Đồng nghĩa của dead end

Alternative for dead end

dead end /'ded'end/
  • danh từ
    • đường cùng, ngõ cụt
    • nước bí, tình trạng bế tắc không lối thoát


A situation offering no prospects of progress or development
checkmate deadlock impasse stalemate stand-off halt standstill stop stoppage full stop standoff gridlock draw logjam pause Mexican standoff tie cessation arrest dead heat end catch-22 delay dead stop blind alley fly-half hole stand communication breakdown wait inaction check equal finish even steven photo finish drawn battle even game block end of the road wall finish close conclusion termination freeze suspension discontinuation shutdown discontinuance closure disruption break surcease closing desistance finale shutoff blockage ending lapse screaming halt occlusion grinding halt expiration end of the line winding-up brick wall time-out screeching halt letup arrestment closedown completion wrap-up culmination wind-up interruption roadblock cutoff lull cease stay offset stopping consummation windup finis endgame homestretch capper halting terminus stopover mop-up grand finale resolution denouement period intermission adjournment rest ceasing winding up finishing expiry breaking off result outcome payoff respite staging post interval hiatus breather desuetude abeyance failure layoff abandonment downtime climax break-off discontinuity epilogue cutting short issue consequence coda breakup curtains peroration wrap execution epilog fulfilment achievement accomplishment curtain fulfillment stopping point separation disjunction limit alternation breakdown severance let-up gap withdrawal blackout remission curtailment recess port of call half-way house complete stop outro eventuality concluding suppression bitter end time off final thoughts interlude folding cloture obstruction inhibition hindrance station shutting finalization fruition staying prevention restraint checking stalling restraining shutting down closing down dénouement death liquidation finalisation disconnection breathing space time out last stage last dissolution determination retirement disconnectedness disjointedness final stage sewing up final part final act cancellation polishing off run-in upshot realization realisation whistle-stop abortion cesser omega perfection incoherence sign-off cut-off cancelation kiss-off ballgame effect disunion end result cut-off point closing stages last word final word bottom line last part cutout lack of coherence lack of unity way station


Path upon which travel occurs
street avenue boulevard road row thoroughfare drive highway lane roadway terrace way arterial artery carriageway close crescent drag expressway freeway parade pass pike route thruway trace turnpike alley blacktop byway court motorway parkway passage path pathway pavement place strip stroll track trail turf high road side road side street back alley dual carriageway toll road course superhighway throughway line asphalt main road channel footpath interstate main drag back street direction passageway subway viaduct concrete crossroad promenade dragway access road approach parking lot cobblestone access driveway tarmac towpath alleyway through road through street aisle walk beaten path broadway entrance four-lane bridleway trunk road corridor road surface causeway routeway walkway bridle path footway trackway esplanade ride sidewalk berm tollgate beltway tar flagstone skyway journey steps state highway entry ice road advance progress no-brainer direct route ave. av. outlet exit av ave byroad super slab vennel traffic lane clearway autoroute twitten wynd snicket ginnel round crossway Autobahn autostrada side of the road arterial road A road B road paseo conduit sewer canal trunk route main line tube main route duct autobahn strait waterway mall boardwalk way in landing gate beef road national road trunk line crossing pier gangway catwalk cloister platform bypath major road riding sidetrack crosscut rut rail shortcut bikeway cycle track jogging track cycle path right of way cycleway groove pavé circuit beat run trajectory bearing flight path heading itinerary tour aim angle point programme orbit gully areaway rounds method beeline opening program compass reading point of compass twitchel singletrack schedule axis orientation ingress hallway egress clearing tack way through timetable course of action turn beaten track means of access road division vector racecourse direct course race lap raceway march patrol precinct dirt track planned route guide Baedeker travel plan guidebook aqueduct watercourse flume stream piste outline detour plot means cinder track short cut travel arrangements flight plan access route rat run through route


