Đồng nghĩa của arrive

Alternative for arrive

arrives, arrived, arriving

Đồng nghĩa: come, get to, reach,

Trái nghĩa: depart, leave, start,


(informal) To achieve success or recognition
succeed flourish prosper thrive advance triumph prevail score achieve recognition achieve success make it be successful cut it do well make the grade become famous break through make good be victorious get ahead go well reach the top be a success crack it gain recognition make your mark bear fruit get to the top get somewhere make a name for oneself do all right for oneself find a place in the sun bring home the bacon make one's mark progress bloom blossom flower go places burgeon boom improve fare well come on make headway fly high make progress grow rise get on well pick up go great guns make the big time get on go to town turn out well develop expand spread make out yield shoot up become rich strike gold strike oil make good speed be in the pink do wonders be fine and dandy catch on get on in the world get there grow rich hit the jackpot hit it big come of age distinguish oneself increase shine grow vigorously augment batten produce bourgeon mature mushroom be in clover achieve be on easy street go up in the world be enriched ameliorate set the world on fire go forward make inroads move ahead cover ground come along make strides get places develop well gain ground work up take steps forward move forward set the Thames on fire spread one's wings work out be a smash hit score high marks be a winner become successful be somebody impact make an impression make an impact make your presence felt impress accomplish win cut the mustard come out on top carry all before you carry off do all right for yourself hit the target gain your end yield results go far achieve a great deal be someone gain advancement make a name climb the ladder of success move up in the world rise in the world make one's way in the world advance oneself do well for oneself star stand out profit figure perform lead age emerge feature build be skilful be brilliant be excellent be outstanding wax excel glow season evolve be good at be very good be good wear the crown be skilled at be skilled be unequalled move forward in leaps and bounds reign supreme be proficient have a gift be without equal stand out in a crowd be unsurpassed have a gift for be expert be pre-eminent be unexampled be the best be unparalleled be talented be unrivalled steal the show be second to none run riot crack on press forward make a go push ahead grow well become better go ahead move onward press on have legs push forward get better forge ahead perfect ripen culminate prime mellow grow up reach adulthood maturate benefit multiply gain bear fatten be fortunate make mark feather nest become wealthy make money make a killing strike it rich live the life of Riley build up strengthen upgrade proliferate swell refine escalate snowball mount climb balloon sprout enlarge rocket work skyrocket go elevate roll up better shape up intensify appreciate accumulate accelerate deliver boost spring up enhance come off cultivate climb the ladder burst forth grow rapidly revolutionize modernise modernize transform pan out get along push on revolutionise come to fruition scale up get results manage cope take root raise survive click hone take off fare lift peak do unfold explode shift update soar become popular further reap benefits proceed hack it dominate be in good health extend take it to the next level muddle through beef up continue ahead come through stand in good stead take the next step drive forward step up pull ahead get by reap the benefit make good use of level up strike it big go as planned put to good use make the most of do well enough go off be effective be healthy do good hack overtake outdo outmaneuver gallop surpass abound be strong be well be vigorous surge effloresce bud germinate be in good shape grow fat luxuriate leave behind outmanoeuvre be in its heyday go up go over develop rapidly turn to one's advantage become established establish itself spurt handle be distinguished be conspicuous milk move on fine-tune optimize fortify meliorate enrich amplify burst detonate make first rate straighten up turn over new leaf be getting there optimise exacerbate magnify heighten uplift consolidate get higher rise in value win out come up with the goods reform pace spread out blow up reap financial reward be in your prime be on top of the heap rouse accentuate spike aggravate be on the up come around look up win hands down attain control attain ascendancy gain ascendancy carry all before one gain control beat the game beat the system do well out of cash in on concentrate breed reinforce nurture aggrandize turn the corner pay off have the desired result do the trick turn the trick conquer do the business take shape open up show progress show improvement turn out pull it off deliver the goods hit the mark make the cut gain an advantage luck out hit pay dirt gain advantage make capital out of uprise propagate mount up well intensate grow stronger take hold become fixed enroot increase one's intensity rise to the next level take it to the limit propel forward take it up a notch raise one's game turn it up kick it up a notch elevate one's game step it up boost one's game step up one's game pick up the pace crank it up subsist make do exist make ends meet elaborate change push unroll move endure drive alter metamorphose scrape by muddle along differentiate transmogrify head adapt continue shoot truck speed educe derive trend scrape along scrimp contrive make shift scrape through fend go forth open out march on adapt yourself work one's way come into vogue be in fashion come into fashion train scrape a living keep the wolf from the door scarcely have enough to live on barely have enough to live on hasten promote launch polish bolster propel forge ahead with make headway with bring forward get with it do with increase rapidly become fashionable become all the rage become trendy get ahead of polish up on work on increase exponentially become more numerous rise in popularity put on a spurt earn work hard at brush up on devote yourself to devote oneself to build on get better at exploit realise realize capitalize on turn to advantage take advantage of


