Đồng nghĩa của abjure

Alternative for abjure

abjures, abjured, abjuring

Đồng nghĩa: forswear, recant, resile, retract,


To solemnly renounce (a belief, cause, or claim)
renounce abnegate deny forswear reject abandon disavow relinquish repudiate disclaim kick recant retract eschew forsake gainsay give up disown drop foreswear renege repeal spurn unsay withdraw avoid disaffirm dispense with throw off refrain renege on shun take back do away with jack in pack in wash your hands of revoke recall cancel rescind forgo abstain countermand reverse discard refuse stop annul forbear swear off abrogate go back on negate abstain from abdicate call back discontinue cast aside nullify void invalidate overrule dismiss break off steer clear of call off cease refrain from declare null and void desist quit decline give a wide berth to sacrifice quash backpedal welsh disallow back down override veto scrap scrub set aside cast off exclude disannul turn your back on back out of leave off have nothing to do with surrender finish backtrack withhold contradict abolish resist restrain go without rebut keep withcall obviate suspend vacate backtrack on desert remove abort inhibit hold back check eat your words nix curb desist from obliterate ditch back out stop oneself dismantle lift do without fight shy of divorce oneself from disacknowledge refuse to acknowledge turn back on cry off keep from withhold from cut off wipe out have nothing more to do with yield apologize end apologise waive renig overturn break erase rebuff escape evade call forget it halt refute disconfirm negative back off blackball null forego disdain omit make void counterorder render invalid cut change mind undo leave alone expunge discharge jilt resist the temptation to not touch censor weasel out have change of heart pass up kill worm out of strike down roll back sit out lay off cut out weasel out of pass on put down shut out put an end to take out rub out give the elbow give someone the big E give someone the air end relations with go back on your word bin off give someone the push give over turn away from concede row back climb down disqualify apostatize disinherit dissociate from call in steer clear neglect leave come off do a U-turn do an about-turn pass arrest interrupt refuse to recognize cut off without a penny send packing dial back throw over impugn avoid doing something be temperate not do efface take the pledge go on the wagon take the cure drop out conclude cede delete purge can ban edit black skip elude prohibit forbid elide dele resign contravene ink out cross out declare invalid blank out cancel out blue pencil black out strike out x out put a line through stamp out render null and void blot out block out root out blue-pencil stroke out sweep away edit out X out snuff out white out kick the habit quit cold prevent oneself from let up not give in to cease to indulge in stop oneself from pack up knock off restrain oneself from lay off of keep off forbear from kick over call it quits shirk bar debar embargo duck dodge retrograde retreat recede nig eliminate retrocede divorce banish oust shy shake finesse scape block proscribe default on default bridle belay write off toss aside shrug off reel in fall back take in rule out do a U-turn on draw back row back on retreat from welsh on fail to honour withdraw from go back refuse to accept squash change one's tune do an about-turn on pull out of rat on throw say no to zing throw out taboo preclude outlaw part with leave out say goodbye to pass by give something a miss stay clear of let well enough alone have no truck with shy away from keep clear of get around shuffle out of do an about-face break your word break a promise break promise cop out of repossess reclaim decline to restrain yourself go easy keep back give the thumbs down to turn down dissolve eat crow vitiate chop dump axe abate eat humble pie supersede annihilate torpedo deracinate terminate subvert ax get rid of knock out give the chop finish off do in knock something on the head snub ostracize ignore blacklist scorn repulse repel blank excommunicate discount disfellowship despise burn unfollow ostracise unfriend give someone the brush-off give someone the go-by scoff at cast out send to Coventry hand someone the frozen mitt not buy break with cold-shoulder freeze out cut dead kick in the teeth leave out in the cold give the cold shoulder


To relinquish or release (a claim, title, etc.)


