Đồng nghĩa của disapprove

Alternative for disapprove

disapproves, disapproved, disapproving

Đồng nghĩa: disfavor, frown upon, object to, oppose,

Trái nghĩa: acknowledge, admit, approve, recognize,


To refuse to agree to, especially officially
reject decline refuse negative spurn nix reprobate repudiate pass dismiss disallow deselect deny veto withhold turn down pass up throw out balk at throw over rule out give the thumbs down to rule against set aside say ‘no’ to rebuff forbid prohibit knock back say no to turn one's back on abjure pass on negate renounce snub shun repulse interdict demur discountenance give the red light baulk at not accept disavow give the red light to disacknowledge scorn forgo withgo say no desist preclude block demur at disregard revoke abstain from shy from refrain from ignore withhold from desist from not grant send one's regrets shake one's head pass by shoot down turn away give thumbs down to begrudge discount skip overlook miss give the brush-off to not hear of steer clear of not heed not take advantage of prevent oppose give something a miss disdain repel withdraw protest not budge on turn deaf ear to not care for brush off hold out protest at not buy turn from hold back send off hold off jib at draw the line at dispense with refuse to receive redlight kill ban proscribe overrule outlaw bar quash embargo blackball stop down squash nullify boycott put an end to cut give thumbs down defeat thumbs down dissent declare null and void not go for place an embargo on put down censure throw away put a stop to burn refuse permission to put the kibosh on abandon desert disown discard forsake recant reverse retract forswear forbear rescind avoid cast off disprofess give up eschew cast defect dishonor rat apostatize turn default disinherit tergiverse tergiversate shed lay aside cut off banish flush dump oust dishonour have no more truck with wash one's hands of turn your back on be against wash your hands of break with have nothing more to do with fly in the face of brush aside opt out refuse to take advantage of look down one's nose at opt out of give the thumbs down disclaim relinquish drop renege cast aside abdicate abnegate surrender leave yield ditch neglect disaffirm gainsay cold-shoulder refute quit kick rebut sacrifice resign ostracize renege on ostracise freeze out look right through give someone the brush-off pull out give the cold shoulder slight refrain jilt snout contradict disconfirm go back on withdraw from stiff-arm cut dead give the brush have done with rat on give someone the go-by exclude swear off tell someone where to get off repeal unsay waive welsh foreswear cede abstain refuse to acknowledge betray jettison shirk escape divorce oneself from drop out pack in cut out resign from pull out of back out walk out on send to Coventry resist junk disaffiliate dodge evade bilk chuck abscond scrap revolt separate wash hands of rebel go depart duck back down cop out decamp end relations with axe secede from hand over take back do away with weasel out of refuse to recognize cut off without a penny jack in turn back on depart from ax break away from fail to honour split with sever relations with stay clear of run out on shut out bin off fight shy of look past give the bum's rush part with go away from run out leave out shy away from go over keep clear of take the oath drop out of give a wide berth to change your mind give the elbow not touch have nothing to do with turn coat give someone the big E defect from give someone the air shift ground go over the fence sell out fall away from change sides leave alone give someone the push concede disprove prove to be false show to be false give the lie to divert belie invalidate renig impugn call into question discontinue disincline scrub discredit forego contemn blank explode throw off disgorge worm out of stop using delink from go back on word excommunicate stop having quitclaim vacate elude disaffiliate oneself from dissociate oneself from turn up one's nose act cool make unwelcome unfollow strand send packing dislike scoff at treat with contempt look down on hold in contempt turn nose up at sneer at sneeze at turn your nose up at stay shy of have no part in stand aloof from give the runaround turn away from break free from take leave from be exclusive of other not include not be inclusive of bag it step down from deliver up bail out step aside from body-swerve keep away from give a wide berth shake off have no part of recoil from shrink from look right through someone keep your distance from palm off contravene cast out refuse to abide by shy shake finesse scape deliver render lay down turn over leave behind leave flat maroon divest leave high and dry leave stranded do without bereave sit out say goodbye to go without keep from break up with split let well enough alone have no truck with get around shuffle out of exheridate evict deprive dispossess don't want let go of take the pledge kiss good-bye stand down quit cold turkey let go by give away turn in cut loose sign away cough up let pass drop like hot potato refuse to accept bin trash violate oath jump ship leave in the lurch take your leave of kiss goodbye change one's tune drift away show the door cashier retire cancel scratch retreat from backpedal back off fink out except disburden throw doff slough retreat backtrack backslide throw on the scrapheap dispose of fling away cast away get shut of get rid of chuck out get shot of chuck away toss out shrug off leave penniless cut off without a cent cut out of will secede elide bypass levant welch default on cry off weasel out call off wiggle out beg off back pedal worm out chicken out pretermit overpass overleap break from disaffiliate from become independent separate oneself from split from form a splinter group separate from split off from break away swindle stiff defraud fail skate not bother pass over count out let slide take out miss out leave off fail to include fail to mention skip over factor out omit change allegiances turn traitor revolt against go over to the enemy go AWOL change loyalties break faith be apostate take a walk throw in the towel blow it off get cold feet about get cold feet chicken out of check go into arrears leave town skip out on put on the cuff meet under arch fall behind break one's word fail to pay see in the alley not pay let lapse duck out discourage chide rebuke cross reprove stave off push back ward off beat off put off fend off send away tell off keep at bay lash out at keep at a distance put in one's place keep at arm's length


