Đồng nghĩa của blow it off


Back down
chicken out bottle out drop out lose your nerve avoid back down back out back pedal beg off bottle it bow out cancel cop out funk out get cold feet give up give way go back on have no stomach for make concessions pull out recant renege resign scratch shy from surrender think better of something throw in the towel turn yellow weasel out welsh wiggle out wimp out withdraw worm out wuss out yield abandon renege on backpedal repudiate fink out back off retreat from withdraw from fail to honour change your mind default on chicken out of get cold feet about call off cry off pull out of back out of quit get out retract backtrack leave take back revoke renounce repeal stop retreat forsake retire disengage submit give in climb down rescind recall cave in abjure call it a day unsay forswear default reverse pull foreswear abnegate do an about-face get out of bow out of stop participating in opt out bail out pack in backtrack on admit defeat duck out dodge evade scrap duck skip shirk bilk disavow disown deny welch relinquish pull back crap out break disclaim exit pull the plug step down from eliminate abstract oneself do an about-turn resign from chuck walk away from break your word wriggle out go back stop participating do a U-turn eat your words countermand break a promise row back on eat one's words annul withcall break one's word pike on lay down your arms capitulate get off step down opt out of give something a miss take the count jack in throw in the sponge demit chuck in make one's exit cop-out do a volte-face about-face change rethink apologise nig reel in have change of heart retrograde change one's tune exclude fall back take in do a U-turn on change one's mind rule out recede apologize retrocede draw back suspend forget it do an about-turn on concede call scrub abort drop dial back abrogate nullify contradict apostatize call back void worm out of go back on one's word demur acquiesce accede admit recoil reconsider balk concede defeat dissociate disassociate break one's promise cop out of abstract delink rat on welsh on move out come around have second thoughts break your promise come round relent excuse oneself extract remove draw out take off take out strike stand down back down on fail to honor go back on your word accept defeat baulk hold back give ground admit you were wrong have no fight left withdraw from agreement or statement eat humble pie disengage from secede absent oneself recede from scratch from detach yourself detach rat backslide forgo neglect levant sidestep escape bypass discontinue cease dishonor fail to pay stiff go into arrears defraud see in the alley run out on leave town dishonour not pay let lapse fail skip out on put on the cuff skate swindle meet under arch fall behind halt end terminate shrink from skive skirt round have done with throw up retire from give notice dispense with finish with cut excuse steer clear of desert rationalize funk run away from decline duck-shove skive off duck out of wriggle out of give the slip use pretext have alibi rationalise slide out of

Trái nghĩa của blow it off

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