Đồng nghĩa của change your mind


To reconsider or change one's views
move budge change backtrack reconsider reverse alter backpedal modify reappraise reassess reevaluate re-evaluate re-examine rethink review revise shift climb down have second thoughts do an aboutface do an about-face do a U-turn sing a different song do an about-turn change mind change one's tune change opinion shift one's ground retract recant back down about-face back off eat your words go back withdraw flip-flop do a volte-face think better of decide against row back take back double back back out eat humble pie relent go into reverse concede demur withdraw from agreement or statement admit you were wrong back pedal recall renege renege on back out of unsay dial back amend go back on turn the tables back-pedal on withcall backtrack on do an about-turn on do a U-turn on set aside retrocede change one's attitude retreat turn back change your decision concede defeat change one's plans give in compromise give way recede retire fall back draw back repudiate renounce abjure repeal retrograde foreswear abnegate forswear welsh retrogress drive back turn tail move backward move back fall sink drop regress wane ebb back vary adapt adjust recast move backwards back up back away drive backwards go backward break recalibrate retrace your steps default default on make adjustments to lose ground flip-flop on yo-yo on change gears on break a promise break promise cop out of retreat from pull out of withdraw from rat on welsh on break your word fail to honour weasel out disown revoke think differently cancel disavow disclaim rescind deny express a different opinion express a different view sing a different tune annul dance to another tune march to the beat of a different drum have a change of heart apologise nig countermand eliminate apologize exclude suspend call off rule out reel in row back on take in forget it have change of heart


To change, or move, to an opposing or opposite side
turn defect abandon depart desert go leave renege revolt abscond apostatize decamp quit rebel divert escape renounce retract forsake reject repudiate tergiversate tergiverse change sides go over shift one's ground pull out run out sell out fall away from go back on walk out on rat on turn one's coat go over the fence disown discard disinherit dump cast off give up spurn cut off rat wash your hands of have nothing more to do with throw over secede from go over to the enemy go AWOL change loyalties change allegiances turn traitor revolt against break faith be apostate back out take a walk withdraw eschew shun apostacize abjure disavow recant reverse forswear cast aside divorce oneself from throw off have done with leave off toss over decline nix pass refuse reprobate disapprove rescind deselect revoke negative rebuff disprofess have no more truck with cast dishonor demur throw out turn your back on be against default balk at turn down break with shed lay aside fly in the face of pass up not accept banish disacknowledge flush oust dishonour deny dismiss snub disclaim drop disallow turn back on knock back disdain forgo ignore neglect relinquish negate scorn ditch abdicate steer clear of avoid cold-shoulder refute abstain from brush off ostracize cut rebut abnegate disregard disaffirm ostracise refrain from skip desist from gainsay say no to pass on freeze out dispense with look right through someone give someone the brush-off repulse exclude give something a miss give the cold shoulder surrender slight kick jilt snout contradict renege on withhold disconfirm shy from stiff-arm veto put down cut dead withhold from give the brush cut out give someone the go-by swear off tell someone where to get off forbear say no welsh repel waive shirk abstain refuse to acknowledge betray resist jettison refrain miss resign withdraw from yield baulk at weasel out of set aside give a wide berth to have nothing to do with stay clear of opt out shy away from resign from pull out of leave out send to Coventry give the thumbs down to pack in leave alone desist withgo junk disaffiliate dodge evade brush aside bilk chuck scrap drop out separate demur at discount duck cop out sacrifice end relations with oppose axe refuse to recognize cut off without a penny depart from ax break away from fail to honour split with sever relations with hold off run out on send one's regrets shake one's head prohibit not hear of shut out miss out on bin off fight shy of look past rule out turn away sit out give the bum's rush go away from keep clear of drop out of do without go without give the elbow pass by not touch give someone the big E defect from give someone the air keep from give someone the push give thumbs down to disprove blackball prove to be false show to be false give the lie to belie overlook invalidate renig impugn call into question discontinue not heed not take advantage of contemn coldshoulder discredit scrub explode worm out of delink from elude forbid stop using go back on your word excommunicate prevent block interdict contravene discountenance scoff at treat with contempt look down on hold in contempt sneer at sneeze at turn your nose up at blank do away with stop having disaffiliate oneself from dissociate oneself from unfollow send packing not grant give the red light to shoot down stay shy of have no part in stand aloof from give the runaround turn away from strand shy shake finesse scape break free from take leave from be exclusive of other not include not be inclusive of body-swerve keep away from give a wide berth shake off have no part of recoil from keep one's distance from shrink from palm off turn up one's nose refuse to entertain act cool look straight through make unwelcome say ‘no’ to rule against cast out refuse to abide by refuse to accept divest protest let well enough alone have no truck with get around shuffle out of jack in leave behind leave flat maroon bereave forego leave high and dry leave stranded exheridate evict deprive dispossess break up with bin trash violate oath jump ship split refuse to take advantage of cashier turn deaf ear to turn from jib at hold out not buy refuse to receive not budge on send off not care for protest at hold back draw the line at look down one's nose at opt out of take the oath leave in the lurch take your leave of kiss goodbye change one's tune drift away show the door let pass deny oneself cancel scratch back down retreat from backpedal back off fink out let go by except disburden throw doff slough give the thumbs down give the red light backtrack backslide fail to take advantage of retire throw on the scrapheap dispose of fling away cast away get shut of get rid of chuck out get shot of chuck away toss out throw away shrug off leave penniless cut off without a cent cut out of will elide preclude bypass retreat levant welch default on cry off weasel out call off wiggle out beg off back pedal worm out chicken out bar pretermit overpass overleap secede check swindle stiff defraud fail skate not bother pass over count out let something slide take out miss out fail to include fail to mention skip over factor out omit discourage break from disaffiliate from become independent separate oneself from split from form a splinter group separate from split off from break away throw in the towel blow it off get cold feet about get cold feet chicken out of go into arrears break your word leave town skip out on put on the cuff meet under arch fall behind fail to pay see in the alley not pay let lapse duck out chide rebuke cross reprove stave off push back ward off beat off put off fend off send away tell off keep at bay lash out at keep at a distance put in one's place keep at arm's length

Trái nghĩa của change your mind

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