Đồng nghĩa của satisfy

Alternative for satisfy

satisfies, satisfied, satisfying

Đồng nghĩa: appease, assure, benefit, comfort, content, convince, gratify, persuade, please, relieve, suit,

Trái nghĩa: dissatisfy,


To meet the expectations, needs, or desires of (someone)
satiate gratify sate fulfil fulfill quench indulge content fill please humour humor serve slake feed gladden meet suit cheer comfort delight oblige pleasure accommodate amuse elate enliven enthral enthrall exhilarate feast flatter gas glad satisfice surfeit warm cloy refresh animate captivate capture entertain rejoice sell cater to pander to agree with provide for make content tickle pink buck up give pleasure to make happy brighten up fill the bill make merry make someone feel good do the trick give a buzz give someone a kick hit the spot pamper appease spoil coddle overindulge regale gorge glut thrill baby stuff divert tickle favor favour give in to cosset charm mollycoddle enchant comply with yield to treat cheer up delectate enrapture overfill sicken bow to fascinate dandle nurse go along with feather-bed assuage excite dote on make a fuss of nauseate pet overfeed cater bewitch fill up titillate cocker jade benefit abet beguile appeal to wet-nurse spoon-feed overparent pacify wait on hand and foot wrap in cotton wool mollify placate soothe cram help weary hearten uplift entrance arride saturate pander sustain suffice enamor allure attract honour reward honor facilitate pall absorb fawn on cuddle foster solace disport cherish give way to caress nanny get one's kicks turn on cater for pique warm the cockles of the heart buoy up bring joy to give a lift give someone pleasure go over big do a kindness spoil rotten grab knock dead show consideration put oneself out for do someone's heart good take care of make much of do right by smile upon treat well show beneficence bloat relieve silence quieten still brighten disgust adapt to outfit reconcile revitalize overprotect revitalise recompense requite be a slave to fuss over wrap up in cotton wool minister to give pleasure overeat eat nursemaid warm the cockles of someone's heart make a hit do one proud cater to someone's every whim kill with kindness be soft on make a fuss over overjoy tailer oneself to wow fondle ravish send be too much stall stodge groove yield bowl over please greatly cater to your every whim spare the rod tickle to death be the ticket make a hit with someone be agreeable to interest fracture laugh it up treat to have a get-together party toss a party give a party nurture fully satisfy give in occupy mesmerize intrigue overdose distract go along make somebody's day make someone content make someone glad make someone pleased convulse scratch prickle brush pat kittle irritate itch vellicate tingle touch transfix magnetize hook grip infatuate tantalize spellbind involve engross engage make somebody laugh preoccupy recreate immerse hypnotize dazzle lure win over carry away seduce feed to gills assist aid ecstasize slay inspire hold the attention of relax crack up stimulate inspirit take put under a spell tantalise hypnotise tickle someone's fancy magnetise mesmerise wile support nourish convenience supply victual cooperate with allow for meet the needs of meet the wants of do someone a favour be of service to lend a helping hand to lend a hand to do a good turn to give a leg up to find ways to help submit to bend over backwards for do someone a service fit in with defer to do someone a good turn provision board fatten prepare food for cook for make a meal for provide food for stock dish out provide with food give food to encourage invigorate perk up lift boost envigorate buoy elevate pep up rouse energize stir console arouse ginger up energise restore liven up vitalize galvanize reassure intoxicate quicken revive transport assure galvanise embolden pick up fire incite strengthen rally revivify jazz up improve move give a lift to steel electrify raise lighten fortify light a fire under spark spur snap out of it fillip exalt instigate rejuvenate calm raise your spirits pump up kindle brace liven gee up bear up chirk up succour ease succor give someone a charge motivate vivify activate enhance light up wake up spike jump-start fire up renew ameliorate charge enhearten build up stir up give life to juice up amp up zip up rivet provoke upraise condole kick-start rapture look up allay compose brace up rap turn someone on condole with take a turn for the better give shot in arm psych up give a shot in the arm to salve bolster breathe life into breathe new life into commiserate with sympathize with reanimate palliate give condolences to put zip into give solace to bring comfort to hold spellbound put at ease raise spirits raise someone's spirits give confidence lift your spirits enthuse sweeten leaven edify boost moral lift up urge make more cheerful make happier send into raptures send into transports take someone's breath away better refine grow buoyant be heartened impel prod lighten up loosen up fire the enthusiasm of get someone going evoke fire the imagination of lighten burden empathize with besoothe make one feel at ease give sympathy to quiet fears make well commiserate cultivate civilize drive incentify empower become hopeful become optimistic rise soar take a load off inform give new life to applaud push advance civilise enrich gain strength take heart make brighter give great pleasure to do one's heart good give joy to make alive disinhibit trigger sway impassion goad enforce clear up bring to life egg jumpstart incentivize whip up spur on build become cheerful give a boost to reenforce cheer on ignite rev up boost up resuscitate nudge free praise prick reinvigorate regenerate freshen stimulate spiritually raise the morale of spirit someone up give hope to prop up lift the spirits of give confidence to boost someone's morale bield stiffen the resolve of renovate recharge resurrect rekindle refreshen repair awaken make lively waken up incentivise give respite to vivificate spice zap touch up spring up rediscover reinforce bring round make whole bring back to life reawaken overcome enkindle recondition restart recuperate bounce back bring around bring to pity work up make more lively make more exciting put on cloud nine put pep into let sunshine in alleviate let the sun shine in compel put on top of the world tranquilize tranquillize untrouble express sympathy to show compassion to draw tempt entice bemuse witch busy enwrap kill arrest bedazzle show fellow feeling to enamour catch up express sympathy express sympathy for overwhelm subdue ensnare interest greatly attach appeal invite overpower win enslave commove juice pep snap up make very happy give someone great pleasure give someone a thrill make someone's spirits soar