To disagree with or dispute
dissent differ demur disagree dispute diverge challenge disapprove nonconcur object oppose reject repudiate protest rebel refuse renounce stickle argue baulk balk buck contradict decline disaccord discord divide pettifog shy vary wrangle argue with disagree with not ratify object to protest against quibble over express disagreement with take issue with be at odds with be at variance with decline to support express disagreement express objection fail to agree with refuse to support break with withhold assent say nothing doing say no way put up an argument put up a fight say not a chance fly in the face of clash conflict fight be at odds quarrel lock horns cross swords squabble bicker jar row scrap altercate spat quibble feud controvert fall out battle take issue fail to agree be at variance debate spar brawl contend contest war take on be incompatible have words be at loggerheads set to be in dispute defy resist collide discept contrast argufy gainsay hassle tiff brabble come into conflict be dissimilar be unlike be different have a row go against bandy words argy-bargy differ in opinion be at each other's throats face down bump heads be of a different opinion take exception have a different opinion fight like cat and dog be divided be at sixes and sevens not see eye to eye go at it hammer and tongs run counter to mix it up bang heads zap haggle palter skirmish have a fight jump on let someone have it rip into each other contradict each other go for the jugular lay into have it out have a misunderstanding charge have a tiff find fault complain get tough with bump struggle carp cavil chop logic caterwaul tangle embroil strive flout disobey contravene deviate come out against depart withstand counter sass rehash dig your heels in kick over the traces refuse to obey have an argument confront be against combat refuse to accept the authority of kick against hammer away hash over jump on each other face off verbally fight stick it to have at it knock around talk back get in one's face pick an argument go one on one sock it to put up a struggle have at each other be in contention differ from be discordant not correspond be of a different mind not agree not accord diverge from dissent from shake one's head bar check prevent counterattack block attack face dislike cross hinder fight against thwart obstruct be anti disapprove of repel stand up to oppugn contend with rebut be hostile to take struggle against gainstay deny turn the tables speak against call in question frown at put up a fight against expose neutralize set your face against argue against stand up and be counted against assail be in defiance of assault not countenance search out reverse neutralise take a stand against speak out against bombard strive against quarrel with take a stand withstay encounter be in opposition to taunt go at it be in opposition negate question meet impugn brave refute tackle vie rival counteract compete call into question rebel against disaffirm dare disregard disprove query engage traverse outface brazen accost break spurn meet head-on beard violate confute repulse breast outbrave impeach race frustrate cope with come up against infringe duel doubt go up against negative disconfirm ignore match stave off ward off grapple wrestle grapple with impede face up to scramble for jockey for position take exception to breach stop halt transgress rebuff fend off disavow stand litigate refuse to accept restrain traduce affront infract overstep fight off curb scorn front push square up to complain about criticize set at naught cope pit compete with compete against hold off hold out against play push back deal with play off call one's bluff make my day wage war stand up against beat off put down come face to face with go for cancel out go for broke fly in face of knock beat endure bear lock horns with confound discredit tolerate debunk sustain criticise inhibit call out stem blast suffer battle with clash with denounce cancel skirmish with cut slight do battle with disclaim tussle stick wage war on provoke strike disown invalidate address scuffle dismiss waylay antagonize antagonise cock a snook at fracture offend make a nonsense of jostle bandy take aside threaten emulate turn down disallow agitate against call in jockey tangle with venture put up with take up arms against undermine meet head on work against mock face with meet eyeball-to-eyeball go one-on-one tell off shoot for face off against keep at bay outdare insult interfere with encroach trespass shoot down brush off demur against go for jugular go for it neglect prove false argue about hang tough have bone to pick fail to observe wonder about vie with demur about stick fast hold back mix it up with cast doubt upon pay no heed to throw doubt on make a stand against shoot full of holes go for the gold go head to head prove to be false blow out of the water square up fail to comply with shoot down in flames show to be false go after keep at arm's length set against square off mess with take up arms grumble about rage against fault unseat grouse about beef about gripe about censure condemn campaign against scrimmage nullify offset reluct throw down the gauntlet at find fault with contend against enquire countervail stonewall come to blows annul mess oppose action explode do battle withsay withspeak collide with spare no effort test inquire investigate interrogate betray falsify sweat be rivals match yourself against counterbalance cavil at find lacking engage with smear slam zing trash tar baulk at thumbs down say the opposite of dig in your heels dissent with remonstrate backstab drive a coach and horses through knock the bottom out of deceive belie give the lie to struggle with get into conflict with handle have a dispute set as rivals put in opposition become involved be a dissenter from throw down come to blows with feud with rally against hold at bay be opposed be an adversary of contemn urge bully muster courage step over the line laugh at throw down gauntlet knock chip off shoulder run the gauntlet cross swords with exclude transgress against interpose intrude conflict with offend against interfere carp at pick holes in experience deride gibe ridicule despise eliminate discuss court eyeball countenance risk swallow stomach end content against go one on one with be opposed to go toe to toe with come into conflict with go eyeball to eyeball with be pitted against double-cross brook allow abide think wrong run down come down on swipe at skin alive cut to shreds throw the book at pin on cast aspersions upon thumb nose at snub call someone's bluff two-time make a stand be drawn against take the bull by the horns brace for submit to be confronted by bit the bullet play against go up against in contest joust try to beat bid attempt match strength pitch oneself against seek prize pit oneself against essay try in the hunt match wits fence run for participate in tilt meddle trample on hurl defiance at sin treat with contempt commit a breach of encroach upon not comply with err outrage contaminate sacrilege take no notice of tamper with resolve tug join battle run have a problem with not support frown on not believe in vie against stab in the back disdain cold-shoulder fight with take wind out of sails sell out battle against set upon launch begin battle with put yourself forward have at give your all shoot at knock oneself out make play for push for give all one's got nominate yourself discourage stiff-arm wrest with scrap with wage war against snout mount an attack on enter into combat with fall on not hear of give someone the brush-off give someone the go-by give the brush knock back keep at a distance chide pass up rebuke put off freeze out send away cut dead look right through someone tell someone where to get off put in one's place reprove lash out at give the cold shoulder suspect put an end to bring to an end to conceal contain reply fight back repress control bottle up defend yourself retaliate suppress defend riposte come to close quarters with parry mistrust distrust give battle to join battle with dig deep dig deeper misdoubt disbelieve stand up for examine moot force back drive away beat back drive back foil answer canvass approach give it your all mutiny revolutionize desert misbehave revolutionise riot recalcitrate revolt insurrect revolution shirk evade crush canvas detain have reservations about entertain doubts about squelch quash turn away deter kick thrust back cool stand off turn back nobble collar set aside refuse to comply not listen not heed break rules rise in arms go counter to take law into own hands not mind be remiss break the rules pay no attention to run riot raise doubts about harbour suspicions about express reservations about harbour reservations about puzzle over cast doubt on feel uneasy about pit against have hesitations about raise objections to express suspicions about cast aspersions on have suspicions about put to flight see off drive off send packing contend over tear down prove wrong weather knock down force off chase away cast aside keep off keep away pick a bone dissent against quibble about put up argument differ with show up hammer away at give cold shoulder to brazen out survive blow sky high declare to be untrue prove to be wrong show to be wrong have an argument about pick an argument with argue the pros and cons of bandy words concerning give thumbs down to brace live through ride out bear up against stand firm against prevail against stand fast take it hold your ground hang on hold out win out stand your ground go the distance against hold the line against sit and take it put up struggle persevere in the face of not give up hold one's ground against remain firm stand firm stand one's ground against