To occur or come into existence
emerge develop surface actualize appear arise befall catalyse catalyze crystallise crystallize happen launch originate spawn unfold dawn ensue eventuate evolve form materialise materialize occur rise transpire arrive on the scene come on the scene come to light enter into the picture fall be born be developed make an appearance spring up come into being bob up crop up pop up set in turn up come about come forth come to the fore enter the picture take form take shape be established be created be realized be set in motion come into existence kick in kick off be forged come to pass take place be brought about be brought into being be brought into existence be brought to pass present itself come begin result hap spring commence start issue chance break follow betide go down pass show up come up come off loom come down go on be manifest emanate come out engender proceed fall out erupt turn out come into view come into sight become apparent manifest itself first see the light of day show show itself pan out take effect do cook supervene open become established initiate bechance appear suddenly appear unexpectedly become stem come along burst out derive enter grow flow put in an appearance pop in make the scene blow in become visible expose itself see the light of day become a fact reveal itself mushroom burst forth present exist become manifest overtake occur suddenly occur abruptly appear abruptly begin life pop glimmer befit presage forthcome offer pop out birth upspring head lighten brighten continue hit hatch accrue recur shoot up sprout up see daylight broaden deepen become entrenched settle in take root chance to happen stop eventualize end terminate arise from come from be caused by be produced by stem from be the result of be brought about by arise out of result from progress have its origins descend be descended be derived be the consequence be the result be consequent be a consequence advance flourish naturalise mature increase set get under way come to stay precipitate spark incite merge naturalize leak out become known come together change stumble tumble luck kickoff enkindle invoke foster be here to stay institute actuate establish blunder on light upon fall to one's lot be one's fate stumble on hit upon occasion trigger activate sprout grow light trigger off kick-start set off start up hove into view heave into view be seen show one's face show oneself become evident manifest yourself be revealed make appearance manifest oneself be present present oneself heave in sight wind up at reveal oneself be exhibited be released be offered for sale go on sale be invented come on come on the market become available be produced be published break out germinate originate in accompany culminate be consequent on flare up uprise attend end up pour hail from have roots in supervene on well up gush forth blow up swell go float up start suddenly stand up surge spill over derive from succeed roll out explode come after realize extend be discovered incarnate spread boil over objectify reappear flame rise up reify be uncovered action spread out be transmitted be emitted have its origin start off well symbolize be bred be caused be generated gush foment propagate symbolise realise make real blossom shape up spurt blaze up overflow metamorphose be a consequence of be taken be got soar be rooted in prove follow from develop out of be an effect of have effect be unearthed play out come next incubate shake out hail work out finish up roll up become public conceive getup live in originate from be from happen suddenly intervene bedevil commence suddenly be attended by follow on flow from grew up in come out of pass off be subsequent to shake gel issue from spring from emanate from burgeon enlarge expand be a result of be uttered pick up unravel come forth suddenly ejaculate chance upon have one's origin be a direct result fare bear fruit solidify cultivate crystalize acquire settle jell vent ooze exude have one's foundations accumulate perform be brought on by be had have its origin in be due to harden condense have as an ancestor be a descendant of turn out from fall into place take on character become a reality seep out seep forth flow out pour forth pace seep pour out get along ooze out gush out flow forth ooze forth go off draw on have as a source have its origins in arise in age season ripen maturate embody instantiate epitomize personify body personalize express incorporate externalize substantiate bloom circulate leak effect trickle rematerialize be evident resurface expose be within view stand out stick out be apparent flash be visible be in view feature reveal catch the eye debut be obvious flower be announced slip out become common knowledge get out be made known be brought out be issued prove to be the case be disclosed be divulged be made public be promulgated get around come out in the wash be exposed be reported come out in the open bring about broach coalesce typify pragmatize personalise entify epitomise visualize exteriorize hypostatize visualise personize externalise corporealize substantialize prime ascend represent portray accomplish effectuate produce engineer grow up spill reach adulthood come of age come true be incarnate become real become concrete become visual reveal yourself burst stream come to the surface go up come to the top break the surface make concrete discharge spout jet seethe spew begin suddenly embark on burst into sluice bring to life make happen give life put into effect bring into being deluge spill out well forth brim over


