Đồng nghĩa của swallow

Alternative for swallow

swallows, swallowed, swallowing

Đồng nghĩa: absorb, accept, believe, consume, devour, eat, gulp, ingest, take,


To ingest or consume, especially food or drink)
consume eat devour down ingest bolt gobble absorb gulp down hoover swig assimilate gobble up put away scoff swill belt chugalug destroy dispatch dispose drop eat up engulf feast on get down gulp ingurgitate inhale stuff down toss wolf wolf down bolt down gorge oneself on polish off get outside of scarf down swallow up take in take over wash down scarf guzzle shift snarf scoff down gollop gorge demolish scarf up snarf down snarf up stuff tuck into cram gormandize gormandise slop pack away munch shovel down sink partake of take gorb glut raven tuck away gobble down drink chomp pig out on feed on nosh dispose of imbibe pig oneself on cram down chow down tuck in eat greedily eat hungrily gorge on champ put down pig out finish cram in finish off make short work of neck get stuck into feed murder digest slosh stuff oneself with toss down chew snack on sup sip manducate nibble overeat engorge Hoover swallow hurriedly englut quaff gluttonize gourmandize suck up drink in graze on munch on lap up stuff one's face pack drink up stuff yourself with make a pig of oneself eat like a horse stuff one's face with get one's laughing gear round chug chomp on chow gorge oneself devour greedily pig oneself partake snack binge-eat choke sate put satiate gorge oneself with hork eat heartily eat quickly wash up clean out choke down guzzle down surfeit toss off ruminate bite have masticate jam cloy congest binge jade attack meal on mow down cram oneself with gourmandize on feast upon eat voraciously blimp out feed one's face dig in peck at pork out on delight in dine taste lunch breakfast bevvy bib bevy lap kill have supper eat between meals have breakfast dine on have tea pick at lunch on tuck on have lunch have dinner breakfast on soak up take up sponge receive metabolize osmose suck in blot up sop up suck mop up assume draw up sponge up steep dissolve blot draw in metabolise grind fall to banquet gnaw feast regale chew up junket crunch live on chumble subsist on exist on chaw stuff your face knock back chow on touch finish up swallow whole delve start eating spring rise burrow set about go for it commence beat indulge chew noisily overindulge fare refresh victual indulge in wine and dine stuff yourself eat one's fill of fare sumptuously make a pig of oneself on binge on eat sumptuously eat to your heart's content overindulge in eat your fill supper live off depend on break bread eat out do lunch thrive on triturate rely for nourishment on have as food tear gnaw on crunch on crush rip rend scrunch gum chavel squash bite on subsist graze fare on prey on rely on for nourishment take as nourishment sustain oneself of


To believe as valid or correct
believe accept buy credit trust take allow fall for give credit to go for have faith in put confidence in be naive swallow something hook, line, and sinker take as gospel take something as gospel rely on have confidence in depend on count on be convinced by place confidence in lap up take for granted accredit affirm acknowledge buy into place trust in give credence to swear by regard as true take at one's word accept as true take stock in take as gospel truth favour favor presume true take on be convinced of be certain of be tricked by consider honest attach weight to subscribe to consider truthful look to approve be fooled by bank on put one's faith in take at face value swallow something hook, line and sinker be duped by be taken in by eat up be deceived by not read the small print take as read subscribe be persuaded of have no doubt in agree to assent to presume to be true consider to be true hold to be true have swallow hook, line and sinker take something at face value stand still for to accept take in consider be sure of believe in bet on calculate on rely upon build on gamble on place reliance on have every confidence in lean on reckon on confide in pin your faith on lay money on place your trust in be sure about pin one's hopes on put one's trust in bet bottom dollar on fancy relish countenance like approbate be rest assured about be credulous take it have no doubt keep the faith trust in rely hang one's hat on depend depend upon turn to plan on build upon presume on put your faith in be certain about give the benefit of the doubt exploit anticipate calculate lean count reckon cling to expect bargain on be supported by score aim for bargain for expect from stake on heed tab rest on count upon venture assume hope for stake wager be sustained by pin one's hope on be unable to manage without take advantage of take liberties with be confident of take on trust figure on rate value take unfair advantage of express confidence in set store by depend on it vouch for suggest advocate go on the record for put in a good word plug back speak highly of be satisfied with compliment stand by be certain praise endorse think highly of speak well of