To express an unfavorable opinion (of something)
censure condemn deplore criticise criticize deprecate object to blame decry denounce frown on reprove be against disparage not support rebuke reproach think wrong animadvert discountenance knock look askance at not believe in take exception to be hostile towards chastise detract discommend disesteem disfavour disfavor dispraise expostulate express a poor opinion of negate object oppose pan remonstrate remonstrate against reprehend slam zing raise an pass on find fault with diss slag dis fault reprimand berate chide put down admonish scold castigate dislike attack discourage revile upbraid slate blast hammer excoriate cane flame objurgate slash take to task lay into slag off judge have a go at give someone a bad press frown not take kindly to show displeasure take a dim view of abuse tsk-tsk mislike veto resist carpet pillory lambaste impugn savage disapprove of harangue vilify fulminate against crucify bash roast pull apart remonstrate with dispute rubbish monster tear into rollick bawl out bag pummel dress down take to pieces haul over the coals sail into rate bollock tut about tut-tut over tut-tut about tut over frown upon cut up reprobate discipline exprobate give someone hell chew out scorn pummelled backbite read the riot act rebuff get after tear off a strip incriminate lecture cavil tear a strip off give someone a rollicking tell off give someone a bollocking slap on the wrist pick apart carp at ostracise denigrate rap over the knuckles tear apart give someone a roasting give someone a rocket contemn ostracize asperse read out look askance ream out not stand for hold no brief for not go for count me out inveigh against anathematize execrate vituperate arraign proscribe punish adjudge skin depreciate belittle name frame denunciate pronounce call down give something a bad press send up the river send up thumbs down on hang something on come down on pin it on let have it point finger at put away blow whistle on lay at one's door lace into rag tick off rap trim give someone a dressing-down keelhaul pitch into give someone a telling-off give someone an earful pull up give someone a mouthful give a talking-to let someone have it rail against give someone a wigging give someone what for give someone a rating lambast wig give someone a row row flay give someone a caning slap down give someone some stick blow up rail at baste tongue-lash send someone away with a flea in their ear rant at score jaw trash put on the mat jump on malign pick holes in give a rocket rake over the coals chasten ream maul skewer cast aspersions on run down blister derogate throw brickbats at give a bad press to vituperate against besmirch slur animadvert on give some stick to cavil at bad-mouth slap someone's wrist jump down one's throat pour scorn on nitpick about scathe lash pull to pieces give flak to hit out at scorch call on the carpet rap someone over the knuckles assail correct potshot belabor sledge nag rail check belabour come down hard on blow up at light into pick to pieces go on at give a piece of one's mind take someone to task take to the woodshed accuse caution rip monish scourge lesson nag at bag on talk to call to account bring someone to book pass strictures upon climb all over chew someone out slap someone on the wrist lean on charge criticize severely penalize fustigate argue with shoot down ridicule carp rake defame penalise deride jawbone zap discredit call over the coals hit trounce tax go for the jugular throw the book at complain about slap on wrist take down speak to try draw the line give a going over tell a thing or two come down on like a ton of bricks find fault rap on knuckles strongly criticize lay down the law jump all over reprimand severely tear to pieces rave at get angry with exprobrate pull someone up complain protest animadvert upon lampoon take apart harass bring to book threap rake over coals recriminate taunt jump down someone's throat recompense visit chew warn fry give tongue-lashing give somebody a piece of one's mind slang spank skelp ferule bring under fire adjure advise counsel tear someone a new one give someone a dressing down give someone a telling off rap someone's knuckles objurate preach ding notice glue forewarn growl hoist dishonor dishonour disgrace give someone a carpeting eat out criticize hatefully give one hell shout at cuss out speak carp on sound off go after take somebody to task take down a peg give a hard time get on burn one's ears smear cudgel slap shellac strike smother jack up sit on send someone away with a flea in his lower the boom give the dickens give a rough time refute yell at have someone on the carpet keep after lay on call to task give comeuppance point the finger at give the devil express disapproval of give someone stick rip into lash into have your knife in criticize strongly give something a battering jeer at review unfavorably think badly of express disapprobation express disapprobation of stick it to afflict repress soften have on the carpet suppress subjugate gripe about assault verbally disagree with pile in make a protest to take issue with question start on start in take on indict clobber fluff slog slug jump on one's case bite someone's head off snap someone's head off grouch about hold someone responsible bellyache about hold accountable hold someone to blame quibble about carp about whinge about moan about complain to grouse about beef about whine about nitpick over sound off about find lacking nit-pick cut down skin alive do a number on pick at give bad press throw shade cut to bits prosecute criminate bring a charge against hold at fault bring a case against lay charges against impeach prefer charges against inculpate put on trial have the law on bring to trial bring charges against take to court whip beat flog thrash scarify drub rap someone the knuckles drag over the coals lay out


