Đồng nghĩa của come round

Alternative for come round

Đồng nghĩa: come around,


To give assent to and act on a suggestion by another
acquiesce agree consent accede assent subscribe comply compromise yield change your mind see eye to eye accept approve go along with okay endorse allow permit agree to comply with acquiesce in consent to sanction recognize concur bless recognise assent to say uncle give in to say yes to say yes concur with yield to give the go-ahead accede to yes give in ditto play ball back support undertake engage grant OK give one's approval to give the nod roll over and play dead submit to concede give the thumbs up to cooperate with approve of concede to say the word knuckle under shake on give carte blanche buy give blessing give something the nod cut a deal cave in abide by rubber-stamp give the go-ahead to throw in the towel conform to give the green light to conform comprobate enter into back down be game for surrender to give the green light back down to defer to come round to cave in to relent to acquiesce to give way to astipulate relent give one's blessing to suffer bend bow to accept tacitly hoist the white flag give one's consent to let pass give one's assent to accommodate toe the line surrender brook adapt respect reconcile go along adjust submit stand by capitulate cry uncle jibe give the nod to succumb tolerate ratify authorize warrant validate confirm pass mandate espouse license give one's permission give one's stamp of approval to give the OK to give five adopt give one's leave pass on subscribe to concur in licence embrace authorise accord let fold give permission for give up sign off on make a deal roll over advocate sign set champion agree with put John Hancock on get behind boost signature undersign believe in cosign countenance hold with condone favour be in agreement with obey favor give stamp of approval reach a decision admit acknowledge confess affirm own clear indulge avow accredit formalize certify approbate finalize homologate endure let on finalise formalise take kindly to green-light have humour own up to humor thumbs up follow uphold bear reveal seal profess stand undergo abide stomach sustain second put up with empower enable see realize heed appreciate swallow be in sympathy greenlight take stick fess up realise give permission bear with go for open up abet charter 'fess up be of the same mind own up be of the same opinion give leave come clean sanctify live with jump at the chance succumb to resign yourself to fall in with come around go with the flow give your consent to give your blessing to give something the thumbs up give something the green light give something the go-ahead give the thumbs up recommend make law rubber stamp stump for buy into lap up push for make valid take up O.K. give go-ahead toe the mark pay attention to play along with defer bow down to be guided by bind give permission to stand for be subject to permit to grant permission to withstand sit through be doing with cope with hear of allow to bear the brunt of engage in authenticate entitle nod show agreement establish qualify admit as true legalize legitimatize give someone leave legitimate give someone authorization cause legalise legitimatise leave admit of franchise wink at blink at facilitate grant someone the right privilege give your blessing cognize know perceive note sympathize observe be aware of be conscious of hold take on board take an oath come out of closet get off chest attest to cop a plea be wise to fess league collaborate join conjoin unite concert cooperate conspire divulge wear sympathise be united mind disclose declare be as one feel weather adhere to keep be as one man be down with expose be in harmony coadjute harmonize meet fall in band together team up correspond combine band be in accord equal harmonise spill sing leak brave hack fess up to let out indicate go into details communicate narrate talk make a clean breast of make public blow the lid off squeal about make known come out of the closet cop to confide proclaim bring into the open give away bring to light state uncover make a clean breast tell all about bare get something off one's chest spill the beans about blurt out cough up spill your guts tell blow the gaff on unveil take orders act in accordance with give way hold to answer do as you are told do as one says fulfill do what is expected come to heel serve act upon do one's bidding play it by the book fulfil respond goose-step to get into line do what one is told keep to play second fiddle live by do one's duty hold fast stick to be ruled by get in line be loyal to be together be consonant with be in agreement be in accordance come together sweat go through wait out sit and take it


To reawaken after having lost consciousness
recover revive awake come around come to recover consciousness regain consciousness come to life wake up awaken perk up rally get better pull through come to one's senses recuperate quicken improve mend rouse pick up wake bounce back stir overcome refresh rejuvenate snap back restore come back renew reawaken get over something get over shake something off take a turn for the better turn the corner be on the mend liven up spring up again regenerate endure get beyond come alive survive breathe bud bloom live through pass though blossom shake off animate arouse stir up reanimate resurrect spring up bring around bring to get back in shape reform emerge from something brace up take on a new lease of life envigorate rebound enliven come up smiling get your second wind come from behind look up be given a new lease of life regain strength get act together regain your strength surge snap out of it get it together come along invigorate turn things around make a comeback get second wind turn around turn a corner grow stronger shape up convalesce heal get well gain make progress get stronger recoup feel oneself again pull round respond to treatment grow return to health increase better get out of the woods start anew return to form take turn for better regain your health feel yourself again restore your health feel better regain one's strength get in shape get back to normal forge ahead get back on feet sober up regain one's health be out of woods be on the road to recovery get back on your feet get out from under buck up cheer up be heartened become livelier brighten up take heart get back on one's feet be out of the woods pull out of it ameliorate rehabilitate gain strength brighten regain health restore your form build up your strength become more cheerful pep up rest feel happier move derive comfort be comforted be encouraged derive satisfaction rehab take steps forward strengthen become better make headway remedy be on the up and up get back make a recovery return to normal spice up shake get into the mood be refreshed cheer grow better assuage echo reflect take comfort weather come through triumph recuperate quickly pull around improve in outlook improve in spirits improve in mood renew one's strength get through ride out get well again be all right


To consider a matter, decision or opinion again

Trái nghĩa của come round

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