Đồng nghĩa của turn in

Alternative for turn in

Trái nghĩa: turn out,


To lie down or go to bed with the intention of sleeping
sleep bed crash nap retire flop rest go to bed go to sleep hit the sack call it a day doss down hit the hay lie down catch some z's pile in roll in go up the stairs to Bedfordshire bed down doze snooze slumber get some shut-eye have a kip catnap kip take a nap snatch forty winks get some kip catch some Zs get some sleep have a nap have a doze say goodnight repose hit the pit get some shuteye get some rest get to sleep turn into a pumpkin conk out drift off drop off sack out catch a wink have a snooze kip down zonk out cop some z's have a lie-down doze off catch some zs nod off fall asleep go to your room siesta drowse doss oversleep relax yawn dream bunk snore nod zizz zzz hibernate be asleep have a siesta take a siesta be in the arms of Morpheus be in the land of nod sleep lightly have a zizz be dead to the world be in the arms of morpheus sleep like a top be in the land of Nod sleep like a log get some zizz have forty winks go out like a light take forty winks fall out saw wood rest in the arms of morpheus rest in the arms of Morpheus catch forty winks laze unbend idle lounge unwind luxuriate loll de-stress slump slack off loaf sit back do nothing be at leisure take it easy veg out kick back chill out loosen up ease off slow down ease up chill play take time off enjoy oneself amuse oneself entertain oneself stay loose hang loose let it all hang out let up unbutton take time out wind down take a breather mellow out put your feet up take a break bask outspan stand down cool off take five be calm take your ease decompress put one's feet up settle back recline let yourself go make yourself at home calm down quieten down quiet down quieten compose oneself feel at home take one's time knock off let oneself go make oneself at home take ten have a break sit around take one's leisure breathe easy unlax simmer down stop work let your hair down collect oneself make less tense lollop lighten up laze around let one's hair down take one's ease lounge around pause slacken slack lie by take a rest sit down refresh yourself have a rest refresh oneself put feet up be at ease stretch out be comfortable let down take life easy lie still have a spell recharge one's batteries


To surrender or give up something
surrender relinquish cede yield render deliver remit submit give up hand in hand over turn over cough up lay down part with abdicate abandon waive renounce resign transfer sacrifice give let go of give in give away leave concede give over commit forfeit forgo grant lay aside deliver up let go come across with sign away make over confer assign fork out consign pass hand entrust trust vest fork up delegate intrust transmit relegate convey fork over lose forsake commend bequeath capitulate cast off back down sign over fold yield up give way throw in the sponge shed drop throw in the towel give back forswear present render up repose recommend confide set down put aside put down finish with let fall dispense offer back return supply provide furnish find feed pass on pay with prostitute withgo be deprived of sacrifice something eschew spare kiss goodbye do without be stripped of say goodbye to go without pass up kiss goodbye to cast aside leave behind betray forego pay out pay shell out settle up dish out lay out pay up step down from step aside from abnegate discard opt out cast repudiate take the oath cut loose let pass take the pledge forbear stand down desert turn down ditch quit cold turkey drop out let go by kiss good-bye swear off dump drop like hot potato withdraw vouchsafe communicate allow abalienate accord remise pony up ante up come up with make with stump up foot the bill give oneself over lay down your arms give up the struggle fall victim lay down arms fold up break buckle admit defeat be conquered knuckle under quit suffer defeat budge be beaten show the white flag come to terms cave in accept defeat be overcome be overwhelmed defer bow indulge raise the white flag cry quits resign yourself concede defeat call it quits relent climb down succumb defray the cost of allot devolve hand on bestow allocate hand down hand out apportion distribute parcel out charge dole out place disburse deal out refer offer abjure produce alienate mete out commission donate invest proffer depute deed give out alien contribute authorize authorise disclaim prorate portion reject chip in tender appoint spurn refuse spend expend task send administer dispatch share quitclaim bail out send on demit put lay deposit award pass round dispense with set aside pass out hand round lend direct kick in pitch in come across designate pull out devote disown impart appropriate leave with vacate bag it divide put into the hands of send out dispose of disseminate pay for renege reassign shift bestow on circulate share out mete confer on divvy give to disgorge turn over to sign something over put in extend volunteer shell something out release give over to divert will gift make something over to someone stump something up confine outlay put in charge of issue shunt redirect decline deny channel free throw let someone have club together vest in give into the custody of give into the care of unload give into the charge of avoid turn one's back on disinherit withdraw from shirk promise ordain destine engage leave to employ move send on errand hold responsible for send on mission change stand down from separate oneself from divorce oneself from sign off wash hands of let have endow lodge set make a contribution make a donation handball escalate give custody of deposit with give custody retire leave in the lurch step down sell out leave holding the bag leave high and dry decentralise pass to pass down decentralize offload get rid of hand to foist fob off be handed down palm off give free rein divide out partition measure give with lot pin devise demise attorn have a whip-round patronise advance allow to look after let out make trustee loan aid let store patronize put into hands of command show level apply terminate exhibit put in the hands of pertain belong entrust to grant to invest in settle neglect delay hold up remove table suspend postpone reserve put off stay disregard refrain from shelve prorogue hold off display lose out on saddle burden aim instate target ascribe blink expose extract broadcast let off drop off unveil acquiesce repeat spread scoop dish up ladle serve spoon inflict serve up deal cut in disperse parcel lot out divvy up split break up portion out ration out ration admeasure cut measure out divide up carve up slice piece up slice up declare stop cry uncle buckle under despair collapse leave off desist cut out cease chicken out bow out comply give and take carry relay publish make known retail stream retweet RT provide use of be generous with send forth allow use of fulfil achieve carry out make good on discharge implement live up to fulfill have deliver the goods carry through bear roll out bring forward put forward bring out draw out bring to light


