Đồng nghĩa của carry out


To bring to completion
accomplish achieve attain fulfil fulfill complete effect reach realise consummate effectuate realize actualize catalyse catalyze clinch finalise finalize nail perpetrate score secure acquire compass conquer discharge land prosecute seize bring about bring off deliver on follow through with get done pull off succeed in bring to completion follow through on sew up bring to fruition carry off carry through chalk up clock up finish off go through with make good on notch up execute perform do implement make apply finish negotiate enact put into practice commit put through administer enforce conclude conduct put into action put into effect engineer manage practice exercise practise observe produce undertake work engage in wrap up impose perfect follow operate contrive make happen establish take care of wind up sort out settle transact deliver cause put into operation act out fix deal with succeed ply inflict employ swing round off get through top off exert pursue polish off wreak act upon result in end create crown handle hit use go through win set the seal on engender utilize occasion organize live up to bring to bear carry on administrate render draw on bring on translate into tackle organise polish cap pass wield arrange bring into effect bring into play exact utilise make good put to bed round out wage dispense make it rack up generate bring set up give rise to induce actionize beget breed prompt invoke spawn work out be responsible for give terminate put to use be guilty of pull something off act meet close dispatch be to blame for determine gain satisfy engage bring to a conclusion bring to an end exploit have manipulate deliver the goods bag take care of business put in force direct procure dole out mete out maneuver see through apply oneself to serve get there manoeuvre deal out initiate affect deal yield bring to pass participate in run live out complement decree bestow advance take part in address carry to completion attend to authorise add the final touch to go whole hog go the limit call it a day add the finishing touch to make perfect bring to maturity do thoroughly put the last touches on make up put the finishing touches on harness log authorize lay down hack force take put the final touches to command acquit oneself of ultimate ring up cope with dictate confirm bring forth be engaged in lay on wreck do justice to put finishing touch on run with the ball wrap see to contend with thrash out nail it make it through work at strike hammer out collect devote oneself to do the trick proceed with come through knock off take charge of put the tin lid on make short work of arrive at be successful develop serve out take in hand introduce button up grapple with put the finishing touches to survive button down obtain go on with process earn act on go the distance bring something off put something into effect undergo follow up on exhibit work on pull start in on action take action on trigger enable transgress find score a success acquit annexe annex set off refine be done with get out of the way put screws to abide by press stand by make work bring home the bacon follow up follow out follow through provide the means for specialize in work with be behind make the grade give out gain fulfillment fulfill your potential bear out do business do proud TCB hand out promote contribute to foster put out assign tick expedite unleash up and do push through accelerate treat vent dispose of reify reach the summit of idealise bring to perfection idealize grasp put it over honor net wrest keep faith with honour do a bang-up job get someplace fulfill one's potential make hay do one proud latch onto be true to snag put lid on turn fold up put the finishing touch to mop up clean up field call a day top it off put away can record register get amass tally instigate fight incarnate issue dominate get a handle on behave toward play give one's attention to act toward get to grips with provide go that route do to a turn resolve stage make real make ready indulge express visit knock up accumulate turn in be involved in succeed in making supply present cut materialize reorganise make a reality make concrete materialise reorganize corporealize furnish gratify spend call upon capitalize on put forth deploy play on make use of put in motion put to work call into play set in motion make the most of avail oneself of avail yourself of tap agree legislate declare function accept labor toil through labour force upon give free rein to give vent to play out seal broker bring something to bear draft come across hand over impart drop come up with bear put on bargain do to a T put over do the job earn wings sail through stop launch form formulate choose reach an agreement concert reach terms on shake hands on settle on come to terms on opt name rule figure decide settle upon tie up cease carry something on halt charge ratify sanction draught culminate levy break off scratch fold hang up shutter scrub let up come to a conclusion bring to a close elapse round up break up close out dead-end come to an end expire come to a close leave off quit wink out shut down lapse discontinue pack in lay apportion mete distribute allocate dole put in place provoke draw up proclaim approve put arrange for call forth continue with hold to cultivate persist in adhere to proceed go ahead with take further proceed in adhere devote yourself to go in for apply yourself to be occupied in persevere in maintain keep on apply oneself stick at continue stick with keep on with take up carry on with look after machinate play games frame elaborate cogitate angle engineer a way wrangle shift wangle work it project jockey swing it finesse mastermind finagle find a way hit upon require institute set oblige slap saddle gather ordain fine demand promulgate clap appoint place assess prescribe tax originate precipitate start actuate cause to occur cause to happen kindle begin turn the trick turn out put across be victorious kick in chip in triumph pitch in last accomplish goal prevail contribute


