off give over restrain cut short shut down prevent waive put out weed out impede wreck smash complete bring to a close knock out torpedo dispatch upset arrest massacre go die bring to a stop hold back wind down overrun round off bring someone to their knees control phase out veto reject restrict hamper shatter lick worst hinder take raze master pulverize trounce adjourn total best cream relinquish devastate deaden queer sink pulverise floor upend interfere with bring to a standstill do for stem bring down settle quelch triumph over round out swamp trample bring to ruin put an stop to come to an end sit on strangle oust refrain from limit constrain bury depose intermit unseat wrack topple dethrone vaporize disunite prorogue disrupt disallow displace tank stuff uproot scupper gag pause kick bar hammer bust thrash whip smother stall disconnect forbid vaporise sever immobilize supplant wipe off the map crack down down crucify paste pound skunk wallop steamroll drub put a lid on marmalize deck overbear pommel overmatch cane whitewash get flatten surmount desist close out flog rule against wrap ultimate chuck in dish slam shellac edge outplay whomp tan snow under recess wipe off the face of the earth give someone a drubbing put the stopper on wipe from the face of the earth route bear down refuse outrun prevail over trample on shipwreck take to cleaners take it all blow out walk all over make mincemeat of work over remove from power call it a day give the thumbs down to reduce edge out skin KO run rings around mow down shush outhit immobilise entrap draw to a close nose out win a victory over blow out of the water sew up bring to naught do down outjump outmaneuver get around wipe the floor with get the better of outmanoeuvre give someone a hiding pip at the post run roughshod over lambaste take to the cleaners throttle pwn flax run rings round outflank plow under own ambush bring to standstill pick apart turn inside out top off call it quits remove from office win against rid strip clear declare disband cast out drive out expel withhold shelve exsect get off the hook contain split up disorganize loose unmake collapse destruct shoot clamp down bring to screeching halt disturb renege on disaffirm backtrack on dash round up go back on unload dissociate unthrone uncrown cut into say goodbye to break into regulate scrunch squish prostrate overmaster oppress whelm run out bring to a conclusion prorogate bring to an untimely end derail fade out resolve into render void gain control over pour cold water on gain mastery over rein in throw cold water on unhorse stymie force down grind down bear down on ice resolve clear away dumb administer the coup de grâce drive to the wall carry off give the coup de grâce take someone's life move in for the kill take off relieve dull clam be the end of counteract keep down close up say nothing choke off sunder obscure raise vote down cow crown consummate pull the plug get done pack it in switch off end up nip something in the bud wind something up run down call a halt put lid on bottle dominate keep inside clamp hold in keep in spike drive underground hold down beat down obstruct shutdown nuke desolate inter lay in the grave put to rest kill off hold a funeral inhume entomb put six feet under stay still crash render powerless catch hobble leave out disregard forgo tear down pull down staunch freeze hesitate falter waver put out of business put out of action cripple teeter dither balance stagger vacillate wobble scruple wabble limp level stumble whiffle come to a stop come to a halt be suspended hold up put a sock in pull up be over draw up be broken off shilly-shally be abandoned wiggle-waggle come to a close blow the whistle on draw to a stand hang back stand still come to a standstill hold at bay put a cork in stem the flow come to rest bring up fetch up pass over brush aside lay off of defenestrate surcease disjoin dissever intervene separate interpose part ban stamp something out abstain from shake off do without give something a miss render needless pocket submerge muffle swallow knock down tip knock over bring about the downfall of tumble bring low bag it blow off negative interdict mute proscribe outlaw embargo turn down garrote choke back garrotte damp down blackball preclude boycott give thumbs down thumbs down pass on place an embargo on decline disapprove discountenance censure burn pass by dissent not go for give the red light to shoot down throw away refuse permission to lay to rest keep under control come down hard on keep in check release fire pink-slip sack bounce cashier turn off cut back hatchet cleaver slim down tomahawk scale down downsize give the sack let go muster out poll


To send away or order to leave
