Đồng nghĩa của give quarter


Feel sorrow for the misfortunes of
pity feel for compassionate sympathize with bleed for commiserate with ache ache for comfort commiserate condole condole with console empathise empathize empathize with feel pity for feel sorry for forgive pardon relent reprieve solace soothe sympathise sympathize understand weep for yearn over be compassionate towards be moved by be sympathetic towards feel sympathy for grieve for take pity on be sympathetic feel with grant amnesty grieve with have compassion identify with lament with show concern show forgiveness show sympathy be sorry for have compassion for have mercy on be there for have one's heart go out to show compassion for compassion sorrow for relate to bleed show interest share another's sorrow express sympathy offer condolences to show sympathy for grieve feel compassion for feel open your heart lament for give solace to mourn for express sympathy for have mercy send condolences to be sympathetic to offer sympathy to share sorrow show compassion offer condolences acknowledge be cognizant of take on board be wise to feel compassionate towards comprehend appreciate identify emphathize be conscious of be with you be able to see be alive to be sensitive to take account of pick up on offer consolation to be supportive feel heart go out to show kindliness show tenderness care for be kind to show mercy be understanding offer consolation be supportive of be in rapport with tune in stand in one's shoes connect link with grasp get apprehend see follow recognize accept discern cognize fathom register take in note sympathise with absorb agree with dig empathise with share commune imagine recognise acknowledge the validity of accept the validity of take admit the validity of feel togetherness have a rapport feel at one be in tune be in sympathy suffer with have insight into put oneself in another's place put oneself in the shoes of talk the same language as be on the same wavelength as

Trái nghĩa của give quarter

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