Đồng nghĩa của mollify

Alternative for mollify

mollifies, mollified, mollifying

Trái nghĩa: exasperate,


To provide assuagement or palliation to
allay ease assuage mitigate cushion moderate temper alleviate lessen lull relieve soften blunt modify reduce curb help palliate quell soothe abate ameliorate comfort compose cool decrease diminish dulcify lighten mellow quiet satisfy sweeten tranquillize tranquilize tone down fix up patch things up take sting out calm dull deaden relax take the edge off appease subdue pacify attenuate dampen weaken still settle placate check quieten dilute lower lenify salve stifle suppress smooth cure damp take the sting out repress extenuate control slake deplete restrain de-escalate succor soft-pedal succour smother dispel slacken muffle hush qualify dwindle downsize drop downscale improve nurse heal console doctor reassure cheer solace pour oil on damp down take the bite out calm down lift settle down chill out ease off free extinguish banish quash remit numb quench stop minimize resolve slow contain dent silence curtail kill remedy impair depress benumb ebb make nice fall hearten meliorate mute make less knock down thin assure relent anaesthetize minimise cool out put an end to uplift gladden condole balm make better anesthetize assist aid cripple cheer up bolster elevate encourage throw cold water on attend to wind down buoy up put at ease disburden take a load off give solace to pour cold water on let up let up on put a damper on dampen down facilitate bring comfort to address treat paralyse fill surfeit gentle put at rest mask commute rein pipe down attend excuse milden buffer put a stop to nourish paralyze dissipate dismiss reduce the force of fix eliminate destroy loosen put to rest drive away square drive off chase away sap modulate get rid of lullaby rehabilitate cut depreciate sate cauterize becalm ease up narrow admix rectify play up to water down release erode revamp adjust transmogrify switch hebetate desensitise cauterise obtund enfeeble disable debilitate desensitize undermine slack make smaller stroke cease mend monkey around with take the bite out of fine tune make reasonable take the sting out of tame discount degrade prune wane fade loose make less intense put the lid on put damper on stabilize set right brighten taper decline recede dial down truncate abridge slash rock to sleep quiet down lay back cool off make lighter squelch counteract take it easy take the edge put a lid on overcome shrink subside iron out sort out subjugate vary punctuate stabilise pad demilitarise neutralize defuse take the heat save neutralise smooth out demilitarize rescue recover clear the air sink liss interrupt pare down patch up put to rights rise above run interference for promote clear the way make easier speed untighten expedite forward disengage open the door speed up further simplify choke off cut off prevent break up pall give respite to shift put off throw out reduce weight pour out disencumber empty jettison levitate take eradicate remove cut down upraise unload uplight change unburden bring respite to give condolences to boost lighten burden reanimate support empathize with commiserate with envigorate revitalise make one feel at ease enliven give sympathy to quiet fears sympathize with buck up revitalize besoothe invigorate inspirit make well give a lift to condole with commiserate bring an end to take load off bring aid to make something bearable bring aid die away rachet down taper off fall away drop away drop off die down die out grow less ratchet down drain away phase down tail off peter out cut back trim limit slim down mark down scale down restrict contract make cutbacks in downgrade retrench devaluate pare axe bring down shorten deflate ax whittle down break decrement roll back devalue cheapen hold back cut back on inhibit absorb salami-slice retard clip shave step down write off hinder regulate stay run down rationalize write down consume turn down disempower minify constrict rationalise slow down deduct wear away take down arrest take off waste wear down halt play down put down make reductions in ease up on exhaust dam stem subtract block blanket couch staunch adulterate enervate economize on squash stanch wreck ruin vitiate delay spoil dim crumble dry up debase detain handicap trim back trim down devour undervalue tire decelerate revise tighten impede buttress devalorize dock make weaker obstruct disintegrate rebate knock off cut down on stall deteriorate hold up set back hamper decay postpone take away keep down round down keep back scale back mire retardate whittle away phase out loiter choke waste away tune down interfere with eat away bog down rein in detract from ration scale something down diffuse spare take the edge off sth satiate pillow whittle euphemize devitalize etiolate slenderize blur dip chill restraint make fewer muzzle discourage rarefy offset gratify deter subvert foreshorten demote downplay abbreviate dash keep it down decrease the volume extend lace sophisticate nose dive prostrate gruntle reduce punishment withstand oppose resist muddy up stamp out retrench on reduce greatly slim invalidate take pressure off mince make less strict make less formal mar insulate seclude take the heat off guard keep to a minimum keep at a minimum refresh relaxed cloud delete confine omit worsen lay off soak up chop crop compress protect against cause to fall condense lower in price simmer down hold in reconcile dispose make up thin out lessen the impact of soften the impact of reduce the impact of reduce the effect of lop off lop bring to a standstill rob from lower in value balance attune sugarcoat defend against shield against withdraw cut short concentrate shear economize soften up harsh economise safeguard against bridle constrain corrode amortise cast down harmonize prettify amortize drain take from mess up master set tone tune govern expend make light of debit abstract clog brake strike off eat gnaw spend crush incapacitate stun frustrate etherize chloroform KO drown unnerve stupefy injure freeze gas deprive dope inflect encumber abrade evacuate use up withhold minus allow bate lick defer budget cut roll down trim away milk slow up hamstring amend fine-tune alter adapt harmonise tweak reduce by take out decrease by knock out lay out dissolve weather quieten down keep a lid on clamp down on crack down on keep the lid on hold in check get under control nip in the bud slap down snuff out keep in check put back put to sleep draw back nibble rot fret trammel cumber burn bleed put out of order scrape away hang up close off down hesitate loaf back off falter crimp throw a monkey wrench in the works of baulk bog balk baffle bring to screeching halt shut off shut down dawdle put a brake on throw a spanner in the works of flag poke fetter stunt suck dry impoverish bankrupt scour grind down eat away at bite bite at finish draw down draw squander play out lag chip away at eat into gnaw away at procrastinate embog reef wash up eat up dig into back-water hit the brakes lose speed put the brakes on lose steam let down flaps get in the way of keep waiting anchor it


