Đồng nghĩa của acquiesce

Alternative for acquiesce

acquiesces, acquiesced, acquiescing

Đồng nghĩa: agree, assent, comply, concur, consent, submit, succumb,


To accept or consent by silence or by omitting to object
accept allow approve submit comply yield concur conform surrender accede agree assent consent permit succumb tolerate capitulate respect brook subscribe accommodate adapt adjust bend buy concede ditto jibe OK okay reconcile suffer yes cave in give in abide by agree to assent to bow to comply with consent to concur with conform to go along with yield to play ball stand by submit to toe the line accept tacitly cooperate with give in to give the nod to go along let pass say yes to come round give the green light to give the thumbs up to hoist the white flag cry uncle give approval to give consent to give one's assent to give one's blessing to say the word say uncle shake on cut a deal roll over and play dead give the go-ahead to grant give way knuckle under relent defer bow back down admit sanction acquiesce in give up recognize endorse throw in the towel admit defeat quit blink budge recognise concede defeat accede to fold countenance authorize acknowledge say yes warrant raise the white flag give the nod bless throw in the sponge authorise show the white flag support accord fall confirm pass sign cede license ratify defer to climb down agree with licence indulge sign off on validate confess buckle under approve of lay down arms give the go-ahead affirm own clear rubber-stamp change your mind favour favor condone accept defeat see eye to eye wave the white flag give permission compromise back avow accredit formalize let cave kowtow certify approbate relinquish finalize homologate engage abandon endure knuckle obey crumble heed let on finalise concede to formalise give the OK to subscribe to take kindly to be overcome surrender to roll over give carte blanche green-light acquiesce to toss it in have put up white flag pack it in humour own up to humor give your blessing give the green light thumbs up make concessions soften follow uphold backpedal unbend weaken mandate truckle sympathize advocate observe come around embrace sympathise buckle retreat resign fall victim bear reveal seal do a U-turn profess undertake stand undergo abide stomach sustain second put up with empower enable see concur in realize boost let go pull out chicken out bow out appreciate do an about-turn swallow give ground be in sympathy pass on leave be overwhelmed be beaten greenlight give someone leave give one's leave take stick fess up realise go under go down eat crow give yourself up act in accordance with bear with go for open up abet charter get behind 'fess up eat humble pie be of the same mind own up be of the same opinion come clean humble oneself give up the struggle sanctify give way to live with pay homage fall in with give vail give permission for adhere set change honor honour lay down go with the flow give the thumbs up retract knuckleunder fawn cringe be overwhelmed by be overcome by be conquered by make a deal recommend entrust consign forego reach a decision hesitate vacillate waver fall in line throw in your hand be defeated eat your words play dead toe the mark pay attention to play along with bow down to be guided by succumb to resign oneself to make law rubber stamp stump for buy into lap up push for make valid take up O.K. give go-ahead be deferential jump at the chance entitle ease off ease up champion be servile admit as true bind give permission to stand for be subject to permit to grant permission to withstand sit through be doing with cope with hear of allow to bear the brunt of engage in authenticate qualify nod show agreement establish believe in undersign signature cosign legalize legitimatize legitimate give someone authorization comprobate astipulate cause legalise legitimatise admit of franchise wink at blink at facilitate grant the right privilege enter into be game for relent to come round to cave in to back down to proffer stop despair deliver tender present collapse drop lose desist cease waive forswear be submissive resign yourself bend the knee hold backtrack renege melt put John Hancock on give stamp of approval be in agreement with hold with espouse hand over leave off hand in bail out cut out fess adopt cancel back off withdraw reconsider balk demur cop out back out recoil recant fink out be united cognize know perceive note mind be as one be aware of be conscious of forbear adhere to keep take on board take an oath come out of closet attest to cop a plea be wise to be as one man be down with have mercy wimp out take back baulk beg off go back on back pedal pull back hold back wear have pity become lenient become merciful slow give quarter show pity show mercy fess up to stoop feel weather league collaborate join conjoin unite concert cooperate conspire take orders hold to answer do as you are told do as one says fulfill do what is expected come to heel serve act upon do one's bidding play it by the book fulfil respond goose-step to get into line do what one is told keep to