To pacify or soothe (someone)
assuage appease relieve calm ease soothe mollify pacify placate still allay compose lull alleviate conciliate gentle palliate subdue temper disarm mitigate propitiate quell tranquillize tranquilize take the edge off sweeten reconcile humour quiet humor win over calm down make peace with soften square off moderate lessen quieten reduce modify help abate comfort lighten decrease diminish tone down cool quieten down pour oil on troubled waters pour oil on patch things up cushion atone resolve blunt make amends to curb please soft-pedal stroke cheer dulcify fix up mellow take sting out ameliorate make up make peace play up to settle silence content dampen smother stifle suppress quiet down make matters up accede to somebody's demands dilute lower attenuate relax quench lenify kill fill surfeit take the sting out put an end to make nice put a stop to salve becalm dull deaden hush lullaby balm settle down cool off mute shush check squelch extinguish dumb quash repress shut up rise above tranquillise console sedate stay weaken remit extenuate put at rest disperse damp put behind one steady cure commute meliorate nurse improve doctor smooth over shut down excuse reduce the force of reassure fall cease qualify make better attend to set right do stop subjugate muffle overcome untrouble unburden ally heal rock to sleep lay back ease off chill out meet halfway be enough dispel overawe clam hush-hush banish muzzle gag tongue-tie take the edge take it easy put a lid on smooth down take the sting out of dry up choke off sit on say nothing dummy up cool it cut off strike dumb cut short close up keep it down decrease the volume hold one's tongue hush one's mouth