dismiss expel oust eject banish out bounce discharge rout chase deport disband boot disperse demobilise demobilize liberate bundle clear dispatch rid extrude throw out boot out kick out turn out turf out drum out cast out force out chuck out run off drive out let go send away send off show out cast off dispense with dispose of do without let out lock out push aside send home slough off allow to go evict slang send packing remove reject exile get rid of scatter exclude dispel displace show the door ostracize drive away expulse ostracise release expatriate break up relegate transport defenestrate drive off ban put out separate bar give the bum's rush shut out throw someone out on their ear give someone their marching orders sack fire proscribe chase away dislodge split up push out rusticate retire bundle off part company chase out dissipate give one the gate dissolve go their separate ways give someone the boot debar demob dispossess abandon outlaw extradite thrust out purge sling out repatriate excommunicate heave out bin off give someone the push give the elbow give someone the big E give someone the air show you the door throw out on your ear shake off toss aside force to leave consign send somebody packing send down pack someone off disallow empty repulse axe ship out turf chuck can unchurch ax yeet expropriate disappear repudiate denounce blackball isolate set aside extradict sequester toss out squander leave vanish give the old heave-ho heave-ho throw out on the streets give the heave-ho toss out on ear anathematize eliminate blacklist cashier show the door to repel scramble disunite quell eradicate black decommission disfellowship takfir curse fold destroy split part fling out clear out see the back of disregard deactivate suspend fordrive bust do away with beat off drop shelve ask to leave demilitarise withdraw thin out disarm demilitarize go separate ways break it up give the boot give the hook give walking papers go in different directions put to flight throw out on ear lay aside put out of your mind pack off give the 1-2-3 lay off remove by force cast aside put aside cast away throw away forsake desert abdicate renounce abjure sin-bin tell to leave the field red-card send for an early bath order off show someone the red card cancel divorce give up write off shrug off


To exclude or reject as a candidate or possibility
rule out exclude discount dismiss eliminate bar debar except abolish avert cancel forbid forestall forfend obviate preclude prevent prohibit proscribe recant reject revoke suspend ban bate deter count out leave out close out freeze out ward off not consider shut out stave off forget about put paid to close one's doors to stop interdict block disallow hinder inhibit veto impede restrain obstruct outlaw embargo disqualify avoid restrict check halt fend off head off enjoin omit taboo ostracize blackball hamper disregard refuse thwart foil put a stop to frustrate ostracise deprive boycott disentitle make illegal expel deny black nix ward keep out help banish ignore counteract intercept pass over estop lock out cool get rid of nip in the bud exile invalidate counter criminalize disenable repudiate remove foreclose freeze spike stymie criminalise defend against hold off evict anticipate hold up lock up interrupt arrest baulk put an end to deflect declare ineligible chill cork limit balk disable blacklist discontinue keep lid on throw out turn aside make impossible pour cold water on put an embargo on place an embargo on shut off keep off set aside cut out hold back divert shut the door on throw cold water on leave out in the cold constrain render sentence doom forefend override circumvent shut out of exempt inveigh drop discharge waive declare incapable leave out of account weed out mark off cross out curb quit cease shunt look away shove aside turn turn from veer stay keep intervene interpose interfere disbar oust bounce make it impossible for make impracticable make it impracticable for let disadvise scare turn off damp save put a damper on talk out of pre-empt dampen act like a wet blanket eject force out put out deny access to disclude send to Coventry not count refuse to admit occlude sideline prevent from entering drive out miss out refuse admittance unfit do away with get round take away make unnecessary prevent the occurrence of factor out bottle up box in hang up bring to screeching halt put half nelson on gridlock pass on jam up put down put chill on put a lock on put a stopper in zing kill tie up cover conceal mask hide disfellowship incapacitate veil shroud seclude not make the cut disfranchise eighty-six paralyze impair weaken paralyse close say no to blockade block out keep at arm's length screen beleaguer fence off refuse admission to stand in the way of give the cold shoulder to refuse entrance to vote against snub baffle stave retard repress dam refuse to employ steer clear of thumbs down consider undesirable hit list put on hit list keep at bay oppose withhold censor declare taboo shut down say no declare illegal give the red light to give the thumbs down to put the chill on put the kibosh on slow down fetter interfere with hamstring delay handicap encumber trammel shackle suppress cramp slow cripple hobble stall clog handcuff cut off hog-tie put a brake on throw a spanner in the works of bridle stonewall contravene detain derail crimp preempt muzzle smother stifle manacle cumber hold curtail embarrass rein in short-circuit keep back get in the way of set back hold down throw a