To restrain or repress, especially one's feelings, opinions or emotions
suppress repress stifle smother restrain curb check contain control strangle muffle inhibit silence conceal sink submerge gag withhold hide pocket overcome frustrate conquer hold back choke back fight back keep back hold in rein in bite back keep in check bottle up keep under control button up cork up keep the lid on bite one's lip overpower stop gulp back bridle choke quench squelch keep a lid on impede hamper hinder suffocate restrict quash prevent constrain extinguish deaden cork shush block quell rein interfere with kill keep in hold down resist bury master veil cloak fight choke something back bottle something up deny cover up muzzle bottle internalize keep secret hold off internalise shut in keep a rein on subdue hold in check put a lid on crush squash keep under wraps jam up keep inside black out destroy snuff mute compose shower shroud oppress cool collect heap put out simmer down hush up quelch stamp out garrotte damp down garrote arrest halt put an stop to put an end to bar delay thwart obstruct retard stem stall stay limit foil hold up pause neutralize catch reduce still terminate interrupt cut short govern bottleneck moderate staunch hold counteract regulate repulse discourage rebuff circumvent neutralise brake checkmate tame draw up slow down play for time put a brake on put a spoke in someone's wheel stand in the way of nip in the bud pull in slacken pace bring to a standstill pull up fetch up stem the flow of trammel handicap cramp stymie fetter encumber slow hamstring shackle baulk balk keep hobble clog confine handcuff curtail hog-tie measure manacle embarrass short-circuit rule discontinue forestall put a stop to tie up cumber prohibit cease cut off suspend hang up deter oppose interdict freeze quit stave off keep a tight rein on intercept end debar bring up head off baffle detain avert avoid dam ward off bork tie stonewall shut out cripple straiten quiet break off shut off get in the way of shut down get in the way calm preclude throw a spanner in the works of forbid set back derail delimit temper fend off disrupt constrict lessen drop postpone bind decrease throw a monkey wrench in the works of desist circumscribe cap put off obviate forfend rule out diminish finish mitigate lay off interfere leave off bring to an end break ban keep down forgo can eschew forbear crimp refuse peg fix chain dampen slow up tranquilize bog down soothe discipline let up decelerate outlaw desist from jam defer shelve close cancel give up divert pacify hem in slacken counter evade leash modulate put the brakes on tranquillize abstain keep within bounds close off put back entangle ward renounce tone down knock off pack in turn aside kick keep at bay settle proscribe keep lid on stanch steer clear of defeat cramp one's style damp abandon mellow disturb occlude disallow lull inconvenience exclude dodge withstand congest soften stuff scupper enjoin quieten retardate stop up nullify crack down on stunt intermit allay escape pick off tie down shun lock up clog up sidestep ease choke off bung up plug up abjure cool off skirt weigh down cut back clamp down on reject break up refrain from cut out come to a standstill give over pull the plug on put on ice call a halt to pack up do without bring to screeching halt soft-pedal keep off defend against keep from abstain from forbear from corner scrub sabotage dissuade determine imprison intern plug adjourn capture set affect influence mollify entrap adjust barricade coop up impair bit direct impose limits on set limits on jail gaol sandbag conclude box up keep in line abort fence deflect crab obscure duck mire guide hesitate falter ostracize blockade block up incommode screen rein back loiter shorten abbreviate abridge discommode censor disadvise scare immobilize cut remit faze make illegal immobilise fill up fill close out belay bung lullaby refrain burden deprive becalm salve embargo hush bring under control disadvantage pass palliate save die ostracise taboo get the better of clot crack down waive be a hindrance to forswear dissolve pre-empt help bypass qualify repel prorogue turn off stopper mothball shake box in chill estop procrastinate defend talk out of stand still assuage contravene place a limit on lay aside take down back off drown throw cold water on placate dispose forsake relax hold off on lose speed cut down call it quits call a halt put a damper on gum up mark off stop oneself put half nelson on put on hold put on back burner put on the shelf pour cold water on protract come to a stop leave alone hold over appease comfort balm saddle with drag one's feet come to a halt put the kibosh on withhold from push back prevent oneself from swear off restrain oneself from steer clear prevent yourself from count out not give in to stop oneself from make late fight off give a hard time put in cold storage ease up anticipate straitjacket manage tie someone down ruin hang on hold the fort resist attack sidetrack brace net enmesh ensnare cushion relieve come down hard on snag hold something in demarcate re-collect