To act in accordance to the terms of
fulfil fulfill meet observe keep obey action complete discharge execute respect uphold accommodate accomplish affect apply consummate effect effectuate fill reach realise realize serve achieve acknowledge actualize administer adopt answer attain implement nail redeem actionize do enforce perfect sanctify comply with adhere to conform to agree to be heedful of carry off deliver on fall in with follow through with accommodate to act according to act on act upon be bound by be faithful to be guided by be true to cater to check with chord with cohere with cooperate with do justice to follow through on go along with go through with match up to measure up to pay regard to square with stand by assent to be good enough be in accordance with bring to completion coincide with cope with cut the mustard fill the bill fit the bill follow up on harmonize with live up to make good on make the grade perform according to pull off respond to submit to tally with yield to act in accordance with be loyal to keep faith with pass muster put into action put into effect put into operation put into practice goose-step to match carry out come up to perform abide by equal follow honor keep to heed honour be equal to bear comparison with stick to defer to fit compare with embrace bring about agree with acquiesce to accord with bring to fruition perpetrate be on a level with mind bring off bear out carry through toe the line admit of comparison make happen suit suffice rival conform measure up hold hold a candle to finish dispatch negotiate compass commit conduct manage prosecute make make good hold to accede to score engineer clinch put through consent to sew up do as told get done don't rock the boat acquiesce in stick with stick by pay heed to succeed in pull something off be in agreement with see through live by make it nail it take heed of wrap up make it through accord to rack up be in conformity with knuckle under get through conform with pay attention to get there fall in line with vie with handle meet with tie gratify justify remedy consecrate regard compare answer to solve validate vindicate take notice of have regard to occupy officiate engage distribute assign comply take up produce acquit deal with conclude acquiesce with come around to cave in to concur in knuckle to bow to give in to fit in with stay in line play the game concur with play ball be as good as grasp secure conquer seize strike hit land earn finalise enact finalize bag wrest fix put the tin lid on acquire chalk up arrive at take care of do a bang-up job get someplace fulfill one's potential make hay gain notch up put it over do one proud net latch onto clock up do the trick win procure snag contrive concur agree cohere correspond accord resemble extend stand comparison with rank with come near arrive get near approach admit of comparison with coincide harmonize check dovetail comport rhyme reconcile chord tally gain fulfillment do proud fulfill your potential work go level jibe rime consist balance harmonise gee sort square accept transact tick act out deliver the goods run with the ball take care of business carry to completion go that route dispose of do to a turn be engaged in acquit oneself of wind up be consistent match up keep to the rules adapt to stick to the rules go by the book do what one is told adhere to the rules go with the flow play by the rules be dutiful to abide by the rules comply with the rules observe the rules act in accordance with the rules be ruled by obey the rules kowtow to don't make waves adjust to play it by the book follow the rules be in harmony be consistent with be consonant be congruous be compatible align with check out fit in be in agreement get establish obtain settle cause succeed engender catalyze create log catalyse capture generate induce prompt beget spawn invoke breed polish off bring crown yield occasion ring up sort out result in give rise to record work out round off top off cap bring on translate into reap collect finish off garner polish set the seal on bring in hammer out bring to pass end provoke initiate render set up take impose round out come by cop swing pass draw on wangle form go through have terminate organize bring forth thrash out complement wreak undertake receive grab arrange originate close hook bring to an end bring to a conclusion precipitate add the final touch to add the finishing touch to put to bed organise begin draw pick up collar promote kindle lead to find advance trigger be given annex come through determine nab be responsible for process annexe get to carry launch practice foster introduce put in force knock off administrate assume knock up turn in pull down engage in get hold of go whole hog go the limit call it a day make perfect bring to maturity do thoroughly put the last touches on make up put the finishing touches on start register put in place call forth reify touch incarnate operate cause to occur cause to happen materialize inflict ultimate make real exercise scoop incite tackle clear hash out decide on practise be awarded make concrete materialise come away with walk away with walk off with rule inherit gather clean up ratify sanction act notch wrap authorize put the final touches to derive inspire settle on amass come to be guilty of end in set off button up sail through glean bear contribute to enkindle stir up spark off endorse be to blame for button down authorise develop put finishing touch on put the finishing touches to touch off whip up institute knock down draw up put together come into possession of total bring into being make short work of bring to bear bring into effect show up turn up excogitate construct erect build bring something off undergo go the distance put something into effect pull pursue maneuver manoeuvre agree on fight through refine make it to get hands on clock expedite employ enable stage work on idealise idealize make work discover feel for be behind present cut be successful pot harvest transgress succeed in making hack get something done start in on take action on ameliorate enlist bring home the bacon build up accelerate force score a success up and do rise to fix up can reorganise reorganize corporealize ply be done with play out follow up follow out follow through provide the means for take over accumulate be presented with exact put on muster hatch conjure found reach the summit of bring to perfection snare make attain resolve climb to come at exert put over do the job push through sow the seeds of multiply work up get up inaugurate come into get out of the way end up mop up top it off put away lay hands on snap up have conferred on one earn wings put lid on fold up put the finishing touch to call a day objectify make a reality further sign be elevated to do to a T make for turn around serve out bring into play deal out seal broker dawn spring break appear arise commence cross be finish up be placed come in come out bargain purchase access buy fetch choose confirm figure represent portray symbolize pocket retrieve instigate play a part in surmount see to concert opt name decide graduate drive be instrumental in save blag recover hoard schlenter salvage corral stop spur carry on get at make use of get one's hands on scrape together drum up get your hands on scrape up beg borrow or steal lay up lay hold of gobble up place symbolise set in qualify arrange for do business settle upon spark activate foment play a role in cease get over overcome impel have a hand in encourage add to amount to culminate in elicit stimulate be a factor in TCB halt ordain order reach an agreement reach terms on come to terms on tie up actuate culminate cultivate instil push forward be conducive to arouse set in motion instill open the door for influence decree legislate bring to life give life navigate get round vault get past hurdle overleap traverse run matriculate graduate in trigger off kickoff finish in draw out add up to have a part in make possible conduce to forward put in motion conduce oil the wheels of be at the bottom of evoke have the effect of entail be the cause of help be partly responsible for bring out spell contribute lapse approve shake hands on elapse expire turn the trick turn out put across shutter quit discontinue pass muster in qualify in gain a pass in pass with flying colors meet the requirements of come up to snuff in be successful in come up to scratch in scrape through pass over make it past make it round make it over scratch fold scrub command legalize proclaim constitute lay down make one's way round pass through make one's way past make one's way over get around go around leap over break off come to a conclusion round up break up close out come to an end come to a close shut down OK make law attempt work at set about devote oneself to go about be employed occupy oneself with get on with get busy with let up dead-end pack in leave off wink out vote in legalise give the seal of approval to set give the green light to get the floor give the thumbs up to dictate make laws make into law vote favorably appoint steamroll jam through give the go-ahead to give the OK to formulate railroad railroad through hang up bring to a close