To have an unfavorable opinion (of something)
dislike disfavour hate loathe abhor deplore disfavor disrelish despise detest find unacceptable scorn be displeased with be dissatisfied with have a poor opinion of have a problem with take dim view of take exception to be repelled by hold in disfavour look down on not appreciate not take kindly to take a dim view of have an aversion to have no liking for regard with disgust regard with distaste execrate abominate resent mislike deprecate find intolerable object to shudder at oppose shun disesteem don't like reprove discountenance tsk-tsk recoil from disapprove of shrink from antipathize condemn eschew mind contemn regret lose interest in have hard feelings bear malice toward be averse to be allergic to make faces at have no taste for tut about not care for have no stomach for not endure tut-tut over be unable to stomach not be able to bear frown on tut over grossed out on frown upon be turned off to tut-tut about not feel like have no use for avoid disdain spurn regard with repugnance feel hostile to feel repelled by have no taste have a down on find repellent find distasteful disagree with be unable to bear be unable to tolerate be unable to abide be unable to stand not be able to stand have it in for feel aversion to feel revulsion to feel hostile towards dislike greatly can't stand feel malice to feel aversion towards regard with contempt bear a grudge against feel revulsion towards be revolted by reject revile slight deride repudiate snub undervalue mock misprize sneer at high-hat dis snoot disrespect diss jeer at scoff at pour scorn on sniff at put down look down upon have a strong aversion to feel repugnance towards feel disgust for feel hostility to refuse be down on disregard feel contempt for renounce heap scorn on belittle scout disparage look down nose at treat with contempt be contemptuous about show contempt for hold in contempt be revolted be repulsed greatly dislike revolt decline pooh-pooh denounce find disgusting be grossed out by vilify feel repugnance can't bear distaste have aversion to dread be scared of fear be terrified of be frightened of be afraid of chill turn your nose up at look down your nose at turn up one's nose at decry excoriate anathematize slam dislike intensely curse imprecate vilipend be hostile to feel distaste for accurse objurgate neglect have a horror of down on feel animosity to feel hostility towards feel disgust towards feel aversion toward feel repugnance toward feel hostility toward not be able to stomach feel contempt wipe out sneeze at walk over look down one's nose at thumb one's nose at dismiss rebuff flout be scornful about be above laugh at curl your lip at cock a snook at run down consider beneath one spit on turn nose up at turn up your nose at give the Bronx cheer to refute consider beneath you gibe piss over spit in the face of confute sneer ridicule piss on defy blow raspberries at turn down laugh out of court turn back on make fun of scoff trash spit in the eye of taunt


