Đồng nghĩa của pack it in


(of an event, action, or process) To come to an end or cease to occur
stop cease end finish come to an end come to a stop conclude draw to a close terminate be over close pause come to a close come to a halt come to a standstill complete wind up break off close out come to rest culminate desist discontinue draw to a halt fade away finish off halt peter out stop dead wind down wrap up close down collapse cool it cut short die die away die down die out elapse end up expire fizzle out get done let up pass reach a standstill run its course run out shut down stop in one's tracks hold stand quit drop leave off knock off pack up give up call it a day not continue break break up can belay determine abandon dead-end cut out cut off desist from sew up pack in wink out lay off give over surcease kick the habit hang it up take the cure eschew quit cold cut it out lay off of do without forbear from forgo suspend abstain from renounce get on the wagon kick over call it quits refrain from avoid withdraw dissolve axe resolve cancel call off scrap annul abort abolish relinquish sunder lapse ax settle wrap interrupt ultimate consummate crown put an end to round out round off wind something up bring to an end switch off put paid to shut off top off dispose of pull the plug put a stop to call a halt to get shut of nip in the bud give something the chop knock something on the head put the lid on nip something in the bud get shot of pull the plug on jack it in bring to a close go cinch climax fade disappear evaporate vanish put a period to draw to close put to bed ebb lead up to build up to bring down curtain dwindle reach a finale come to a head abate wane evanish depart check arrest melt away pass away blow over cease to exist result block curb impede obstruct turn out be brought to an end turn out to be frustrate stall adjourn bar stay hamper recess cap still catch hobble stem prorogue clear freeze staunch hesitate falter waver immobilize balance wabble teeter stagger vacillate dither scruple wobble limp stumble whiffle immobilise cut loose fold up button down be put to bed put a lid on button up hold back hold up draw up pull up bring to a stop bring up bring to a standstill fetch up put the kibosh on shilly-shally be abandoned hang back stand still wiggle-waggle be broken off be suspended blow the whistle on hold at bay put a sock in put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill draw to a stand


Stop resisting to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority
surrender yield submit succumb capitulate give in quit concede relent cave in acquiesce bow defer abandon blink budge cede crumble fall indulge knuckle under back down climb down give oneself up give way be beaten be overcome be overwhelmed consign entrust fall victim fold forego knuckle leave accept defeat concede defeat admit defeat buckle under cry uncle eat crow give yourself up go down go under lay down arms let go play dead raise the white flag roll over throw in the sponge eat humble pie go along with toss it in lay down your arms put up white flag wave the white flag show the white flag throw in the towel give up lay down agree bend give up the struggle cave buckle kowtow relinquish surrender to resign oneself humble oneself be submissive hoist the white flag bend the knee say uncle resign yourself give ground comply accede withdraw pull out resign retreat assent backpedal accept back out stop deliver concur make concessions chicken out recoil comply with renege back off go back on cancel cop out recant bow out call it a day conform approve beg off back pedal adapt respect retire recede balk despair do a U-turn be overcome by lose heart fall victim to yield to be overwhelmed by be conquered by change your mind do an about-turn give in to lay down one's arms call off drop out baulk pull back back away backtrack scratch welsh avoid observe fink out wimp out truckle draw back weasel out wiggle out shy from worm out admit break heed blow it off get cold feet adjust accommodate hand over abide by obey be beaten by conform to agree to consent to acquiesce in come to terms come round give way to bow to cooperate with concur with act in accordance with toe the line throw in your hand give oneself up to lose oneself in bottle out shrink die of lose your nerve give change compromise stop trying wuss out bottle it funk out turn yellow have no stomach for think better of something retract honor honour throw up one's hands chuck it in knuckleunder fawn cringe agree with fall in line be defeated throw up the sponge give up hope break off halt abandon hope finish call a halt end abdicate subdue subjugate genuflect adhere indulge in put one's tail between one's legs eat one's words shy away move away go backward proffer tender present collapse drop lose desist cease waive forswear lose oneself to be deferential turn in bow to someone bow to something give away the store suffer defeat turn over leave off hand in bail out cut out give oneself over call it quits fold up be conquered bring to an end show white flag cry quits be overthrown renege on retreat from withdraw from repudiate reconsider demur soften be overthrown by be defeated by be taken by eat dirt dishearten sadden be destroyed by be vanquished by be servile melt follow lie down be a casualty to be smitten by pass into the hands of take back hold back drop back unbend default on cry off pull out of fail to honour weaken fall to pieces pass into enemy hands lose one's position to wallow in forbear mind have mercy adhere to keep get cold feet about chicken out of sympathise have pity become lenient become merciful slow give quarter show pity sympathize show mercy embrace retrograde row back do an about-face fall back back regroup eat your words run away sing a different song have second thoughts admit that one is wrong ebb retrocede despond retract one's words give back abandon oneself to give rein to admit you were wrong have no fight left withdraw from agreement or statement agree to something allow something be merciful admit something concede something hold to answer fulfill serve fulfil accord respond goose-step to stick to come around let it happen change one's mind cool it go easy on take a softer line lighten up die away mellow out give some slack let happen lay back ease up on give free rein to keep to take orders do as you are told do as one says do what is expected come to heel act upon do one's bidding play it by the book get into line do what one is told play second fiddle live by do one's duty hold fast be ruled by get in line be loyal to allow consent permit tolerate brook subscribe buy suffer reconcile OK jibe yes ditto okay assent to stand by submit to play ball give one's blessing to give one's approval to roll over and play dead give the green light to accept tacitly give the thumbs up to say the word say yes to cut a deal shake on go along give the go-ahead to give the nod to give one's consent to let pass give one's assent to


To stop living
succumb die perish decease fall depart demise expire flatline croak part drop go pass end wilt exit pass away pass on conk out check out peg out pop off kick off kick in step out give up the ghost cease to exist go under give up give way go down meet waterloo bite the dust kick the bucket buy it snuff it buy the farm depart this life cross the great divide meet one's maker cash in one's chips cease living go the way of all flesh go belly up shuffle off this mortal coil be no more go the way of the flesh be lost go to glory cark it breathe your last bite the big one pop your clogs collapse meet your maker kick it peg it go belly-up go bung hop the twig hop the stick meet one's end go to the great beyond go the way of the dinosaurs meet one's death faint be killed swoon cease drop dead flake out pass out relinquish life push up the daisies draw one's last breath go to one's last resting place rest in peace pass over be six feet under lose one's life keel over drop off fall unconscious turn up one's toes cross the Styx pop one's clogs lose consciousness go out black out farm buy the plot buy the ranch punch one's ticket kick in [slang] exterminate wane desist ruin abolish cash in cave decline invalidate meet one's Maker run through fold up go to one's reward shove off go to the wall go west vanish disappear push up daisies die a death waste be destroyed OD strike out up and die cash in chips run out call off all bets cool off buy a one-way ticket deep six be slain take your last breath lose life lose your life be a fatality meet your end be a casualty conk sack out go to sleep nod off zone out doze off go out like a light fall asleep suffocate drown suck the kumara go to meet one's maker breathe one's last go way of all flesh be taken lay down one's life hand in one's dinner pail sink down fall down go to meet your maker slip away fall dead die unexpectedly die suddenly stall fail hit swat straighten knock

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