To pay off (a debt or creditor)
recompense compensate settle indemnify meet pay remunerate repay requite balance clear discharge equalise equalize foot recoup reimburse square disburse liquidate atone close end fix pay off clear up make good pay back pay for pay in full square up dispose of pay up compensate for make reparation for take care of give payment to make reparation spring for tide over honour honor ante up defray pony up quit stand account for reward redress guerdon remit settle up return redeem make amends make amends to make restitution to make up for pay something off acquit exchange clear off eliminate amortize cash out amortise erase solve relieve repair fee tip refund vouchsafe award accord grant make redress for bear the cost make good on bear the expense foot the bill come through with make payment settle accounts with settle up with shell out dish out comp expiate counterpoise counterbalance countervail offset overcompensate propitiate atone for make restitution for pay money to make amends for make reparation to reciprocate respond retaliate match get even make restitution make restitution give in return even the score return like for like give tit for tat pay someone back in his get your own back restore correct give back make recompense for make up even up balance out pay something back rectify replace right mend rebate make reparations recover give money back pay dues square accounts with pay compensation pay damages pay costs make good for put right counteract neutralize cancel out answer nullify reconcile cancel apologise appease apologize annul negative make redress make recompense pay one's dues pay the price pay the penalty do penance redeem oneself absolve oneself say sorry take one's medicine even out equilibrize obviate decorate be equivalent charge outweigh allow for negate neutralise set off equal equipoise counterpose counterweigh account recognize recognise stroke give a present to give a bounty to make something worth someone's while give an award to