A situation that is difficult or dangerous
difficulty adversity hardship crisis distress predicament quandary trouble dilemma misfortune plight struggle tribulation frustration oppression pain rigour rigor extremity misery need pickle quagmire emergency exertion exigency hazard impasse knot muddle painfulness vicissitude asperity barricade crux deadlock depression discouragement hardness labor labour mess scrape stew strait sweat embarrassment harassment a fix a hole a jam a pickle a scrape a spot a stew dire straits hard times hot water deep water jam fix bind hole problem corner tight spot spot mire perplexity tight corner difficult situation box sticky situation awkward situation imbroglio swamp pinch rattrap complication rabbit hole entanglement sticky wicket tricky situation confusion jackpot spot of bother issue juncture puzzle clutch fine kettle of fish situation urgency conundrum zero hour bother pass catch-22 flash point complexity tinderbox pretty kettle of fish danger kettle of fish crunch unfortunate situation how-do-you-do head disaster hang-up catastrophe bad news setback calamity circumstance turning point uncertainty no-win situation risk peril straits problematic situation condition ticklish situation crossroad pressure mix-up double trouble Dunkirk crossroads conjuncture controversy endangerment tight situation critical situation headache jeopardy imperilment cataclysm breaking point boiling point crunch time tragedy desperate straits hell bewilderment sorry condition sad state hot potato conflict affair case hell on earth threat menace hassle soup comess panic stations pitfall upheaval trauma turmoil drag disorder blow fiasco havoc debacle state double bind complicated situation mishap drama shambles perilousness horror mare's nest worry spot of trouble bit of bother necessity concern business train wreck want hot spot challenge uphill tangle accident urgent situation contingency squeeze stress matter messiness exigence reversal reverse insecurity precariousness meltdown tension cleft stick instability incident misadventure catch chaos disarray failure collapse crash affliction bad situation to-do devastation scourge difficult choice apocalypse dynamite deathtrap woe harm's way vicious circle with nowhere to turn risky business big trouble thin ice reversal of fortune car crash worst-case scenario l trouble spot Dutch circumstances bafflement intricacy climacteric jumble mass of problems Gordian knot snarl unpredictable situation dog's breakfast hornet's nest snafu troublesome problem snake pit hard nut to crack complex problem Pandora's box discomfiture indigence destitution demand stalemate involvement nuisance equation doubt constraint requirement emergency situation potential crisis posture position lot upset tight squeeze loss situational problem acuteness demandingness state of perplexity state of uncertainty delicate situation botched situation uphill battle spectacle timebomb troublesome situation extreme suffering between a rock and a hard place needfulness requisite essential imperativeness wont criticalness pressingness pretty indecision large order rough go responsibility source of trouble commotion fuss duress poser occasion adventure row scene disturbance melodrama a bad situation bottleneck a plight a mess a sorry condition mystification a predicament a difficult situation knotty problem live issue bitterness sensitive issue acrimony awkwardness trickiness nastiness unpleasantness bone of contention tricky problem question task facer impediment thrill fracas sensation excitement up a tree thorn in your flesh dependency dependence burden botheration a tight corner a bind farce brouhaha enmeshment embroilment volcano flashpoint undertaking nut test hour of decision can of worms trying time decisive moment choke point worriment grievance hindrance wretchedness tear-jerker vulnerability puzzlement pigeon funeral powder keg accident waiting to happen time bomb pass the parcel blight whammy ruin matter of contention point of contention soap opera venture exposure liability shock shipwreck desolation trial bust monstrosity bomb disorderliness holocaust riskiness imminence gamble double-trouble chance heavy blow stroke of ill luck at risk lookout on the spot on the line out on a limb compulsion push climax unforeseen circumstances diffict situation


To draw to a close
break off cease discontinue end finish halt stop terminate close conclude dead-end determine die elapse expire go lapse pass quit break up leave off let up wind up wink out desist pause suspend come to an end drop pack in bring to an end knock off close out wrap up complete desist from cut off lay off give over dissolve give up round out round off break can cut out belay pack up bring to a close shut off surcease consummate put an end to culminate shut down call a halt to disappear sew up vanish call it a day run out be over axe cancel abolish ax wrap ultimate adjourn put a stop to cut short scrub refrain from recess settle wind down finish off top off fade call it quits pull the plug on melt away dwindle draw to a close interrupt scrap abort refrain abandon annul call off withdraw intermit lay off of bring to a halt crown prorogue give something the chop end up finalize knock something on the head get done scratch pack it in put the lid on evaporate bring to a conclusion become invalid ebb bite the dust finalise wane pass away come to a close close down cut it out blow over evanish become obsolete cease to exist die down die out run its course become void fade away peter out abstain resolve relinquish sunder disrupt fail put paid to dispose of wind something up switch off bring down curtain cinch draw to close put a period to put to bed depart pull the plug cap discharge accomplish nip something in the bud get shut of nip in the bud clear get shot of be at an end be no longer valid go by trail off tail off stay fold hang up carry out shutter carry through bring to fruition set the seal on clinch come to a conclusion round up bring to a stop forgo cut loose fold up button up button down be put to bed put a lid on kick the habit quit cold abstain from renounce not continue get on the wagon avoid hang it up take the cure eschew do without forbear from kick over tie up loose ends come to the end finish up do liquidate clean up back off be through with quit cold turkey transpire be no more slip away fly by eliminate extinguish prorogate bring to an untimely end decay lessen moderate die away deteriorate dilapidate retrograde run low fall away crumble molder fade out evanesce sink decrease ease off bate weaken droop wither slacken decline go down grow less subside recede abate go dead degenerate go downhill moulder wear away wilt diminish kick cut dispense with phase out get rid of do away with intervene separate interpose disunite disconnect disjoin dissever kill part bag it blow off