To express an objection to what someone has said or done
protest object complain remonstrate demur disagree dissent expostulate oppose challenge denounce fulminate gripe inveigh kick rail dispute except resist revolt blast combat fight holler howl moan rebel squawk take exception express disapproval express opposition raise objections speak out take issue cry out express disagreement make a protest make a stand sound off make a stink say no voice disapproval be against make an objection take a stand inveigh against kick against kick up a fuss kick up a stink make a fuss thumbs down back-talk be displeased by put up a fight say no to take up the cudgels take exception to deprecate protest against argue against be in opposition to argue take issue with take a stand against cavil object to balk criticize baulk lodge a protest against express disagreement with criticise dislike disagree with kick up a stink about kick up a fuss about speak out against spurn express objections grouse grumble beef condemn repudiate complain about cavil at kvetch lodge a protest crab disapprove of raise objections to express disapproval of frown upon cross stickle defy beef about gripe about quarrel with take on differ deplore make a fuss about withstand attack contradict nag gainsay buck find fault argue with fly in the face of be an adversary of be opposed scruple boggle discourage express doubts express doubt raise doubts oppose strongly decry complain vociferously about blame object strongly to squabble disparage bicker animadvert pick at recriminate rain censure resent be offended by raise an objection take umbrage at take offence at demur at take offence take offense take umbrage come out against take a dim view be put out counter confront mind express objections to remonstrate against quibble be in opposition bar check prevent counterattack block have a problem face contest draw the line grumble about have a problem with moan about grouse about hinder fight against thwart obstruct be anti carp bellyache bleat whine whinge battle repel controvert stand up to oppugn contend with rebut rant about disesteem quibble about discommend discountenance draw the line at disavow grouch grieve grump reproach bemoan bewail growl fuss lament grizzle groan be hostile to take struggle against go against frown on kvetch about beg to differ charge nitpick gainstay deny turn the tables face down debate speak against call in question frown at put up a fight against expose neutralize set your face against stand up and be counted against assail be in defiance of assault not countenance search out reverse neutralise bombard strive against withstay run counter to encounter taunt scream chirp mither fret yowl repine mutter chunter squeal whimper yammer wail murmur caterwaul create yaup croak keen yawp maunder rail against raise objection be displeased natter contravene accuse refute knock twine snivel indict impute ascribe lay crib diverge tangle with nonconcur reject refuse renounce abjure go-one-on-one mix it up with vary disaccord discord shy divide decline pettifog wrangle nit-pick plain over run down go on about put the boot in look askance be on at someone lodge a complaint find fault with carry on make a complaint rail at pick holes in be at variance with withhold assent quibble over express objection not ratify be at odds with fail to agree with put up an argument say not a chance decline to support say no way break with say nothing doing refuse to support