To dispel someone's doubts
convince persuade assure compel influence convert move sell sway reassure argue brainwash gain induce inveigle make certain dispel someone's doubts argue into bring around prove to put across sell to win over bring to senses demonstrate to gain confidence of impress to lead to believe prevail on prevail upon put someone's mind at rest talk into talk round work over bring home to bring round dispel doubt cause to feel certain make a believer put mind at ease bring round to the idea of reason someone into believing get bring prompt cajole guarantee inspire draw coax into gain one's confidence sell one on hook turn effect set someone's mind at rest overcome twist one's arm bring to reason twist someone's arm reason prove indoctrinate drive get around get on your side impel lead cause urge incite provoke rouse motivate activate propel instigate push stir incline work touch actuate encourage trigger prod inspirit nudge quicken set going tell promise pledge to declare to relieve doubt attest to relieve any doubt guarantee to declare confidently to relieve any doubts certify to give one's word to give one's assurance to vow to give surety to relieve doubts affirm to confirm to swear to stimulate spur spark excite press make arouse goad stir up fire up animate galvanize start galvanise set off occasion coax pique impress impassion predispose dispose prick inflame tempt turn on generate touch off produce entice force energize coerce exhort bring about spur on set in motion put in motion precipitate energise invigorate bias egg on kindle pressure fire whip up pressurize envigorate work up rev up run embolden engender pressurise steel incentivize oblige constrain spark off rally crank up exhilarate sting incentivise affect elicit enkindle goose initiate throw wheedle breed get going cultivate vitalize condition empower trigger off boost enthuse lead to give rise to bring on hearten ignite power uplift determine prejudice foment evoke necessitate direct mobilize make willing mobilise dragoon strike whet improve refine kick-start originate begin hatch incentify buoy enliven switch cheer flip jumpstart refresh enforce raise build up pump up pep up gladden restore brighten shepherd boost up cheer on work on advise maneuver manoeuvre thrust challenge impact require trip effectuate ferment awaken procure needle move forwards click waken obligate light a fire under sic promote flick create insinuate psych up buck up cheer up demand shove pull hit prime muscle sandbag beget get moving bully blackjack enjoin bulldoze invoke put up to bend guide switch on power up launch insist charge command govern start off talk someone into fan the flames of advance sweet-talk make for suck in make of a mind to put the screws on call forth result in twist somebody's arm talk over hone agitate toggle adapt instil fuel chivvy muster up get up instill stoke up crowd remind sound woo invite herd badger hound seduce agitate for agitate against be the cause of harass impose on orient fire with enthusiasm bring over jog memory wake up whip fire the imagination of cause to move put a bomb under buoy up strengthen roust lash catapult titillate applaud prepare yield catalyze spawn disinhibit fillip fortify smooth-talk egg comfort enhearten build draw on do catalyse muster make happen translate into round-up edify give a boost to reenforce revitalize revivify predetermine teach key up lure give drive on bear up chirk up hurl fling counsel impress on foster prevail propagandize enlist proselytize apply pressure praise console set afoot give incentive to give incentive set astir manipulate control colour reach start up make expectant make you of a mind to drive forwards better lighten proselyte propagandise proselytise scheme plot hint plan suggest rabble-rouse push forwards abet brew bestir exercise tend squeeze steamroll jaundice mould slant stimulate spiritually raise your spirits raise the morale of spirit someone up give shot in arm give hope to prop up lift the spirits of give confidence to boost someone's morale give a shot in the arm to bield gee up stiffen the resolve of suscitate root on crack carry conduct mold color nobble revive ameliorate civilize round up restart wheedle someone into help revitalise slide set on add fuel steam up make waves plead with win argument turn on to get round press someone into pressurize someone into convert to cause to believe prod someone into reason someone into pressure someone into lead to do wear down show a preference for be willing gravitate toward be partial verge favour lean to look be predisposed not mind be disposed favor civilise elate raise spirits ginger up enrich brighten up give a lift to draw forth contribute to wheedle into draw in cajole into slip set something moving impact on get something moving lead by the nose boot up start something functioning start something operating wind up set something going tell on boot soften up get something going turn one's head reboot operate engage beg soft-soap plead suggest to prod into exert influence on put someone up to something entreat adjure admonish implore beseech edge hint to strong-arm railroad appeal request steamroller browbeat shift sanction nag ask solicit terrorize menace bludgeon head propose order impose foist click on bind bear down use duress on exert force on burden bear hard on put screws to conscript blackmail put the squeeze on put squeeze on use force on bring pressure to bear upon urge by force choke concuss bring pressure to bear on pin down apply obtrude contract tighten the screws on press-gang put the bite on use strong-arm tactics on terrorise rationalize rationalise conjure countenance commend bulldoze into insist on put pressure on appeal to try to persuade put the heat on call on railroad into push for use pressure on lean on front move into position pioneer boss captain be in the van quarterback be in the vanguard of lead the way in trail-blaze spearhead be in the forefront of lay the first stone go out in front be in the front line of blaze the trail lead the way organise introduce helm run things be in the van of be the driving force behind get the jump on lead the way for organize