To assuage the agitation or anger of (someone)
pacify appease conciliate placate calm propitiate soothe assuage compose disarm gentle humor humour quell quiet quieten still sweeten calm down square off reconcile lull allay tranquilize tranquillize win over satisfy settle soften subdue make peace with ease relieve palliate mitigate take the edge off cool alleviate comfort becalm dulcify quieten down salve silence cool off content make peace stroke temper lullaby resolve relax balm pour oil on please settle down bury the hatchet soften up charm soft-pedal mellow bewitch captivate ameliorate steady square lighten hush make up untrouble unburden patch things up quiet down butter up play up to smooth over pour oil on troubled waters take the sting out smooth down tranquillise come to terms with console atone cheer make amends to dull curb ally heal dulcorate sugar honey sedate sugar the pill take the sting out of defuse stabilise contain stabilize control reduce subside make nice pleasure gladden delight gratify add sugar candy-coat make sweet make more appealing add sweetening rejoice suit warm moderate crush tame tickle suffice enrapture thrill feast indulge gas glad chasten repress sugarcoat persuade grease con qualify put down pacificate convert make matters up agree with make happy accede to somebody's demands impose peace upon lay back restore harmony to fix up smooth someone's ruffled feathers clear the air with put the lid on kiss and make up urge fascinate convince enchant unarm allure coax attract beguile seduce set at ease put off guard undermine someone's resistance win the affection of


