Đồng nghĩa của liquidate

Alternative for liquidate

liquidates, liquidated, liquidating

Đồng nghĩa: do in, knock off, neutralise, neutralize, pay off, waste,


To kill or cause the death of
murder kill dispatch eliminate terminate assassinate destroy execute annihilate exterminate do in slaughter butcher croak decimate eradicate erase extirpate finish off ice massacre off bump off do away with knock off remove silence slay take out whack wipe out cause the death of do to death end the life of get make away with neutralise neutralize put to death rub out snuff stiff take the life of top abolish cancel cut down dispose of do for mow down polish off put down scrag shoot down smoke waste blow away cut to pieces purge put away put to sleep vaporise vaporize get rid of finish snuff out zap hit put an end to shoot obliterate blot out wax extinguish guillotine give someone the works terminate with extreme prejudice carry off put to the sword fell hang down defeat lynch nix chill grease dust off take someone's life wipe off the face of the earth end claim crucify garrotte cool behead decapitate electrocute garrote kill off root out stamp out gun down wipe from the face of the earth send to the gas chambers stretch out quash deep-six take mutilate asphyxiate strangle axe expunge euthanize ax blackball overwhelm immolate knock someone off put paid to wipe off the map gas send to the chair stone to death dispense with blow someone's brains out send to the gas chamber put before a firing squad send to the gibbet string up send to the electric chair put out of its misery stab dust take care of nuke stun rub someone out blast delete smite bowstring fry suffocate efface depopulate sacrifice quell kill in cold blood carry out a sentence of death on ruin mass murder ethnically cleanse send to kingdom come clean up black out sweep away scratch sterilise exclude drag sterilize overcome discard take away discontinue stone overpower rout put a stop to clear away take down drag down worst nullify best put end to stick torture mangle maim beat vanquish murk send to the gallows devastate abort overturn annul overthrow do knife smother garotte bring down bring to an end stop banish administer the coup de grâce give the coup de grâce drive to the wall move in for the kill take off take a life abrogate invalidate knock out put out give something the chop knock something on the head get shot of cast out phase out drive out head gibbet hang by the neck neck decollate bag bring to the block cut off the head of lop drop pot plug see the back of string someone up cut off somebody's head pick off make swing pump full of lead put a bullet in suicide noose wreck pulverize wrack cream smash ravage desolate shatter raze total demolish execute by hanging send to the scaffold suspend by the neck commit genocide pull down lay waste cut a swath through wreak havoc on tear down pulverise amputate truncate put on the block chop off one's head


To put into liquidation
annul disband dissolve terminate wind up bankrupt close down break up put into liquidation sell out shut down close end finish conclude complete wrap up close out round off round out shut terminate the account close the door on close the books die discontinue elapse dead-end pass go lapse cease stop expire quit tie up loose ends settle bring to an end break off clean up do let up end up bring to a close be through with come to the end finalise determine leave off halt finish up finalize wink out come to an end put a stop to finish off drop pack in suspend knock off put an end to desist cut off consummate sew up run down give up can desist from draw to a close lay off pack up call a halt to be over give over cut out bring to a halt call it a day break culminate cut short pull the plug on fulfill interrupt achieve accomplish belay bring to a conclusion polish off shut off axe ultimate set the seal on top off cancel abolish abandon cap pause clinch crown wind down fulfil ax call a halt adjourn peter out carry out put to bed run out call it quits withdraw refrain from polish phase out bring to a stop give something the chop perfect nip in the bud surcease knock something on the head scrub wrap come to a halt come to a close come to a standstill disappear abort fade away vanish put the kibosh on pack it in scrap nail cut intermit realize perform effectuate execute ease off actualize come to a stop recess bring to a standstill tie up stay bring to fruition carry off sort out get through lay off of put the lid on die down realise get done die out die away run its course fade melt away dwindle bite the dust put a period to dispense with do away with get rid of pull the plug complement deactivate arrest refrain prorogue curb resolve secure add the final touch to make good go whole hog go the limit add the finishing touch to make perfect go through with bring to maturity do thoroughly put the last touches on make up put the finishing touches on call off confirm relinquish establish stem put a lid on kill put paid to come to rest discharge immobilize scratch immobilise disconnect fizzle out seal hold up fold up button down abate become invalid evaporate abstain from become void shake hands on wane pass away cut it out blow over evanish forgo become obsolete cease to exist renounce put the finishing touches to ebb bring something to a close abstain wind something down bring to a end fail withhold disrupt subdue suppress quell quash bring down curtain draw to close cinch depart sunder wrap-up fold hang up shutter come to a conclusion round up carry through do for stifle wrap something up trail off go by tail off back off dispose of get shut of switch off get shot of nip something in the bud wind something up be at an end be no longer valid quit cold turkey kick kick the habit quit cold avoid do without not continue get on the wagon hang it up take the cure eschew forbear from kick over climax guarantee stamp ensure assure make certain put the stopper on put lid on put finishing touch on put the finishing touch to mop up take care of lead up to call a day top it off put into effect put the tin lid on build up to put away reach a finale come to a head result turn out to be turn out be brought to an end pull out of get out of throw in the towel forlet throw in the sponge get off stop trying forsake disjoin dissever intervene separate interpose disunite part bag it blow off check stop dead draw to a halt slip away transpire be no more fly by block turn back clear impede cool it collapse stop in one's tracks reach a standstill obstruct withdraw gradually remove gradually replace gradually eliminate gradually stop using frustrate stall prorogate eliminate extinguish bar hold stand hamper be be placed reach come in come out take time out take ten take a breather take a break have a break ease up have a breather rest take time off still catch hobble staunch freeze bring to an untimely end be put to bed cut loose button up hesitate falter waver teeter be suspended dither put a sock in pull up draw up balance stagger vacillate be broken off shilly-shally wobble stumble be abandoned wiggle-waggle blow the whistle on scruple draw to a stand hang back wabble stand still hold at bay whiffle hold back put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill bring up limp fetch up retrograde run low molder fade out slacken decline recede wear away decay lessen moderate deteriorate dilapidate fall away crumble evanesce sink decrease bate weaken droop wither go down grow less subside go dead degenerate go downhill moulder wilt diminish decide place shut up phase something out work out broker agree negotiate put the icing on the cake shake hands thrash out hammer out reach an agreement reach terms on come to terms on firm up agree on complete the arrangements for get rid of by stages