To belittle or express disapproval of
deprecate disparage belittle denigrate decry discredit depreciate run down diminish scorn derogate knock bad-mouth criticise criticize cry down deflate deride diss marginalise marginalize play down pooh-pooh trivialise trivialize underestimate underrate undervalue detract dis discount disdain dismiss malign minimise minimize poor-mouth trash trash-talk vilify vilipend flame lambaste minify misprize discommend expostulate frown hold cheap kiss off make little of mudsling object put down rip scoff at sell short sneer at talk down treat lightly write off think little of poor mouth take down not go for cut down to size take dim view of pan defame rubbish slam detract from make light of dump on asperse downgrade revile slur ridicule slate slag off abuse do a hatchet job on slight roast devalue mock have a go at condemn slander cast aspersions on pull apart dispraise traduce downplay drag through the mud understate demean hit out at speak ill of smear insult calumniate vituperate pour scorn on degrade take to pieces laugh off lower tear down bash underplay lessen do down censure pick holes in attack libel opprobriate cheapen rap gloss over blister laugh at disesteem disgrace pull to pieces speak badly of tear into denounce take down a peg brush aside de-emphasize soft-pedal contemn reduce tone down discountenance shrug off scorch scandalize scandalise sling mud at throw mud at underemphasize blame deplore impugn treat as unimportant besmirch blacken blast weaken downcry devaluate set no store by set little store by snub animadvert spurn reprehend reject humiliate stigmatize disfavor backbite disfavour pooh pooh look askance at blacken the name of stigmatise blacken the character of offend give a bad name take a swipe at find fault with brush off dishonour do a number on speak evil of dishonor belie look down one's nose at despise make nothing of squelch squash treat something lightly subordinate shoot down sour grapes debase poormouth question criticize unfairly humble fault sneer mistrust repudiate gibe gird twit jeer scoff taunt play something down talk trash crush shoot full of holes cut to the quick spread lies about clamor against bag pummel skewer comment negatively mortify shame sully the reputation of compromise hammer berate monster pummelled look down on write down put away give comeuppance knock off high horse pillory execrate rip up bad mouth knock off bring down put hooks in rail against give black eye inveigh against reprobate fulminate against excoriate carp at anathematize cavil at disapprove of back-bite miscalculate throw brickbats at lay into to denigrate find fault moderate make fun of complain snipe at hit rail soften tear to pieces tarnish hold forth against come down on tear to shreds take a dig at miscarry rate too low think too little of not do justice to do an injustice to not do justice be wrong about whitewash discourage dislike mark down take away undermine deemphasize mitigate villainize tell lies about lie about put zingers on drag through the mire run a smear campaign against cast a slur on cast slur on fling mud at demonise demonize take swipe at throw stones at object to disregard ignore extenuate decrease qualify withdraw frown on reprove temper minimalize shock disgust outrage reproach think wrong be against not support rebuke horrify appal disclaim disown discard take exception to not believe in show displeasure not take kindly to take a dim view of make light cut rate take away from oppose negate remonstrate against chastise zing express a poor opinion of remonstrate be hostile towards affront sicken repel revolt nauseate subtract from tell someone to get lost appall displease raise an cast aside give offence to cause a few raised eyebrows amongst raise eyebrows amongst dismay blackguard blackball cause raised eyebrows lampoon embarrass pass on look right through give someone the brush-off give the cold shoulder to sweep aside cold-shoulder sully stain smirch taint injure defile blot soil befoul spot damage spoil besmear give a black eye bring into disrepute disrespect abase foul assail bring discredit to bring shame upon spread scandal about muckrake reflect badly on bring shame on blemish chasten blotch misrepresent sink breathe on run smear campaign rip up and down tar and feather dirty smudge ruin pollute contaminate corrupt mar begrime grime muddy poison hurt cast down blacken the reputation of badmouth mark discolour tar discolor wound conduct a smear campaign against daub pervert blacken someone's name debauch show up sully someone's reputation bring low jump on drag someone's name through the mud blaspheme mistreat demote slap slag caricature burlesque curse abash skin alive prostitute prejudice rag on bemean kick in the teeth muck gaum mire distain bemire own put in a bad light sling mud break write false reports about spread tales about mark wrong drag name through mud drag someone's name through the mire adulterate make unclean make someone eat crow take down a peg or two make impure cause to lose face be critical of be spiteful towards be unkind about be malicious about speak of with disfavour accuse backstab gossip lie spite have a pop at gossip about condescend deign carp destroy dig cuss caluminate voodoo jinx savage stoop desecrate attaint dress down call down underrepresent underprice descend proscribe drag through mud lower in rank lose face betray bloody darken give a bad name to put someone in their place lower in status put a whammy on bedaub annoy provoke snipe drag down aggravate relegate sell out misbid misrespect be untrue to oneself beat down upset abandon one's principles brand miff declass harm depress spatter tease chop insinuate push cap anoint subdue undersell deprave bastardize demoralize deteriorate profane warp vitiate canker subvert bump set back revert discomfit maltreat oppress ill-treat irritate disoblige crawl bust reduce to the ranks kick downstairs chagrin cheat ill-use flout chaff disrate lower the status of demoralise bastardise subjugate taint someone's name tarnish someone's name sledge injure the reputation of cast aspersion blacken someone's character stain someone's good name accuse falsely sully someone's name soil someone's name blow off cut up miscall scout jeer at jibe satirize torment jibe at slang quash slap in the face hit where one lives wither rag rally rib banter razz jolly quiz kid lout vanquish confound confuse cloud cause offence to strumpet plaster hold up to ridicule poke fun at heap scorn on satirise be rude to cut dead treat disrespectfully aggrieve persecute trespass wrong call names hurt someone's feelings make sport of treat with contempt flout at poke mullock at make a fool of put to shame cause to feel small settle someone's hash make ashamed put out of countenance make someone eat humble pie take the wind out of someone's sails step on one's toes call someone names throw shade expose do wrong to do injury to do a disservice to offend against cock a snook at take the piss out of take the mickey out of impose upon sin against take advantage of do the dirty on blacken name defame someone's character show in a bad light ruin the reputation of bring into disfavour damage someone's reputation destroy someone's credibility