To move into a country from another one to stay permanently


To approach or come near to (physically or numerically)
near approach loom nigh advance close come border verge reach surround advance towards come towards draw nearer to get close to get nearer to get near to move towards border on close in on come to draw near to get closer to touch on close in come close to come up to draw close draw closer draw near draw nearer draw up to go up to advance on close to come close come closer come near come nearer come near to come up come within reach of draw on edge near edge nearer bear down on converge on creep up on gain on loom up move in on move near move nearer roll up verge on verge upon creep up go close go closer go near go nearer go towards belly up approximate to sneak up waltz up show up catch up turn up push forward appear edge draw converge proceed progress head gain make move bear down move closer draw nigh be close to close the gap be similar to catch up on be near to touch catch march make headway resemble nudge neighbour neighbor gain on someone catch up with narrow the gap between lean press weigh down get nearer get near move in improve gain ground get close get closer move forward be verging on pace go beckon forge make progress overhaul go along gain ground on draw level with run down move towards someone compare with go off move toward equal roughly estimate correspond to guess stack up against or with be not unlike be not dissimilar to assess be tantamount to guesstimate approximate reckon value appraise get on for measure up to echo join be like compare impinge connect lie near contact abut parallel lie next to match adjoin incline trench incline towards incline to tend towards lean towards gravitate toward tend to be on the edge butt on be more or less brink on move on trend towards be not far from


Become involved
step in act arbitrate become involved come enter intercede interfere intermediate interpose interrupt intervene mediate negotiate be invited chip in get involved take action take measures lend a hand take a hand conciliate moderate reconcile muscle in referee umpire settle intrude put your oar in make peace butt in act as an intermediary barge in act as peacemaker make a deal bring to terms adjudicate resolve obtrude parley deal adjust meddle involve oneself cut in meet halfway act as honest broker trade off horn in mix in hammer out a deal strike happy medium work out a deal be drawn in join in sandwich plead speak advocate entreat supplicate petition monkey with decide judge adjudge determine pronounce judgement placate soothe assess pass judgement smooth make a ruling sort out sit in judgment straighten out come to school pass judgment give a verdict come to terms rule on sit in judgement play ball bargain liaise confer temporize haggle debate dicker talk temporise broker restore harmony reconcile differences facilitate propitiate chaffer palter contract discuss interpose oneself insinuate oneself involve separate sever part divide bring to an agreement act as middleman go fifty-fifty act as middle come across with horse trade collaborate agree treat with someone powwow compose wheel and deal hold talks cooperate covenant accommodate discuss a settlement consult connect discuss terms consult together make terms cut a deal stipulate swap bury the hatchet try to reach a compromise network horse-trade interpose yourself put in two cents put your two cents in involve yourself come between conclude rule decree pronounce declare pass judgement on hear examine try sit in judgement on decide on give a verdict on make a ruling on officiate hold ref count find consider pronounce on proclaim deem ordain announce assign compromise give a ruling on settle on supervise answer oversee call stand run form judgment act as go-between clear up pronounce judgement on make a judgement on be in control of concede barter trade give a hearing put on trial take to court issue traffic rate deliver sell state think reckon perceive concert treat transact arrange make the peace affirm assert buy promise charge suppose sentence apportion award pass act as a peacemaker act as a mediator do business drive a hard bargain make concessions formally judge regard as pour oil on troubled waters clear the air give and take come to an understanding make concession strike balance find the middle ground set forth find a happy medium strike a happy medium reach a compromise find middle ground find happy medium meet each other halfway split the difference strike a balance lay down lay down the law view as see as believe to be finalize confirm specify designate agree to fix upon nail down authorize finalise square up work out come to a decision about figure out set cinch name pin down authorise agree on call the shots on take a decision on clinch square off prescribe act as mediator act as negotiator act as arbiter act as arbitrator


