Đồng nghĩa của blackball

Alternative for blackball

  • động từ
    • bỏ phiếu chủ quyết, không bầu cho


To vote against, especially in an exclusive organization
bar ban blacklist debar exclude expel ostracise ostracize oust remove repudiate snub veto embargo shut out vote against boycott cashier disallow down drum out evict kill negative nix reject shun cold-shoulder disfellowship spurn throw out force out get rid of shoot down keep out give the cold shoulder leave out in the cold give the cold shoulder to prohibit proscribe outlaw refuse black preclude ignore forbid block interdict banish stop freeze out send to Coventry avoid rule out dismiss place an embargo on turn down excommunicate rebuff deny eliminate squash except blank suspend restrict give the thumbs down to disown prevent cut off close out count out put an embargo on put down pass by exile coldshoulder negate enjoin overrule quash disqualify give the red light to inhibit abjure estop say no to discount lock out cut set aside declare ineligible burn defeat pass up declare null and void pass on wash one's hands of have nothing to do with steer clear of thumbs down ice out put a stop to put an end to hand someone the frozen mitt have nothing more to do with give a wide berth to expatriate deport attaint disentitle shutdown cancel have done with leave in the cold consider undesirable deprive suppress refuse to employ hit list put on hit list check thwart vote down nullify rule against refuse admission to refuse entrance to override circumvent limit overthrow overturn countermand reverse invalidate restrain criminalize say ‘no’ to outvote pass dissent decline disapprove discountenance censure stand in the way of disclaim disavow shut off shut out of illegalize halt make illegal criminalise curse throw taboo zing censor disacknowledge officially forbid give thumbs down close down not go for close up throw away refuse permission to put the kibosh on declare illegal stonewall stopper stymie keep back knock back give the thumbs down fetter omit disbar bounce eject deny access to disregard disclude obviate bate occlude sideline strike leave out not count refuse to admit cut out miss out withhold patronage put out ward off prevent from entering refuse admittance abstain from desert jilt refrain from pass over drive out scorn renounce shut the door on repulse disdain repel drop eschew abnegate forsake turn your back on stay away from brush off impose sanctions hold aloof from refuse to take part in unfollow unfriend despise cast aside cast out kick someone in the teeth leave off give someone the brush-off give someone the big E give someone the go-by scoff at cut dead give someone the air not buy break with bin off give someone the push swear off give the elbow impede obstruct forfend hinder forestall interrupt freeze spike deter withhold hold up lock up fail to include close one's doors to factor out condemn destroy plug foreclose sentence doom counteract exempt inveigh overlook oppose discard forbid to declare taboo not include place injunction on place an injunction on shut down say no penalise penalize weed out unfit avert abolish revoke recant leave out of account mark off put the chill on ward quit discontinue cease make something punishable incapacitate disable make impossible make it impossible for make it impracticable for stave off put paid to not consider forget about disfranchise eighty-six paralyze impair weaken disenable paralyse declare something a punishable offence make impracticable not make the cut gridlock cool cork miss bottle up box in hang up jam up tie up bypass elide keep lid on put chill on pretermit skip overpass overleap bring to screeching halt put half nelson on put a lock on put a stopper in throw cold water on pour cold water on slight give something a miss not bother dispense with fail to mention let slide take out skip over