To fail to conform to a regulation or obligation
contravene break violate infringe breach defy disobey transgress contradict cross flout fracture infract offend oppose thwart traduce counteract hinder refute combat conflict with disaffirm disregard encroach exclude fight gainsay impugn interfere interfere with interpose intrude negate offend against overstep reject repudiate resist spurn transgress against traverse trespass fail to observe fail to comply with go against ignore fly in the face of rebel against kick against refuse to obey set at naught commit a breach of challenge cock a snook at withstand deny exceed dispute go beyond balk neglect meddle contest negative mock encroach upon depart buck baulk set aside rebel go counter to take no notice of pay no heed to be in breach of pay no attention to dig your heels in deviate from depart from thumb nose at disagree with intrench bypass veto renege on dissent fall foul of frustrate counter obstruct violate law impede crash entrench obtrude lift pirate borrow presume steal impose ride roughshod over err sacrilege outrage sin contaminate take no account of leave out repel check duel scout not comply with trample on tamper with refuse to accept the authority of kick over the traces be at odds with come out against deviate fall outside of not conform to bend the rules set your face against insurrect revolution mutiny decline revolutionize object dare strike shirk riot desert evade misbehave revolutionise recalcitrate differ disagree revolt question query not mind be remiss break rules not listen not heed run riot break the rules rise in arms refuse to comply impeach zing zap assail smear attack blast slam criticize tar doubt trash knock oppugn disavow fly in face of take law into own hands criticise run down throw the book at pin on call into question come down on swipe at skin alive take issue with cast doubt upon put down throw doubt on cast aspersions upon stick it to cut to shreds invade impinge horn in muscle in entrench on disturb disrupt encroach on intrude on butt in muscle in on make inroads into obtrude into trespass on wander stray fall poach cut through thrust oneself in do wrong by chisel in nose in enter without permission interlope mix in impinge on lapse displease stick your nose in crash the gates poke penetrate kibitz surpass transcend creep infiltrate overpass outrun inch worm interrupt outreach trench intervene usurp gatecrash overrun appropriate arrogate overshoot elbow in cut in work in horn in on tread on someone's toes barge in step on someone's toes eat into squeeze in make inroads invade someone's space stick one's nose into impose oneself worm in overreach pass step over


Ask someone earnestly or humbly for something
beg beseech implore entreat petition importune request conjure pray solicit ask desire supplicate adjure appeal to besiege crave impetrate obsecrate press apply to enjoin exhort plead with advocate call on canvass invoke nag obtest plead plead to pray to requisition sue urge woo worry call to go on bended knee to appeal bid demand require seek call upon order call call for direct ask earnestly encourage insist clamor clamour command propose lobby tell invite pester apply charge necessitate quest put in for insist on claim bespeak brace cry coax appeal for instruct ask urgently goad request earnestly prompt invocate push ask for stipulate prod challenge plead for egg on inquire enquire exact obligate prig take blandish plague wheedle cajole crave of persuade sue for speak for go on bended knee refer reference raise crawl entreaty intercede recite say boss around make a plea to work on submit proposition justify cry out need be in dire need of cry for campaign square things present one's suit to advance address contest call forth send for pray for expect bay pursue make up for cop a plea request urgently badger wish oblige nudge bug drum resort to make a plea make an urgent request make an earnest request hit on compel file for count on look for hustle sponge speak make a claim ask authoritatively ask brusquely ask forcefully hit up constrain put in place an order force bear make put in an application hold out put in an order put in a plea push for postulate insist upon cause assert oneself canvas bark spiel counsel call out for advise tout try to persuade drum up campaign for strongly recommend

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