To make less powerful or intense, thereby easier to control
tame control curb restrain check bridle contain constrain regulate inhibit govern subdue repress hold suppress measure rule keep moderate conquer calm overcome mitigate temper lick discipline soften pacify mellow tranquillize tranquilize gentle humble mute cow bust reclaim rein in pull in tone down get the better of water down get a grip on stifle restrict limit keep in check master quell hold back hold in keep under control keep a tight rein on cool hinder smother bottle up still confine hamper trammel beat retard rein keep a lid on keep the lid on withhold hold down soothe quiet arrest impede frustrate modulate curtail cork bring under control gain mastery over bite back choke back compose keep back keep lid on defeat vanquish best solve quash stop lull allay thwart prevail over freeze muzzle intern direct bar relax squelch guide prevent put the brakes on simmer down keep in line imprison straiten stem muffle delimit stay gag deter relieve hold in check gaol jail triumph over rein back shut in hem in hog-tie soft-pedal keep within bounds lock up fight back put a brake on keep down put half nelson on cool off stem the flow of slow down manage ease keep control of subjugate cork up keep on a string gain control over get over bring into line find an answer to lay down the law to someone find a solution to get under control get control of deal with strangle settle re-collect peg adjust monitor cap entrammel fetter collect halt rally inspect corner recover put a limit on box in cool down bring to screeching halt button up cut back keep tight rein on tie up damp down delay obstruct set limits on impose limits on chain stall foil hamstring baulk hold up neutralize pause constrict incarcerate cramp cut short block catch reduce terminate swallow interrupt staunch bottleneck counteract repulse discourage choke put a spoke in someone's wheel interfere with circumvent slacken pace brake bring to a standstill pull up draw up play for time rebuff stand in the way of nip in the bud neutralise checkmate fetch up ban bind lock in deny concuss coop up fence in deprive shotgun disallow close in necessitate immure balk decide determine placate appease sway palliate mince deaden damp break form influence condition dictate assuage conciliate propitiate temperate handicap dampen affect shape mould leash bit harness modify alter touch underlie debar silence content predispose directionalize mold act on incline work on dispose shepherd detain impound circumscribe kill hogtie impact on exert influence on keep in be a factor in have an effect on play down cool out meet halfway sit on box up put away pin down pull back tie down have on a tight leash crack down calm down quieten crush disarm ameliorate surmount have an impact on chasten dispatch put down stroke grease dulcify con qualify sweeten square pacificate clobber dominate make peace with squash smooth over impose peace upon restore harmony to fix up butter up bury the hatchet kiss and make up take the edge off smooth someone's ruffled feathers lay back clear the air with make peace put the lid on win against crack down on stamp out put the kibosh on gain control of stymie encumber slow shackle hobble clog handcuff manacle embarrass short-circuit discontinue forestall put a stop to prohibit cumber cease cut off suspend hang up oppose stave off put an end to interdict resist head off quit intercept end bring up avoid avert ward off baffle dam bork stonewall shut out cripple get in the way tie disrupt break off shut off fend off get in the way of shut down hold off preclude throw a spanner in the works of forbid set back derail obviate put off sink lessen drop submerge postpone pocket decrease throw a monkey wrench in the works of desist forfend rule out diminish finish lay off leave off interfere conceal bring to an end quench forgo can eschew forbear crimp refuse fix slow up bog down let up decelerate outlaw desist from jam defer shelve close cancel give up disturb slacken divert counter overpower evade abstain close off put back entangle ward renounce knock off pack in turn aside kick keep at bay proscribe stanch steer clear of cramp one's style defend against put a lid on abandon occlude hide inconvenience exclude dodge withstand gulp back congest stuff scupper extinguish enjoin retardate stop up nullify shush stunt intermit escape pick off shun clog up sidestep cut choke off bung up plug up abjure skirt weigh down clamp down on put an stop to reject break up refrain from cut out come to a standstill give over pull the plug on put on ice call a halt to pack up do without keep off keep from abstain from forbear from scrub sabotage plug adjourn capture set entrap barricade impair sandbag conclude abort fence deflect crab obscure duck mire hesitate falter ostracize blockade block up incommode screen bottle cover up loiter shorten abbreviate abridge discommode censor immobilize remit keep secret faze make illegal immobilise fill up fill close out belay bung lullaby refrain quelch suffocate interpose burden jam up becalm salve embargo hush disadvantage pass cut in save die ostracise taboo shortstop clot waive be a hindrance to forswear dissolve pre-empt help bypass tie someone's hands repel prorogue stopper mothball chill estop procrastinate defend cramp someone's style stand still infringe contravene shake place a limit on lay aside take down back off drown forsake hold off on turn off lose speed cut down oppress bother call it quits call a halt gum up mark off stop oneself put on hold put on back burner put on the shelf protract come to a stop throw cold water on leave alone put a damper on hold over comfort balm saddle with drag your feet come to a halt bite one's lip withhold from push back prevent oneself from swear off restrain oneself from pour cold water on steer clear count out not give in to stop oneself from make late fight off give a hard time put in cold storage ease up keep from happening anticipate straitjacket ruin hang on hold the fort resist attack fight sidetrack brace net enmesh ensnare choke something back cushion come down hard on snag hold something in demarcate act against cross indispose dissuade destroy gulp scotch tether bound left out keep feeling inside oneself enclose trap bring to naught collar circumnavigate veto debilitate overload boycott blacklist dissuade from discomfit rattle disconcert spoil prolong park garrote garrotte prevent from making progress inc charge tie one's hands stave retain specify demark prescribe seal caulk elude put on brakes keep a rein on slam on the brakes disqualify hold captive clip someone's wings define delimitate girdle not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of sideline criminalize louse up set a limit on say goodbye to cut into break into block out close up foul up screw up lag abate get bogged down put the brakes on take out of play snuff put straitjacket on throw monkey wrench in make difficult put at a disadvantage bring an end to put out hush up heap shower shroud blackball except eliminate choke up pack throw a spanner in the works throw a spoke in the wheel of put a ceiling on reef embog arrive nix spike put out of commission place at a disadvantage give disadvantage take out dawdle down loaf bog flag poke buck resolve reconcile solace make up console tune down keep hold of tamper throttle sever keep within limits block off confuse obturate complicate hold the line declare taboo criminalise trouble conflict override exile draw the line on make it impossible for make impossible make it impracticable for give the thumbs down to check oneself declare illegal put the chill on give the red light to turn down say no refuse to pay dam up gibbet gunge up wring shut out of noose squeeze freeze out silt up back-water keep waiting lose steam wind down anchor it tongue-tie ice pigeonhole dispense with make impracticable miss stay away from deny oneself make up for shake off break the habit of skip out on get around shrink from shirk stay away get out of restrain from counterbalance skip shy from negate reschedule table hit the brakes let down flaps get there draw to a halt haul up reach a standstill bulwark guard disband prorogate recess monkey with stand reply beat off defend yourself retaliate put up a fight riposte let enfetter enchain gyve pinion call off axe erode elide undermine dock truncate syncopate fight shy of resist the temptation to take the pledge give a wide berth to go on the wagon sit out avoid doing something be temperate pass up not touch have nothing to do with not do take the cure jack in bring to a close bring to a halt put aside parry alleviate dummy up dry up shut up disadvise scare rescind scrap call bring repeal revoke recall clip chain up clap secure cuff take a breather from put on a back burner lay on the table take a rain check on inactivate put on the back burner hang fire omit put in abeyance file pink-slip keep in abeyance lay over hold in abeyance cover fend cheat damage weaken compromise stop dead break short leave unfinished stop cold stop short stop in full flow internalize reassure fall scratch cry off ax internalise put in irons clap in irons stand off peter out not move safeguard against secure against protect against shield against seize talk out of rock to sleep take the sting out take it easy chill out settle down quiet down ease off take the edge stand up for guard against skirt round defend oneself against keep at arm's length take put in chains expropriate grab snatch commandeer act like a wet blanket stop midstream mark down retrench lower economize economise contract slash encroach on attack ambush challenge knock it off appropriate interlope confront accost hijack tackle waylay buttonhole keep under wraps keep inside black out clamp down come down on take severe measures against take stern measures against tighten up on get tough pounce on take on get tough on come down on like a ton of bricks come down heavily on forego swoop down on take away quit cold cease to indulge in go without lay off of kick the habit kick over make off with head off at pass elapse intrude lapse expire go waver intervene dither stagger vacillate wabble teeter balance wobble scruple limp stumble whiffle heckle break in wind up chime in dead-end cut in on wink out chip in intrude on intervene in barge in horn in come to an end bring to a stop be over break train of thought butt in butt in on break in on interject bust in come between intersect inject disjoin chip in on muscle in on work in barge in on disunite horn in on divide in edge in insinuate crash put in chime in on separate disconnect muscle in crowd in call it a day close down be suspended put a sock in draw to a close be abandoned come to a close blow the whistle on hold at bay put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill be broken off shilly-shally wiggle-waggle draw to a stand hang back come to rest