To arrive at a judgment or opinion by reasoning
derive obtain gain get gather extract glean procure take acquire collect conclude decide deduce draw extrapolate infer judge reason receive understand attain elicit assume determine develop educe elaborate evolve excogitate follow formulate make make out reach trace put together work out surmise figure suppose reckon conjecture construe believe come to the conclusion presume intuit guess think consider draw the inference imagine hypothesize suspect deem estimate conceive hypothesise theorize induce fancy postulate expect speculate discover divine theorise originate calculate assess analyze gauge evaluate regard presuppose establish anticipate predict discern gage analyse foretell stem ratiocinate ascertain appraise count figure out hold feel forecast philosophize reap take it have a hunch be led to believe be given to understand be given generalize maintain generalise pick up comprehend deduct philosophise cogitate esteem dare say see resolve project hear approximate learn foresee call adjudge put draw conclusions posit draw a conclusion tell suss out come to understand guesstimate read into notice be afraid compute add up boil down sum up dope out be informed count on hear tell observe vapor be metaphysical stay in the clouds evince evoke come by spring assimilate experience take up take on have solve think out accept undergo vapour syllogize trust encounter calculate roughly count up number the way one sees it be of the view be of the opinion suss put a figure on concede face know interpret think likely bank on sense garner cull contextualize take something on board take for granted see the light rationalize differentiate detect see through contemplate valuate rationalise feel for contextualise stumble on come into contact with partake in draw inference arrive at reach conclusion harvest accumulate theorize that think it likely that come to the conclusion that postulate that read between lines read between the lines put two and two together find pick select amass winnow sift view say rank distinguish rate class envision appreciate allow place weigh value see ahead make an educated guess regard as class as see as rank as rate as form the opinion look on as take to be look at realize realise take to mean account perceive size up opine daresay look upon set down look on identify classify hold to be separate hazard a guess predicate recognize think of grade categorize weigh up suspicion premise recognise mark categorise view as set have sneaking suspicion apprehend ween tally measure pretend discriminate total interpret as enumerate divide take for think of as fix adjudicate venture suggest tell apart cast peg pigeonhole assign form an opinion of take as read pick out put down as take it as given collate specify group characterize tell between settle credit quantify hazard score order cipher difference sum sort secern designate codify type contrast fathom assay read characterise tot cypher dream assort compartmentalize be of the opinion that envisage compartment tot up have a feeling dare-say typecast distribute range foreknow keep tabs take stock in swear by take as gospel truth compartmentalise demarcate have a sneaking suspicion be inclined to think get the idea break down make an estimate of go out on a limb put down for button down think it likely spot label diagnose tag part extricate name square advance diagnosticate determinate submit treat rule propound set apart sort out find out propose reflect balance prophesy put forward prognosticate decree explain augur totalize confirm repute ponder add set store by brand presage bracket remark vaticinate file digest relegate portend grant soothsay imply prevision forebode visualize visualise be under the impression index decide between make a distinction between tell the difference between triage forefeel list forewarn tote form an impression of reckon on position previse arrange tote up note auspicate foreshadow spae tab examine study be convinced adumbrate take account of deem to be make of cook up make a guess at allow for run down bargain for compare regard as likely take a stab plan on psych out see coming count upon pick up on take a shot segregate take it as read take as a hypothesis jump to a conclusion take a shot at take a stab at clinch pronounce correct budget make rough guess impute compass estimate as audit hypothecate summate think about assert declare comment grasp savvy cognize calculate to be fall for tumble to get the measure of line up put in order air volunteer moot catalogue risk assuming venture a guess take it for granted depend rely state remember foot hold that twig have an idea conceive to be believe to be feel to be imagine to be define build on consider it right pose roughly calculate jump the gun tabulate organize get the picture cotton on to latch on to have a sneaking suspicion of catch on to dream up draw a distinction between discern a difference between count noses tick off count heads brainstorm spark admit swear get a fix on be certain be sure know for certain contend editorialize set forth telegraph admire describe conceive of catalog marshal organise include marshall have an idea that revere respect picture omen predetermine buy aver tip foreshow take the view see as being set a figure on think of as being regard as being look on as being class as being form opinion view as being editorialise have the feeling express an opinion weigh in be of the conviction verify plan for signify announce bode see handwriting on wall forespell tell in advance warn of crystal-ball divine forespeak halsen stand lap up entertain the idea tell which is which singularize qualify pinpoint signalize finger individuate provide for subscribe to the opinion factor into factor in cost check check out price bet bottom dollar lay money on swear up and down calibrate survey chance cross one's heart guess at put a value on find to be reckon to be set at mark down as think to be judge to be consider to be tell the difference discern a difference recognize a distinction know what's what separate the sheep from the goats sever discrepate separate the wheat from the chaff contradistinguish severalize split hairs draw a distinction double-check uncover adjust multiply subtract add together tell from single out set off mark off check up on make sure make certain happen upon dig deliberate espy entertain allot plan foretaste preknow individualise signalise individualize mark down cerebrate juxtapose pre-empt intellectualize crystal ball contemplate the possibility of see it coming wait for be prepared for see in the cards figure on look for call it watch for bargain on be hopeful of count chickens have a hunch of prepare for be afraid of hope for ruminate get a load of take in correlate finalize logicalize mull meditate brood muse revolve stew ideate compete scrutinize parallel intellectualise hang place in juxtaposition stack up against measure up confront balance the differences between weigh against stand the pace scrutinise weigh the differences between measure the differences between oppose stand the test inspect set side by side weigh against another set against match up put side by side rack brains put on one's thinking cap use one's head have in mind stop to consider take under consideration mull over turn over agree to rule on arbitrate authorize finalise come to a decision about authorise call the shots on ordain decide on fix upon nail down square up settle on cinch pin down agree on take a decision on square off prescribe

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