play second fiddle live by do one's duty hold fast stick to be ruled by get in line be loyal to divulge deign be merciful admit you were wrong have no fight left withdraw from agreement or statement disclose declare give the stamp of approval to descend cool it lighten up die away mellow out let happen lay back brave hack give five expose let it happen go easy on give some slack change mind ease up on vouchsafe be in harmony coadjute harmonize meet fall in band together team up correspond combine band be in accord equal harmonise sweat spill sing leak take a softer line let out indicate go into details communicate narrate talk make a clean breast of make public blow the lid off squeal about make known come out of the closet cop to confide proclaim bring into the open give away bring to light state uncover make a clean breast tell all about bare spill the beans about blurt out get off your chest cough up spill your guts tell blow the gaff on unveil go through wait out sit and take it be together be consonant with be in agreement be in accordance come together humble oblige lower demean condescend lower oneself be courteous enough deem it worthy of oneself debase oneself degrade oneself think fit be courteous toss a few crumbs lower yourself come down off high horse see fit demean oneself come to terms give away the store legitimize legitimise vouch for vindicate justify corroborate commission substantiate verify enact legislate decree back up bear out prove ordain constitute defend formulate maintain make legal promote encourage make decriminalize give green light vote for appoint countersign regulate codify launder attest vest invest decriminalise commend clean up account for smile on lend weight to nod at give credence to testify to check out be in favour of green light stand up for give the seal of approval to evidence demonstrate underwrite give the go-ahead for initial normalize assert buttress carry excuse pronounce lawful normalise advance effect give substance to show to be true implement vote in put the seal of approval on further dictate document argue put into effect welcome sit still for carry through put through make into law give support to stick up for give the OK throw your weight behind argue for check up bear witness to grant the right to stand behind side with notarize give one's consent promise indemnify give leave for regularize give a hear hear regularise guarantee depute lend your name to give consent for declare legal give one's word settle for be happy with compromise on contract make do with give approval for delegate give something the go ahead make binding make stick certificate nod through receive set seal on give authority for give a certificate to give a diploma to be behind give the green light for accord with make legally binding give leave to put one's name to gain entertain legislate for shore up reenforce reinforce bolster set one's seal to speak up for circumstantiate free up say the magic word give okay give the O.K. be big give a blank cheque to confer a right to give authority to give power to John Hancock underpin assume bestow forward regard consider give nod check on declare true double check strengthen explain string along be supportive of sponsor view prefer formally support deem envisage order go pocket handle thole absorb bide help greet rationalize receive wholeheartedly ally oneself with receive enthusiastically be on the side of take to heart take up the cudgels for go in for aid and abet get into take to take on show give weight to think suggest hold up one's end come to the defence of give backing to stick by advocate for be with go with give moral support to announce one's support for give moral support aid be of one mind show beyond doubt give proof of sweat out applaud stick out invite cope rationalise objectify test debunk complete reify try try on actualize try out propose command rule impose officially approve plug push answer for merit give the okay to regard as being identical to regard as being the same as consider to be show just cause for provide a rationale for do justice to show to be reasonable speak in favor of make good on give a justification for give reasons for be answerable for prove to be reasonable give an explanation for make allowances give grounds for show cause carry out conduct be acquainted with be on familiar terms with accept as valid be familiar with speak for put forward grin and bear it give the go ahead to fix institute transact accomplish effectuate determine execute steamroll railroad draft put into practice bring to bear bring into effect demand deserve identify require earn bring about make laws vote favorably jam through railroad through draw up form wage draught administer compass pursue follow through with carry off organise pull off arrange negotiate organize rate put in force get the floor entail necessitate put in a good word for call for be a defence of give ground for be a justification for explain away be a reason for be worth be deserving of offer grounds for be entitled to be worthy of qualify for