To give great joy, delight or pleasure to
overjoy content gladden gratify amuse charm entertain cheer thrill pleasure tickle divert enchant enrapture rejoice delectate allure attract exult fascinate glory groove jubilate please ravish score send slay wow arride tickle pink turn on hit the spot go over big be the ticket freak out knock dead knock out tickle to death delight humor humour fulfil indulge oblige suit excite titillate warm fulfill glad make happy cheer up be agreeable to appeal to agree with give pleasure to give someone a kick make someone feel good give a buzz make somebody's day make someone glad make someone pleased make someone content feast accommodate gas pamper regale coddle stimulate captivate arouse interest enliven pander to favor favour cater to exhilarate beguile enthral enthrall grab appease rouse elate serve distract comfort disport solace benefit cosset sympathize buck up yield to go along with inflame honour honor occupy tantalize bewitch help go easy on treat gently spoil stir electrify recreate tease abet bow to refresh make content crack up tantalise make smile give someone a thrill stir up brighten up get going fill the bill comply with give in to do it for someone do a kindness sympathise put oneself out for provoke pacify make laugh absorb hearten uplift assist seduce engross treat satiate inspire move baby galvanize reward facilitate spark quench tempt hook entice entrance intoxicate flatter pique feed kindle get someone going inspirit convulse relax animate kill aid quicken panic grip whet turn someone on make someone feel sexy fracture galvanise buoy up make merry treat well cater pander provide for convenience do the trick get one's kicks hold the attention of bring joy to give someone pleasure bowl over warm the cockles of the heart take care of give a lift be a hit with make a fuss of do someone a favour make roll in the aisles show consideration enthuse break one up do someone's heart good work up do right by smile upon do someone a service meet the needs of meet the wants of show beneficence placate mollify soothe assuage silence quieten still intrigue suffice reconcile enamor spellbind waken sate stoke rivet be a slave to blow away put away fill go along give in string along give way to brighten slake light someone's fire float someone's boat tickle someone's fancy meet please greatly revitalize outfit arouse sexually make a hit with someone satisfice surfeit revitalise recompense requite fracture one knock 'em dead put 'em away get one's jollies cloy give pleasure sell capture make feel sexy make feel sexually excited crack someone up minister to crease someone up initiate get started show introduce tailer oneself to support make a hit do one proud laugh it up treat to have a get-together party toss a party give a party nurture scratch prickle brush pat kittle irritate itch vellicate tingle caress touch sustain sexually arouse warm the cockles of someone's heart cater for be of service to lend a helping hand to cooperate with lend a hand to do a good turn to give a leg up to find ways to help submit to bend over backwards for fit in with allow for defer to do someone a good turn encourage make somebody laugh incite charge spur agitate instigate goad fire up palpate grapple prompt foster urge impassion prod foment pump up lead on whip up make someone feel sexually excited rally call summon up alert spur on produce rev up challenge switch on call forth fire the enthusiasm of make wild fire the imagination of egg on heat up light a fire under involve engage preoccupy immerse ecstasize avail contribute profit grin and bear it toe the mark come around take it swim with the tide gratify the wishes of make a deal bend over backwards meet the wants roll with it meet halfway go fifty-fifty be kind enough to fit in don't make waves make room put oneself out put yourself out for


To reach or bring to a climax
climax culminate end peak crown conclude finish result accomplish achieve cap cap off content crest fulfil fulfill orgasm please succeed summit terminate top tower come to a climax max out reach a pinnacle break the record come to a crescendo hit high spot reach a peak reach the zenith rise to crescendo come to a head close round off complete bring to a close top off wind up settle close out finish off reach a finale lead up to build up to perfect be a fitting climax to put the finishing touch to reach a crisis reach a crossroads stop cease put the lid on put the finishing touches to top it off reach a critical point reach a turning point come to the crunch maximize wrap up maximise bring to an end come to an end round out draw to a close top out end up reach a climax consummate reach the high point reach the top be at its height reach its highest point be at height end with conclude with close with finish with terminate with be the climax of be the culmination of put the tin lid on be the climax put finishing touch on add the finishing touch to add the finishing touches to shoot one's wad go the route go over the mountain rise to a crescendo come to an end with finalize execute carry out finalise polish realize sew up bring to fruition call it a day put to bed polish off realise ultimate perform effectuate do complement add the final touch to set the seal on nail knock off actualize make good carry off go whole hog go the limit put the last touches on sort out bring to a conclusion make perfect get through make up put the finishing touches on go through with bring to maturity do thoroughly halt discontinue clinch dissolve attain lapse can break off quit expire effect wrap elapse put the final touches to reach determine break up dead-end leave off wink out carry through let up call a halt to follow through with produce discharge reach the summit of idealise bring to perfection idealize refine bag make put into effect mop up take care of put away put lid on fold up clean up call a day button down make short work of be done with get out of the way drop axe resolve cancel abort abolish call off scrap break annul cinch desist pass desist from pull the plug ax relinquish get done give up give something the chop knock something on the head sunder get shot of put paid to shut off cut short nip something in the bud shut down put a stop to dispose of belay wind down put an end to get shut of cut out wind something up nip in the bud pack in pack it in lay off interrupt cut off switch off pull the plug on give over pack up bring down curtain draw to close be over put a period to

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