Đồng nghĩa của make headway


To move forward
make progress progress advance get on make strides move proceed come along come on gain ground get ahead shape up get somewhere make ground make inroads take shape be getting there move forward in leaps and bounds develop prosper improve flourish thrive grow succeed mature blossom forge ahead move forward expand do well be successful go places evolve go burgeon bloom move ahead press on go great guns upgrade augment ameliorate get on well increase push on go forward boom make it make good fly high press forward fare well pick up work up get better rise refine march arrive become better pace push ahead build be in the pink go off elevate have an effect on make something happen flower become rich strengthen strike gold strike oil turn out better go well spread fare come move on score do all right for oneself build up scale up go along get along bear fruit make the big time come of age be fine and dandy go up in the world push forward get on in the world produce a result show improvement update revolutionize modernise modernize transform move onward be in clover extend step up revolutionise batten yield make good speed grow rich continue do wonders forge go to town take steps forward cover ground catch on turn out well hit it big get there climb motor do boost enhance perfect shine work one's way climb the ladder grow vigorously shoot up lift unfold bourgeon fine-tune enrich fortify skyrocket make one's way rise in the world beef up cultivate drive forward pull ahead further multiply gain produce be on easy street pass work out level up achieve make out come to fruition march on get going journey get places take the next step be in good health move along go ahead intensify hie hit the jackpot spread one's wings crack on go on move towards make one's mark ripen be enriched show promise rocket open up show progress work towards profit keep going burst forth make a go grow well mushroom develop well wax have legs pick up speed make up for lost time proceed forward turn over new leaf grow up roll up make first rate straighten up be strong be well be vigorous keep on keep moving make your way wend carry on get travel move out prime peak be in good shape move up be in your prime be on top of the heap be in its heyday run riot be promoted enlarge go forth drive metamorphose emerge differentiate shoot adapt truck speed adapt yourself elaborate educe transmogrify push derive change unroll alter open out head raise make a breakthrough raise one's game turn it up increase one's intensity kick it up a notch elevate one's game step it up rise to the next level take it to the next level boost one's game take it to the limit step up one's game propel forward continue ahead pick up the pace crank it up take it up a notch step forward better oneself work one's way up be elevated foster improve on approach uplift touch up promote build on polish smarten magnify reenforce reinforce supplement heighten amplify straighten out fast-track brush up aggrandize smarten up compound near advance steadily advance gradually soldier on go far achieve a great deal make the grade cut it be someone gain advancement make a name find a place in the sun make a name for oneself climb the ladder of success move up in the world set the Thames on fire set the world on fire make one's way in the world advance oneself be a success do well for oneself nigh draw closer draw nigh draw near move nearer draw close move closer draw nearer manage cope shift happen prove get by perform pan out handle muddle through stagger survive muddle along hone meliorate optimize optimise benefit bear fatten reform make a killing make mark live the life of Riley feather nest strike it rich be fortunate become wealthy make money outdo outmaneuver overtake excel surpass outmanoeuvre leave behind


To recover or feel better
improve recover convalesce heal recuperate rally rehabilitate move become better be on the mend be on the road to recovery be on the up and up be out of the woods bounce back build up your strength come along gain strength get back on one's feet get better get over something get well look up make a comeback make progress mend perk up pick up pull out of it pull through regain health regain one's health regain one's strength rehab remedy restore your form revive snap out of it strengthen take a turn for the better take on a new lease of life take steps forward turn the corner assuage grow better ameliorate develop advance progress turn a corner be take on a new lease of life be given on a new lease of life gain come on show improvement shape up be on the up come back snap back pull round recoup buck up get back to normal rejuvenate rebound renew restore your health restore get over invigorate refresh envigorate regain your health get back on your feet become livelier overcome come round be heartened return to health enliven brighten up cheer up shake something off be all right feel yourself again come around feel better return to form take heart liven up get back on feet pep up make a recovery be cured change for the better rest regenerate cure survive revivify knit weather come through triumph become healthy be restored become more cheerful feel happier set up be on the path to recovery draw together be well echo reflect wake up animate spice up shake get into the mood awaken be refreshed brighten cheer recuperate quickly pull around get through ride out get well again renew one's strength reform surge get back in shape emerge from something brace up come up smiling get your second wind come from behind be given a new lease of life regain strength get act together regain your strength get it together turn things around get second wind turn around grow stronger come together turn into become fall into place turn out to be get stronger feel oneself again respond to treatment grow increase better start anew forge ahead sober up get out of the woods get in shape take turn for better be out of woods get out from under

Trái nghĩa của make headway

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