To remove completely, leaving no trace
eradicate obliterate erase expunge exterminate cancel annihilate extirpate abolish efface wipe out rub out snuff out stamp out root out blot out sweep away black out clean up destroy remove eliminate extinguish kill raze delete demolish do away with decimate total excise quash squash waste smash zap devastate wreck ruin abate desolate do in get rid of finish off take out terminate shatter crush pulverize trash undo wrack nuke vaporize cream cross out blank out put an end to wipe off the map put paid to wipe off the face of the earth suppress pulverise vaporise tear down pull down gut axe strike out purge torpedo scrub score out dispose of off ax X-out block out weed out wipe from the face of the earth wash out cut out dispatch end void slaughter shed massacre dissolve overturn nullify annul conceal obscure squelch beat stop uproot subvert cover overwhelm blue-pencil trim withdraw defeat disannul negate upset overthrow level scratch out scratch cut nix sink cancel out finish disestablish ink out bring to an end put a stop to KO knock off put down blue pencil remove all traces of shoot down wipe blow away dust kayo forget disrupt exsect check break off take away put the lid on put out of your mind edit fade erode cover over smooth away rub away white out wear away redact wipe off censor bowdlerize dele slay blank strike bowdlerise blot scrape off launder rid clear put a line through empty exclude strip ravage stifle obfuscate shade darken batten smother eclipse knock out wipe off face of earth blow to bits blow sky-high destroy root and branch take apart mark out rub off scour clear out cleanse unload lift topple oust depose overcome master unseat cover up pass out hold back make dark keel over cut off shake out rout out clean out rid of dethrone lick conquer benothing supplant trounce bring down subdue overpower rout displace defenestrate subjugate upend vanquish repeal knock down tip bring to ruin knock over remove from power tumble bring low overrun bring about the downfall of remove from office invalidate rescind ditch junk revoke abrogate drop discard scrap jettison throw out vitiate retract repudiate countermand discontinue vacate dispense with avoid chop null dump deracinate strike down inhibit supersede roll back prohibit put kibosh on close down give something the chop knock something on the head set aside call off put the kibosh on edit out omit deny elide recall strike through scrub out x out clean reverse abandon expel abort obviate call dismiss discharge stroke out cry off declare null and void rub sanitize sterilize snip extract sterilise sanitise expurgate renege disclaim overrule override renounce recant take back eject evict dismantle make void backpedal disown abjure counterorder render invalid forswear call back X out clear away back out of declare invalid cast aside render null and void leave out score through refuse rub something out subtract banish strike something out cross through pull shut off repress amputate exscind slash give up declare forget about get off the hook cut up lop off scissor out postpone unpublish disinfect close obstruct shut out shroud hide screen score bleep decontaminate black rule out Tippex out pass up budge sponge out clean off scrub off shift get off loosen slur disregard wash off rinse off throw out on your ear give the bum's rush kick out give something a miss chuck out turf out leave off boot out let go send packing miss out evacuate drain zero get out draw out bring out


To use or expend, especially carelessly or wastefully

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