Đồng nghĩa của govern

Alternative for govern

governs, governed, governing

Đồng nghĩa: boss, command, conduct, control, determine, direct, guide, handle, head, influence, lead, manage, minister, preside over, regulate, rule, run, supervise,

Trái nghĩa: misgovern, misrule,


To direct, handle, control, or be in charge of
control rule command conduct direct guide lead manage administer oversee supervise preside over run superintend handle order regulate head dominate hegemonize sway administrate boss captain keep operate overlook pilot reign over steer steward tend exercise control over have control of carry on execute overrule preside reign render tyrannise tyrannize be in charge of be in control of be the leader of assume command be in power over call the tune carry out exercise authority head up hold dominion hold office hold sway hold sway over occupy throne be in power call the signals pull the strings serve the people wear the crown be at the helm of be in the driving seat lay down the law be in the driver's seat call the shots organize organise run the show quarterback look after influence be responsible for be in command of chair domineer be in the saddle be in charge moderate orchestrate run things be the boss of rule the roost mastermind take care of dictate watch care for have charge of take over master officiate sit on top of coordinate spearhead take charge of keep an eye on be in driver's seat contain ride herd on constrain helm curb restrain be in control be head of check bridle take the helm inhibit tame maintain hold mind predominate inspect advise watch over take the chair rein in tend to be at the helm pull in be at the head of hold the reins be the head of call the shots in have authority over temper measure manipulate skipper modulate maneuver manoeuvre determine engineer oppress minister ordain have authority chaperon hold power attend discipline observe micromanage rule over call have influence have power take the reins attend to prevail over hold down keep tabs on call the tune in deal with judge mediate take charge crack the whip monitor limit take the chair of methodize be on duty police systematize legislate adapt subjugate reconcile front take standardize own subject marshal marshall restrict guard set affect drive wield bully monopolize honcho regiment shepherd preponderate conquer instruct sit be monarch be sovereign overshadow systematise standardise monopolise protect act exercise power assume command of occupy the throne be queen be king umpire referee officiate at lead the way sit on the throne be in saddle walk all over wear the trousers baby-sit boss around boss about call the play have the upper hand wield the sceptre ride roughshod over do the honors pull the wires have the upper hand over host arbitrate introduce see call the shots of assume command over be accountable for facilitate carry-on be boss of have dispose head something up survey wield baton coach officer be chairperson till manage people trailblaze navigate beacon channel coxswain funnel contrive point adjust be in command eye have power over have the say be chairman be chairwoman take control of shield safeguard defend serve emcee herd allocate be the proprietor of keep up have control over take in hand sort out minister to maintain order control the affairs of lord over be foremost occupy adjudicate exercise authority over take the reins of be in authority dictate terms point in the right direction put on the right track see to be pre-eminent over have command over keep one's eye on be on duty at mitigate stifle hold dominion over be in authority over be responsible be number one have a handle on address field negotiate call the shots on calm wield power function carry out official duties perform official duties bend to your will hack superabound balance push trammel intern confine ease prevail keep under one's thumb ply treat work be attentive of mind the store look out for give heed to look over browbeat take forward relieve bulldoze railroad pressurize call upon engage in pace be most powerful have the ascendancy have the edge pressurise outweigh hold back overpower lean on decree intimidate keep down tone down override hold the whip hand have the greatest influence have the whip hand subdue vanquish subordinate eclipse order around throw one's weight around lord it over give orders to give orders order about tell what to do impose one's will on try to control throw one's weight about use strong-arm tactics on prescribe overbear pacify outshine besteer bewield be dominant get the upper hand carry most weight tell carry weight puppeteer pronounce impose enjoin establish mandate demand promulgate decide lay down push about push around have ascendancy over set out choose set down trample on have mastery over rule the roost in arrange have the whip hand over play first fiddle keep under your thumb lead by the nose have the upper hand in have one's way have under one's thumb have upper hand keep under thumb charge bid shape state legalise fit fix normalise legalize normalize rectify settle square classify readjust have something in the palm of one's hand have someone in one's hip pocket be the boss have someone in the palm of one's hand hold the purse strings have someone eating out of one's hand have a hold over hold purse strings push buttons walk heavy read the riot act put foot down have a bearing on check up on keep a tab on put in order make conform keep a beady eye on pull things together plot devise do scheme perform frame wangle implement finagle plan machinate discharge concoct undertake finesse construct create design fix up bring about effectuate stage-manage effect set up con pull off move swing rig jockey work out come up with see about commandeer get together be at the controls of call the tune for juggle cope with fit in edge apply turn position twist achieve deal issue deliver enforce behave go respond outnumber accomplish inflict bestow cause enact prosecute reign supreme exact circumnavigate conn acquit itself acquit oneself appear on stage ferry cruise sail boat conclude manufacture fabricate detract from originate dispense dole out mete out choreograph mobilize mount stage bring off encompass head out ride out take the helm of ship out transact concert put together invent run with the ball thrash out wrap up hammer out sew up do business button up button down TCB plant put on angle conceive doctor scam mobilise cook upstage formulate play games put over pull strings put one on pull wires put through put one over excogitate think up hatch improvise cook up dream up procure trump up form cause to happen vamp make throw together drum up whip up fashion project forge becast cast about make up lay out vamp up hit upon