monkey wrench in the works of control contain disrupt subdue scotch brake moderate regulate neutralize discourage scupper discomfit parry govern rattle tame bork second-guess faze measure rule neutralise keep under control gag confine bit choke keep in check pick off make late slow up get ahead of get in before choke back hold in put off beat someone to the punch foul up close off screw up beat someone to it provide against keep within bounds keep the lid on beat someone to the draw steal a march on get in the way stem the flow of louse up keep in free spare reprieve keep waiting commandeer absolve postpone bottleneck retardate burden keep from cause to wait cause to stay dispense crab resist be early beat somebody to it be one step ahead of act in advance of prepare for head off at pass defer pause protract remit shelve prorogue intermit prolong be a hindrance to throw a spoke in the wheel of throw a spanner in the works dissuade quash put back back off bog down hold off on choke off take down hold over obscure sandbag reduce put on brakes put an stop to preoccupy forecast monopolize project expect foresee envision predict put the brakes on take out of play rein monopolise ruin leash harness dissuade from hold in check straiten scuttle overturn snooker gaol keep down sit on pull in box up jail put away pin down pull back keep in line tie down stem rein back hem in guide impound circumscribe direct imprison bring under control have on a tight leash crack down hogtie delimit confound repel nullify upset squash repulse undo spoil nobble dash checkmate outwit blank defeat do for counterplot disappoint cross bury muffle strangle bind entangle chain disconcert discipline peg put the stopper on put a spoke in someone's wheel cause setback get the better of put end to mess up put the mockers on upset one's apple cart beat down take wind out of sails entrammel cramp one's style give a hard time saddle with put a limit on cool down put the brakes on keep a tight rein on fight back button up keep a lid on bite back cut back cool off keep tight rein on


To disprove a statement, theory or belief
explode disprove refute discredit invalidate belie debunk repudiate negate deny gainsay puncture rebut contradict controvert expose quash confute demolish nullify ridicule challenge deflate negative shoot down pick holes in prove impossible put paid to shoot full of holes cut down to size shoot down in flames blow sky-high blow up knock the bottom out of prove wrong drive a coach and horses through give the lie to blow out of the water disconfirm confound falsify prove false prove to be false show to be false counter call into question overthrow disaffirm destroy overturn contravene make a nonsense of disclaim disallow disown disavow oppose ruin disagree break bust blow sky high dispute contest reject disagree with declare untrue dissent from cross undermine weaken defeat silence impugn put an end to traverse be at odds with poke full of holes set aside conflict with run counter to compromise overwhelm deceive annihilate go against prove to be wrong show to be wrong oppugn show in its true light argue with shut up bring to naught put down knocks props out from under vanquish subvert discount question query naysay withstand brush aside resist combat fight argue throw out tear down knock props out find unfounded poke holes in shoot holes in knock bottom out of fly in the face of smash put under suspicion pooh-pooh raise doubts about shake one's faith in cast doubt on wreck crush squelch pop blast squash blow shatter burst undo do for discourage humble disillusion flatten prick reduce reverse erode retract backpedal knock bottom out knock props from under cut short take down a peg take wind out of sails rebuff take back curb ban disbelieve recant block begrudge spurn restrain exclude forgo withsay taboo doubt sacrifice revoke forbid prevent disacknowledge call on not buy enjoin from hold back keep back stand in the way take exception to say no to turn thumbs down take issue with argue against defy object to debate renounce assail attack thwart hinder counteract buck confront take on abjure impeach quarrel with stand up to take a stand against call in question have bone to pick criticize be against obstruct be anti knock cancel check be hostile to forswear abnegate repel traduce criticise contend cancel out fight against thumbs down be in opposition to disapprove of battle put up a fight against be at variance with face down protest against dismiss fault frustrate condemn censure annul impede balk impune prove unsound find fault with answer retort duel respond backtalk clash with baulk complain about cavil at find lacking be inconsistent with deflect quibble over call in argue about carp at render null and void dare withspeak differ abandon violate betray infringe say the opposite of eschew breach refuse renig welsh renege refuse to accept backstab demur against demur about enquire come to blows with address be a dissenter from rebel against test face off tackle feud with call out inquire litigate rally against denounce remonstrate throw down accost