Make or become more tender or loving
melt soften touch disarm relax affect move forgive relent yield become lenient give in show mercy capitulate acquiesce backpedal unbend accede give way weaken budge surrender submit concede blink bow forbear quit succumb do a U-turn come round back down have mercy sympathise give quarter become merciful show pity fold slow sympathize comply knuckle under have pity be merciful allow admit agree to let go let happen die away cool it cave in lay back mellow out say uncle do an about-turn come around cry uncle give up lighten up give some slack change mind go along with go easy on let it happen ease up on take a softer line change your mind throw in the towel admit defeat defer cede concede defeat fall throw in the sponge lay down arms raise the white flag climb down buckle under show the white flag be beaten agree accept defeat be overcome wave the white flag bend assent relinquish crumble accept abandon go down go under be overwhelmed toss it in pack it in put up white flag give up the struggle consent grant suffer defeat be defeated retract collapse cave kowtow resign bow out deliver indulge lose buckle knuckle break be conquered abdicate yield to give way to lay down fall victim hand over pull out throw in your hand eat crow roll over give yourself up surrender to comply with cooperate with acquiesce in give in to come to terms concur with resign yourself retreat compromise change entrust consign leave forego adapt throw up one's hands chuck it in play dead eat humble pie throw up the sponge fall in line adhere waver hesitate vacillate conform eat your words proffer stop drop despair desist tender cease waive present forswear ease off ease up be overcome by be overwhelmed by heed observe truckle leave off hand in bail out cut out chicken out be conquered by be beaten by show white flag give oneself over fold up cry quits turn over turn in call it quits act in accordance with be servile be the loser come off second-best be bested by fail be submissive hoist the white flag bend the knee humble oneself give ground be trounced be vanquished lose out keel be converted come to grief default get the worst take a licking have the worst come up short be worsted fall short renege give away the store bow to backtrack suffer be humbled come a cropper drop a bundle be taken to cleaners meet one's Waterloo crash out be outdistanced take a beating agree with be persuaded approve endorse recognize permit okay undertake engage cop out go back on default on do an about-face back out break your word have second thoughts break promise fail to honour comprobate give the nod roll over and play dead concede to come round to give carte blanche cave in to consent to say yes acquiesce to enter into recognise be game for give your blessing give the green light back down to defer to assent to relent to give the go-ahead astipulate play ball be converted to be persuaded by be won over be won over by