act against cross gulp scotch tether monitor keep control of bound left out keep feeling inside oneself enclose trap bring to naught collar discountenance circumnavigate entrammel veto debilitate incarcerate overload boycott blacklist dissuade from rally recover inspect discomfit rattle disfavour disfavor warn indispose frighten deprecate keep on a string put a limit on disconcert spoil prolong park gain control over gain mastery over prevent from making progress inc charge bother lock in fence in necessitate close in immure concuss shotgun tie one's hands stave retain specify demark prescribe seal caulk elude put on brakes slam on the brakes bring into line cool down disqualify keep from happening define delimitate girdle not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of sideline criminalize louse up set a limit on say goodbye to cut into break into block out close up foul up screw up lag abate keep tight rein on get bogged down put the brakes on take out of play make difficult put at a disadvantage bring an end to drag feet hold captive clip someone's wings blackball except eliminate choke up pack throw a spanner in the works throw a spoke in the wheel of put a ceiling on reef embog arrive buck lay down the law to someone nix spike put straitjacket on throw monkey wrench in put out of commission cramp someone's style place at a disadvantage give disadvantage take out dawdle down loaf bog flag poke resolve reconcile solace make up console tune down keep hold of tamper throttle sever keep within limits block off confuse obturate complicate hold the line declare taboo criminalise trouble conflict override exile draw the line on mince check oneself turn down make it impossible for make impossible make it impracticable for give the thumbs down to declare illegal put the chill on give the red light to say no refuse to pay dam up gibbet gunge up wring shut out of noose squeeze freeze out silt up temperate back-water keep waiting lose steam wind down anchor it tongue-tie ice pigeonhole dispense with harness make impracticable miss stay away from make up for deny yourself shake off break the habit of skip out on get around shrink from shirk stay away get out of restrain from counterbalance skip shy from negate reschedule table hit the brakes let down flaps get there draw to a halt haul up reach a standstill bulwark guard disband prorogate recess monkey with impound hogtie stand let call off axe erode elide undermine dock truncate syncopate decide fight shy of resist the temptation to take the pledge give a wide berth to go on the wagon avoid doing sit out be temperate pass up not touch have nothing to do with not do take the cure jack in bring to a close bring to a halt put aside parry alleviate dummy up dry up shut up get back at reply beat off defend yourself retaliate put up a fight riposte meet halfway cool out play down rescind scrap call bring repeal revoke recall clip take a breather from put on a back burner pin down pull back sit on put away sway lay on the table take a rain check on inactivate put on the back burner hang fire omit put in abeyance file pink-slip keep in abeyance lay over hold in abeyance cover fend enfetter enchain gyve pinion cheat damage weaken compromise condition dictate form shape mould chain up clap secure cuff have on a tight leash stop dead break short leave unfinished stop cold stop short stop in full flow stroke reassure fall scratch cry off ax modify touch alter underlie stand off peter out not move safeguard against secure against protect against shield against seize predispose mold incline work on shepherd directionalize act on rock to sleep take the sting out take it easy chill out settle down quiet down ease off take the edge lay back stand up for guard against skirt round defend oneself against keep at arm's length take impact on exert influence on put in irons clap in irons lick expropriate grab snatch commandeer have an effect on be a factor in act like a wet blanket stop midstream mark down retrench lower economize economise contract slash infringe encroach on tie someone's hands have an impact on attack ambush challenge gentle humble knock it off put in chains cow appropriate interlope confront shortstop accost interpose hijack tackle waylay buttonhole reclaim bust clamp down come down on take severe measures against take stern measures against tighten up on get tough pounce on take on get tough on come down on like a ton of bricks come down heavily on water down get a grip on swoop down on cut in take away forego make off with quit cold cease to indulge in go without lay off of kick the habit kick over head off at pass elapse lapse expire go waver dither stagger vacillate wabble teeter balance wobble scruple limp stumble whiffle wind up dead-end wink out come to an end bring to a stop be over call it a day close down be suspended put a sock in draw to a close be abandoned come to a close blow the whistle on hold at bay put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill be broken off shilly-shally wiggle-waggle draw to a stand hang back come to rest