investigate interrogate rival disinherit cast off set one's face against vie against two-time sell out double-cross stab in the back transgress disobey give up drop out ditch drop forsake cast aside weasel out of go back on word wash hands of worm out of fracture offend flout infract convict evert parry top burn cut off zap smear slam zing tar trash end relations with send packing overstep interfere with fail to comply with disregard interpose encroach intrude trespass fail to observe transgress against offend against interfere turn your back on cut off without a penny wash your hands of refuse to acknowledge refuse to recognize divorce oneself from have nothing more to do with burn down dispose of reply to show up declare to be untrue give thumbs down to run down come down on swipe at skin alive cast doubt upon throw doubt on cast aspersions upon stick it to cut to shreds throw the book at pin on thumb nose at bar counterattack face dislike contend with take struggle against gainstay dissent neutralize protest assault disapprove neutralise bombard withstay encounter taunt speak out against strive against turn the tables speak against frown at set your face against stand up and be counted against be in defiance of not countenance search out take issue take a stand


To fail to care for or pay attention to
neglect overlook disregard ignore discount forget abandon bypass overpass shirk skip dismiss forsake avoid contemn defer desert omit pretermit depreciate elide evade miss overleap postpone procrastinate reject scant underestimate leave undone pass over be lax about gloss over let pass not attend to pay no attention to pay no heed to pay no mind set aside skimp on brush aside brush off fail to look after leave alone let go let slide lose sight of not care for procrastinate over shrug off take no notice of think little of be remiss about not care pass up pay little attention to slur over tune out turn a deaf ear to turn your back on be careless be derelict be indifferent fail to care for fail to provide for live with not trouble oneself be irresponsible be negligent be remiss laugh off be remiss in keep at arm's length make light of throw to the winds trifle with keep one's distance fail to remember look the other way have nothing to do with not remember turn one's back on slight turn a blind eye to fail pass by forfeit forego give up leave out leave forgo waive whitewash condone excuse fail to take advantage of dispense with wink at blink at paper over surrender blow yield decline renounce eschew spurn pass unheed remit connive unmind lose out on let slip drop the ball dodge take no account of gloze over put aside shut eyes to do without turn a blind eye skip over squander shun sidestep escape duck relinquish refuse elude turn down drop cede shake botch forgive pardon lose get around run away from let something slide get out of funk duck-shove weasel out of wriggle out of finesse scape cut miss out on quit slough off delay minimize cop out of fail to take fail to grasp be oblivious to sacrifice duck out of shuffle out of turn back on shelve minimise push aside fail to notice let go of put off pooh-pooh give something a miss leave be pass on play down trip up fail to spot hold off write off let ride not choose close the eyes to waste skirt blow off blank over put behind you erase from your mind put out of your mind deny oneself cushion lose track of dance around shy from blank not take into consideration leave something undone blink pussyfoot around tergiversate skirt round disbelieve let go by let something go downhill avoid considering close one's eyes to not dwell on concede fritter away expend withgo cold-shoulder throw away keep one's distance from fend off go around shake off give the slip to lay low from leave out of account let off easy send to Coventry brush away turn a deaf ear connive at undersell dispel doubt steer clear of give a miss skim over let something go to seed cut out lay aside take with a pinch of salt give no credence to pass something up shirk from blow it fail to exploit misheed reschedule exclude never mind stop thinking about look through let it go take no notice turn blind eye pay no mind to turn deaf ear shut your eyes to close your eyes to not take into account bury one's head in sand antedate resign abjure abdicate put on hold mothball put on back burner take a rain check on hold off on put on ice give rain check put on the back burner precede antecede preexist predate disclaim hand over stay hold up disown allow remove refrain from grant sign away table turn over suspend prorogue renege reserve refrain pay no attention fail to see let fall between the cracks fail to observe look past leave out of consideration leave unnoticed slip up on abstain from go without belittle flout trivialize trivialise cock a snook at scoff at refuse to acknowledge wave aside think no more of sweep aside forget about have no time for shuffle off body-swerve not attend shrink from scrimshank mislay misplace play truant from creep parry dog cheat bludge slide out of fence miscarry muff blunder flub avert bob off skive off fail to