To be kind and indulgent to
humour indulge accommodate pamper spoil cosset gratify coddle flatter mollycoddle overindulge bow to cater to placate satisfy soothe yield to adapt to comply with give in to give way to pander to fawn on go along with humor please baby pet nurse dandle feather-bed cocker wet-nurse overparent favor favour spoon-feed fulfil wrap in cotton wool wait on hand and foot treat regale foster fulfill nanny spoil rotten take care of make a fuss of oblige honor benefit abet facilitate reward honour gladden mother caress cuddle overprotect serve cherish treat well do a kindness dote on show consideration smile upon cater to your every whim make much of show beneficence put yourself out for do right by pander fuss over wrap up in cotton wool be a slave to appeal to cotton cocoon fuss posset nursemaid fondle nourish make over play up to tickle yield kill with kindness feed relieve quench slake pacify appease satiate spare the rod assuage provide for cater sate fill content gorge glut meet refresh surfeit entertain cloy cheer captivate allay stuff feast overfill make happy overfeed saturate sicken take the edge off fill up weary cram string along overcome quell check dull blunt diminish be soft on make a fuss over keep in check give in outfit help nauseate go along jade minister to tailer oneself to fully satisfy pall feed to gills overdose lessen slack moderate reduce compose abate mitigate cool subdue crumble extinguish decrease loose relaxed relax disintegrate suit pleasure delight comfort exhilarate elate amuse enliven warm gas satisfice enthrall glad enthral animate rejoice sell capture agree with tickle pink make content give pleasure to buck up make merry brighten up make someone feel good fill the bill hit the spot do the trick give someone a kick give a buzz


To bring into harmony or accord
reconcile reunite conciliate pacify appease placate propitiate accommodate attune conform coordinate harmonise harmonize key accord accustom arbitrate arrange assuage compose cool fit integrate intercede join mediate merge mitigate proportion reconciliate re-establish regulate suit tune resolve differences between bring back together bring back together again bring together bring to terms come together fix up make up restore friendly relations between restore harmony win over bury the hatchet get together on make matters up patch things up re-establish friendly relations between restore harmony between kiss and make up make peace between soothe calm satisfy gentle humour humor disarm quiet adapt quieten sweeten resolve calm down make peace with correlate synchronize still allay dovetail tranquilize soften relate synchronise adjust tranquillize square off comfort mesh settle systematize lull please make peace match blend tally concert cohere chime square chord ease go complement combine systematise silence symphonize bring in line quell fit together check content go together quieten down tie in pour oil on troubled waters come to terms with assimilate clue atone make amends to stroke cheer soft-pedal pour oil on play up to curb dulcorate honey dulcify sugar salve becalm lullaby agree correspond coincide rime answer consist comport homogenize sort rhyme jibe organize cooperate set sing homogenise synthesise carol tone unify tone in synthesize orchestrate unite make consistent bring in line with bring in tune with be of one mind be in unison chime with go with fit in with bring in tune lessen moderate balm temper suppress solace restrain rein repress let up simmer down ease up relax slacken modulate hold in smother dispose console tune down mix pleasure gladden delight gratify pool interrelate manage order rejoice warm sit quarterback atune organise direct conduce tickle suffice bewitch charm feast gas enrapture agree with make happy thrill indulge captivate glad sit with be consonant be well coordinated be harmonious be congruous be compatible fit in shape up get it together relieve palliate subdue quiet down accede to somebody's demands

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