Đồng nghĩa của thin out

Alternative for thin out

Đồng nghĩa: cut, dilute, reduce, thin,


To gradually lessen
taper decrease diminish dwindle lessen subside wane abate decline ebb fade reduce de-escalate die away drop off ease fall let up lower moderate pall peter out recede relent remit shrink slacken weaken die down die off plummet slump wilt wind down bate close contract drain drain away elongate fall away fall off phase down ratchet down rescind shape slacken off taper off trail away trail off die out phase out tail off thin down fail languish flag deteriorate droop decay shrivel lag sink sag emaciate tire go degenerate wither melt away ease up falter crumble wear off grow faint lose spirit faint relapse lose debase minimise break up depress vitiate limp grow dim cripple minimize waste away give way impoverish relax tremble totter fizzle out halt slow down grow weaker drop worsen go downhill disappear waste ease off attenuate atrophy grow less fade away regress vanish slip evaporate come to an end rot collapse retrogress retrograde get worse degrade disintegrate die go down downsize lapse soften depreciate dissolve quell alleviate melt devolve slide deplete temper spoil mitigate break down wear away sicken dry up slack off stop evanesce grow smaller cease terminate downscale become smaller go to pot drop away grow weak slow descend trail perish go to the dogs rachet down curtail disperse lose strength calm down quieten backslide nosedive dent impair hang dim get smaller settle knock down tone down hit the skids go down the toilet pine calm disimprove pass dematerialize dissipate dull run low subdue go bad slake fall apart go into a decline clear end become emaciated become worse give out fall short shorten fall down grow worse go to pieces slack go from bad to worse evanish become debilitated deflate run out become weaker pine away become less slash swag loll fade out quiet bomb putrefy bust lighten flop devaluate debilitate relieve vaporize moulder narrow down cut down wear down desiccate allay assuage erode damage discontinue mollify molder quieten down become fatigued succumb dispel dampen desist finish cut wizen concentrate parch grow tired plunge give in dilapidate recidivate go backwards condense narrow become weak constrict still decelerate fly flee conk out shrivel up fag out fold get less go wrong blur minify go away come to nothing vaporise cool off die on vine abridge thin fall to pieces become limp have a relapse suffer a relapse go down the tubes take a nosedive come to a stop pare down take a turn for the worse come to a halt be on your last legs cut back settle down make less turn down level off flounder go pear-shaped check curb rebate decompose modify restrain lose edge tail away lose intensity ebb away go off peak lull decimate corrupt undermine weary retire withdraw gutter become dilapidated decrement become shrunken peter modulate grow release grow weary lose energy mummify flow away slim wrinkle become enfeebled lose its effect lose its effectiveness become less intense disengage corrode drift tumble move backward lose courage be neglected dry telescope soothe decompensate extenuate abbreviate retrench compress make something worse cave in cease to be pass away cease to exist be no more stagnate truncate close out elapse etiolate palliate appease come down determine expire quit conclude unlax coast cool dilute compact amputate crop clip soft-pedal hush deliquesce grow feeble rarefy bend dangle go through the floor hit the floor make smaller cut down on slim down make fewer cut back on dehydrate dehumidify squeeze tighten stray become unimportant constringe capsule capsulize chill out cool it blast blight age take the bite out take the sting out roll back slack up bow pass off poop out vanish into thin air tucker out become less loud take in lose ground scrimp become marcescent revert stoop hang down break off wind up dead-end leave off wink out go dead pack in get ill again get worse again go down the primrose path leave the straight and narrow fall from grace go astray fall ill catch something become ill become stale drape volatilize yawn be on the way out sling slouch suspend lop lean lose quality tucker be in decline fall apart at the seams go into decline become flaccid get tired long hunger be taken ill be taken sick hanker yearn draw to a close teeter ail brood despond slip back tire out let down wear out boil away become moribund become tired be slipping away wither away suffer slide back fall back be approaching death be in extremis be giving up the ghost be about to die have one foot in the grave be breathing one's last be on one's deathbed be at death's door knock out drift back go soft be overtaken be overcome turn back go back to fizzle miscarry founder break malfunction crash stall idle be deficient compromise go awry go amiss be wanting pause be insufficient endamage fall through be ruined strike out yield interrupt be lacking stop working be damaged be faulty be defective act up be inadequate give up play up shut off be found lacking be unusable cease to function fall over cut short bite the dust cease to work not come to ripeness go kaput pack up go haywire seize up go phut develop a fault cut off cut out be on the blink give up the ghost go on the blink


Alter or debase, often for profit
adulterate weaken debase contaminate corrupt dilute lace thin cut defile degrade pollute spoil taint bastardise bastardize doctor foul mix sully vitiate water down depreciate deteriorate devalue extend sophisticate spike attenuate dope make impure alloy amalgamate blend cheapen commingle cook denature dissolve falsify impair infect infiltrate intermix irrigate mingle mix with plant ruin shave tamper with transfuse doctor up phony up water make thinner add water to reduce make weaker rarefy take the edge off make thin make weak load deacon thin down slip a Mickey Finn into subtilize diffuse qualify alter offset liquefy deliquesce needle moderate lessen temper sap mitigate diminish decrease undermine blunt disempower deplete soften invalidate soften up poison befoul soil dirty stain mar tarnish blight debauch profane smirch abase muddy damage pervert drug deprave besmirch demoralize demoralise blemish spot begrime injure blacken muck distain gaum mire grime bemire smudge daub smear tar distort demean warp subvert canker prostitute desecrate make filthy make unclean mark vilify discolour add drugs to blot denigrate discolor worsen reduce in value manipulate intoxicate envenom reduce in quality putrefy destroy fix interfere with knock out disgrace shame darken crud up touch fiddle with tinker with fester dishonor toxify litter dishonour infest brutalize bestialize mongrelize brutalise put poison in drag down contract radioactivate lower splash besmear harm spatter enfeeble lighten constrict shrink deflate dissipate assuage calm devaluate extenuate abate soothe disable debilitate cripple enervate muck up make dirty mess up


To select animals from a group and then kill them in order to reduce the numbers of the group in a controlled manner

Trái nghĩa của thin out

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