seize fall short of fail at lie down on job snub ostracize give the cold shoulder rebuff ostracise repudiate blackball blacklist freeze out give someone the brush-off coldshoulder scorn disdain cast aside banish downplay despise excommunicate cut someone cold have done with look right through pay no heed shut out cut someone dead disparage boycott disapprove repulse repel nix reprobate knock back give someone the go-by give the cold shoulder to negative deselect take no heed of joke about say no to baulk at put out of one's mind hand someone the frozen mitt not buy throw out balk at leave out in the cold leave behind expel look straight through close your eyes be oblivious sail by walk by make a joke of give somebody the cold shoulder sweep something aside leave well enough alone refuse to have anything to do with absolve yourself laugh something off tolerate circumvent debar treat lightly soft-pedal wink dissimulate bilk keep away from keep clear of leave in the cold treat as unimportant de-emphasize circumnavigate hack stay away from hide from override deal rapidly with treat with contempt pour cold water on throw cold water on trample on withhold from desist from give the thumbs down to not accept not heed not take advantage of make allowances for let someone off with let something ride deliberately ignore ride roughshod over pretend not to notice sink wash your hands of close one's mind to reckon without work around defy deny cancel do away with abolish disrespect scout relegate consign to oblivion disobey disesteem vilipend put to one side fail to anticipate dispose of put a stop to render needless disfavour disfavor have contempt for have no use for skirt around deprecate denigrate diminish put an end to get rid of knock something on the head fail to take account of discredit fail to mention skate over fail to deal with elope run away abscond flee kiss off put away laugh away run off tell someone to get lost negate withdraw turn deaf ear to turn from jib at protest hold out turn away refuse to receive throw over not budge on demur send off send one's regrets protest at desist demur at hold back draw the line at say no give thumbs down to shake one's head jilt veto abnegate disfellowship burn unfollow unfriend put down cast out break with cut off give a wide berth to swear off give the elbow kick someone in the teeth leave off give someone the big E cut dead give someone the air have nothing more to do with bin off give someone the push


To fix, correct, revise or improve (a text or document)
edit revise correct adapt check improve polish redraft rewrite condense emend rephrase rework censor copy-edit assemble cut modify redact reword abridge annotate rescript revamp shorten approve alter amend amplify analyse analyze assign blue-pencil butcher change compile compose delete draught draft excise feature fine-tune finish massage prepare prescribe proofread publish recalibrate rectify refine regulate rehash report retouch scrub splice style tighten trim clean up iron out boil down check over fix up fly speck go over make up set up strike out tidy up write over prepare for publication adjust update recast reform better redo upgrade reshape reorganize remodel reorganise touch up perfect vary enhance tweak develop redraw ameliorate repair help debug remake fix refashion redesign restyle reconstruct make over overhaul remedy look over hone elevate convert set right right red-pencil remould transform rejig temper metamorphose square go through fashion mend emendate remold progress mold tailor readjust modulate rearrange lift raise affect doctor mould turn around make adjustments to make alterations to boost cultivate clarify rebrand shape up straighten out pick up qualify transmute transfigure turn the corner put right shift evolve renovate redress meliorate enrich switch mutate morph revolutionize shape retool reorient customize translate reorder regenerate reorientate reconcile moderate diversify warp reconfigure revolutionise reconstitute turn alternate replace tamper with reshuffle transpose rejigger commute review make innovations permute interchange customise refurbish tune remap subedit reread examine give something the once-over advance rise heighten increase expurgate bowdlerize say differently bowdlerise augment sharpen purify recuperate fit cure suit condition make strides perk up take off make perfect bend paraphrase make improvements to put make make good sort out optimise optimize elaborate complete grow metastasize move metamorphize renew reclaim look through mark up copyedit remove errors check through rebuild transmogrify put differently XXX patch up clear up deal with consummate crown polish up transubstantiate alchemize diverge do over fiddle with make right pay dues set straight finish off express differently put another way put in other words metamorphosize redevelop get with it set the record straight clean up act put in order rehabilitate permutate denature refit recondition cook transfer pass realign transmutate transit turn over new leaf turn the tables stir up change completely shift gears sing different tune