Đồng nghĩa của ease up on


(of a rule or restriction) To make less strict
relax ease alleviate decrease diminish loosen mitigate moderate temper lighten qualify reduce weaken dilute lessen slacken modify let up on make less formal make less strict abate soften allay tone down lower relieve assuage mollify palliate take the edge off dull soothe subdue quell blunt calm deaden appease attenuate drop downscale de-escalate dwindle compose lenify quiet curb restrain pacify cool minimize deplete dampen curtail check limit dent tame still lull help slash repress dial down minimise wind down loose downsize cushion satisfy narrow quench taper cut restrict erode knock down depress make less make smaller degrade gentle control impair slake modulate trim scale down pare down stifle decrement square cut back pare cut down tranquilize tranquillize sweeten minify ebb roll back make nice cool out couch taper off bring down decline clip soft-pedal make cutbacks in trim down mark down drop off ease off take down trim back tail off pour oil on take the sting out play down step down release slow contract ration sate satiate shrink shave round down whittle down damp down gratify regulate suppress smother revise kill constrain fill surfeit refresh crumble extinguish slack relaxed disintegrate hold in mince mellow damp break temperate put a stop to put an end to keep under control meet halfway keep in check restraint remit smooth dispel placate dissipate banish dismiss eliminate destroy conciliate propitiate put to rest drive away drive off chase away silence content discount prune play up to axe take the bite out truncate abridge wane calm down quieten crush disarm ameliorate dry up ax devaluate sink cast down extenuate amortise downgrade peter out slow down chasten run down tighten amortize put down stroke grease dulcify con pacificate smooth over make peace with impose peace upon restore harmony to fix up butter up bury the hatchet kiss and make up smooth someone's ruffled feathers lay back clear the air with make peace put the lid on muffle buffer


To reduce the amount or quantity of
cut down shorten reduce contract decrease abate cut back rein back diminish lessen lower downsize slash axe mark down ax slim down cut prune cheapen scale down downgrade cause to fall deplete depreciate devaluate dwindle moderate knock down sink dent deflate minimise write off curtail drop ease depress pare down pare roll back write down shave attenuate minimize undervalue bring down break devalue de-escalate downscale demote clip rationalize retrench restrict economize on discount trim rationalise limit cut back on slenderize cut down on truncate abridge abbreviate condense synopsize crop precis summarize abstract dock digest epitomize chop boil down snip compress summarise epitomise encapsulate put in a nutshell cut short shrink précis syncopate elide outline edit sum up lop recap recapitulate shear lop off reprise brief blue pencil summate sum wrap up telescope minify cut off inventory concentrate narrow constrict curb give a summary of give an abstract of restrain give a precis of give an outline of put in nutshell give a synopsis of rein in whittle down bob mow hold back get to the meat get to meat capsule remove foreshorten slim deliver a blow to dispense with write a summary of compact nutshell cut to bone make a outline of capsulize make a résumé of make shorter abort round down waste away hack get shorter take up excerpt stop short tighten sever take out cut out mark off economize check economise make a long story short turn up cut to the bone slice detach hew excise saw tighten up cramp inhibit halt control scythe break off review chop down put a restriction on put the brakes on put a limit on run through go over give a rundown of run down skim retrograde rehash give main points compile give the main points of give the gist of cypher cipher make a summary of sickle barber plane sliver nip take off decorticate skin make bare peel snip off shingle poll strip whittle tonsure slice thin sketch give a digest of

Trái nghĩa của ease up on

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