Đồng nghĩa của pay homage


To regard someone or something with great awe or devotion
revere reverence venerate worship honour adore respect admire adulate appreciate cherish deify esteem exalt glorify idolise idolize love prize treasure value apotheosize approve of enjoy hero-worship honor lionise lionize look up to magnify regard think highly of defer to hold in esteem hold in high regard put on a pedestal set store by think much of have a high opinion of hold in awe hold in high esteem pay homage to set great store by be in awe of hold in the highest regard praise extol laud celebrate acclaim commend sanctify hallow aggrandize pay tribute to hail commemorate applaud regard highly hold dear eulogize dignify canonize eulogise distinguish recognize bless emblazon compliment sing the praises of canonise ennoble recognise salute erect observe elevate embrace think the world of extoll memorialize sublime uprear panegyrize dote on memorialise immortalize stand in awe of rate highly idealize enshrine value highly decorate pray to big up hymn resound immortalise like idealise hold in admiration care for relish roll out red carpet consecrate be devoted to have a high regard for enthrone beatify rate favour favor carol bow down to offer prayers to heroize toast sing praises to solemnize keep crack up approve love dearly sing paeans to solemnise speak highly of value greatly appreciate greatly give glad hand give key to city take your hat off to place great value on care very much for feel great affection for ensky dedicate proclaim be smitten with hold sacred marvel at acknowledge tout attach importance to extol the virtues of flatter halo transfigure fete dote upon give thanks to signalize consider remember bow down before be fond of hold in respect signalise rave about mark show appreciation of give accolades to give credit to make much of speak well of build up cry someone up big something up hold in great respect pat on the back express admiration for cry something up think very highly of hand it to hold high be crazy about sacralize devote anoint celebritize bow down lift up worship to excess publicize sing embosom lift intensify preserve regard with awe endorse think of publicise thank credit set much store by hold in regard apprise make famous support nurture go into raptures over encourage adorn mythify illuminate give praise to raise really like divinize express approval for look on with favour have a penchant for have a predilection for have a proclivity for set on pedestal set on a pedestal recommend cheer apostheosize be faithful live up to be true sing someone's praises protect want welcome felicitate ballyhoo congratulate fancy apprize take off your hat to accredit embalm contain represent express incorporate realize embody manifest rave over heap praise on wonder at think a lot of rhapsodize over rhapsodize about dread take part in participate in hold partake in be present at be awed by take pleasure in bow to boost stroke sing hyms to chant to be wild about set out set down include say nice things about pay respects wax lyrical about throw bouquets at take one's hat off to be intimidated by monumentalize love intensely go for flip over fall for crack someone up sing praises of take off hat to give bouquet crack something up kudize spell out realise lay down wax lyrical cry up fear be sweet on be stuck on be nuts about be mad for be gone on be mad about be serious about praise to the skies set in stone ordain glamorize set apart romanticize glamourize go into raptures about rhapsodize make holy romanticise glamorise glamour up make sacred rhapsodise hear it for praise enthusiastically gush about enthuse about enthuse over sound the praises of vaunt gush over root rave push saint express approval of fetishize go on about express delight over puff up go wild about overemphasize dedicate to God overemphasise give a bouquet give a posy paint a rosy picture of view through rose-tinted glasses place on a pedestal perpetuate eternalize mob bestow honour on eternize characterize differentiate singularize individualize discriminate trumpet publish sing praises make a fuss of show respect make a fuss over pedestalize belaud enhance perform frock augment exaggerate idolatrize besaint behallow make immortal formalize brag about givea bouquet promote increase sentimentalize roll out the red carpet hats off to individualise characterise sentimentalise ceremonialize clap add dignity to regard as sacred make into a saint lay hands on crown keep alive the memory of give a boost to romance make glamorous look at through rose-colored glasses think romantically add distinction to dream hike add lustre to formalise install invest inaugurate put up offer sprinkle confirm baptise sign sacrifice absolve cross baptize induct officiate at make official look at something through rose-tinted spectacles be unrealistic about look at something through rose-colored glasses give approval blow horn give kudos instate devote to God give it up for initiate pray for offer benediction invoke benefits pronounce holy invoke happiness invoke happiness on establish consummate coronate swear in hurrah hurray instal king affirm uphold root for

Trái nghĩa của pay homage

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