switch over turn upside down do up put the finishing touches to put the final touches to compare scan scrutinize reexamine scrutinise launder fluctuate distort transition swing disguise flip-flop substitute vacillate swap veer displace pay one's dues make up for maintain strengthen beef up benefit mitigate reanimate vitalize bolster rehab revive save revitalise resurrect revitalize fine revivify remediate stimulate sustain facilitate ease restore fortify bone up brush up freshen up tamper order remix shuffle become different arrange make different put to rights resolve settle retrieve make better solve set to rights heal make amends for recompense dial back spruce up harmonize harmonise smarten modernize redeem compensate compensate for smarten up redecorate patch modernise straighten up beautify expiate atone for make reparation for make amends make restitution for refresh balance gussy up counteract service change for the better rejuvenate even up turn things around uplift promote tidy straighten pay for reinforce neaten make restitution make reparation sort work on see to atone appease requite bring up to code reenforce retread face-lift make tidy make recompense for make level tune up do penance make good for make redress for put on the right track put something to rights avenge conciliate reward furnish go straight do justice turn one around become aid make changes to fine tune phony up correct mid-course build on spell-check alleviate become better step up offset end attend to restitute transcend excel improve on bring around remove eliminate remaster groom dress up deck primp spiff provide appreciate further square up clean up one's act take care of forgive absolve excuse purge relieve diagnose untangle troubleshoot delouse unscramble unravel assuage forward fettle streamline get working cancel countercheck frustrate neutralise annul negate negative neutralize vindicate posh up make smarter tart up doll up make neater spruce jazz up brighten up doctor up re-create put back together restore to working order pay recompense for contemporize make as good as new do away with get to the bottom of be the answer to put an end to be the solution to embellish square things do penance for rationalize innovate re-equip level out balance out restore the balance even out answer rationalise finalize bring up to date propitiate work the bugs out of make redress pay the price say sorry make recompense redeem oneself absolve oneself take one's medicine apologise apologize pay the penalty finalise sleek practice practise slick mature round get the latest version of bring into the twenty-first century regularize equalize make improvement improve performance clean up your act pull your socks up get your act together mellow turn over a new leaf get it together uncurl regularise equalise unkink align restructure uncoil unbend set make straight make plumb put vertical even level smooth down put straight organise put perpendicular flatten untwist put upright organize unfold


Something left over, typically after the greater part has been used
scrap remnant stub remainder end oddment remains fragment leftover butt bit leavings residue leftovers stump dregs remnants offcut vestige bits crumbs scourings slops tatter castoff cutting leaving offscourings pieces scrapings fag end odds and ends bits and bobs bits and pieces tail end shred rest piece balance residuum surplus scraps excess oddments debris relic orts lees particle tag end dog end trace survival hangover rump portion heel dross residual strip part tail overage dog-end rejects last part end piece offcuts pickings trash dock tag root snag unused supplies uneaten food tail ends short end snippet sliver mélange miscellany rubbish jumble particles mishmash patchwork hodgepodge refuse notions melee litter medley rags sundries assortment motley rummage novelties knickknacks etcetera olio potpourri off cut mixed bag sundry items miscellaneous paraphernalia this and that end of a line superfluity overflow surfeit overabundance profusion superabundance glut oversupply redundancy overrun spare overplus overmuch overkill extra plus oversufficiency plethora nimiety wastefulness fat waste overload overdose too much recrement exuberance supererogation luxuriance too much of a good thing redundance the limit inundation fulsomeness plenty overweight by-product enough artifact inheritance legacy bellyful surplusage enough and to spare more than enough deductible artefact carryover historical object overstock extravagance exorbitance lavishness over others vestiges embarrassment extravagantness superfluousness extravagancy excessiveness difference overspill wreckage remaining number remaining quantity remaining part quantity left over additional people number left over bottom of barrel extra material additional material those left extra things what's left part left over extra people part that is left over number that is left over additional things quantity that is left over

Trái nghĩa của discard

discard Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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