To expel or send away, especially permanently
expel dismiss ban bar oust debar throw out drum out turn out kick out blacklist cashier discharge exclude out reject relegate remove turf out banish black boot out bounce chase defenestrate eject push out rout slang thrust out chuck out fling out send packing sling out bin off bust cast out dispossess expulse fire fordrive get rid of heave out run off sack suspend ask to leave drive away give someone the push give the elbow give someone the air give someone the big E give the boot give the bum's rush give the hook give walking papers show the door show you the door throw out on ear throw out on your ear evict force out drive out give someone the boot displace can axe give someone their marching orders ax unseat depose retire boot release exile give the heave-ho deport pink-slip ostracize dislodge let go extrude eliminate lay off make redundant excommunicate give someone the bullet terminate muster out topple shut out give someone their cards put out send away ostracise give the old heave-ho defrock dethrone supplant demote discard throw someone out on their ear disqualify ignore give someone their notice repudiate overturn boycott turf give someone the sack overthrow bring down unmake turn off freeze out proscribe unfrock deprive disallow veto snub preclude smoke out keep out disfrock embargo unthrone uncrown remove from office replace lock out chuck impeach dispel disfellowship disbar shift bump omit shun prohibit drive off except rule out interdict send home send to Coventry flush out give one the gate outlaw leave out scatter drop expatriate count out leave out in the cold let one go give notice to disperse disband clear vote against move nix hand someone his hat supersede eighty-six evacuate upset discrown break transfer dislocate give the sack to send off ship refuse forbid discount disclude stop disregard uproot take over chase out toss out close out declare redundant put an embargo on miss out cut out deprive of office give someone notice give one notice show the door to let out take out pink slip give somebody their cards give marching orders hand walking papers run out of town put out in the street give the sack ride out on rail give the cold shoulder to give a pink slip give somebody the boot give somebody the push remove from power rusticate send somebody packing attaint throw someone out consign coldshoulder repulse empty unchurch transport yeet prohibit from entering denounce heave downgrade degrade ferret out anathematize unhorse subvert court martial overlook takfir curse excuse give somebody notice strip of rank disentitle ditch unloose irrupt dump toss purge give heave-ho dissipate force to leave unsettle chase off vote out give one's cards unhire give somebody the pink slip shed dehire give somebody the sack give pink slip give bum's rush throw overboard kiss goodbye squeeze out do away with give someone their P45 give the chop show the gate to usurp disenthrone disthrone say no to declare ineligible refuse admission to refuse entrance to deny stand in the way of reposition abolish not include fail to include factor out relocate expunge pull detach relieve of duty disturb budge abstract delete cut squander chase away avoid elide forget slur erase knock over disentangle extricate repel scramble free bring low step into shoes of take down see the back of give something a miss leave off knock out of position knock out of place clear out dig out get out knock loose bring about the downfall of withdraw consider undesirable split up beat off break up estop deny access to obviate prevent block sideline bate occlude steer clear of thumbs down place an embargo on hit list refuse to employ down negative kill not count refuse to admit put on hit list break it up pass over ward off set aside refuse admittance prevent from entering shut the door on cold-shoulder spurn take away move out shoot down clear from send to a safe place remove from undermine liberate demobilize dispatch rid bundle demobilise relieve displant substitute override give the cold shoulder wrench out crowd swap places with substitute for sit in front for fill in ring outplace take over from ring in back up force stand in take the place of pension deselect furlough shelve recall disemploy depone show out allow to go dispense with dispose of do without cast off slough off push aside give the ax give the gate wash out pay off give someone his turn away give notice kiss off give warning