To achieve or reach a given level, score, result or amount
rack up score achieve attain gain make bag chalk up hit log notch up win amass clock up get record register ring up tally succeed in making accomplish accumulate acquire actualize collect do earn knock up obtain produce reach realise realize carry out get done wind up clock secure net procure clinch pull off wangle land come by garner bring in pick up reap snag draw receive get hold of capture grab knock down pull down fulfil hook fulfill cop have grasp gather consummate be given nab get hands on carry latch onto arrive at come to have come into possession of possess oneself of appropriate collar effectuate manage access carry off bring about take bring to fruition wrap up execute come into buy come in for complete take possession of take receipt of engineer purchase build up glean swing lock up get your hands on carry through bring off perform establish finish conclude clear scoop derive get one's mitts on get one's hands on find effect touch be awarded perpetrate get to walk off with sew up come away with get possession of deliver on make good on polish off succeed in pull something off conquer live up to make it rise to nail it scare up climb to annexe win possession of make it to strike perfect total annex walk away with satisfy follow through with get there notch something up mark up accept cover go adopt assume clean up glom onto reify snap up claim hustle catch corral bring make a profit return locate notch lay hands on search out come up with be presented with have conferred on one possess hold retain enjoy own tie up command bear out finalise make the grade make good enact gain fulfillment do proud make happen fulfill your potential contrive finalize guarantee cinch ice ensure make sure make sure of assure guaranty give security insure gain on overtake run to move to come to amount to pot harvest advance enlist ameliorate commit wrest do justice to fix keep faith with put the tin lid on honour meet discharge prosecute take care of do a bang-up job get someplace fulfill one's potential make hay seize follow through on put it over honor do one proud negotiate compass put through be true to do the trick bring to completion conduct inherit


To exchange (a coupon, voucher, or trading stamp) for goods, a discount, or money


To betray someone that has one's trust
betray deceive trick cheat mislead delude bluff cross backstab desert fail forsake denounce abandon jilt knife double-cross take in two-time be unfaithful to be disloyal to sell out let down break faith with play false stab in the back go back on be unfaithful play someone false turn traitor be disloyal play Judas commit treason be a Judas to break promise sell the pass grass up break with give someone a Judas kiss be treacherous to bite the hand that feeds one break faith break trust deliver up give up hand over turn informer blow the whistle put the finger on turn state's evidence walk out on bite the hand that feeds you knife in the back break one's promise to dupe hoodwink con defraud swindle fool beguile bamboozle cozen gull juggle hoax string along humbug sucker take for a ride hornswoggle burn gaff misguide snooker misinform scam snow gammon spoof buffalo have catch have on suck in fake out put one over on bilk sell down the river diddle disappoint do lead on take advantage of rip off pull a fast one on seduce inveigle ensnare stitch up illude victimize kid rook victimise sting pull a swifty on do the dirty on entrap shaft gyp sell exploit bunco fleece flimflam pull the wool over someone's eyes lead up the garden path finagle step out play away cuckold stiff fiddle outwit entice tempt swizzle euchre lure mulct bait sharp lie jive impose on take to the cleaners sell a pup to rope in pull one's leg pull the wool over somebody's eyes be untrue to disinform four-flush hose screw skin fake beat stick chisel outfox circumvent mousetrap caboodle lie to put on overreach lead one down the garden path pull wool over eyes lead up garden path play trick on do a number on pull the wool over one's eyes do someone dirty sell someone down the river rat on give away doublecross cuck cheat on pool attack squeeze maneuver manoeuvre bleed lead down the garden path pretend milk baffle dust jerk around chicane pull something cuckoldize feign sham embezzle be inconstant to pass off psych out shuck blag swizz pimp on hustle chouse pluck shortchange gazump short nobble skunk ream thimblerig misdirect split misstate prevaricate put horns on horn hornify double deal backbite smear slander doublespeak misrepresent shake down do in sink drop move down let fall defy defeat foil propagandize distort pervert fudge bunk fabricate charm enchant attract entrance entangle enmesh propagandise hypnotize bewitch dazzle woo blind mesmerize captivate spellbind give wrong information to send on a wild goose chase throw off the scent put on the wrong track put on an act give someone a bum steer cover up wrong steer take someone in put up smoke screen put on false front take someone for a ride bait and switch lead astray give the wrong impression double-talk attack indirectly win over elude rebel against frustrate thwart belie disobey soft-soap sweet-talk decoy allure solicit challenge butter up befool take jockey shave hypnotise play manipulate finesse mesmerise dissatisfy disillusion pull down depress disenchant lower leave in lurch take down leave stranded fall short mock play for a sucker be dishonest hook falsify clip rob gouge impose upon take for cross up play joke on take to cleaners beat out of pull fast one take for ride goldbrick sandbag outmanoeuvre outmaneuver sell a pup pull a fast one set up double-deal overcharge screw over short-change catch out make a fool of trap pilfer rush steal trim wheedle throw dust in someone's eyes run a game on do out of sell a bill of goods sell a bill of goods to have someone on do someone in the eye plunder pull something funny stack the cards stretch the rules hit below the belt bend the rules outsmart stump cajole despoil coax soak prey on pigeon throw bleed dry take to the cleaner's do number on sucker into get the better of pull someone's leg make a sucker of fox play-act play a trick on juke fix flam filch give the shaft lirt give bum steer fast talk blench take out break the rules rogue belirt crib play dirty play for a fool pull wool over hocus-pocus abuse heist use contrive sway ruin extort pull a fast one on someone frame be sold a pup bilk of put one over on someone wangle impress pull wires play games twist around your little finger bias stage-manage gaslight pull strings

Trái nghĩa của turn in

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