Đồng nghĩa của recover

Alternative for recover

recovers, recovered, recovering

Đồng nghĩa: come around, get back, get better, heal, improve, rally, reclaim, recuperate, regain, rescue, retrieve, revive,

Trái nghĩa: lose, relapse,


To become sound or healthy again
recuperate convalesce heal improve rally revive get better get well mend pick up gain get stronger make progress recoup bounce back come round feel oneself again pull round pull through better come back grow increase overcome perk up refresh rejuvenate renew respond to treatment restore return to health snap back get back to normal get over something shake something off come around feel better feel yourself again forge ahead get over regain your health sober up start anew turn the corner be on the mend be on the road to recovery get in shape get out of the woods regain one's health regain one's strength restore your health return to form be out of woods get back on feet get back on your feet get out from under take turn for better take a turn for the better look up ameliorate make a comeback rehabilitate buck up rebound snap out of it survive rehab come along pull out of it take on a new lease of life be out of the woods turn a corner invigorate envigorate come through remedy gain strength regain health get back on one's feet restore your form build up your strength make headway become livelier be all right be heartened brighten up cheer up enliven be cured take heart liven up pep up rest move take steps forward strengthen become better be on the up and up regenerate grow better assuage resuscitate resurrect make it revivify cure weather triumph become healthy knit advance progress be restored show improvement make a recovery develop echo reflect become more cheerful feel happier get through ride out get well again be take on a new lease of life be given on a new lease of life be well recuperate quickly pull around set up wake up animate spice up shake get into the mood awaken be refreshed brighten cheer reform renew one's strength be on the path to recovery draw together surge endure get beyond live through pass though shake off get back in shape emerge from something brace up come up smiling get your second wind come from behind be given a new lease of life regain strength get act together regain your strength get it together turn things around get second wind turn around grow stronger shape up stimulate vitalize revitalize galvanize uplift energize inspirit jazz up galvanise hearten encourage energise boost revitalise ginger up quicken exhilarate inspire rouse buoy up gladden electrify lighten brace excite come to life stir up fire vivify stir fortify activate buoy lift give a lift make brighter give a boost to get going amp up fire up motivate make lighter fillip elate spike jump-start sustain promote elevate support juice up zip up make more exciting give a lift to raise the spirits raise enhance embolden reassure dynamize spark intoxicate zap arouse spur enrapture hot up turn on pump up spur on work up put zip into light a fire under give a shot in the arm to build up gee up zhoosh zhoosh up thrill liven freshen season comfort delight leaven enthuse console soothe reinvigorate trigger reinforce solace recreate foster charge assure spice snap up fuel transport help put new life in fan incite commove give someone a charge give a new lease of life to aid wake brush up give someone a kick whip up give a buzz intensify come alive nurture rev up key up raise someone's spirits become lively make happier lift up confirm take off prod stiffen derive comfort be encouraged derive satisfaction be comforted light up make confident give courage to grow buoyant pour it on punch up drive steel put some life into put new life into improve in spirits improve in mood improve in outlook titillate rejoice let the sun shine in upraise put on cloud nine warm put on top of the world send exacerbate stoke up nourish feed charge up inflame goad power provoke pervade permeate imbue infuse become hopeful add colour to make more interesting add spice to become optimistic put some spirit into rise soar make someone's spirits soar turn someone on pep exalt give someone great pleasure make very happy juice give someone a thrill make lively waken up make happy further vivificate give life to divert entertain take comfort suffuse penetrate become cheerful clear up tickle grip make more lively put pep into let sunshine in come on prime goose innervate actify arm empower activize enable add some colour to add some zest to spice something up put some spark into modify accelerate transform assist move to action fire the enthusiasm of get someone going tickle pink evoke fire the imagination of facilitate impel kindle speed be on the up come to reawaken recover consciousness regain consciousness come to one's senses reanimate get one started act as a impetus to act as a incentive to build a fire under act as a fillip to speed up act as a spur to act as a stimulus to get one going steam up sting back give a boost cool repair replenish kick-start recharge refreshen resume flourish renovate catalyse add zest to catalyze add zing to modernise regain modernize update cool down blow away the cobwebs top up breathe new life into give new strength to bring around calm relieve bolster restore someone's confidence give confidence put at ease dispel someone's fears set your mind at rest snap one out of it put one's mind to rest restore confidence to bolster someone's confidence appreciate upgrade bump up cultivate drive forward spruce up give a facelift to fine-tune add value to amplify optimise titivate add to polish up optimize endow favour smarten up beef up benefit encourage the growth of meliorate augment build on embellish up make better step up contribute to enrich boost up aggrandize do up advantage favor nerve harden put new heart in put new heart into put new strength in