To cause to fail or to leave hopelessly puzzled, confused, or stuck
stymie hinder impede foil frustrate obstruct thwart hamper inhibit shackle snooker defeat fetter handicap interfere with puzzle stall baulk balk block confound mystify spoil stump check clog cramp cripple embarrass encumber handcuff hobble hog-tie manacle nonplus scotch short-circuit stop trammel flummox scupper baffle corner crab crimp dead-end hold back hold up pigeonhole prevent shelve stonewall tie up upset put paid to choke off cut off hang fire hang up hold off put the kibosh on cramp one's style put on hold give the run around put on back burner throw a monkey wrench into throw a spanner in the works throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of curb restrain restrict hamstring retard bar derail forestall constrain dash halt circumvent slow down ruin arrest limit slow bridle beat put a stop to counter prohibit oppose disrupt foul up stand in the way of delay do for nullify quash outwit cumber repress nix put an end to louse up disappoint curtail screw up deter bork smash stifle confine discomfit mess up interrupt shut out wreck nip in the bud interdict counteract dish queer faze confuse get in the way of suppress checkmate crush nobble put the lid on get in the way neutralize shatter undo sabotage forbid put the stopper on debar banjax neutralise set back put the mockers on evade sidestep put a brake on skirt mar tie perplex destroy bilk quell devastate bewilder blight throw take down withhold entangle bind fox bamboozle wilder gravel discombobulate maze euchre freeze floor rattle buffalo cruel disconcert bypass put a spoke in someone's wheel obfuscate shut off blow a hole in shut down be all Greek to dodge stay cross circumnavigate avoid catch end root outlaw preclude brake disallow stave off bemuse veto demolish burden intercept interfere take wind out of contravene avert head off hold disadvantage elude enjoin befuddle vex choke obviate do in crool cancel make a mess of upset the apple cart annul give the slip addle disorient muddle fuddle upset one's apple cart spike taboo play havoc with befog put off make a hash of close off pose muddy bring up short stagger bring to an end give a hard time blow one's mind bring to naught get go to one's head circumscribe constrict still ban escape proscribe contain unsettle snafu overturn get out of suspend control ward off shortcut traverse pause detain defend against disturb damage inconvenience dam negate duck ditch juke stupefy steer clear of exclude injure impair straiten play off cook someone's goose keep lid on rule out muzzle dumbfound spike someone's guns chain leash outmanoeuvre queer someone's pitch criminalize overcome deny make illegal embargo hold down stopper jam up stun distract fog flabbergast weigh down bog down outmaneuver shake pull up forfend bother put at a disadvantage slow up kill drag one's feet criminalise box in place at a disadvantage throw off cause to be at a stand throw monkey wrench in throw off balance lock up bring to screeching halt make someone scratch their head disorientate set thinking pour cold water on take aback saddle with make someone's head spin put a damper on throw cold water on cheat cap dissuade from inc extinguish stultify discontinue delimit offset buck blast deflect blow finish something finish off entrammel tie-up poison torpedo crash clobber cut short abort anticipate discourage prevent from making progress overload debilitate enmesh net ensnare capture obscure attack hit postpone scuttle invalidate snag incommode retardate wreak havoc on repel squash cease put a crimp in entrap defer protract charge discommode oppress fluster bottleneck repulse parry put the brakes on pick off take out of play sideline tie one's hands stem hem in tether be the end of tie down remit prorogue dissuade smother bring to a close make an end of blank counterplot bury daze resist confront intermit prolong rein in not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of put straitjacket on drag feet hold captive clip someone's wings cramp someone's style snow surprise make difficult put the damper on bit reduce sandbag ward give disadvantage take out scar intoxicate mix up set someone thinking inebriate mess with one's head make punchy ball up ruffle skip bollix promote regulate put out of commission disfigure stain annihilate take wind out of sails cause setback get the better of put end to beat down lick conquer moderate put on brakes put an stop to hold in stem the flow of keep in put back back off keep back hold off on make late hold over afflict taint trash decay disarrange disorganize disorder shake off shuffle off staunch halt in its tracks pass on place an embargo on run circles around put down put a lock on put a stopper in give the run-around zing run rings around bottle up put half nelson on gridlock put chill on throw a monkey wrench in the works cool cork convulse take the wind out of someone's sails wrong be a hindrance to throw a spoke in the wheel of dash one's hope upset the applecart glitch up plug turn upside-down derange set limits on impose limits on render null and void barricade seal caulk cause confusion in cause turmoil in throw into disarray