Đồng nghĩa của render up


To hand over or relinquish possession of
deliver yield surrender commit hand over relinquish cede give up transfer consign turn over commend entrust give hand pass present trust leave vest delegate grant render resign transmit abandon intrust give over turn in cough up sign over lay down let go of make over assign confide repose convey recommend pass on relegate send part with confer hand on hand down bequeath devolve submit bestow abdicate dispatch remit waive renounce sacrifice send on furnish fork out communicate invest forfeit place provide allot supply charge refer abnegate deposit alienate circulate feed shell out pay up deliver up give away let someone have dish out hand out dispense pony up ante up set down come up with make with forgo allocate tender deed direct authorize lodge forsake commission authorise concede forward alien fork up apportion depute route fork over cast throw will relay show give to give in come across with hand in send out produce unload proffer come across lose issue task forswear make something over to someone confine broadcast let off give custody of leave with give custody drop off deposit with impart find disseminate endow sign away give free rein yield up stream lease hand round give back shunt pay pay out spread register demise lay put aside put down finish with lay aside let fall toss send on errand send on mission parcel out hold responsible for chuck enter vouchsafe engage settle up lay out devise accord bestow on grant to confer on invest in settle pertain belong entrust to exchange reach bung abalienate shift offer ordain move carry remise send in put forward promise employ destine point purvey guide offload dump send forth patronise advance let store loan lend patronize aid command stump up foot the bill give the title of give the right of foist telex fax put in the hands of decentralise decentralize ship allow to look after let out make trustee put into the hands of put into hands of get rid of pass to hand to pass down fob off be handed down palm off leave to transport steer post defray the cost of mail usher marshal marshall address send to direct to turn over to put in touch with consign to pass on to deliver to shoot send off pack off

Trái nghĩa của render up

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