To give new life to, or to restore to a healthy condition
reanimate revitalise revitalize restore renew rejuvenate revive revivify resuscitate regenerate refresh resurrect rekindle recharge repair renovate enliven rewake rewaken envigorate invigorate awaken energise energize rouse reawaken strengthen arouse animate inspirit recondition exhilarate rally enkindle quicken reactivate encourage relieve brighten wake up breathe new life into bounce back touch up make whole bring around reinvigorate freshen refreshen recreate kick-start update stimulate modernize modernise uplift vivify brace replenish prod regain prompt pep up buck up re-establish give a boost to put new life into put some spark into give new life to bring back give a new lease of life to give a shot in the arm to reinstitute relaunch reintroduce heal save restart cure give the kiss of life to bring to rehabilitate reconstruct overhaul reorganize fortify improve revamp bolster rehab spruce refurbish reclaim do retread reorganise restitute help put new heart into make younger spruce up add some zest to restore vitality to do up re-energize give face lift to make young again make someone feel young again build up give new strength to bring back to life give a new lease on life get going again prop up reexperience relive recall revisit recollect recapture recycle remember refind replay rediscover summon back go over find again bring to mind experience again go through again dig up re-activate stir up live through again return to go back to summon up discover again galvanize vitalize fire fillip liven up trigger electrify spike perk up stir activate jump-start turn on juice up galvanise jazz up put new life in amp up zip up ginger up reinstall rescue boost perform CPR give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation come to life spur spark promote accelerate fuel fan inspire foster impel kindle speed intensify support dynamize increase act as a impetus to set up get one going spur on steam up act as a spur to act as a stimulus to act as a incentive to sting commove rev up whip up build a fire under gee up fire up key up act as a fillip to light a fire under get one started speed up work up motivate hearten excite nerve reinforce zap harden snap up put new strength in pick up put new heart in


To restrain or to keep in check
control compose contain cool regulate restrain restrict check constrain curb repress subdue bridle limit quell calm master re-collect settle suppress adjust cap moderate monitor collect inhibit keep measure pull in tame corner inspect lull quiet rally smother soothe still tranquillize tranquilize damp down keep a lid on keep a tight rein on keep in check keep the lid on hold back hold in impose limits on keep in line put the brakes on rein in set limits on simmer down pull oneself together steady oneself snap out of it take a hold of oneself get a grip get a grip on oneself regain one's composure get one's act together stifle govern keep under control keep back hold stop bottle up hinder overcome confine rule fight back choke back reduce hold down swallow conquer arrest mitigate temper hamper quash retard diminish silence withhold muffle lessen strangle gag curtail bite back lick impede block trammel beat cork allay rein tone down prevent fix decrease soften halt stem cork up relieve delimit button up frustrate squelch pacify assuage thwart circumscribe mollify defeat obstruct crack down on vanquish get the better of get a grip on freeze keep within bounds ease peg stay overpower slow cramp conceal sink submerge discipline bar keep down squash nip in the bud subjugate gain mastery over clamp down on rein back mellow alleviate fetter palliate extinguish stamp out staunch terminate muzzle shut in dam deaden relax pocket kill clog cut back abate prevail over choke triumph over hold in check constrict slow down hem in crush put a stop to best hog-tie hold up surmount take the edge off deter leash deny set dampen damp straiten bound quieten hide stanch resist bring under control modulate get under control quench get over put down bind put an end to crack down put a brake on snuff out modify tie up put the kibosh on get control of oppose cut off slap down interfere with hold off cool off keep lid on box up calm down pour cold water on throw cold water on handicap end cover up heal keep secret coop up enclose solve cure dispatch break dominate delay tether direct abolish clobber mend dull help imprison shorten demarcate smooth shackle blunt hamstring stymie counteract extenuate qualify gaol jail hobble entrammel placate cut short intern stall remedy tie down detain chain win against keep in lock up steady specify shrink sit on put away pin down gain control of demark tie sedate jam slacken ameliorate delimitate define barricade put a limit on bottle contract occlude deal with close stuff repulse discourage brake stem the flow of cool down wipe out soft-pedal block up clog up blockade quieten down get rid of congest stop up jam up bung up bring to a standstill keep within limits put half nelson on clamp down come down on put the lid on bring to screeching halt hang up stave off bite one's lip put a ceiling on ward off plug up settle down play down shut down dampen down keep an eye on gulp back keep something in check cultivate recollect fight treat secure come down hard on hold something in keep control of fasten entrap left out bring to naught keep feeling inside oneself trap collar choke something back lower keep on a string gain control over clot torpedo restore encumber hush domesticize revise set a limit on resolve keep a rein on mothball immobilize immobilise baulk overmatch hegemonize manage gum up rise above bring into line put a lid on incarcerate overbear upend get command chasten suffocate cope with handcuff withstand box in manacle make calm hitch up skunk worst put an stop to embarrass mince chill out find a solution to find an answer to lay down the law to someone pipe down snuff ban lock in fence in close in immure balk concuss deprive shotgun disallow necessitate make better temperate remit restraint get around put out hush up heap shower oppress shroud keep tight rein on punish abase foil rectify prescribe salve do down destroy neutralize pause stabilize smooth over stabilise quiet down defuse subside girdle ration becalm reassure appease catch interrupt put a leash on put a lead on mortify lullaby assure inclose narrow surround prelimit encircle bottleneck place a limit on demolish rebuff neutralise circumvent checkmate get bogged down decelerate set back make late short-circuit bog down slow up annihilate draw up bit harness gentle plug meet halfway cool out send up cut down on clip someone's wings put on ice iron out sort out humble extirpate draw the line on mark off finish mute pull up slacken pace fetch up debar queer cow seal caulk dock lighten attenuate weaken reclaim bust overwhelm impound guide hogtie stand in the way of rout patch up close up fill close out block out fill up put to rights pull back close off intercept choke up pack shut off dilute water down cut put a spoke in someone's wheel play for time get tough on get tough block off shut out bung stonewall address improve slake sweeten truncate retrench dissuade have on a tight leash tighten up on stopper choke off avert take severe measures against take stern measures against come down on like a ton of bricks come down heavily on trim pare down syncopate chop elide abbreviate cut down lop abridge discountenance disadvise scare turn off disfavour shake talk out of put off disfavor fend off warn indispose deprecate put a damper on divert frighten interfere minify tighten up slim down crop downsize clip slash take the bite out take the sting out pour oil on break off get back at repel push back reply counter beat off defend yourself retaliate fight off defend put up a fight riposte get to meat boil down put in nutshell roll back put a restriction on shush internalize internalise keep under wraps keep inside black out