(of a meeting or seminar) To manage or preside over
facilitate chair control govern head helm host lead manage organise organize overlook oversee regulate run supervise administer administrate arbitrate boss call captain command conduct introduce mastermind orchestrate order pilot superintend advise dictate direct discipline dominate execute guide handle judge master mediate micromanage moderate observe rule see steer assume command over be at the helm of be in charge of be in command of be in control of be the head of be the leader of call the shots of have authority over have charge of have control of head up hold sway over preside over reign over take charge of be in power over be on duty be responsible for take over take the chair of operate steward keep tend carry on call the tune exercise control over call the shots ride herd on be in the driving seat be in the driver's seat pull the strings maintain minister officiate coordinate honcho be the boss of call the shots in pull the wires care for hold the reins be head of be in the saddle take the helm crack the whip take care of call the tune in look after maintain order sit on top of run the show sway hegemonize run things attend to wield baton engineer occupy throne tyrannize overrule serve the people wear the crown hold sway tyrannise lay down the law preside reign assume command hold office hold dominion be in power render exercise authority call the signals maneuver manoeuvre arrange quarterback drive manipulate navigate negotiate work contrive be in charge influence watch take the chair inspect be in driver's seat frame marshal officiate at marshall watch over aviate devise plan keep an eye on machinate finesse choreograph deal with fix wield tend to fix up sort out put together have use finagle mind ordain con solemnize celebrate jockey chaperon ply originate spearhead wangle take the reins get together create referee mount attend umpire stage-manage front concert set up see to hold down move sail solemnise schedule fly scheme hold plot own utilize conn take monitor police check employ see about coxswain exercise dispose skipper shepherd engage in mobilize conceive establish classify systematize shape design construct stage utilise methodize domineer be at the head of standardize mobilise come up with normalise normalize systematise standardise adapt settle coach officer lay out put on make arrangements for rule over do the honors put in order be in the chair at straighten out assume command of keep tabs on perform concelebrate do carry-on be accountable for invigilate commandeer be boss of exploit exert be chairperson sit manage operations survey address field be in saddle hack guard give provide be chairman be chairwoman achieve instruct treat manage people take in hand minister to eye serve emcee be the proprietor of keep up till take forward lay on cause call the play herd throw apply affect call upon adjudicate prevail over hold dominion over have authority exercise authority over lead the way take the reins of be at the helm be in authority over exercise power shield safeguard defend protect bring about implement rule the roost call the shots on keep under one's thumb lord over dictate terms be responsible keep one's eye on be on duty at baby-sit engage assemble convene act function take charge concoct effect harness trailblaze beacon channel make use of put to use funnel point twist round one's little finger turn to one's advantage use to one's advantage play upon bring off encompass pull off take control of convoke have the say carry out official duties perform official duties control the affairs of plant swing rig angle doctor scam cook upstage summon cox point in the right direction put on the right track play games put over pull strings put one on pull wires put through put one over have a handle on be at the wheel of hatch initiate forge legislate call together generate temper instigate work out author dream up legalise fit legalize reconcile determine rectify square readjust form keep a tab on check up on make conform keep a beady eye on pull things together think up have the bright idea of be the brains behind think of prepare develop group blueprint range programme program constitute catalogue array institute found chart project start rank class assign tabulate file sort position categorize align begin timetable catalog index codify distribute systemize sequence place line map out tidy triage neaten pattern streamline scheme out right set out adjust line up draw up formalize regularise alphabetize locate formalise regularize put to rights set in order categorise put away space regiment jack up get going start up lick into shape lay the foundations of strategize about get off the ground budget for