Conduct oneself, especially with regard to controlling one's emotions
bridle check control curb restrain constrain contain subdue hold back keep back keep in check rein in keep a tight rein on regulate tame inhibit suppress repress hold stifle rule pull in moderate measure keep smother keep under control hinder master restrict bottle up limit hamper overcome keep a lid on keep the lid on quell hold down lick arrest confine rein trammel retard cork withhold conquer rein back hold in tone down discipline stop impede bar delimit freeze straiten nip in the bud bite back get the better of choke back hold in check hem in keep within bounds put a brake on keep lid on beat soften mellow quash circumscribe frustrate muzzle squelch prevent constrict stem cramp imprison stay curtail peg terminate fetter muffle gag deter get a grip on gaol jail cool direct bring under control lock up shut in hog-tie fight back tie down put half nelson on gain mastery over cool off stem the flow of slow down keep something in check keep control of cork up keep on a string solve bring into line simmer down gain control over lay down the law to someone strangle entrammel demarcate cap halt bound box in cool down put the brakes on bring to screeching halt button up cut back put a limit on keep tight rein on tie up find an answer to find a solution to fix delay thwart obstruct set demark specify prescribe stall foil girdle delimitate define hold up neutralize pause chain defeat cut short block catch reduce still swallow interrupt hamstring baulk keep within limits place a limit on mark off draw the line on staunch bottleneck counteract overpower intern incarcerate repulse discourage choke circumvent brake rebuff neutralise checkmate vanquish squash put a spoke in someone's wheel interfere with slacken pace bring to a standstill pull up draw up play for time stand in the way of fetch up crush subjugate silence ban bind lock in deny concuss coop up fence in deprive shotgun disallow close in necessitate immure balk dispatch dominate best surmount triumph over damp lessen diminish overmatch hegemonize manage upend overbear get command snuff out gain control of do down prevail over get around worst get over skunk win against crack down on put down clamp down on slap down quieten down get under control handicap dampen leash bit harness debar detain guide impound kill hogtie keep in keep down sit on box up put away pin down pull back crack down keep in line have on a tight leash calm temper mitigate pacify mollify tranquilize gentle humble mute cow reclaim bust tranquillize water down stymie stave off counter clog avert ward off oppose slow prohibit hold off shut out forestall derail quiet encumber shackle avoid hobble intercept handcuff dam crimp defend against head off interdict hang up put an end to stonewall put a stop to compose soothe collect evade set limits on impose limits on dissuade jam barricade nullify circumnavigate occlude close stuff manacle short-circuit embarrass congest block up clog up blockade sidestep skirt steer clear of close off stop up shut off bung up forbid spoil take down plug up put off ward fend off clip someone's wings choke off throw a spanner in the works of scupper clot preclude gum up stultify put straitjacket on throw monkey wrench in drag feet hold captive cramp someone's style get out of rule out put paid to escape bypass modulate chill obviate forfend keep at bay baffle turn aside stave keep off anticipate allay overturn scotch palliate mince deaden relax break deflect disrupt temperate wreck put the stopper on stump ditch take wind out of upset outwit crash ruin do for juke put the kibosh on unsettle get control of deal with plug soft-pedal meet halfway play down cool out discountenance seal caulk postpone close up fill cut off close out block out fill up disadvise scare turn off disfavour shake talk out of disfavor pour cold water on warn indispose deprecate put a damper on divert throw cold water on frighten interfere retardate choke up stanch pack jam up cripple defer protract re-collect settle remit shelve prorogue cumber bottle block off bung stopper adjust monitor put back back off hold off on set back throw a monkey wrench in the works of intermit make late get in the way of shut down bog down slow up prolong hold over rally lull corner recover inspect conceal get back at repel push back reply beat off defend yourself retaliate fight off defend resist put up a fight riposte ration damp down shrink send up inclose come down on put a ceiling on modify shorten narrow surround cut down on prelimit qualify decrease enclose encircle contract put on ice tether faze put on brakes put an stop to sandbag taboo outlaw enjoin


Influence to believe something
predispose incline influence lead prompt bias induce prejudice sway dispose prepare affect move persuade prime make activate animate bend cultivate impress indoctrinate inspire stimulate strike teach urge make expectant make of a mind to make you of a mind to tend turn convince impel favour look verge favor drive not mind bring around be partial gravitate toward be predisposed make willing be willing be disposed lean to show a preference for motivate encourage incite cause instigate prevail on provoke get cajole win over convert compel prevail upon actuate bring trigger talk into coax spur tempt inveigle entice coerce spark push rouse sell propel prod touch bring round condition direct work excite talk round draw determine brainwash stir goad press force nudge inspirit colour color manipulate help lure counsel control stir up inflame pressurize argue into crack exhort advise suck in put across whip up twist someone's arm impact prick jaundice pressurise slant invigorate galvanize embolden galvanise envigorate set going spur on fire up nag into coax into adapt gain satisfy wheedle seduce pique sting challenge quicken promote get around oblige mobilize light a fire under mobilise enthuse orient impose on reach guide poison prepossess mould twist mold carry nobble hook conduct contribute exploit jockey play steer bribe finagle beguile make biased distort make partial make partisan skew impact on tell on twist one's arm lead by the nose soften up work on turn one's head dragoon intimidate rally elicit occasion impassion pressure work upon lean on energize incentivize evoke steel pull strings with browbeat hearten uplift arouse empower vitalize exhilarate kindle give incentive suborn refresh incentivise energise necessitate incentify serve summon up cut any ice with bring pressure to bear on make yourself felt with carry weight with bring pressure to bear upon foster whet foment cheer on hint to pep up boost up pump up egg on suggest to call forth give impress on enkindle prevail effectuate reason procure go propagandize enlist proselytize proselyte propagandise proselytise talk someone into wheedle someone into plead with turn on to cause to believe get round work over reason someone into press someone into pressure someone into pressurize someone into convert to lead to do gain confidence of win argument sell one on prod someone into bring to senses lead to believe prove to wear down

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