To cause to have no value or effect
negate cancel invalidate void annul nullify repeal rescind abrogate neutralise neutralize reverse retract revoke countermand undo avoid abate abolish cancel out disannul dissolve null overrule quash vacate make ineffective obviate overturn render invalid annihilate belie contravene countercheck cross ding disprove dump frustrate impugn kill oppose redress remove render null and void roll back stonewall strike down traverse vitiate wipe out break with put down turn down turn thumbs down fly in the face of set aside withdraw recall repudiate declare null and void override veto take back nix recant overthrow do away with disallow obliterate put an end to terminate scrap scrub discharge reject rule against dismantle renege counteract efface deny lift call off delete axe abort expunge drop dismiss erase ax abjure make void call back end black out renounce offset stop disaffirm disclaim work against cut backpedal X-out rub out blot out refuse stamp out blue pencil bring to an end take out ditch discontinue suspend eliminate eradicate backtrack on counterbalance disestablish abandon get rid of down discard throw out cast aside contradict forswear declare invalid zap interfere with decline cry off root out sweep away snuff out make null and void back out of shoot down undermine alter break destroy upset extinguish renege on chop torpedo negative call subvert excise exterminate deracinate go back on disobey extirpate supersede ignore trash suppress disqualify disown counterorder finish outvote prohibit renig defy liquidate squash disregard refute flout censor rule out dele go against cross out strike out exclude clean up close down give something the chop defeat wash out blank out blue-pencil knock something on the head weasel out put a line through put the kibosh on run counter to rebuff snub retreat discount dishonour back-pedal on counter weaken inter bring to a close lay in the grave bury put to rest hold a funeral inhume entomb put six feet under watergate declare withcall repel dishonor unsay junk backwater forget refuse to fulfil unfit impair circumduct shed call in cork up hush up bottle up shut down do a U-turn on purge omit KO blow jettison edit black put damper on knock on the head pull the plug crawl out of wangle out blow sky-high render meaningless antagonize antagonise elide countervail rebut put the lid on opt out stand down throw over back out worm out shutdown dominate predominate prevail remit dispense with say no abnegate scratch restrict compensate limit nig confine bleep get off the hook ride roughshod over trample underfoot break off ink out x out block out stroke out edit out X out white out inhibit squelch retire redline trample upon counterpoise turf belay forget it put kibosh on scratch out score out redact wipe off bowdlerize disband waive adjourn cease bring to naught call all bets off trim dispatch blank gut strike remove all traces of cut out bowdlerise blot scrape off launder vote down change conclude prorogue knock out finish off do in wipe slate clean render inert go back on one's word overset prostrate lay to rest break up wind up disunite wreck split up close disorganize loose wrack decimate postpone unmake collapse destruct sever shoot ruin wind down shatter demolish ban forbid knock down bring down block interdict proscribe outlaw fade out resolve into render void violate bar embargo infringe preclude boycott breach pass give thumbs down thumbs down pass on place an embargo on give the thumbs down to disapprove discountenance censure burn pass by dissent not go for put a stop to give the red light to throw away refuse permission to transgress traduce thwart infract fracture offend hinder gainsay fail to observe combat transgress against fight overstep fail to comply with interpose encroach intrude trespass conflict with spurn resist offend against interfere crush quell raze waste give up subdue smash overcome devastate slaughter repress check total stifle beat quench interrupt massacre dispose of knock off curb put paid to crack down on off nip in the bud pull the plug on banish quit cut off halt pack in call a halt to conquer silence nuke slay desolate blow away weed out vaporize overwhelm take away wipe off the map put to death wipe off the face of the earth put out vaporise expire croak clobber phase out pulverize assassinate butcher cream murder rout leave off snuff clamp down on bump off slap down wipe from the face of the earth scotch pulverise tear down pull down die execute bring to a halt go smother overpower get shot of uproot can ice vanquish whack desist top stiff elapse lapse smoke determine dead-end scrag do to death let up wink out wrap up pack up take the life of lay off mow down close out do for disrupt cripple spoil hamper mar control foil refrain from prevent ravage stymie part obscure intermit harm forget about get shut of conceal topple obstruct cover mess up sabotage complete relinquish subjugate screw up muck up level disconnect queer take off leave out get crack down sink wipe end the life of desist from shut off give over cut down polish off wrap ultimate round off round out chuck in cut to pieces put away give someone the works run out cut short terminate with extreme prejudice sit on blow someone's brains out call it quits dust slash bin take stamp something out rid strip clear reduce drastically kayo withhold shelve scrunch squish exsect deaden cast out drive out cause the death of make away with expel snow under put out of your mind put to sleep bring to a conclusion prorogate come to an end recess bring to an untimely end clamp down put an stop to bring to screeching halt erode fade pull back draw back hit unload cover over resolve wipe off face of earth blow to bits mark out destroy root and branch take apart rub off damage smooth away wear away rub away forgo sunder clear away oust douse scupper settle attack depose pass over murk wax brush aside crown consummate cow shade obfuscate darken batten eclipse put at risk master unseat hang behead decapitate chill do knife asphyxiate dust off garrote electrocute take a life garotte garrotte lynch guillotine cool strangle get done call it a day pack it in switch off sew up end up nip something in the bud wind something up top off incapacitate dash triumph over arrest choke botch dethrone lick make a mess of render ineffective play havoc with put lid on bottle trample on keep inside clamp hold in shush keep in trample spike stem drive underground hold down beat down abstain from shake off do without give something a miss render needless disable threaten foul up supplant trounce displace skin crimp have impoverish throw a monkey wrench in the works of craze unbuild balls up injure blow a hole in overreach outmaneuver rain on someone's parade outmanoeuvre outfox throw a spanner in the works of cramp outsmart make waves louse up blow out dampen bollix defenestrate upend tip bring to ruin knock over remove from power bring about the downfall of tumble bring low overrun remove from office break down cover up make dark pass out hold back keel over turn out detect stub out damp down intrude on put to the sword send to the gas chambers ethnically cleanse send to kingdom come benothing kick pause lay off of depart surcease disjoin dissever intervene separate demise decease exit flatline perish fall succumb bag it blow off except debar avert forfend forestall wane deter bate stave off count out ward off not consider shut out freeze out close one's doors to kick in conk out kick off peg out pass away step out pop off check out