Have a heated argument or disagreement
quarrel argue fight dispute row brawl disagree bicker differ scrap squabble wrangle altercate fall out spar spat argufy clash brabble controvert hassle jar quibble tiff have a fight have a row lock horns bandy words battle be at variance bump carp caterwaul cavil charge chop logic collide complain contend contest cross swords dissent divide embroil fail to agree feud have a misunderstanding strive struggle tangle vary war be at loggerheads be at odds break with find fault have words object to set to take exception take on get tough with have a tiff have it out mix it up fight like cat and dog go at it hammer and tongs conflict challenge do battle come to blows grapple skirmish debate scuffle wage war have a disagreement wrestle duel bump heads attack threap oppose butt heads have a dust-up have a barney have a spat combat have at it engage exchange blows tussle disaccord have a dispute go to war be in dispute tilt argy-bargy discept take issue have an argument put up a fight assault be at sixes and sevens scrimmage confront lock antlers be at each other's throats gainsay contradict engage in conflict romp face off make war be in conflict come into conflict have a punch-up protest against engage in hostilities have a scrap fence box have an altercation bear arms encounter hash over discord object talk back lay into not see eye to eye pick a bone take up arms vie clash with start fighting kick up a row raise Cain light into question raise your fists get into conflict to fight dig scrape fratch jaw scold berate ream be in contention have shouting match trade zingers nastily argue pick at get into a dispute have a difference of opinion joust go for each other ply weapons come to grips duke it out rassle rough-house cut and thrust slug nonconcur cause a scene discuss demur mount an attack take exception to call into question differ from diverge from dissent from face bandy agitate canvass canvas moot tongue-lash go up against have a set-to mess go at it be in opposition be at daggers with bawl out call on the carpet be at daggers drawn talk over hash out close with come to blows with do battle with exchange blows with engage with tussle with battle with struggle with scrap with campaign thrash out exchange words mess with differ in opinion be of a different opinion be incompatible have a different opinion be divided bang heads sass rehash pettifog toss around exchange views jump on one's case bat around kick around bat back and forth zap haggle palter shoot bombard hammer away face down verbally fight knock around square up come up against become involved stick it to pick an argument sock it to shift pretend nit-pick waffle hypercriticize avoid flip-flop chicane paralogize evade get in one's face go one on one put up a struggle have at each other take the field against march against join battle take the field campaign against grapple with engage in combat be at war conduct a war skirmish with carry on hostilities have a quarrel have a squabble jump on each other jump on rip into each other let have it take issue with contradict each other go for the jugular argue over be pedantic have a slanging match hem and haw put up an argument catch at straws blow hot and cold make a big thing about fight over struggle for knuckle with repel go for compete try to win defend lay a finger on challenge for compete for gang up on battle for contend for vie for withstand put up dukes strike rumpus square off try for tussle for fight for traverse lay out put on gloves buck cross sock rival jostle roughhouse jockey essay protest repudiate reject quibble over disagree with nitpick prevaricate equivocate niggle criticize pick to pieces split hairs bandy words with somebody criticise play off trade punches tourney tackle manhandle push trade blows enter the lists break a lance crusade cuff raise fists slug it out drive press demonstrate advocate stir up opinion raise a fuss cry out grunt endeavor exert work strain endeavour get to grips diverge race stoush emulate refuse stickle renounce rebel abjure swedge shy decline balk struggle against bid attempt try strive against rumble baulk argue with express disagreement be at odds with decline to support say nothing doing express disagreement with be at variance with withhold assent express objection not ratify fail to agree with say not a chance say no way refuse to support fly in the face of pit oneself against go up against in contest scramble for try to beat match strength go for broke pitch oneself against seek prize in the hunt go for the gold go head to head match wits run for cope with participate in go after pit yourself against jockey for position go the knuckle fight like Kilkenny cats fight nastily rebut refute debunk disprove counter address discredit deny examine query contravene answer disaffirm disavow invalidate disclaim negate crush confute argue against disconfirm squelch quash dissent against blow sky high declare to be untrue prove to be wrong show to be wrong contend over quibble about tear down prove false wonder about shoot full of holes put up argument differ with argue about show up have an argument about prove to be false agitate against blow out of the water pick an argument with hammer away at argue the pros and cons of shoot down in flames bandy words concerning prove wrong show to be false shoot down take a stand against give thumbs down to

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