throw into disorder throw into confusion treat unfairly do a disservice to give a disadvantage to treat harshly be unfair to put in an unfavourable position treat unfavourably tell against inflict a handicap on dismiss clog up blockade close up fill close out jam block out fill up stand fence deprive censor overthrow reject close stop up choke up stanch pack block up stuff bung up outflank declare taboo draw up outvote bring up block off bung occlude give the thumbs down to put the chill on give the red light to say no declare illegal fetch up shirk bottle congest plug up gag stand still come to a standstill rebuff spurn not move stand off peter out get round find a way around get past get around end-run go around find a way round blackball skin knock back give the thumbs down throw out turn down stick be too much for put at a loss bring someone up short decelerate hurt fend off keep weaken undermine diminish compromise enfeeble harm subdue subvert squelch slacken disable vitiate break cordon off isolate divert shut in turn off threaten muffle stamp out throttle lessen decrease sap mire withstand strangle blemish pre-empt govern tame bloody flaw endamage guard clot choke back help cross up defend cut out gum up sink estop swallow eat away emasculate stunt deteriorate quelch rein damp down wound deny access destabilize enervate blunt tarnish disqualify commandeer keep waiting measure rule loiter deface challenge embog corrode debase keep under control adjourn prejudice turn aside make impossible pull in keep in check fight back preempt procrastinate destabilise second-guess table chill reschedule disadvise scare rough up quiet let up be detrimental to keep a lid on bite back mothball continue cut back bring to a standstill respite put over put the brakes on cool off do harm to get ahead of get in before extend lose speed talk out of keep within bounds lay on the table put out of action take a rain check on set aside put on the back burner beat someone to the punch beat someone to it put on ice beat someone to the draw put in cold storage provide against steal a march on give rain check head off at pass hold in abeyance close down switch off strangle at birth straitjacket erode consume tie someone down use up wear away crack down on act against nip something in the bud cause to wait cause to stay whittle silence deaden pocket submerge constipate screen affect boycott blacklist complicate wall off influence tamper quench mute overpower throw a curve trouble conflict forefend temper ostracize get bogged down keep at bay stave keep off jeopardize obturate garrote garrotte shush bring an end to worsen terminate stand in the way impoverish ravage dam up glut silt up monkey with slam on the brakes ease up peg discipline hesitate dawdle down loaf falter bog flag poke beat somebody to it act in advance of prepare for be one step ahead of be early lag abate discountenance gunge up incapacitate devitalize depress dismantle corrupt temporise temporize dally give a rain check take a raincheck keep in abeyance imprison incarcerate intern quit qualify reef ostracise disfavour disfavor warn indispose frighten deprecate gainsay duel contradict impugn combat negative disaffirm contest fight dispute hedge clutter up scorch wither batter shock put a limit on make it impossible for make it impracticable for slacken pace lock in coop up fence in jail necessitate gaol close in immure concuss shotgun detract from shake up jeopardise smash up muck up back-water cut down lose steam wind down anchor it cool down devalue tweak unfit devaluate ding cheapen total be prejudicial to be disadvantageous to button up keep the lid on keep a tight rein on keep tight rein on hit the brakes let down flaps make impracticable cause detriment to damp be deleterious to play for time have a negative effect on have a bad effect on hedge out save let make useless lose strength drive a nail into the coffin of go against shutdown immobilize dampen refrain from render powerless monopolize foresee predict forecast envision preoccupy project expect monopolise carry over immobilise paralyse waive lengthen lay over act like a wet blanket bankrupt seize put out of business bring to standstill bring someone to their knees wipe out bring to a stop pull the plug on load take withhold from stay away from refuse make up for deny yourself break the habit of skip out on kick steer clear shrink from abstain renounce keep from desist eschew shun desist from stay away forbear give up abstain from restrain from counterbalance do without shy from leave off forgo forbear from paralyze expropriate grab snatch overwhelm saddle ambush botch strain shut disempower whittle away appropriate interlope shortstop accost interpose hijack tackle waylay buttonhole laden weight lumber demoralise demoralize attenuate mine dig soften tunnel dent wear rain on someone's parade pounce on take on lade pile freight drag through the mud dig out hollow out clip one's wings chip away at knock the bottom out of queer the pitch of poke full of holes swoop down on cut in take away yoke lock out make off with dump on snow under bear down on overburden make heavy

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