Đồng nghĩa của show white flag


To yield to an overpowering force or overwhelming desire
succumb yield surrender capitulate submit relent concede bow quit budge blink give in knuckle under cave in be overcome by be overwhelmed by be beaten by be conquered by give in to throw in the towel acquiesce give way defer back down give up admit defeat fall cede fold throw in the sponge accede concede defeat raise the white flag assent lay down arms show the white flag comply be beaten agree go down climb down go under buckle under accept relinquish bend lose be defeated suffer defeat bow out fall victim accept defeat cry uncle be conquered be overcome wave the white flag collapse crumble abandon resign cave kowtow knuckle come off second-best be vanquished be trounced say uncle buckle be overwhelmed fall victim to let go come up short toss it in pack it in put up white flag give up the struggle concur fail soften make concessions approve keel indulge be the loser be bested by weaken truckle deliver lose out come round abdicate roll over adapt eat crow give yourself up go along with hand over do a U-turn throw in your hand lay down comply with be humbled crash out do an about-turn change your mind admit bow to come to terms resign yourself pay homage die of give vail retreat throw up one's hands consent throw up the sponge chuck it in fall in line adhere break compromise change surrender to conform waver hesitate vacillate retract proffer stop drop despair desist tender cease waive present forswear come to grief default get the worst take a licking have the worst be worsted fall short entrust consign leave forego be submissive hoist the white flag bend the knee humble oneself give ground honour respect honor give oneself over fold up cry quits turn over turn in call it quits leave off pull out hand in bail out cut out chicken out play dead heed observe ease off ease up eat humble pie suffer come a cropper be taken to cleaners meet one's Waterloo be outdistanced take a beating be deferential knuckleunder adjust cringe fawn accommodate agree with obey eat your words drop a bundle be overthrown cooperate with acquiesce in act in accordance with be servile concur with be overthrown by be defeated by be taken by eat dirt be destroyed by be vanquished by melt lie down be a casualty to be smitten by pass into the hands of backpedal unbend fall to pieces forbear pass into enemy hands lose one's position to have mercy become merciful slow sympathise give quarter show pity sympathize have pity become lenient show mercy be merciful allow agree to die away mellow out come around let it happen give some slack let happen change mind lay back cool it go easy on take a softer line ease up on lighten up give away the store withdraw recoil back out retire recede balk wimp out beg off yield to give way to back off renege pull back baulk cancel cop out recant back away backtrack go back on back pedal lose your nerve welsh draw back get cold feet wuss out have no stomach for worm out weasel out bottle it funk out wiggle out shy from see eye to eye give oneself up to lose oneself in shrink subscribe drop out bottle out indulge in crap out pike on subjugate genuflect subdue shy away go backward move away be converted lose oneself to grant be persuaded turn yellow scratch think better of avoid blow it off demur fink out reconsider row back do an about-face sing a different song have second thoughts admit that one is wrong retract one's words be converted to be persuaded by be won over take back hold back touch terminate drop back mollify relax disarm be won over by admit you were wrong have no fight left withdraw from agreement or statement run away retrograde fall back back regroup ebb retrocede give back affect move knock off forgive wallow in resign from back out of refrain from drop out of give rein to abandon oneself to give free rein to

Trái nghĩa của show white flag

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