To shock or be shocked by improper behaviour
scandalize disgust offend outrage shock appal horrify affront nauseate repel revolt sicken appall calumniate displease insult smear asperse backbite bad-mouth belie belittle blackguard condemn decry defame denigrate deprecate detract disgrace dishonour dishonor dismay disparage embarrass lampoon libel malign revile slander traduce vilify cause raised eyebrows give offence to raise eyebrows amongst cause a few raised eyebrows amongst slur blacken besmirch stigmatize sully discredit derogate tarnish knock rubbish stigmatise drag through the mud drag through the mire speak ill of taint fling mud at sling mud at give a bad name do a hatchet job on stain smirch injure defile shame blot degrade damage spread scandal about besmear give a black eye muckrake attack debase disrespect censure cast a slur on bring shame on assail bring shame upon slag off lower spot deride reduce reflect badly on bring discredit to bring into disrepute do a number on tar and feather run smear campaign vilipend befoul reproach soil spoil rip blotch breathe on rip up and down run down cast aspersions on slight blister speak evil of throw mud at tear down tell lies about misrepresent badmouth vituperate slam pan scorch roast poison undermine run a smear campaign against sully someone's reputation drag someone's name through the mud abuse blaspheme depreciate prejudice blemish pervert caricature burlesque mudsling villainize poor-mouth spread lies about sling mud blacken someone's name blacken the name of put down drag someone's name through the mire write false reports about blacken the character of mark wrong spread tales about drag name through mud accuse back-bite ruin gossip lie spite backstab drag through mud lie about put zingers on cast slur on hurt diminish destroy impugn humiliate criticize unfairly abase minimize dis discount slate dismiss trash-talk diss trash humble sink foul chasten cheapen demean speak badly of mortify disfavor snub disregard desecrate ridicule disfavour take down own attaint mock cry down pour scorn on play down kiss off have a go at give black eye minimise sully the reputation of pull to pieces talk down rip up pull apart bad mouth write off accuse falsely sully someone's name injure the reputation of cast aspersion taint someone's name blacken someone's character tarnish someone's name soil someone's name stain someone's good name put in a bad light give a bad name to make someone eat crow take down a peg take down a peg or two cause to lose face cut down to size show up lose face put someone in their place sneer strumpet plaster hit defame someone's character blacken name scandalise criticize dump on criticise undervalue scorn detract from downgrade underrate pooh-pooh trivialize scoff at sneer at trivialise misprize hit out at devalue make light of underestimate take to pieces bash minify deflate denounce dispraise disdain marginalize hold cheap contemn treat lightly marginalise do down tear into flame rap downplay dirty lambaste laugh at pillory pick holes in smudge skewer pollute contaminate opprobriate corrupt jeer lessen berate crush rail against inveigh against fulminate against understate mar begrime grime muddy shoot down hammer bag pummel taunt monster cast down bring down lay into blacken the reputation of mark discolour tar discolor wound conduct a smear campaign against reject pummelled sell short scoff throw brickbats at daub laugh off cut to the quick debauch bring low jump on blame mistreat demote blast downcry slap slag disesteem fault gibe devaluate spurn reprehend gird demonize compromise curse discountenance squash abash twit demonise poor mouth skin alive prostitute pooh pooh make fun of find fault with rag on bemean kick in the teeth muck gaum mire distain bemire take a swipe at brush aside mark down break look down one's nose at adulterate make unclean make impure despise be critical of be spiteful towards be unkind about be malicious about speak of with disfavour have a pop at squelch gossip about poormouth comment negatively question clamor against condescend deign sour grapes subordinate carp mistrust repudiate dig cuss caluminate voodoo jinx object disapprove discommend expostulate make little of frown savage talk trash think little of look down on stoop dress down call down underrepresent underprice descend shoot full of holes execrate weaken not go for proscribe put hooks in give comeuppance knock off high horse deplore decrease lower in rank take dim view of betray put away anathematize cavil at reprobate excoriate carp at bloody darken withdraw lower in status write down put a whammy on bedaub annoy animadvert disapprove of provoke knock off snipe drag down complain snipe at rail aggravate relegate sell out misbid misrespect be untrue to oneself beat down come down on hold forth against tear to shreds to denigrate find fault upset abandon one's principles tear to pieces soft-pedal take away brand take a dig at gloss over miff declass harm take swipe at throw stones at cut rate take away from zing depress spatter subtract from tease chop insinuate push cap anoint subdue undersell deprave bastardize demoralize deteriorate profane warp vitiate canker subvert bump set back revert discomfit maltreat oppress ill-treat irritate disoblige crawl bust reduce to the ranks kick downstairs chagrin cheat ill-use flout chaff disrate lower the status of demoralise bastardise subjugate sledge blow off cut up miscall ignore scout jeer at jibe satirize torment jibe at slang quash slap in the face hit where one lives wither rag rally rib banter razz jolly quiz kid lout vanquish confound confuse cloud cause offence to hold up to ridicule poke fun at heap scorn on satirise be rude to cut dead treat disrespectfully aggrieve persecute trespass wrong call names hurt someone's feelings make sport of treat with contempt flout at poke mullock at disclaim disown discard make a fool of put to shame cause to feel small settle someone's hash make ashamed put out of countenance make someone eat humble pie take the wind out of someone's sails step on one's toes call someone names throw shade expose do wrong to do injury to do a disservice to do an injustice to offend against cock a snook at take the piss out of brush off take the mickey out of impose upon sin against tell someone to get lost take advantage of do the dirty on cast aside give someone the brush-off cold-shoulder look right through give the cold shoulder to sweep aside show in a bad light ruin the reputation of bring into disfavour damage someone's reputation destroy someone's credibility


