Đồng nghĩa của fizzle out


To have a disastrous outcome
come to grief be frustrated break down fall through go awry go wrong meet with failure miscarry bomb collapse come unstuck fail fall flat flop fold founder go phut meet with disaster come a cropper come to naught come to nothing fall short fizzle go pear-shaped tank bite the dust go on the rocks go to the wall go up in smoke come to a bad end come to a sticky end go down like a lead balloon be unsuccessful abort not succeed misfire miss the mark flounder lack success flatline crater flame out backfire be in vain run aground flunk not come up to scratch suffer defeat be defeated go astray fluff fall miss be found wanting screw up go belly-up be found lacking yield give terminate blunder buckle crumple end cave in strike out turn out badly come to a halt wash out be found deficient underperform underachieve slip go to pieces go down be ruined foul up trip up not pass muster fall by the wayside slip up disappoint nose-dive not come off peter out come apart at the seams go broke go bankrupt languish flag bungle disintegrate dissatisfy lose fail miserably sink without trace go out of business blow it bomb out flummox fall short of bring to naught not show fall short of expectations fall down fail to happen grind to a halt tumble implode go rebound boomerang wreck plunge submerse wallow go out stop recoil explode go amiss be abortive halt go under be lost go to bottom break crash stall fail to go off poop out fizz out fall flat on your face not pass lay an egg be rejected hit rock bottom blow up in someone's face go by the board go downhill not make the grade be demoted not come up to the mark miss the boat hit the skids cease to function run down conk out stop functioning cut out stop working die fade out lose power seize up give out go kaput fade away pack up give up the ghost be beaten fall to pieces go down the tube end in tears end in failure lose out take a licking go belly up bust capitulate succumb close plough cede keel be the loser come off second-best be bested by do badly plow be vanquished be conquered be trounced bow out not work drop out come up short mismanage drift go over like a lead balloon miss the target bellyflop go adrift lose money be a disappointment be a disaster go off course go badly fall apart come apart go bust not come up to expectations pauperize pauper impoverish deteriorate decline backslide shrink gang agley go haywire be a failure miss fire hit bottom lose status play into lose control fold up give way fall in go down swinging back wrong horse go bump relinquish relent be counterproductive be self-defeating ricochet backlash come back back down lay down arms default admit defeat get the worst throw in the towel have the worst give in be worsted abdicate bow redound on have an adverse effect spring back have unwelcome repercussions for bounce back wane vanish disappear dissolve suffer be humbled be taken to cleaners meet one's Waterloo crash out be outdistanced take a beating not go as planned cause one to be hoist with one's own petard drop a bundle submit come to an end flop in end in defeat be a fiasco end in disappointment die out fumble not make the grade at be unsuccessful in not come up to the mark in not come up to scratch in drop whiff mistime mishit misfield mishandle err on fall flat on face with


To no longer continue
come to an end cease conclude end finish run out run your term stop come to a stop terminate draw to a close be over pause come to a standstill come to a halt wind up halt break off discontinue fade away peter out die away close come to a close complete close out wind down draw to a halt wrap up come to rest culminate desist stop dead finish off die pack it in elapse die out end up cool it pass run its course expire stop in one's tracks cut short let up reach a standstill shut down get done close down die down collapse hold stand lay off desist from knock off cut off drop break up shut off can cut out abate give over break pack up pack in leave off quit lapse dead-end wink out round out round off bring to an end determine go bring to a close consummate adjourn recess put an end to dissolve suspend scratch sew up wrap ultimate scrub put a stop to call a halt to belay call it a day bring to a conclusion settle prorogue pull the plug on top off disrupt become invalid be at an end be no longer valid become obsolete become void bring down curtain cinch draw to close crown put a period to put the lid on put to bed cut loose fold up button up call off button down be put to bed put a lid on cap clear build up to reach a finale come to a head lead up to climax result turn out be brought to an end turn out to be cancel ax eliminate extinguish abort abolish axe prorogate annul bring to an untimely end finalize disappear discharge accomplish vanish finalise fold hang up carry out shutter carry through bring to fruition set the seal on clinch come to a conclusion round up check arrest block curb melt away pass away transpire evaporate blow over evanish cease to exist be no more slip away fly by impede obstruct interrupt stumble be abandoned bar freeze wiggle-waggle waver staunch teeter immobilize be suspended stay blow the whistle on hobble dither hold up put a sock in scruple frustrate bring to a standstill hesitate draw to a stand pull up falter draw up stem hamper balance hang back wabble stand still catch still stall stagger vacillate nip in the bud be broken off bring to a stop shilly-shally hold at bay whiffle hold back put a cork in stem the flow immobilise bring to standstill bring up wobble limp fetch up put the kibosh on


(of rain, a crop or supply) To be insufficient when needed or expected

Trái nghĩa của fizzle out

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