Đồng nghĩa của shell out


To give something towards a cause
contribute give donate put up grant bestow present gift accord hand out provide supply furnish chip in come up with cough up dish out fork out hand pitch in stump up award bequeath bequest commit devote endow fund impart kick in pay sacrifice share sponsor subsidise subsidize throw in volunteer ante up confer deliver dispense advance afford distribute dole out entrust extend give a donation of give away give out give up hand over make a donation of offer part with pony up proffer purvey subscribe transfer assign enrich furnish with gift with leave mete pass pass on pledge present with provide with relinquish surrender tender transmit turn over yield come through dower let someone have sweeten the kitty sweeten the pot lay out disburse allocate apportion allot pay up ration mete out spend come across with expend pay out appropriate divvy administer lot parcel out deal out share out divvy up recompense render designate issue pay off spring for divide out measure out divide up divide portion out ration out invest lend remit put in fork up foot lavish confer on endow with earmark vouchsafe reward appoint reimburse stock portion indemnify requite recoup remunerate prorate compensate provision allow stake admeasure cut repay consign pass out slice accommodate disperse split up partition foot the bill set aside fork over send will slip loan club together make over make a contribution of give of credit lay on make a gift of put oneself down for make a donation make a contribution pay something out venture get it up feed the kitty pass the hat do one's part stump something up supply with speculate splurge get in the act outlay inject gamble risk vest cede have a whip-round decree sub pay in advance supply on credit drop dole deal split front up plunk down ante bestow on concede present to crown decorate with parcel accommodate someone with budget sink in plough in shift cut in carve up lot out break up piece up slice up lay down settle up turn in cut the pie pay for pick up the tab produce circulate disseminate sell store defray the cost of make with dispatch equip pay compensation settle accounts with refund pay damages pay back pay costs settle up with bring minister serve bear cater in put out deal in trade in make available cater to outfit arm fix up accoutre kit out fit up begive pass around rig out diffuse favour fit out favor meet quit discharge liquidate balance settle stand clear pass round measure give with fix determine satisfy set stipulate specify keep reserve tip fee hypothecate give payment to guerdon redress indicate relegate set apart prescribe decide on submit put forward trot out introduce proposition hold out bring forward declare stretch out show roll out outstretch bring about display exhibit raise unveil cite state reach out resign expose propose lay express lodge ventilate throw up put on intimate moot propound suggest broach free do air release convey carry bring up put forth table put at someone's disposal pose outreach hold forth stick out avail tempt someone with cater arrange trust forbear forgo forsake illustrate replenish put at disposal demonstrate relate demo postulate treat abdicate enter pitch recommend intrust repose delegate confide adduce argue run by announce report launch give over renounce lay aside expound stage act with raffle opine advert conjecture exhort essay say preview file thrust out stretch place at disposal cast manifest posit evoke commend set before put on display put before the public let oneself in for dare to say deploy represent extract organize free up have acquaint handle market keep on hand have for sale keep in stock have a supply of stow away have available give an introduction pull out bring out make acquainted with get together open to view acquaint with draw out bring to light organise return generate earn net bring to bear apply relate to draw a parallel come forward realize fetch accrue create beget make occasion engender prompt catalyze effect spawn hold something out induce invoke effectuate breed work cause realise catalyse admit beam blossom bring in bring on pull in result in draw on haul in translate into gather in rake in turn out bring forth give off sell for

Trái nghĩa của shell out

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