The process of excluding or the state of being excluded
exclusion ban embargo prohibition debarment bar barring debarring refusal rejection veto banning boycott disbarring disqualification elimination exception interdict ostracism proscription banishment forbiddance keeping out nonadmission omission preclusion repudiation blockade coventry cut discharge dismissal eviction excommunication foreclosure interdicting interdiction lockout marginalisation marginalization missing out occlusion ousting prevention prohibiting relegation sanction segregation separation leaving out vetoing declination denial suppression knock-back turndown stoppage restriction nonconsent censure negative notice order thumbs down red light expulsion removal ejection noninclusion snubbing disentitlement shunning discard withdrawal unfitness ineligibility exile dropping erasure sending to Coventry taking away non-inclusion expunction spurning avoidance ignoring blackballing blacklisting isolation passing over cold-shouldering injunction disallowance don't no-no obstruction constraint negation taboo temperance off limits out of bounds ruling out unsuitability invalidity disbarment deletion deportation subjugation alienation excision attainder outlawry expatriation displacement excretion eradication purification destruction riddance evacuation extermination concession reservation excusing disallowment excepting absence forbidding outlawing expiation weeding out embargoing disallowing enjoining proscribing nonjoinder disregardance excluding cutting out withholding desertion rebuff abandonment forsaking tabooing ostracizing snub disenfranchisement making illegal inhibition incapacity shutting out brush-off purgation ostracising cutting dead incompetence awkwardness ineptitude incompetency lack clumsiness disenablement incapacitation excommunicating suspension disfellowshipment ejecting disfellowshipping damnation unproficiency disablement moratorium a kick in the teeth renunciation restraining order throwing out disfellowship ostracization boycotting cold shoulder


A statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something
protest objection complaint revolt demurral disapproval challenge dissent outcry exception expostulation fuss protestation demur grievance gripe opposition remonstrance remonstration demurrer disagreement dispute railing stink fulmination inveighing question bellyache campaign clamour clamor declaration flak kick knock riot tumult turmoil big stink formal complaint work-to-rule grumble grouse beef moan grouch whinge whine difficulty squawk lament criticism carp wail bleat murmur kvetch cavil plaint yammer holler whimper miserere quibble uproar groan niggle vociferation indignation furore doubt scruple dissatisfaction censure howl furor hue and cry dislike argument carping beefing bellyaching whingeing problem hesitation unwillingness howls of protest muttering hullabaloo row charge declination disapprobation demurring outrage disinclination odium disesteem discontent hubbub cry commotion revilement reluctance displeasure rejection noise repugnancy griping shrinking fault-finding ballyhoo roar grouching counter-argument umbrage mutter rumpus howl of protest chorus of disapproval accusation annoyance distress outburst reproach ruction squeal ruckus peep brouhaha condemnation cavilling caviling grousing controversy misgiving dissuasion concern debate bone bone to pick axe to grind qualm hoo-ha ax to grind representation reservation to-do word pain howling statement of opposition affliction sob protesting hostility lamentation yike whining murmuring moaning grumbling worry recalcitrance sigh keen niggling compunction guff jeremiad statement of dissatisfaction twine rumble clamouring public outcry public outrage song and dance rallying cry twining nitpicking mithering grunt boggling misgivings exclamation taking exception uncertainty hullaballoo keening peeve pique rancour blast case rancor hubba-hubba clamoring ferment aversion frustration aggravation bugbear confusion dubiousness crow to pluck rebuke contention dubiety bane exasperation inconvenience kerfuffle anxiety dread bother irk irritation hassle nuisance headache denunciation disparagement reproof petition opprobrium reproval ado vexation irritant resentment racket captiousness storm civil disobedience stir fear contest bone of contention question mark pother trial disturbance flap defiance tantrum palaver hysterics hate splash quarrels ructions confrontation interrogation bobsy-die carry-on bugle call statement thorn in one's side pet aversion thorn in one's flesh bane of one's life scepticism conflict contradiction exposition account rebellion questioning of test of resistance stand against squabble disobedience argument against difficulty with skepticism quarrel explanation deposition allegation claim report submission

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