To settle or come to terms on a particular arrangement
agree settle decide accept arrange compromise contract accede arrive at confirm decide on determine negotiate establish meet bargain covenant end set hammer out shake hands thrash out work out make a deal reach terms strike a bargain come to terms about reach an agreement clinch complete seal conclude finalize fix close finalise shake hands on set the seal on resolve broker achieve secure choose figure name tie up pull off bring about bring off sew up reach terms on wrap up come to terms on agree on guarantee transact perfect consummate finish polish designate bring to a conclusion cinch nail appoint polish off wind up put the icing on the cake put the finishing touches to firm up complete the arrangements for select pick assign nail down come to a conclusion come to a decision about make a decision come to a decision call the shots come to an agreement effect accomplish engineer rule concert opt swing settle on carry out settle upon button up specify hash out prescribe ordain reach schedule solve stipulate allot decree resolve on come to terms allocate impose decide upon instruct lay down agree upon fix up fix on dictate make sort out come to a decision on come to a satisfactory conclusion on form a resolution about define limit agree to rule on prearrange attain fix upon arbitrate take a decision on judge adjudicate authorize square up adjudge figure out square off deem pin down authorise call the shots on gain strike work set a date for hit ratify sanction put together sign come to arrive endorse draw up


To give or award something to someone, especially publicly or formally
accord grant award give present tender vouchsafe bestow concede assign cede confer endow hand render vest yield accede afford allow invest with present with bestow on confer on endow with entrust with vest in favour with impart with put in someone's hands provide offer donate impart contribute gift furnish supply proffer bequeath hand out entrust deliver kick in hand over favor favour leave commit devote allot put up extend chip in give away stump up fork out dispense purvey transfer volunteer gift with pitch in cough up turn over shell out lend permit pledge surrender advance come up with transmit sacrifice lay on present to ante up throw in pony up dole out furnish with invest make over endue bless provision indue pay will serve relinquish distribute bring pass let someone have give out allocate share award to dish out bear give up accommodate provide with stake grace bequest subscribe produce apportion subsidize give to accord to give a donation of make a donation of honour with convey part with lavish oblige subsidise decorate with pass on come through sweeten the kitty sweeten the pot hand out to donate to allot to assign to lavish on impart to put out supply with sign over give over avail issue do put forth put at someone's disposal venture reward provide for treat show decree bestow to cede to yield to add ante crown submit make a contribution of give of contribute to cater arrange let oneself in for put forward bring forward act with pay up grant to stock allocate to bless with make a gift of put oneself down for consign sell trot out place at disposal appoint nominate name designate install as do your part get it up feed the kitty pass the hat get in the act devise demise disburse give out to extend to vouchsafe to fund sponsor store legate minister replenish hand down giving honor mete enrich create distribute to bequeath to consign to invest in apportion to afford to cater in deal in trade in make available cater to dower let lend-lease trust inject shark leave in one's will hand on leave to leave to by will enable commit to entrust to heap on feed into sanction indulge empower honor with render to lay on one loan shark give permission to give the go-ahead to give the green light to grant permission to go along with equip arm enhance begift abandon renounce resign abdicate step down from forgo remit step aside from waive abnegate deliver up forsake come across with fold give way communicate drop throw in the towel give in let go lay down throw in the sponge fork over turn in capitulate abalienate remise slip lay out delegate intrust confide commend repose dedicate apply recommend reserve earmark devolve cast send appropriate set throw set aside spend feed consecrate fix up charge direct spare relegate pay out let go of put in lodge task save kit out expend commission register level prepare alienate place refer set by reach hold out deed set apart give up to shoot fulfil finance lay dart fit out mete out get rid of rig out deal out prescribe fit organize deal bind obligate concern occupy loan manage make with fulfill enter vow toss chuck alien bung come across set down flash stretch out make a donation depute implement circulate organise make a contribution line up ration dispatch pass down pass to administer fork up send on prorate parcel out outfit accoutre hand round portion engage deduct make something over to someone club together forfeit forbear put settle up credit attorn release tempt someone with divert denote lose result in address redirect foot the bill pertain belong settle deposit unload channel record post file disseminate have a whip-round pin buckle sub pay in advance supply on credit restrict lay aside free run by charge with disinherit probate disherit change reassign buck accommodate someone with render up send in ply speculate splurge defray the cost of authorize bend vote support outstretch fix put in the hands of gamble risk patronise aid patronize command disperse fit up begive pass around divvy up diffuse partition pass out accredit qualify license entitle licence sustain determine settle on immolate deliver to saddle burden aim instate target ascribe plan give over to meet fill satisfy buckle down warrant certify sink in pay for plough in pick up the tab cut off offload dump allow to look after let out make trustee hand over to arrange for ready procure specify stipulate lot keep maintain dish up nurse put into the hands of lay at one's feet hold out to give an opportunity put into hands of foist authorise charter hypothecate bring forth turn out line achieve convey to transfer to decentralise decentralize plate up set out ladle out back sign autograph ink indicate divide endow in ply with rig come with set up install instal raise attire stock up rustle up make up rig up array cater for hallow enshrine sanctify spoon out let off drop off serve up pose stick out hold forth decide on discharge underwrite give authority be adequate for hand to fob off be handed down palm off have reach out exchange occupy oneself concern oneself promise enrol second give money enroll buy contribute towards signature offer up carry out make good on live up to carry through forward include chip into make a subscription pitch into deliver the goods sign up tack on add on make a deal

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