To remove or rescue (someone) from danger or harm
save rescue free liberate emancipate extricate redeem release snatch unshackle deliver unchain retrieve bail out set free come to rescue come to the aid of come to the rescue of save the life of manumit spring unfetter relieve discharge loose bring off ransom disenthral disenthrall set loose let go unbind disembarrass enfranchise disimprison untie uncage enlarge unleash clear let out let loose salvage acquit disentangle lift pull out of the fire unyoke loosen set at liberty unmanacle befree give rights to disencumber free up bail one out get out dismiss bail get out from under get off the hook let off let off the hook cut loose put on the street turn loose remove spare cast loose restore to freedom wriggle out of get oneself off the hook finance unhook detach help out aid help assist parole unbridle affranchise demobilize reprieve disengage unlock save one's neck demobilise pardon absolve free from restraint free from restriction turn out come to somebody's aid lend a helping hand to give a helping hand to protect unloose save from danger save someone's bacon get out of hock save the day get someone out save life of bring someone off save someone's neck bail someone out give a break allow to leave empower release conditionally give terms untangle release on parole exonerate unloosen spring loose exculpate exempt naturalize extract uncork open the door for grant exit to let someone out expel give freedom to make space for empty make available disentwine dislodge unclick allow to go send away cast off get loose pull free get free pull out set at large take out unpen untether unfasten naturalise give somebody the vote explode go ape vociferate holler


