Đồng nghĩa của atone

Alternative for atone

atones, atoned, atoning

Đồng nghĩa: make up, repay,


To make amends for an offense, crime or sin one has committed
pay compensate recompense answer expiate redress propitiate reconcile redeem requite apologise apologize appease correct repair square make amends make redress make reparation atone for do penance make amends for make recompense make restitution make up make up for make good redeem oneself absolve oneself pay the penalty pay one's dues pay the price say sorry take one's medicine pay for pay back make reparation for repay reimburse do penance for compensate for rectify answer for suffer for indemnify offset remunerate repent make reparations satisfy fix take the rap make redress for make restitution for redress the balance be punished for mend excuse amend remedy absolve forgive purge put to rights refund square things make good for make recompense for put right pay damages comp pay the price for counterpoise counterbalance countervail overcompensate settle suffer meet pay money to make amends to make reparation to make restitution to equalize balance foot discharge clear recoup be punished suffer the consequences of disburse liquidate pay off spring for square up give payment to pay in full clear up close equalise tide over take care of pay up end dispose of pay a penalty suffer consequences suffer the consequences make atonement get just desserts get one's comeuppance get one's deserts return settle up with reward remit restore square accounts with reciprocate retaliate rebate guerdon restitute even the score settle accounts with give back pay someone back in his put back make whole make it up to relinquish replace honor a claim make repayment recover award accord give money back shell out pay compensation pony up pay costs pay dues settle up counteract revenge neutralize avenge even cancel out hit back respond nullify get even with cancel get revenge square accounts return the favour return the compliment annul negative settle the score make reprisal match get even get back at get your own back on even out equilibrize even up obviate quit make restitution balance out be equivalent charge outweigh allow for negate neutralise set off equal equipoise counterpose counterweigh account give in return return like for like give tit for tat get your own back


Remove contaminants from
purify clarify filter clean cleanse clear refine decontaminate disinfect distil fumigate sanitise sanitize deodorise deodorize freshen sieve sift sterilise sterilize strain autoclave boil distill fine garble liquate make pure pasteurise pasteurize depollute detoxify filtrate rectify absolve aerate aerify chasten depurate deterge edulcorate elutriate exculpate exonerate expiate oxygenate rarify remit sublimate wash get rid of impurities antisepticize separate process condense concentrate screen treat riddle rarefy make sterile reduce boil down desexualize ventilate change incapacitate vaporize winnow refresh vaporise griddle fan sweeten neuter extract castrate fix emasculate geld thicken alter compress unsex bolt evaporate air bathe spay render clean thoroughly make clear clean up make clean make sanitary cool air out melt down heat reclaim detoxicate desalt operate on cauterize purge percolate solidify bath perfume fresh sublime fractionate become clear bleach cauterise strengthen leach disinfest antiseptize neutralize sanitate neutralise make germ-free melt desalinate circulate clean out delouse smoke osmose penetrate metastasize permeate make safe vaporize and condense evaporate and condense pan part soak through smoke out obtain remove impurities from scrub launder rinse trim press cut volatilize cook infuse express precipitate steam expose get rid of impurities from scour take out draw out separate out let breathe freshen up open air-condition give air to expurgate lustrate depurgate GI restore press out squeeze out cut down turn out rinse out get to the meat cut to the bone


To assuage the agitation or anger of (someone)
propitiate appease placate mollify pacify conciliate satisfy assuage calm disarm gentle reconcile soothe humor humour make amends to win over calm down square off make peace with pour oil on troubled waters sweeten quiet still quieten compose lull tranquilize tranquillize allay soften quell subdue relieve ease stroke palliate quieten down dulcify mitigate cool take the edge off settle silence content soft-pedal comfort make peace relax temper square make up pour oil on play up to patch things up butter up take the sting out resolve please cheer alleviate curb dulcorate sugar honey hush mellow salve becalm lullaby soften up sugar the pill untrouble lighten reduce balm settle down unburden cool off make nice smooth down moderate crush tame ameliorate chasten repress persuade grease con qualify put down pacificate convert charm quiet down smooth over impose peace upon lay back restore harmony to fix up make matters up accede to somebody's demands smooth someone's ruffled feathers clear the air with bury the hatchet put the lid on kiss and make up urge fascinate convince bewitch enchant unarm allure coax attract beguile captivate seduce set at ease put off guard undermine someone's resistance win the affection of lessen deaden abate diminish dull check tone down control sedate help anesthetize anaesthetize reassure weaken console steady modify dilute smooth restrain blunt chill out attenuate damp gladden cushion assure slacken contain solace lift modulate improve unwind cool out drug dope take it easy simmer down extenuate stupefy hearten stifle uplift condole knock out decrease put at rest regulate put out put under bolster elevate encourage succor quench make calm stabilize cheer up free succour suppress smother lenify hold in stabilise defuse give solace to bring comfort to cure buoy up meliorate nurse doctor take the bite out put at ease adjust let up tranquillise attend to take the sting out of come to terms with quash shut down ally heal slake address collect dampen fall cease get control of benumb numb lower rein ease up dispose tune down get a grip on kill rock to sleep ease off dispel subside fill surfeit dissipate banish dismiss take the edge admix put a stop to put an end to loosen eliminate destroy render insensible make less sensitive make inactive revamp monkey around with take the bite out of transmogrify fine tune switch make reasonable put a lid on re-collect remit put to rest drive away drive off chase away loosen up reduce something administer opiates to administer narcotics to administer drugs to release pleasure delight gratify make less uptight put under sedation give a sedative to put to sleep make less tense lighten up make better set right add sugar candy-coat make sweet make more appealing add sweetening slack desensitise desensitize pad demilitarise neutralize take the heat save neutralise smooth out damp down demilitarize cripple rescue recover clear the air loose restrict rejoice warm suit constrain commute excuse mince break chillax cool down chill regain one's composure restrain oneself get hold of oneself hose down compose oneself control oneself keep cool cool it go easy pull in one's horns rest tickle suffice feast gas enrapture thrill indulge glad temperate sugarcoat keep in check give condolences to boost lighten burden reanimate support empathize with commiserate with envigorate revitalise make one feel at ease enliven give sympathy to quiet fears sympathize with buck up revitalize besoothe invigorate inspirit make well give a lift to condole with commiserate reduce the force of run interference for promote disburden clear the way assist make easier speed untighten expedite aid forward disengage let up on open the door facilitate speed up relent further simplify keep under control narcotize play down meet halfway agree with make happy unruffle zonk settle your nerves administer a tranquillizer to administer a sedative to settle something's nerves give respite to settle one's nerves

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