To act in accordance to the terms of
keep fulfil respect comply with fulfill obey observe follow honor heed honour execute redeem hold meet complete effectuate satisfy discharge fill mind perform consecrate embrace regard sanctify abide by act in accordance with act upon adhere to defer to make good on stand by stick to act according to act on be bound by conform to keep faith with keep to pay attention to take notice of have regard to respond to implement answer be true to follow through with live up to uphold carry through match acquiesce to assent to submit to yield to accord to stick with live by take heed of do as told be in conformity with toe the line cooperate with agree with stick by fall in with pay heed to be in accordance with fall in line with be faithful to go along with effect accept consent to adopt be true be faithful make good hold to be as good as bear out make it through accord with get through be in agreement with see through go through with acquit acquiesce in be heedful of be governed by goose-step to put into effect occupy officiate engage distribute dispatch assign equal take up bring about fit handle cope with come up to match up to suffice gratify measure up tie measure up to acknowledge agree to bow to concede to follow orders concur with accede to accommodate agree give in to acquiesce assent accede comply concur support indulge cater to yield consent conform humour recognize humor submit be guided by give in approve allow recognise knuckle under note grant surrender endorse succumb permit concede come round bear in mind pander to capitulate watch subscribe serve notice accord shake on appease please be mindful of cave in defer okay pay regard to do as you are told take to heart play it by the book adapt to say yes give way to be loyal to play ball mark approve of feed attend consider take into consideration bow tolerate brook listen to adhere hear hearken satiate sanction coincide harmonize truckle hark harken quench go with the flow reconcile adjust adapt kowtow cave suffer give way jibe take into account undertake take note of have regard for concentrate on attend to relent yes knuckle behave according to give one's approval to provide for roll over and play dead give carte blanche give blessing throw in the towel say yes to give the go-ahead do one's bidding say uncle do what one is told square with give something the nod play by the rules accommodate to go along pander harmonise be ruled by conform with adjust to fawn on back sign go to the wall for appeal to budge go by set blink give one's backing to reach a decision maintain warrant toe the mark play along with bow down to be servile quit give allegiance to practice take as a guide pay attention believe practise dig listen endure wear stomach bend buy withstand OK ditto keep to the rules stick to the rules adhere to the rules follow the rules go by the book don't rock the boat be dutiful to abide by the rules comply with the rules observe the rules act in accordance with the rules obey the rules kowtow to don't make waves do as one is told by get a load of hang on give a thought to give heed take notice take note give heed to give ear to pick up take heed gladden favour cater entertain favor spoil pamper fold give up bless let give the nod give permission for sign off on make a deal roll over put up with grin and bear it be loyal be subject to remain true to take it lying down cleave to stoop to be devoted to be attached be constant lump it be regulated by be devoted sticky by keep in step take give one's blessing to hoist the white flag cry uncle give the green light to accept tacitly give the thumbs up to say the word cut a deal give the go-ahead to give the nod to give one's consent to let pass give one's assent to listen up mollify cosset appreciate show consideration for mollycoddle overindulge coddle flatter show regard for relieve action knuckleunder fawn admit cringe buckle placate soothe affect accomplish consummate realize apply reach pacify slake achieve administer nail actualize attain be deferential cohere correspond have due regard for assuage do actionize realise perfect enforce settle for ratify be happy with compromise on confirm contract make do with check dovetail comport chord rhyme tally remember go level suit do justice to make the grade coincide with cohere with put into practice tally with pass muster check with fill the bill harmonize with be good enough carry off put into action deliver on cut the mustard follow up on pull off follow through on perform according to fit the bill bring to completion put into operation chord with be a slave to be cognizant of sympathize with be aware of be in harmony be consonant balance be congruous sort be in agreement be consistent with rime consist be consistent gee be compatible align with match up check out fit in square comprobate back down enter into be game for relent to come round to cave in to surrender to give the green light back down to astipulate cover make allowances for keep in mind allow for take cognizance of call to mind think of sustain advance deliver supply provision furnish sate equip bear be sufficient for fit the bill for suffice for be sufficient be enough for be enough serve the purpose keep up with be good enough for be adequate for qualify for be adequate process cater for respond take orders do as one says do what is expected come to heel get into line play second fiddle do one's duty hold fast get in line

Trái nghĩa của carry out

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