To earn through work or effort
reap earn acquire gain get obtain secure attain procure land win garner bag draw make realise realize capture receive collect carry derive glean produce cull profit retrieve ingather bring in come by pull down knock down pick up come to have get in get as a result net gather fetch access get at achieve take pierce purchase grab buy score seize annex snag nab find wangle compass accomplish have be given pocket hoard cop reach corral effect salvage occupy save annexe blag schlenter inherit lay hold of get hold of chalk up scrape up lay up drum up gobble up scrape together come into possession of make use of get your hands on beg borrow or steal get one's hands on rack up hook amass take possession of appropriate clinch accumulate hit notch up collar pull in swing clear clock up possess oneself of log take home scoop come into ring up snap up solicit carry off extract get possession of develop get one's mitts on be awarded assume elicit gross take over conquer pull harvest pull off take receipt of come in for get hands on encounter come away with walk away with walk off with latch onto yield get paid be paid arrive at raise commandeer clean up haul in canvass attract fulfil grasp fulfill accept return hustle lay one's hands on have conferred on one rake in evolve record scare up establish bring build up round up requisition petition hold snare nail lock up bid for be presented with catch consummate expropriate pay for confiscate make a profit of come across come upon fall upon happen upon stumble upon understand feel locate summon take in bring home take up sequester originate lay hands on experience splash out on know accrue stem steal contract enlist formulate help oneself to pot wrap up luck into meet with bank arrogate overrun be provided with snatch arrange induce take control of deserve reify get into one's hands get one's fingers on cost prehend perform bear wrest invade get a hold of trace sell gather up strike claim redeem usurp subjugate glom manage invest in shop for be in receipt of take on win possession of make a purchase of put money into make the purchase of possess do register tally bring about contract for sign for succeed get in exchange search out appeal for knock off carry out knock up hit up bring off turn in latch on to give rise to engage gather in adopt gain possession of extricate captivate generate rake something in sense effectuate meet sequestrate cinch come up with spring assimilate bring to fruition profit with pick select advance complete ameliorate distil distill make a profit trap guaranty guarantee ice ensure assure insure be one's lot fall to the lot accept delivery of take into one's possession agree to receive walk away undergo source form impound winnow sift polish off glom onto take home earnings of receive a salary of execute track merit justify mark up discover retain enjoy own maneuver manoeuvre work notch make it to make sure of give security make sure hold out for lay claim to cash in on realize a profit of warrant pluck draw in track down succeed in making perpetrate corner take delivery of be sent prevail pay prosecute command fix maintain face disseize attach distrain hijack poind be appointed to negotiate commit recoup patronize get done wind up actualize tie up bring around patronise grow come into contact with partake in convert press turn wrangle be deserving of sock buy out manage to get make a haul prevail upon buy up pirate trade for make a purchase deal in make a buy go shopping for succeed in finding have a right to be worth fix up sort out accroach be entitled to be worthy of garrison deduce judge infer reason decide conclude extrapolate accede to succeed to follow through with put through make fast buck pay one's dues be gainfully employed make it big dominate preempt take control drum something up be in line for bring home the groceries bring home the bacon succeed in colonize eke out seek excogitate make out elaborate determine arrive educe follow be granted accede be elevated to fall heir take responsibility for hegemonize keep control cybersquat suffer sustain organize market drum up support make a pitch for try to obtain go after provoke colonise oppress rule take possession work out put together arouse bargain for go shopping barter for misappropriate filch shoplift purloin pinch abstract run up cause invite take out organise snaffle liberate use swipe rob snitch lift nick occasion deliver half-inch scrump take for oneself abscond with bone nobble heist whip convey transport conduct incur bring on pilfer tief snavel go for escort set up ferry run lead be subject to bring upon yourself expose oneself to expose yourself to be liable to be subjected to bring upon oneself lay oneself open to lay yourself open to bring down on borrow simulate call for back ride gun sell for go and get tote shoulder pack heel truck schlepp piggyback buck lug sponge bring back draw forth go get be sold for usher in bring to ask for ask people to give plead for lobby for beg for implore for call on dig up pass the hat panhandle for accept donations petition for


defuse alleviate diminish lessen moderate allay calm contain cool ease lighten reduce relieve settle mitigate smooth stabilise stabilize cripple demilitarise demilitarize mollify neutralise neutralize pacify pad placate rescue resolve restrain save soften soothe subdue weaken damp down clear the air smooth out take the heat take the edge off smooth over clear up iron out sort out tone down dilute blunt dampen detract from assuage steady take the edge off sth quieten quell quiet down cool off quieten down quiet still control ameliorate subside settle down abate temper palliate decrease dull appease deaden lull attenuate lower relax tranquilize tranquillize cushion compose check damp help suppress extenuate stifle lenify smother modify numb sweeten curb dispel thin calm down cure take the sting out comfort put a damper on throw cold water on pour cold water on let up on quench muffle extinguish sap benumb cauterize dissipate deplete make nice slake mute enfeeble pour oil on dwindle cauterise repress disable debilitate undermine de-escalate cool out water down soft-pedal take the bite out assist aid disburden free facilitate anesthetize anaesthetize chill out take a load off dampen down remit put at rest commute slow excuse hush fix dent downsize drop downscale reduce the force of contract sedate rectify remedy knock down rein pipe down impair modulate cut depress depreciate curtail mellow mend heal sate minimize get control of constrict adulterate shrink deflate devaluate vitiate rarefy offset enervate ebb banish dismiss lay off take pressure off minimise admix qualify eliminate destroy make calm get a grip on hebetate desensitise obtund desensitize revamp adjust transmogrify switch ease off wind down make less intense put the lid on put damper on put to rest drive away square drive off chase away loosen patch up put to rights slacken chill reduce something fine tune make reasonable discourage play up to monkey around with take the bite out of take the sting out of release deter slack silence overcome inhibit blanket limit dash make lighter loose wane fade stamp out brighten cloud salve counteract freeze freshen infrigidate ally die down frost vary punctuate solace succor succour console shift disencumber empty jettison levitate take eradicate remove upraise unload uplight change unburden stop liss interrupt run interference for meliorate promote clear the way make easier speed let up untighten cheer expedite attend to lift nurse forward disengage open the door improve speed up doctor relent further simplify prevent break up put off throw out reduce weight pour out cut down make less bring respite to bring an end to make bearable take load off bring aid to make something bearable bring aid satisfy kill fill surfeit put an end to put a stop to

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