To tolerate or put up with something undesirable
tolerate bear endure brook stand countenance stomach suffer take abide hack wear accept put up with abide by submit to stick out sustain support handle withstand cope with bide absorb sweat out meet undergo thole weather brave stand for stick pocket allow go through live with face go bear with permit live through experience be doing with sit through deal with go along with grin and bear it ride out sanction admit resist meet with grin and bear face up to resign oneself to bear the brunt of confront indulge condone admit of agree to approve of take it tough out hang in live out stick it out hang in there be patient with consent to subject oneself to encounter digest defy authorize hang tough feel acknowledge receive authorise have yield to take on hold with come up against sit still for sit and take it stick with stand up to shoulder approve take something lying down let accede to see tackle dare be forced to contend with sweat concede pass favour favor fight risk survive humour humor allow for cross challenge acquiesce come to grips with submit oneself to be faced with take kindly to concede to get used to make the best of learn to live with court beard stay the course hear of sit tight venture outbrave outface brazen breast reconcile oneself to become accustomed to green-light wait out take patiently face off give the green light to become resigned to go up against grapple with bow to become reconciled to bite the bullet fly in face of be confronted by take it like a man stick in there tough it out never say die keep up suck it up bear the brunt gut it out lump it submit take on board manage shrug off maintain be reconciled to taste stand firm against hold out against keep up with consent defer know witness lump reconcile surrender to adjust to get on with bear up under be big about be big give permission to be subject to allow to give the go-ahead to permit to grant grant permission to engage in brazen out prevail against brace oneself for stand up against square off against brave out meet head on stand fast outdare fly in the face of recognize ignore assume eat license struggle with get through acclimatize oneself to sit and take acquiesce to capitulate to withtake onfang accommodate oneself to never say die in the face of come in for be subjected to licence recognise wink at hear resign oneself reconcile oneself take something in your stride string along blink at carry agree capitulate take one's lumps don't rock the boat face the music play the game don't make waves take one's medicine turn a blind eye to endorse encourage back help approbate abet commend aid champion confirm invite advocate applaud cope uphold be in favour of stomach something go for smile on get behind nod at thumbs up put John Hancock on give the nod give the go ahead to give the okay to sign off on give stamp of approval give green light give the thumbs up to engage battle oppose eyeball affront play accost be drawn against meet head-on make a stand contend with take the bull by the horns brace for square off bit the bullet play against fall for keep down find palatable manage to consume manage to eat contest combat contend attack vie rival face down compete against repel clash struggle against compete dispute square up to counter strive against wrestle grapple come face to face with controvert take a stand against put up a fight against do battle with clash with lock horns struggle waylay scorn front thwart tussle buck scuffle assault meet eyeball-to-eyeball go one-on-one call one's bluff strive object to oppugn make my day stick fast race vie with skirmish with compete with cross swords face off against get acquire disregard spurn flout approach match take aside insult attempt provoke face with threaten pit argue be against question tangle run the gauntlet wrangle assail obstruct squabble skirmish war argue against quarrel with fight against argue with take one on battle with go against mess with contend against emulate pit oneself against fall on square up be in opposition to speak against come into contact with partake in wage war against hold out take issue with stand firm take up arms against stand up and be counted against take a stand set your face against hang on hold the line against come across scramble for tangle with go for broke stare down go the distance against stand one's ground wage war cross swords with go head to head persevere in the face of participate in go after remain firm jockey for position have experience of run into be pitted against reckon with throw down the gauntlet at rebel against enjoy feud campaign against derive urge bully denounce mock sit out bear brunt scrimmage draw collide with put up an argument make a stand against oppose action spare no effort answer greet engage with take part in find hold undertake get into conflict with come into conflict with have to bear have to endure be the object of detain fight back against muster courage scrimmage with laugh at war against come to blows with lock horns with shoot it out with put up a fight come to blows glean gain stop halt nobble collar treat outstare be in conflict with be in competition with yield share bow face out antagonize antagonise call out throw down gauntlet cow intimidate browbeat overawe counterbalance develop obtain step over the line knock chip off shoulder hold your own stand your ground put a bold face on it be defiant put on a bold front face up stick to your guns row jockey tell off respond to overcome beat extract procure compare contrast quarrel bear up disobey go up against in contest joust try to beat collide bid match strength pitch oneself against seek prize bandy essay try in the hunt go for the gold match wits fence run for tilt pit yourself against spar have to put up with fight with contemn mess look straight in the eye stare out array strike set upon launch begin battle with jostle repulse deride gibe ridicule despise slight rebel go for jugular put yourself forward have at shoot for shoot at litigate go for it knock oneself out tug join battle run make play for push for push give one's all give all one's got mix it up with nominate yourself wrest with scrap with deal mount an attack on enter into combat with call someone's bluff come to close quarters with give battle to wage war on join battle with treat with contempt take a chance with take the plunge defy danger take a chance on interview close brawl rassle content against take a plunge play off have a dispute take a header take a flyer take a chance come into conflict set against become involved go one on one with be opposed to go toe to toe with go eyeball to eyeball with hurl defiance at cross-examine come to grips get to grips address yourself to speak to do battle present remonstrate with initiate a discussion with discuss something with contradict bar check prevent block counterattack dislike disagree with hinder be anti gainsay rebut disapprove of brace duel traverse be hostile to violate expose protest disapprove neutralise taunt gainstay deny dissent debate neutralize disagree reverse bombard withstay speak out against bring face to face frown at search out take issue not countenance bear up against hold off turn the tables be in defiance of call in question run counter to win out put up struggle not give up hold one's ground hold one's ground against stand one's ground against


To take back something that one has said or stated


To talk or grumble in secret or in private
mutter grumble complain grouse whine bleat moan beef carp gripe murmur whinge grizzle grouch kvetch bellyache caterwaul crab croak fuss growl grump holler inveigh keen kick maunder mumble nag repine rumble scream squawk squeal wail whimper yammer yaup yawp yowl chunter mither burble drone gabble groan muddle slur snarl sputter witter sound off talk under your breath grunt mouth maffle whisper voice stammer utter babble garble speak talk verbalise stutter intone verbalize vocalize ramble vocalise speak indistinctly talk to oneself speak sotto voce say to oneself object protest kick up a fuss lament bemoan snivel create find fault cry bewail grieve cavil criticize chirp go on sob deplore criticise natter crib bawl howl yelp make a fuss screech be on at someone kick up a stink pule scold squall find fault with weep mourn roar condemn ululate remonstrate blubber yell shriek object to speak out against denounce knock reproach plain over take exception expostulate greet waul sigh mewl niggle decry censure upbraid disparage oppose berate raise objections express disapproval nitpick put the boot in rail at make a stand take a stand demur lodge a complaint make a complaint pick holes in pick on yap nit-pick put up a fight inveigh against run down pick at carry on gurn bellow plead sniffle quibble blub sulk except anathematize execrate curse bay miaow plain sorrow bicker quarrel jowl blow off take on cry softly boom lumber sorrow about sorrow for grieve over sigh over cry out hypercriticize crying noise make screeching cry the blues kick up a storm raise a ruckus cry loudly bother pan peck split hairs objurgate raise Cain pick holes charge declaim fret dissent gainsay contravene accuse attack refute twine disagree indict defy impute deprecate disapprove ascribe lay differ rant revile lash castigate lambaste admonish rail impugn vituperate blast fulminate vilify roast recriminate trash take exception to go on about look askance scorch abuse storm blame rage denigrate harass harry badger grouch about crack down on complain vehemently about have at beef about bellyache about rip into kick up a stink about jump down one's throat work over tongue-lash go after kick up a fuss about sound off about let have it lay out lay into hound chivvy hassle henpeck bully worry pester persecute plague keep on at peck at ride dog vex needle go on at carp at heavy keep after egg harp on at urge disturb moan at importune grumble at tease goad distress eat nudge prod heckle bait provoke hector moan on at keep complaining to breathe down someone's neck get on someone's back give a hard time bend someone's ear be on your back take it out on work on


A small portion of a serving of a food, especially that is swallowed at one time

Trái nghĩa của swallow

swallow Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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